With These Dogs You Can Be Fit
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With These Dogs You Can Be Fit

It is thought that 6 million years ago, early humans began to walk upright because this way of walking saved 75 percent more energy than walking like monkeys, on two legs and arms. This way of walking has helped early people grasp fruit more easily, have free hands to hold food, tools, or children, has made people look taller and more intimidating, and has to widen their horizon of view. Since then, people walk upright and the energy which is saved by walking on two legs and hands is used for something else, the brain. So physical activity has a direct mental impact. At least 30 minutes of physical activity every day can increase cardiovascular fitness, strengthen bones, reduce excess body fat and increase muscle strength. It can also reduce stress, improve mood and increase mental energy levels. In addition to reminders on the phone or smartwatch that we usually snooze, a reminder that we cannot ignore is the request of our dog to do physical activity. If you have a dog, activities are inevitable. Research shows that dog owners are more physically active than those without a dog. But there are some breeds that have just the right energy to motivate and accompany us.
So, in this episode: Dog Breeds that will help you get fit

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  1. Ghost B4u

    I feel it’s WATOP sound 🧐

  2. Kalle Birgersson

    I can confirm that labradors has unlimited energy and won’t let you sit in peace for very long

  3. Omar Opqhe

    Thank you I loved 🇮🇶💞

  4. Grace Playz Loves Pets


  5. Grace Playz Loves Pets

    Collie vs corgi

  6. Grace Playz Loves Pets

    Husky vs collie

  7. Laurel Jensen

    Where is the gsd? Just got back from a hike and play with his lab friend. And after a mt. bike ride? Plus several games of chuck it.

  8. ViralBe

    What do you understand with the term brain frog ?

  9. fazeskimme_daddy


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