You Don't Want the HERO DOG that Captured Al' Baghdadi - Belgian Malinois Dog Training Info
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You Don’t Want the HERO DOG that Captured Al’ Baghdadi – Belgian Malinois Dog Training Info

You don’t want the hero dog that helped capture Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. The Belgian Malinois that was part of the US Special Forces K9 Team is the hot celebrity right now and everyone’s talking about getting one. In this podcast, I discuss the major implications of this and give my input. Based on my experience with high drive working dogs, obedience dogs, and pet dogs, I am offering input to anyone thinking about getting a Malinois as a pet just because it seems like a good idea. It’s a bad idea.

Working dogs, especially Belgian Malinois are not for the average dog owner and for sure not for the person with no dog ownership experience.

Please listen to this podcast and share it with your friends.

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147 Thoughts to “You Don’t Want the HERO DOG that Captured Al’ Baghdadi – Belgian Malinois Dog Training Info”

  1. rdwilander

    Great advice RC thank you !! The clown fish was almost brought to extinction after Dori movie because of demand !! I have had Pitbulls, Shepherds, and now a Husky and those dogs have required a fair amount of training time and commitment. Would luv a Malinois but know from my experience with my 3 strong-willed breeds that a Malinois requires orders of magnitude of skill, time and commitment and patience. Best to leave these amazing working dogs to professionals. Thanks again for the great advice on the Malinois!!!!

  2. Sebastien Hakim Ejdaa

    Nice feedback. Just for your information. The city Maline is the French name of the city Mechelen. It is in the Flemisch part of Belgium. We call the dog in Flemisch “Mechelse herder” or “Mechelaar”.
    Guess the name “Mechelaar” was harder to pronounce in English than “Malinois”.
    “Belgian Malinois’ sounds for us very weird. It is like saying an “American New Yorker”.
    What you are saying in the video is spot on.

  3. Mark a

    Great video and the message is on point as always. I have a male gsd who has crazy prey drive and is very dominant which turns to aggression if the other dog doesn’t immediately submit. No joke it doesn’t matter if it’s a 5lb poodle or a 150lb mastiff he puffs up and goes for the mount, if he gets it he’s satisfied if he has to fight for it he will without hesitation and with a ferocity like I’ve never seen. You wouldn’t know this about him if you met him today(4.5 years old) because I love him and I’m committed to him as much as I am anything else in my life. I get up early and I stay up late to work, train and exercise him. I paid a lot of money for training and the proper tools for training. I researched for weeks before I decided on a trainer. He has over 20 years experience training military and police k9s. He taught me how to teach Niko how to behave. Prior to that I got bit so hard by a 12 week old puppy that I had blood running down my arm on a regular basis. I made many mistakes along the way but I refused to give up and I have an amazing dog and I have enjoyed every minute of it. I have a stronger bond with him than with any other dog I’ve ever had, I’m 38 and have had many dogs. My point is listen to this man. These types of dogs are not easy and can be very dangerous and destructive if you don’t do the extensive work to make it a successful partnership.

  4. Oliver Allen

    Service dogs aren’t pets, they’re tools or weapons. If you don’t have a job for this animal and are unwilling to keep it healthy and ready to perform that job, you are being a negative force in the animal’s life. These creatures are a product of eugenics, they are crafted to be a certain way to a specific purpose. Understand your needs and the dog that best suits your lifestyle.

  5. GSXR4LIFE cook

    This dog is only for people who are very driven, disciplined, ambitious people. This is not a dog that you can just when you get home from work sit on the couch and watch a movie you have to immediately get home and start working with this dog for at least 2 hours a day.

  6. GSXR4LIFE cook

    After John Wick 3 was released I totally called it. Shelters all across America are full of this breed now. I strongly urge anyone that is serious about getting this breed of dog please check your local shelter first because odds are there is one there that had been turned in.

  7. David Mallia


  8. michael mcinnis

    I agree! Good video thank you I appreciate you doing theses I too have been telling people not to get them I personally love them I have a German at the moment it’s a life time of work theses kind of dogs are not family pets that want to lay around have people messing with them

  9. Bryan Young

    I’ve got a rescue Mali, spend the first 6 months of her life chained up to a tree. Shes a great dog, super human friendly and extremely obedient. She trained now when we are out and meet other walkers to go to the side of the path, sit, and wait for them to pass. :-).

    Typical of her breed her prey drive is through the roof, shes great with other dogs now, that took a lot of reconditioning, at first she would attack on sight. Small animals though, dear, cats, and especially rabbits, got to be constantly aware of my surroundings when out with her and keep on top of it. Not a breed for everyone but then IMO 50% of dog owners shouldn’t have dogs.

  10. Johan Engelen

    As a 5th generation mal owner and 3th generation belgian ring trainer i can state that a mal is like a 4×4 armoured 2 engine Ferrari if you can handle them they are great if not it will kill you.
    The reason why they are what they are is belgian ring. About 100 years ago locals started to breed, select and train in this type of dogs. To give you an idea of the selection. If your kid comes from university and tells you he has 90%. You are over the moon. If you have a 60 dog( a dog that can get in competition 360/400) you have a mediocre mal. A century working like this gives you a super animal.
    Side note our rejects are sold to army and police worldwide. They aren’t bad, infact they are far better than other breeds only they aren’t perfect in everything.

