Words Can Be DEADLY to Dogs AND People - Episode 62
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Words Can Be DEADLY to Dogs AND People – Episode 62

How do you communicate?… with your dog, with those you love and with others? This podcast goes off onto a topic that may not seem to relate much to training your dog, but it has as much to do with this topic as well as some much deeper topics. I promise you, the premise of the topic will challenge the way you think – it did to me!

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Words are powerful, thoughts are powerful, but when we put those thoughts into words we utter, we speak things into creation. This observation has changed the way I look at life and how I communicate with my dogs, clients’ dogs, and people in general.

The idea of this topic came to be through an experience that I had this week, so I hope it will strike a chord with you.

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45 Thoughts to “Words Can Be DEADLY to Dogs AND People – Episode 62”

  1. EverythingisEverything

    Cool new intro, Robert!

  2. renae az

    I once had a guy over, he says I hear you got some dogs, can I see them? I’m thinking well, I don’t know what for but ok. My dogs were chow chows. The guy follows me to the backdoor looks at them through the screen and says “you know, I hear chows are the stupidest dogs in the world”. Same dogs, when they were puppies, I took them to a vet for their round of puppy shots. Vet had them on the table and turned his back, I saw one was about to step off table and leaped forward, the vet turned around and caught the puppy half way before he hit the floor. The vet said, “well it don’t matter, these are chows, they all grow up to be little killers eventually” (for the record, they grew up liking everything and everyone, dogs cats people).

  3. N P

    what you were saying about connecting across species at 22 mins ❤️ it’s life changing!

  4. oldgamerchick

    AWESOME pod cast. I was moved by this one more than anything I have seen on any platform or program. You, Robert and Janet (even though. Janet didn’t talk) can truly speak from a position of knowledge and experience. More than any talking head who may or may not be speaking the truth.

    The only exception and I may have missed it. Is about animals talking to us. Obviously some can mimic our voices. I’m talking about dogs and cats the only 2 species of animal I grew up with.
    Please accept my apology if you covered this in the video. Cat’s have a large vocabulary of cat words along with body language. Dog’s I know less than cats. My current 11 month old pup Cookie has one of a more funny move.

    When she hears a strange sound or smells a strange scent that scares her, she will challenge the unknown then jump in my lap 😆.

    Thank You Robert and Janet for all your great videos. I have become more understanding of the doggy world. Much love from me and Cookie deep in the heart of Texas.

  5. Maria H

    Thank you, Robert… I could and probably will listen to this podcast over and over again… it‘s just so powerful, I‘d say it’s already one of my favorites.😌🙏🏼 Oh, and btw: Bozman looks amazing, especially for his age. I wish you guys many more years with this precious little boy.🐾❤️🐾

  6. Carole Kelly

    Nice podcast today Robert. We all need to be reminded to think about the words we choose. Words are powerful, in many ways. Loved seeing Boz too.

  7. Kaylein Fuller

    I love your heart Robert💗
    Will we ever see Janet doing videos? Solo or with you?

  8. Sasi Muppala

    I mean WOW the words of display and the things you said to all of us just MADE ME A FAN OF YOU.I will never be mad or send negitive energy to my dog ever in the future.
    Hats of to you.
    I am a fan of you because of this video and I will be waiting for more inspirational videos like this.

  9. nicole Snyder

    I am sure you are aware, no matter what people say, its a reflection of them selves. Their core.. I would have not been offended at all. Hes looking in the mirror. How we perceive things is how we feel inside.. Its not always or its really never about us you see.. Its all about perception of ones self..

  10. Mr. C

    Very good talk Robert. Thanks.
    Our Labridog talks back to us…. 🙂
    What was the name of the book you mentioned?

  11. Alice Chance

    Your BEST EVER!!!! I Love you, Janet & those awesome dogs that make up your family!!!! “The word(s) you choose is The Most Powerful thing you do!!!” Thank you Visionary Pet foods!!🥰🐾

  12. Theodor Tuvendal

    Well human and dog cooperation is literally older than human civilisation. I dont think its weird how much we love out dogs

  13. Jacqueline O

    Great morning podcast. Great words. Great start to my day, thank you Robert!

  14. Dani M.

    Robert… Well done. Your words moved me and truly hit home, and then the appearance of the magnificent ghost-faced Boz almost made my heart explode. Thank you for this.

  15. kc koh

    The more people I meet, the more I love my dog.

  16. Terry Di Leone

    I really loved this podcast!! It is something I think everyone should hear, and put into action. If you hear something like this and don’t put it into action, why did you listen. I am so sorry someone said that to you about your Boz. Thank you for sharing.

  17. Stacey BDF

    Best one yet and so very true!! Dogs are pure energy, pure love – and only react based upon their experiences… We are responsible for making sure those experiences are positive to the best of our ability – to keep them safe from others that are not aware.

  18. MMM

    Boz (sp?) is sooo adorable! Great message. Made me think of my amazing dogs that have passed on

  19. The Jindo Man

    So many truths in this podcast – “dogs communicate thru energy” and are sensitive to energy, that is the core of having a dog and relating to and training dogs. What happened with the painter sucks – you, Janet and “the Boz-man” deserve better.

  20. sharman collins

    THANK YOU ,Very Wise Words..

