You VS Gorilla - The Deathmatch
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You VS Gorilla – The Deathmatch

A fight between two primates… You VS Gorilla You – as in the average human, as in a weakling… Sorry! And Gorilla – as in one of the biggest, most powerful living primates. Fully grown silverback Gorillas are actually stronger than 20 adult humans combined. Yeah! Wait, why are they fighting again? Oh yeah, we humans have this pathological need to prove some point, who’s stronger, who’s more powerful… In a few words: To feed our ego! So, obviously, the gorilla probably wouldn’t be interested in fighting the human in the first place, they know they’re stronger, they don’t need to prove anything… but once again let’s do this hypothetical “fight“ for the sake of our human ego! So, would a gorilla actually be a danger to us? Well, if it weren’t for our prefrontal cortex, we’d be toast. But, let’s see how the rest goes… In this episode of Human VERSUS Gorilla

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13 Thoughts to “You VS Gorilla – The Deathmatch”

  1. eruvuevuevue

    i think that the fight was fair

  2. JohnPatrick Adriosula

    You made ten breed of dogs that can defend against the tiger.

  3. Javier Garcia

    Y un humano con una espada?

  4. AJS

    In a fight,why would lifespan,diet and such kind of things matter???

  5. Danehower

    All WWE VS 1 gorillas
    Hmmm comment who is the winner

  6. Juan Palacios

    I am the 69 like

  7. Juan Palacios

    I AM THE SIXTY-NINTH LIKE 69 6ix9ine

  8. Juan Palacios

    Gorilla would win

  9. Nikaash 001

    Gorillas are stronger than 20 man , Kong “Are you kidding me”

  10. Cris B

    Go ahead, prove it. 15,16,17,18,19 or 20.
    We are putty in the hands of wild nature.

  11. Tamara Williams

    Pit bull vs gorilla

  12. The bear Fanatic

    Gorillas aren’t stronger than 20 man, that’s ridicolous

  13. technical seed

    First comment

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