  11. Tom Hermens

    Right. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Holler Ham

    To think, this guy spent the next 10 mins plus with dog saliva on his face

  13. Kartika Aji

    Good video. This is really need to be hear for someone who want malinois. Do research about the breed and also know about ourself. What is our energy level and our life style. How determine do you want to spend time to train malinois? I am a dog lover, love to train dog and not 1st time owner but i definitely know myself, life style, energy level and my limitation. I won’t adopt malinois because I know that I won’t become a good owner for malinois. Malinois is so big different than rottweiler and GSD. I can handle the medium energy of rottie, GSD, pit bull but definitely not malinois.
    Yes i agree with you that we should do research about the dog before adopt

  14. Amador Bullies

    90% of people who want a dog don’t need one period.

  15. Daniel Garner

    He true if u don’t no what u are doing they can course trubble

  16. Leo Oliva

    Robert don’t flatter yourself with all your brown nose followers most of them have made comments in your favor and probably have never owned a dog of their own actually I think what you’re doing is handing down a death sentence to most of those working line dogs I hope it makes you proud

  17. Judet 30

    I got a dog from the pound … named her Rose as she is cute as. pretty. lively. sweet. challenging. personality plus. omg what the hell have we got here? LOL
    I miss my blue heeler cross a lot :'( but don’t have time to grieve as this Bull Arab insists on activity … all day long LOL
    I’m at retirement age and this amazing dog has been sent by god to keep me on my toes … LOL
    So it’s not just the specific breed .. sometimes these personalities are sent to inspire and challenge us.
    I haven’t been to the beach so many times since this Rose came into my life.
    there is no Rose without the thorns LOL

  18. VerdenAvGlass

    Well said! Average dog owners can’t sometimes handle even a labrador. I saw plenty of them on basic puppy trainings. And people like that geting a Malinois it will be disaster. Unfortuneatly mostly for the dog. I am thinking about getting Malinois in future, I have doberman in IPO training, I am looking for second puppy right now but I still think it’s just too early for Malinois, so I will get another doberman from european working line next year. Maybe third dog it will be Malinois. I do a lot of research about this breed – talking with owners and breeders, with IPO trainers and competitors and I can’t imagine getting a dog like this and not doing any work or sport with it. It’s just stupid and cruel.

  19. MarkThisWayAfter

    TLDR: unless you’re willing to train a malinois every single day for the rest of its life and get a 7 foot fence in your yard, don’t get one. Also only buy from a breeder who grills the heck out of you and is willing to take the dog back if something goes wrong. Never buy from Craigslist or pet store.

  20. SnoDawg

    Get off your ego trip Robert.

  21. αяυη s

    My 2 year old german shepherd dog fetches ball but he walks slowly while fetching. How to increase speed?

  22. Tokage Gurashi

    So very true.Certain dog breeds can’t be treated as a pet -when you do, the outcome is desaster,oftentimes death.

  23. Louis Lionel

    Ohh Robert thanks for hitting the nail on ots head. Sadly in Africa majority of people have this illusory mindset of wanting something just because it looks good and want to be seen with a cool dog. Most of them just want them for the show and are not ready to meet their needs. We need these kind of messages going out to search people with their deceptive mindset

  24. Marcelle Kessler

    I have one looks like the fog you showed help capture that idiot. Believe me if you do not have time for them don’t get one. I love my baby but I spend lots of time with him long walks and runs. He is great but they also very connected to there owner so if away can get depressed. Thanks for this video you I hope changed some people from getting one if not able to work with this dog we will see many abandoned in shelterd

  25. Harrison Holder

    Does this go for the Dutch shepherd as well?

  26. Lacey Byrd

    Thank you for sharing! This is so important for people to understand. I have a 4 year old Malinois and yes, she is constant work. My father was a dog trainer and I love devoting the time to train dogs, but most everyone I know would not be able to handle this breed. You cannot tire them out and they need both physical and mental exercise. I do professional bite work with her and even though she is well trained, well socialized, and good with kids, she is intense 24/7! If she gets it in her mind to go after something (running the fence line to antagonize the neighbor’s dogs is a favorite), there’s no stopping that initial switch. I am always faced with new challenges and I want everyone to be aware of the heavy amount of labor involved in owning one of these magnificent dogs. Perhaps if you’re not the type of person that could handle a military lifestyle and routine day after day, consider carefully that this breed is likely not the right choice for you.

  27. Athan Delumen

    Dont get malinois if ur personality is weak or u dont like going outside. Base on my experience i have time for my dog get exercise and socialize and because of that i was able to control the aggression and the high energy this dog have. Pls. Study first and asses ur own capability, im a martial artist and because of that i can easily train the dog by my self easily and dog feel my dominance.

  28. Laura's Life Dog Training & Dog Vlogs

    This really needed talking about. It’s bad enough with working line Collies and GSD’s getting dumped as they are to strong willed for most. My whole day is working with my high drive Collie. She was a very difficult puppy and hours and hours of training which is every day, rain ,snow . Without that she is restless and unfulfilled. Structure is everything to these very high drive dogs.
    Very well dealt with and I really hope people don’t go out and buy Malinois . Due to people seeing my well trained Collie , they are buying Collie pups thinking they will be like Zed, they have no idea just how much work has gone into her. As I see them growing they are already out of control. Thanks Robert, great topic.

  29. Laura Wright

    I love dogs and and I have a list of breeds that I admire but will never own. Malinois are a dog to be admired but definitely not for most people.

