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Your complete puppy potty training guide

The complete guide to potty training for your puppy

The younger the puppies, the more often they relieve themselves. Housing training requires work, but a little training trouble now will save you a lot of cleaning trouble in the future.

By using these guidelines to get your puppy into the house, you can get your puppy’s defecation behavior on track as quickly as possible.


Become a cheerleader for a puppy


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In order to know where to go to the toilet, your dog needs your feedback. When your puppy comes to the right place, celebrate what they did with a happy voice while providing delicious food.

Affirmations and rewards must be done immediately after completion. If you wait until you return home to celebrate and reward them, your puppy will not understand why it is praised.

Use crates or isolated spaces

When training puppies indoors, you will need a place to put them in case you can’t pay attention to the accident. This confined space should be comfortable, have soft bedding, water and toys, and have an easy-to-clean floor or a potty in case of an accident. Use crates for a short time to improve game efficiency.

Dogs don’t like lying next to waste, so if your wooden box is large enough for puppies to lie down comfortably, stand up and turn around, they are less likely to have accidents inside. Do not use the crate for more than three hours at a time in a day, and if your puppy is very small, use it for even less time.

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Avoid punishment

It may sound contradictory, but if you see wet spots or piles on the floor, the most helpless thing you can do is punish your puppy. When you discover an accident, even after only a few minutes, they have forgotten what they did.

Punishing dogs for not remembering to do things will only confuse them. If you want your puppy to know that an accident is impossible, you need to catch her shit or pee in the house.

Please stay calm in the event of an accident

If you see something wrong with the puppy, yelling, chasing, or physical punishment is invalid. In fact, this behavior may make them afraid of you when they go to the toilet.

If they worry about the potty around you, you may find an increase in hidden accidents.

Show your puppy the right place to go in the event of an accident

To make sure your puppy knows that he should not enter the house, you will have to catch him in case an accident occurs. However, if you can’t punish a puppy when you catch it, how do you convey that you are not allowed to enter the house?

The answer is “redirect.” When you see a puppy pooping or peeing, type a phrase like “No!” quickly. Then immediately hug them gently in your arm or collar and show them in place.

After going out (or on the puppy pad), wait a few minutes with your dog. In some cases, if your interference causes your dog to suspend business, they may start again. If so, please celebrate your puppy with happy words and treat guests from your pocket if possible.

Use puppy pads in a limited area


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If you use a potty pad to give your puppy a “legal” place to place it, don’t place it in multiple places in the house. This will only confuse your puppy because they cannot understand the difference between a puppy pad and a carpet, nor can they understand why he is allowed to enter X houses and not elsewhere.

If you want to use a bedpan pad, you can only put it down in one place (perhaps in your delivery space).

Arrange to urinate

Dogs have a great sense of time. If you have a schedule to go out every few hours (if your puppies are small or small, more often), once she starts to follow the rules, she will realize that waiting until the next break means being praised and Reward for doing business.

Remember, the more frequently you are rewarded for a certain behavior, the more frequently the dog will perform this behavior!

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