You Can’t Tear These Two Dog Breeds Apart
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You Can’t Tear These Two Dog Breeds Apart

It is in your passport. People know you on the street thanks to it. Even after many years not seeing you, you open your phone with it, go to the office or even buy a house. So your face is your identity. And you think it’s unique, only yours until one day your illusions are shattered. Everyone has a doppelganger or even 7 and such a thing is very normal, at least that’s what the science says. But some old beliefs say that a doppelganger is your devilish twin and that it is a phenomenon that occurs only when people have the ability to travel to another stage of life and meet versions of themselves.
Enough of mythology. So this phenomenon is very likely to happen, and scientists say it could happen more in countries with large populations, such as China or India. This also exists in the canine world with different individuals of the same breed; but there are also completely different breeds that resemble each other, even though they are bred for different jobs.
So, in this episode: Dog Breeds that You can’t Tear Apart

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18 Thoughts to “You Can’t Tear These Two Dog Breeds Apart”

  1. Light

    Many of these look alike but aren’t identical twins.


    I have a twin brother and we look nothing alike.

  3. Wesley Williams

    What about the difference between a Cane Corso, Boerboel, presa canario and tosa Inu

  4. ZillaM4N3842

    And Boston terrier and French bulldog have a difference . It is because Boston terrier is slimmer while the Frenchie is thicker

  5. ZillaM4N3842

    I can also tell the difference between greyhound and whippet because greyhound is bigger

  6. ZillaM4N3842

    I can tell husky and malamute apart because the malamute is bigger and furrier

  7. ZenGen

    You really forgot the presa Canario and cane Corso they sometimes look the same trust me but only sometimes


    Loved the video tho 💪


    You can’t tear?

  10. Dusan Djordjevic

    Šarplaninac and Caucasian shepherd

  11. minxella12

    Many of these similar but not doppelgangers.

  12. Omar Opqhe

    Thank you I loved 🇮🇶💞

  13. Damian Gutierrez

    Boz shepherd & Kangal look very similar

  14. SUB ZERO

    Big fan of you

  15. Harshithaa

    I hv a Doberman named mac nd I watch your every video

  16. Harshithaa

    Love from india

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