  21. Doug H. in VA

    I can simplify …after handling dogs inside and outside training areas and rescue events for 25 years: dogs are NOT like people at all. They are simply very compatible with humans because humans created dogs from wolves thousands of years in the past. Humans created all the ‘breeds’ for their characteristics (retrieve, protect, scent, etc.).
    And still nearly NO owner ever takes 1 basic obedience class. Dogs cannot do anything about that and most owners do not want to. ‘Why’ is not a dog’s problem nor is it my problem … it is a problem for the other person and their responsibility when their dog is abandoned in a shelter. No excuses and no explanations from you. Accept the truth, even if you refuse to acknowledge it.

  22. Leading The Pack K9

    I couldn’t agree more. So many people have no filter when speaking to people.

  23. Catherine Evans

    Very true. Loved the content. My GSD is 18 months and is a bit vocal on walks. With your help have come a long way but the times I had my confidence knocked by people’s words I lost count. I would be on a walk and see someone coming with their dog and would call mine and put on lead and stand well back on the path having her sit nice then the other dog is on one of those long leads and the person let’s the dog come right up to mine and then she barks and somehow I am told to get my dog under control.

  24. Bernie McNamara

    I would be so hurt and mad if someone said that about my dog. It hurts me already when they presume my staffi is cross when they don’t even know him. Thanks Robert.

  25. Granny Gear

    “Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers.” Ephesians 4:29.
    So sorry this happened but glad you are sensitive as dogs needs us to be this way. ❤️. Thank you!

  26. Lee Grass

    This video is so good I’m going to share it on my Facebook page. Thank you so much for the positive and insightful words. I’m one of your members, and I enjoy your videos so much, but this video is a timely reminder to live up to our highest potential whether relating to animals or people! 🙏❤️

  27. Cali Girl

    We live in one of the most difficult times ever with this C-19. It’s even more important to respect others and value life. Some ppl will just not get this and take their anger out on others. This guy sounds miserable. I think he was projecting onto your dog. Sounds odd, but ppl can project onto objects and animals too. I have my MS in Psychology, so I tend to think in terms of psychology, lol. Aww, Boz is so cute!!! I didn’t know he was a Doxie. I had a Doxie before my Mal. He lived to be just over 15. He got bone cancer that spread:( He slept in my arms every night towards the end. He stopped eating his regular food and barely ate or drank. He started to show pain despite pain meds. He let me know, when it was time. He had a part of my heart that went with him. We bonded closely when he was 8 weeks old, followed me EVERYWHERE and sat by the window waiting for just me. My Mal is more independent, but a big goofy ham. Like kids, your love is different, but boundless:)

  28. Milena Taylor

    My goodness… that was not a podcast, THAT was a sermon. I needed to hear it on this beautiful Shabbat morning. Shalom to all you beautiful people 💛

  29. Deborah Sladovnik

    Beautiful message- love Boz

  30. Daniel Deworken

    Live by the ” Four Agreements” highly recommend looking this up.
    Life changing. Be well.

  31. Settings Settings

    hi Robert I have been getting very frustrated with my standard poodle puppy. i have realized my patience and anger has risen 200 percent. i am a member of your website and i use your training videos everyday. Choco is beginning to work as a gun dog. this video has definitely change my mindset and realizing how i am making things worst. i love my dog from raw feeding to doing the grooming myself. today i take the stand to change and make a difference.

  32. Jeannie C

    Love me, love my dog.

  33. Milena Taylor

    I am excited to hear what this podcast is about. I will comment my thoughts after.

  34. Virginia Pursley

    Thank you so much for sharing this very personal experience. I personally think it has been so helpful in the “reality check” that it is O.K. to keep your elderly dog alive. What you and Janet share in these podcasts help so many, including me.
    Also, thank you for this lesson for today. It has been very helpful. ❤🐶

  35. Hector's Kmetija

    Sorry his words hurt you. I have a rescue dog now 7 years old and he always has sad eyes, I know/hope he is not sad! OK he had numerous bad owners before me, I hope he feels 5 years with me have been happy. But if someone said he looks sad I would have to agree, even when bouncing around and waggy his eyes are still sad?

  36. terrierized

    Perhaps it’s not necessarily what is said, but how it’s said. It helps to have an open mind and not take things so personally. As you imply, there’s constant viciousness being spoken atm, so we can be the change by speaking sweeter and displaying strength in calm

  37. Anja Urbanc

    “If you can’t tell me that dogs have this most amazing magical power to communicate through energy, then you’re just missing the ball on dogs.” This is the most perfect sentence ever.

  38. Sakis Lampridis

    In Greece we have a great phrase. It goes like “immerse your tongue to your brain before you talk”.

  39. Donald Dj

    Mr. Robert, When I get your notifications, I always ,Drop everything, You always cheer me up, I Have a better relationship with GOD, FAMILY , DOGS,I learned so much from your videos? When I watch your videos I don’t worry about every day stress, bills ,politics, Worries, I LOVE U….. GOD BLESS….

  40. Beverly Martell

    I needed to hear this today thank you

  41. Jeffrey Wood

    Liked it.

  42. Layne Sellers

    What happened to sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me?

  43. KidJet Recon

    What comes out of the mouth can change a life. Great pod very important subject the tongue. Technically is a form of murder in more ways than we will ever know. God talks about the tongue and it’s a weapon .

  44. Ash P

    I owe you so much to the upbringing of my puppy. Currently training 14 week Swiss Shepherd. She has advanced so much. Thanks for your wisdom and advice

  45. Critical Thinker 313

    Words have meaning & intentions! Also cast spells. Called spelling for a reason! Each letter of the alphabet also is tied to a meaning & #. Tysm Robert & Janet🐾🐾💜🐾🐾💚

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