  30. Lori Lewis

    I have a Belgium Malinois. This girl has more energy than any other dog I have ever owned. It is NOT a dog for everyone! My girl Duchess is my protection and wonderful companion at 9 months old! I saw her at two weeks of age and a friend gave her to me. I got her at 7 weeks of age. Please research this breed before you think of owning one. These dogs came from my ancestors lands! 🙂 Love my girl! 🐕

  31. Bob Mardigian

    Very few people possess the will- the mental and physical strength to create a training structure that is both fair enough and strong enough to train this breed. If you dominate without being completely fair to the dog you’ll damage the individual, training a Mal is not easy. Trainer gender has nothing to do with it, neither does the gender of the dog. You must have an iron will and be completely honorable. How many people do you know that fit this description?

  32. Kate Stephens

    This is an important message and very much appreciated by those of us who love the breed, especially those of us who are active in Malinois rescue. Thank you!
    BTW- Not all Craigslist Malinois are awful. I got one on Craigslist to keep her from becoming a bait dog. She was 7 years old then, and is now about 15. She is one of the best dogs ever. She was my first Malinois although I have had Tervurens before her.

  33. John Jay

    I’m sure they’ll start showing up in the ‘hood as status symbols very soon.

  34. Alex Yonni

    Personally I did get my dog off craigslist i have had to train him since day one always dedicate alot of time I’ve taken him to meet dogs and people and mines turned out really good still loves dogs kids and people so I’m doing something right hes 7 months now

  35. Kelli Takach

    Hi Rob, first I wanted to say I agree with you wholeheartedly that this war hero dog sparks an undesirable interest in the dog for the wrong reasons. It was the same with the release of the movie Max about the GSD dog that was a retired war vet. Often times, these dogs end up in shelters or like you said, on craigslist. Yes, it’s not the smartest decision getting a dog from Craigslist…and technically it’s not much different than a shelter. However, I have rescued a dog in the past, GSD/Chow chow mix who had anxiety bc of the owner. It was the best choice I made for myself and the dog. The dog owners on there are really messed up. Sometimes they are crappy breeders that sell pups just for money or it’s a scam of some sort. I have heard a lot of stories similar to the ones you describe about craigslist dogs and having to go through enormous amounts of vigorous training for dogs like that to correct the behaviors. In our situation, our GSD/chow chow mix (Molly) was disowned by her owner. She suffered anxiety and was pulling out her own hair. Today, she’s in great shape, happy and of course, no longer pulling out her hair. Long story short, not every dog is as lucky as our Molly in situations like that.

  36. Hayden Burgess

    Hey Robert this was a great podcast props to you mate.

  37. M M

    I have one and they need to be handled. You have to be on top of your game.

  38. Sabrina Uysal

    Thank you for such an important message. It seems EVERY breed that becomes popular, whether via Westminster, media or movies, is destined for ruin. I recently adopted an adult GSD from the military, I’m a LVT for 20+yrs in ECC, I only work 2 days/wk w/dog training experience ( I’ve adopted several adult GSD’s over the past 30 years). I have close friends that are k9 trainers & handlers in law enforcement & the military and I STILL deliberately evaluated my ability to handle a Mal when the military offered a choice of GSD or Mal. I’ve always wanted a Mal but working 4 days/wk would NEVER do w/a Mal. So again THANK YOU for your brutal honesty.❤️

  39. Tommy Jeffries

    Most people at best drive a SUV or truck.
    You have to be very experienced to drive a F1 car. The Belgium is the F1 of dogs.

  40. israelshirk

    Also, if you want to be around mal’s and similar working dogs, volunteer for your local PD, sheriff’s office, or search and rescue unit as a search subject – you get to hang out around the dogs; we’re always in need of new and unfamiliar subjects to find!

  41. Doug H. in VA

    A working breed military or police K9 is not a normal pet dog. They are special purpose dogs that NEED work all the time every day

  42. israelshirk

    You only had a three page agreement? Geez… I had something like 8, including a death waiver (which genuinely looked like it was from a kung fu movie)

  43. Peter K

    I’ve seen Dalmations ruined by 101 Dalmations, German Shepherd by Rin Tin Tin. I’m planning to get a Malinois but I’ve been a dog owner for all my 65 years, and a trainer for 51. These guys ain’t for the average dog owner.

  44. Cane Corso Excellence®️

    101 Dalmatians. After the movie everyone wanted one, not really understanding the breed. In the early 60’s many went to rescue because the owners were not ready for the real functioning breed that the Dalmatian is. 😞

  45. AMonikaD

    Hi! Question: so HOW do you correct a dog that you catch in the act of doing something bad? Yell? Spank? Use the scruff to shove him to the ground and scream?

  46. Amie Serovski

    I dont think people realise just how much training needs to go into a dog like a malinois. They are the dog for people who have lots of experience training different types of dogs. They’re the dog for people who live and breathe the TRAINING aspect of having dogs.

  47. Alicia Altair

    Every time I see a dog like this in the media, I cringe. Most people cannot even accurately assess their own activity level and lifestyle, much less match it with a suitable breed. Jogging in your neighborhood and going to the gym a couple times a week is NOT an ‘active lifestyle’, which they’ll realize about 8 months after they get the dog…others will be the type who think having a fenced yard is the main criteria for dog ownership… In the end it’s the dog who suffers from their willful ignorance. I’ve had this conversation hundred of times over my 40+ years and with all the info readily available now it’s just so depressing that it still needs to be said.

