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Sometimes dogs interpret emotional signs differently than we think. Dogs may be the best friends of men (and women), but hugging and kissing dogs can make them uncomfortable and hurt you. Check out these tips to understand hugging and kissing from the perspective of a cub.

1. Body language

Before diving to hug and kiss, give the dog pets a look at their body language. Is the dog stiff? Is the hair on their back straight? Do they drool their lips or growl? When avoiding eye contact, does the white of the eyes show? If you notice any of these signs in your dog, it is likely that they are uncomfortable and try to tell you to back away. Hugging or kissing dogs that show signs of fear or discomfort can cause bites, which is a dangerous situation for you and the dog.

Petting a dog with no signs of discomfort? Reminder number 2 time.

2. No hugs, only kisses

No matter how tempting, hugging a dog is never a good idea. Embracing a dog tightly does not convey love. Dogs don’t have any translations of hugs; instead, they often feel stooped and uncomfortable. If you are not aware of the dog’s pain, holding it tightly in a hug may cause them to lash out.

If you interact with a dog you know, instead of hugging, it doesn’t show any warning signs of discomfort, but just lean over and kiss. You will even be lucky to get the tongue licked by the wet dog in return!

3. Say it

Replace X and O with “good boy” and “good girl”, the dog will thank you! Speaking with joy and joy is a good way to communicate praise and love. Good scratching, tapping, or rubbing can also solve the problem.


No matter how you choose to show love to dogs, you should use common sense and read the dog’s body language to avoid putting them or yourself at risk.

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