  48. Michael Hollingsworth

    Love your videos and your guidance with dogs. Your video here I listened closely to. Does your warning apply to people who invest in highly trained protection dogs? These dogs are supposed to be trained to give protection to families in their homes and they are not cheap; they can go for up to $50K plus. What do you think about that application?

  49. L.A. November 2019

    People do the same with children… so can’t expect much though being put into purchasing a “pet”. Wonder how long before the breed is ruined by backyard breeders – excellent upload.

  50. EyeLUVMYPitbull Peaches


  51. Farmer Fpv

    Matter of fact some of the comments on your videos asking a question about their Belgian Malinois are quite concerning and disturbing. You can tell they’re in over their heads and desperate for help. Makes me wonder why they’re not going to a professional for help meaning someone in their area that can be there physically to help. some of the questions they’re asking should of been before they bought the dog not after because at that point it’s already too late from what I have read. Also it seems a lot of these people are our first time dog owners not first time dog owners not just first-time Belgian Malinois owners! I feel so bad for these poor pooches because I know where it’s going next!

    By the way have some tissue paper when you’re watching A Dog’s Purpose me and my dad both we’re tearing up.

  52. Refai Abdeen

    Cheers Mate!

  53. AlphaK91

    As someone who has titled dogs in Schutzhund and ring sports, I can’t agree more. My neighbors got a Mali after the Osama raid / Max the dog film spike in Mali popularity. That dog is ten years old and dysplastic now, as are most of the SoCal Mali’s acquired as pets. After the President went on and on and released a photo on his twitter feed I knew the fad hit retro. I estimate lots of dog owners getting bitten as well as their house guests and any random person they happen to pass by on the street. Dressed up in their widdle comfy harnesses and towing idiots behind them.

    Get ready for hell.

  54. Joe Day

    Well sorry sheppy,uncle Robert convinced me…..its time to go for that one last ride 💉

  55. Fingolfin

    I knew as soon I saw it was a Mal, who got Al’ Baghdadi-o, that it would be the “new in-thing” for people. I really hope cooler heads prevail amongst the breeders of the breed. I would really, hate, to see a whole generation of Mal’s running around mauling people because of people, then be banned, putt down and demonised in the media… By people.
    “All this freedom, all these highways, which way do we go”.

    P.S 0:28 where’s his medal? haha

  56. Fro

    Dude I totally agree with 99% of the stuff you say but gahhhhh dayum you’re the most judgmental dude I’ve seen on YouTube 😂.

  57. evergreenpenguin

    Telling it how it is 👏🏻

  58. Jennifer Pearson

    Excellent suggestion to give to a military dog retirement organization. I live in rural Alabama and got what is probably a shep/mal x. Our story is a very long one (as I suspected it would be when I got him–totally unsocialized at a yr old). From the get-go, he could get out of the wire crate I got for him. He could undo additional latches I added around the door perimeter. The problem solving mentality alone spells trouble for the typical pet owner. I have amateur dog training background, got some email advice from a woman who runs a shepherd rescue (essentially ramp up the obedience), and I’ve taken him through two classes (again amateurs) and will probably take him through another–and another. Though I certainly got in over my head, I still hate to think how his story would have gone wrong if he had ended up with someone with even less experience than I have. I continue to have to be observant with him. He will never be safe with my cats and I even hesitate to try him with herding because when he becomes fixated on something it can be a physical battle to redirect him. Thankfully he’s not people aggressive or particularly dog aggressive. Phew! What a challenge it has been–and I won’t be ever be taking on another like this again. Definitely ego deflating not inflating. When people admires his good looks, I just say thank you but in my head I’m thinking, “you have no idea what comes with it.” That good looks also makes it very difficult to rehome him because of that faux first attraction people have. And they see my control of him in selective situations (without having any idea how careful I am being–or the backup commands/plans) and think that he is a push button dog. NOT–as if any dog is.

  59. Laurie Cloonan

    Glad you’re safely back home.

  60. Joe Day

    Ever think videos like this also help discourage people and scare them into giving up on the dogs they already got?…..they’re now looking sideways at their own dog like 👀

  61. naz kulinich

    Sorry I disagree with you, most people who get a dog from Craigslist are not stupid or dumb people , I know many friends and family who bought puppies on Craigslist and they are amazing pets , your experience could be different from others. Love all your other videos. Thanks

  62. Andreas Nilsson

    My grandmother had 3 terveurens in succession, and they each made wonderful family companions. They first I believe was a rehoming. They lived on a dairy farm, but they were never used for herding or so. They sure were intense, but since there were always people around, there was always stimulation around. They all got along great with the cats on the farm, and easily trained.
    Maybe they are bred a bit different in Europe (Sweden) than in the US.

    I do love the Belgian shepherds, especially the Tervueren. Sadly my life situation does not permit me to have one. I will work towards having such an environment at a later stage in life.

  63. Bart Achten

    “If you’re not cool without a Belgian Malinois you are not gonna be cool with a Belgian Malinois” . Haha, I love it ! Words of wisdom Robert 🙂

  64. Penny Locke

    I liked the podcast, thank you. I heard recently that Mals have a different DNA which classes them differently. I don’t know how true this is, but it would make sense. I attended class at Michael Ellis’ school in Rohnert Park CA, he breeds them, and the pups in our class, at 12 weeks were so ahead of every other breed in class. Super impressive dogs. There’sa trainer, Stonnie Dennis in Kentucky that I follow, that is respectful of Mals, and has dedicated mulitple videos to why not to get one. He works with them for clients, but explains their differences in situ. Thank you also for bringing up not getting a dog thru Craig’s list or the like. Stick to AKC referrals who are picky as to who gets their dog of any breed, shelters & rescues. Thanks again.

  65. Some kind of Entity

    A Malinois is a German Shepherd on speed

  66. Jennifer Dalton

    If Caesar Milan can have appearances on national tv stations and the family who rescues the pit bulls in Louisiana have a show, you definitely should be approached to explain dogs also. We need more successful trainers like you aside from YouTube platform. Too many dog failures in our country. Thanks for your videos – definitely helped me with my poochies. Wish I could send a photo of them !

  67. John Johnsson

    Only in America 😀

  68. Ali Yusuf Qureshi

    Hi just wanted to know what would it take to qualify as a first time owner in your opinion? How does one become a first time Belgian Malinois owner?

  69. Henny Winkelman

    Mr Cabral,

    I have been watching your video’s a long time, since we where lucky enough to get a German Sheperd.
    Best way i could describe him is, amazing. But i need some help in
    making him more aware of me, on the street.

    Soon as he sees another dog, he lounges barking in a high pitch.
    He slipped the cord once and that showed he doesn’t bite, but he’s to high strung in a playfull way in my opinion.

    I would like to hear your opinion about this.
    He’s great with kids and ppl, but gotten him at 16 month’s old, I’m not sure how socialized he is.

    Best regards.
    And thank you for the informative video’s.

  70. Martial Artist

    Is it even a Mal, looks like a German Shepherd mixed with a Mal. They’re mixing them a lot in Lackland.

  71. gunther alcerro

    great advice!

  72. Elementary Watson

    “classified dog” never thought I would hear those two words put together

  73. MEHMD1

    Totally agree. John Wick. The same. I tell people all the time. Do not get a Mal unless you can put in 100% for at least 2-3 years. Be prepared to spend thousands of dollars in training. You cannot do it yourself.

  74. leia

    My collie puppy is very vocal. She growls when we play tug, which is fine, but when shes playing with her rugby ball or chasing me as part of a game she starts barking at the top of her lungs. She knows the command “quiet” but when I say this she stops playing altogether and just stares at me waiting for the next command. I’d like her to be able to play with me outside without disturbing the whole street. Any ideas?

  75. Notify Send

    Berger Belge Malinois

  76. Joseph Godin

    Nice video. I look at Malinois and they are beautiful dogs but not for me and I’m well aware of that. I have a 13 month old Rottweiler that we got at 8 week and his more then enough drive for us. Like you said it was a year process to get him from the breeder. Had to give references interviews.after all that she let us get one of her puppy. Stay away from those quick sell breeder and pet store puppies

  77. Bobandjeri Shaffer

    Thanks Robert. It is difficult for the ego to accept information counter to one’s desires. Rationalizations corrupt it. See definition of and predictable rationalizations related to “ cognitive dissonance “. “Never confuse belief with knowledge.” ― Abhijit Naskar

  78. Dan Faller

    A tiger by the tail = malinois

  79. BK VS

    💞🙏🌟☝☝☝☝03:06👇👇👇Something about Military Dogs from Mike Ritland

  80. BK VS

    So many Blessings for you Dearest Robert🌟🙏💞🐾👏🐕
    “Love is not about possession.
    Love is about appreciation”

    My German friend who is Dog and Horse Trainer is living with her second Malinois the Maligator, the first one Chicco was a male who got a timely death. This time a female one, Camilla. My friend spends a minimum of 4 to 5 hours a day with Camilla. Here, I rescued a Carolina Dog (American Dingo) with her three puppies aged two weeks only from the street. Two puppies got adopted by my two friends and I keep the other one with the Mom dog in my home like a pack. I only get three hours to spend with them.
    So much Gratitude to Dearest Robert for the Godly Service you do💞🌟🙏🐾🐕🐨👍✌

  81. PinkyAnnie24

    Malinois are AMAZING dogs but they’re defiantly military dogs and not a house pet for a reason. I’ll stick to my cuddly Weimaraner 😊

  82. Bruce Boschek

    Excellent advice! Thank you, Robert.

  83. Jay Vincent

    Robert, are there any books on training working line dogs that you would recommend simply for a better understanding?

  84. R E Malm

    … Excellent, Excellent video; Thank you for making it. I’m one of those people who has always wanted a Belgian Malinois; however, fortunately fortune smiled upon me and I took the time to look into the breed before I got one (my county Animal Control offered me three 8 month olds to foster for placement and I turned them down). By my observation from a distant perspective, I can find no error in your judgement and advice. I pray to God people heed your advice. They are great dogs and deserve better than what some Belgians experience …

  85. giabyul

    Yup! My 10yo daughter fell in love with this dog and I said absolutely not! We just don’t have the time the dog NEEDS.

  86. Rick Chandler

    I love these dogs and have been fascinated by them for a few years but I know my limitations. What dog did I end up with? A Goldendoodle. Worst thing this dog will do is chew up some toilet paper.

  87. debn n

    … going to get a Malinois because I’m a Hero…..please do not bestow someone else with the responsibility of a Malinois Shephard
    Thankyou Universe 😊

  88. Tito Tran

    The Lamborghini is not a car you drive to the grocery 😂👏 love how your dog was just hanging out listening to ya like we are

  89. Guy Calabrese

    BEST comment/video on the internet regarding idiots getting working breed dogs. Sorry for my english, but you probably get my drift here…

  90. Allen Szykula

    Yeah no malinois I own a European line mal yikes.

  91. K Fogarty

    Thanks, for advocating in the very best interests of the malinois, and their working breed counterparts. And, for ALL dogs. A decade ago, I learned from researching working breeds, and from volunteer shelter work, that mals require an intense dedication to training and structure throughout their years, exactly as you advise here. It took nearly 3 years after the death of our rescued GSD/lab girl to decide to get our breeder-sourced (AKC reg) WLGSD. She’s an excellent k9 pal, because we invest the care (and connections) that her high energy bloodlines respond best to. Her respected WLGSD breeder required us to abide by a detailed contract. We happily send photos and feedback to the breeder each 8 weeks, now, after sending the updates every 4 weeks from the time of her adoption at 9 weeks through 2 years.

  92. mushroom574

    I totally agree. I love this breed and would want one in the future, after I figure out IF this fits with my lifestyle (gonna foster a few first). I currently have a high drive (not working line) GSD and it’s part of my DAILY LIFESTYLE to juggle IPO and a full time job (if I’m not at work, I’m training my dog). Honestly if anyone wants to even think about owning a mal, I hope they consider fostering one before they even buy one as a pup. There’s already a handful of GSD and mals that need foster homes.

  93. Keller

    Love this video. If you think u want one because u saw it on tv and it’s “badass”…then u do not want one.

  94. Bob Smith

    “Captured”. Derp. Kinda like the time Daniel Shaver was ‘”arrested”.

  95. Alex Wood

    Any recommendations on where to get your dogs from? Have searched a bit online but am not sure where to start. There is a lot of breeders out there and it’s difficult to differentiate good from bad. I will most likely be looking for an intelligent family companion. Probably German Shepard (but I know there is a lot of bad breeding. Or maybe a golden retriever.

  96. goldrays

    Your very wrong….. the dog breed isn’t to blame! The dog training is.

  97. Lisa Smith

    What are you trying to do turn Belgian Shepherds into Frankenstein dogs? You’re actually doing a huge disservice to all working line dogs because some do not have the working line temperament although they have the conformation. My Belgian is high prey drive, but chills very well also. He is human adult/child, cat, and bird friendly. Not always dog/horse/cattle or MONSTER friendly but discipline responsive. I AGREE WITH DISCOURAGING NAIVE OWNERSHIP. BUT BEWARE “DEMONIZING” MALINOIS. THEY ARE AN ANCIENT, USEFUL BREED AND LOVE THEIR SHEPHERDS. UGH TO YOUR “COOL TALK-ELITISM!” THAT IS NOT GOOD. RESCUING WHAT? “Countless/Dozen(s) MALINOIS” QUOTING YOU, STILL DOESN’T MAKE YOU A “MALINOIS GODLIKE AUTHORITY.” I really do honestly think HOLLYWOOD IS FULL OF JERKS WHO POPULARIZE “CHALLENGING BREEDS” ALMOST ALWAYS. BUT THAT IS $$$GREED AT WORK! CALL THEM ALL OUT “BEGINNING WITH SPANKY AND OUR GANG.” “LITTLE RASCALS, RIN TIN TIN, LADY AND THE TRAMP, 101 DALMATIANS.” AD NAUSEUM! PICKET HOLLYWOOD!

  98. Judy0007

    Robert – no pet stores or Craig’s list. I agree. How do you feel about rescue shelters?

  99. Brad Jemerson

    I think everyone thinking to get any dog needs to watch this. Every dog has pros and cons and it is a life long commitment. 👍🏾👍🏾

  100. R Evans

    Mel has 3 balls take away 1 ball .
    How many fingers do you have left ?

  101. Dom Dukes

    You believe Baghdadi is real?? Come on dude!!! The actual terrorists are our own government. Isis is theatre.

  102. lil mee

    …you think the story is true? He was captured/killed several times over the last decade…

  103. Miguel Ramirez


  104. Miguel Ramirez

    Wise and truthful advice. Listen in people, THIS IS TRUE… GENETICS HAVE THIS EFFECT !

  105. names Dixie

    There’s a shepherd malinois mix at my local shelter right now because someone thought it’d be cool to get one! 😩

  106. Miguel Ramirez


  107. Laurelin Lorefield

    Thank you. I agree 100%. What you say applies to all working dogs. Definitely to my Great Pyrenees. Instincts have been bred into these dogs for hundreds or (even thousands of years, in the case of my dog), and you are not going to ‘break’ those behaviors without breaking the dog. If you don’t understand these dogs, don’t get one until you work with a mentor breeder/trainer who specializes in the type of dog you are interested in and you have the right environment to bring them home to. Pay them or volunteer to help. Make sure you can understand, handle, and train a working dog first. Anything else is unfair to the dog and to you. Listen to your mentor. If they advise against it, find a different type of dog to love and add to your ‘pack.’

  108. Linda Martin

    I rescue dogs in Mexico, street dogs, and we use an application form, visit the home, check the facts, check where the dog will eat, will sleep, what he will eat, and have a trial period of a week, and only THEN, sign a contract. And these are street dogs. Dogs are alive, and deserve great care, they are not here to build our egos. Good video, and hopefully result in less damaged dogs, others need to rescue.

  109. Protector K9

    It’s sad even the workingline german shepherd in america is getting weaker. Some in IPO community want gsd to be like malinois and end result is very high drive dog but nervy not clear in head

  110. Chris Runge

    I rescued a Mal back in July. I have been watching Belgian Malinois’ for the last 10 years and finally pulled the trigger. I went and picked him up on a whim to find out later that he had ZERO obedience training, was an outside dog and he was extremely malnourished. Luckily I was able to take 3 weeks of vacation and put in hours and hours everyday working him. I consulted local trainers, books, and of course Robert Cabral’s videos. I do live in an apartment, but I have him trained very well at this point and we hit the local dog parks daily. He has a job to do every day. It’s still not easy and I still work with him daily, I’ve even lost 45lbs since I’ve gotten him. I love this dog, but I will NEVER get another one, EVER!

  111. Joseph Cirelli

    I agree 100% with everything you said. I went into PetLand to look for some supplies locally. They sell “AKC“ puppies ($4500 ea)
    I have 2 GSDs & saw a couple filling out a credit application for a GSD. We talked for awhile about the breed, need for exercise, training etc. hopefully they listened!

    As I looked at all the dogs for sale, I saw a Belgian Malinios pup. I asked the manager about the process to get (buy) the pup. Just the cost (cash or credit)! I explained a little about the breed needing a qualified handler who knows how to train them, he just shook his head. I felt so bad for the pup.! It’s a good chance for the pup to fail.

  112. Mark Nalliah

    We were thinking of you all great to see your all safe!!

  113. MrCally1

    Great Podcast, Robert. I would still like to say sometrhing though.
    Malinois are typicaly working line dogs.

    It is very seldom you can find a Malinois which is capable to being just a pet.

    Perhaps 99% of the Malinois are working line. Which just means:


    And even the 1% Malinois that can be pets need very good quality training.

    Other breeds like GSD (german shepherds) and even Rottweilers have a much lower percentage of working dog lines in the breed, so many more of these are suitable to be pets. But also with these breeds you have to take care: if your dog happens to be a working line dog and you treat him as just a pet you are in for big trouble.

    So, I think we are fully agreeing on this, Robert. But I think one important thing you forget and that is government regulation regarding the selling of these working line dogs to the public.

    I think it should be forbidden by law to sell these working line dogs to the general public.

    What are your thoughts about that?

    (coming from a fellow professional balanced trainer owning two malinois; you can answer me in another podcast if you like)


  114. marvona

    Thanks ✳️👍✳️👍✳️👍

  115. zviad bakradze

    Everything you said 100% sir.

  116. thesheepsaysmoooo

    My vet put my rescue Malinois down as a German Shepherd cross on his microchip cert. Ignorant mistake as the vet was told 5 times he’s a Belgian Shepherd and it could legal consequences here in Ireland as German Shepherd are restricted where as the Malinois is not.

  117. Jeff K

    I need to be talked out of getting a border collie. Never really liked aggressive dogs.

  118. ali renfro

    I rescued a Malinois- and my life revolves around this dog. Even our Police Department returned their Malinois K9 because he bit four of their officers. I have people ask me all the time where they can get a dog like mine because he is well trained- they have no idea how much work ethic on my part it takes. I guarantee they don’t have it.

  119. Leo Oliva

    Robert I don’t know if you are aware California picketing sign saying that they don’t want God there God does not visit where he is not welcome unfortunately not all residence think alike but they are living in a inferno we don’t need no water let the mother fucker burn🔥

  120. Nathanael Dobyns

    Agree. I use my malinois as a companion. I have a prosthetic hip. I dont need a service dog but my dog loves going EVERYWHERE. he is only happy when he is with me out doing stuff.

    This is why I got him. But alot of my friends want me to breed mine because he is “cool”.

    But while not fixed, I’ll not breeding 90% of my friends dont have the TIME it takes to own a malinois.

  121. Richard Saunders

    I love my Belgian Tervuren, fantastic dog. With that being said they need exercise and lots of it. For my dog a daily six mile run/walk is nothing but a warm up.

  122. David Jewett

    Great advice Robert. Unfortunately, the breed is already becoming well known. I know 2 breeders who sale their puppies to just about anyone and I hate it for the breed. Hopefully the people who get these dogs as pets get what I call “a watered down version”. I would say most people aren’t ready for an even average drive Malinois. Keep up the great work, I enjoy your videos and your expertise is very useful.

  123. moonaglow

    Some people are so into consumerism and having the LATEST gadgets including pets. The NEED to be recognized and to look cool overrides the needs of the pets, especially dogs. They’re in love with the idea of having a dog and delusional of the work involved.😔

  124. Radu Ardeleanu

    I can confirm everything you said . Great vid .

  125. WolvEve

    Yes and yes! Share this video,for Malinois good 🐺 🙏People need to listen this. RSPCT Robert!

  126. Alfred Dregger

    After the war ended, the US military marked their dogs as “expendable surplus equipment,” leaving them to the South Vietnamese or euthanizing them.

  127. Xplicid

    You can tell the ‘sex’ of Conan from the photo in the ‘sit’ position 🤪

  128. Xplicid

    Stupid amounts in rescues because of John Wick released 8 months ago, sadly/frustratingly.

  129. Malle and Dante

    This can be applied to all working dogs. I’ve spent many years surrounded with dobermans (at the time i didnt have the time or space for one), read a lot, watched a lot of training videos. I dare to say i knew what i was in for BUT i still ran in to problems i had no idea how to solve. For the first year of his life we spent close to 6 hrs a day in total outside working on various things, after all of that he takes a 30 min nap and can do it all over again. Teaching him how to behave indoors took a while too and i dont mean potty training. Educate yourself people or you will lose a lot of nerves, money and time.

  130. 200kaza

    I have a working line German shepherd, and can say for certain that you don’t want a malinois unless you are absolutely working that dog every single day. I’d say bare minimum would be 2 or 3 hours a day no going for a run once a day doesn’t come close to counting. I know dogs in my dog sport club that are also highly trained actively working security dogs. One is 10 years old and still goes to work every day. He will work a full shift then come to training and happily do a full 30 minute session of full on bite work at the highest level of intensity. Most the German shepherds I know would struggle to get even close to 10 minutes straight at his level of intensity and grip even if they hadn’t done much all day. If he doesn’t get to got to work he will bark literally all day. He is the most social dog I know when he’s with his handler and she is relaxed. But if his handler isn’t around he will go absolutely ballistic trying to get you if you get even vaguely close to his run. Even his house mates who’ve lived with him for years can’t get close to him if she’s out. I train my German shepherd at least an hour of training and usually another 2 hours of exercise (which also includes training) every day. But when It’s not time to work she can relax, when I’m way too sick to give her 3 hours she will cope with having one day where maybe she gets next to no interaction just a very short walk or some tug. I know very few mals that have a temperament and level of drive that would allow for a full day or maybe even 2 off without them going into a lot of behaviours that would be extremely problematic in a home environment. Rob is spot on with his advice. I’d say if you desperately want a mal follow the sports hang out with ring sport, igp, other bite work clubs, question all the mal owners about what their routine is now evey single day and what it was during the first few years. Get a much lower drive breed, and learn how to train in your chosen sport. Evaluate evey month how many days you are meeting a 2 or 3 hour activity level with that dog. Evaluate what your exact living situation is, is your partner good at training your current dog correctly, does the dog listen to you both, do your kids completely understand how to leave your dog alone, not to play chasey or other exciting games that will get your dog fired up, will they take responsibility for their own safety? Does your clubs best helper / trainer believe you are upto it and the dog will fit with your lifestyle and personality? If any of those things don’t check out a mal is not the dog for you. Guess what you can still have loads of fun with other dogs!!!

  131. Dextah

    I’ve done research and am considering a Doberman as our first official dog. From age 12-18 I lived with a rott/dobby mix. I’ve been doing a lot of research between the two breeds and it seems Rotts tend to be a lot more stubborn and require more work. I’m 22 and married. Have a home and decent size yard. I run 12-15 miles a week and intend on taking the dog out with me. Is it realistic to get a Doberman as my first official dog?

  132. British Patriot

    I was hoping you would do a video like this sir.

  133. Tulips ontheorgan

    Totally agree !

  134. Leo Oliva

    Robert used your words more wisely the way you’re expressing your self it like you and your friends are the only one that are able to handle a Belgian Malinois.
    I’m just saying🇺🇸🤐

  135. Mirthe Peeters

    My neighbours have a belgian malinois. She must be around 1 year old now. They dont train or walk her. She is superagressive towards my 2 golden and towards me. I have never approached her but stil she behaves like she wants to rip of my head. I hope she dont figure out how to get over our fence cuz i know she has the ability doing that. I dont blame the dog, she s a gorgous malinois. I blame the owners and the breeder. If u dont wanne spend the time and energy of training this breed, dont get one!!!!

  136. Dear Lady

    He is so right!!!!!!!!

  137. Ray Ward

    Great advice Robert.

  138. Jesse I

    I 100% agree with this video. People should always research the breed before getting any dog. Know what you’re getting into and prepare yourself and life before you bring one home. My only issue is, the video implies that no one other than professional trainers and or police or military should EVER get a Malinois… I was told only experienced Malinois owners should have one. How then does someone become an experienced Malinois owner? Can a normal non professional person own a Malinois? I researched the breed for a year. Talked to everyone I could about them. I watched your videos constantly. I talked to friends who are trainers. Should I still not get one? I’m on the verge.

  139. Gg Gonzalez

    I couldn’t agree more with you. I rescued a Belgian puppy 2 months ago that was chain up 24/7, all I got was a picture of this little puppy cover in dust and didn’t know what I was getting into but I committed to the huge responsibility, it’s a lot of constant work, I have the time to work with her and I’m learning so much about her. They have such a personality like any other dog I known. I watch your videos and I love them. Thank You so much!

  140. Jeannie patterson

    Thank you for being so truthful!!!

  141. Ph1zix

    Could you get a german shepard without any previous experience with dogs? If you take perfect care and hire dog trainers etc?

  142. Susan Collins

    I have 4 show Line malinois, and they’re a handful….love them dearly but a handful yes! They’re a tough dog…play rough…..redesign your yard lol…and much more…on the plus side…awesome dogs! But know your breed before you get any dog!

  143. Viking Dogmanship

    Im so glad you made this video!!!!

  144. Freija

    Of course, Conan is not a pet, and Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself either.

  145. sashzuri on Instagram sashazuri

    Well said Robert 👍

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