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wintchuk dog head collar adjustable with reflective strap, no pulling for all sizes


Size:medium | Colour:black

Warning: The important instructions for training dogs to accept the dog head collar

Step 1 Place the collar so the dog can touch it, have the dog sniff it, praise it, and treat it repeatedly until your dog indicates that the collar looks in some ways interesting.

step 2 Take the collar and gently touch your dog’s body, slowly approaching the dog’s face. Give a reward. Repeat until your dog is comfortable.

step 3 He holds the collar in one hand and gives a treat in the other hand, so he has to stick his nose up the collar to get the treat. Repeat these steps until your dog seems used to the collar.

Step 4 Place the collar on the dog and quickly close the buckle. To treat. Remove the collar after a few seconds.

Step 5 Repeat step 4 a few times until you get used to wearing the collar, slowly increasing the amount of time you wear it.

Warning: Do not let your dog wear the collar for a long time.

Instructions for attaching the dog leash

Please attach the dog leash to the dog’s collar and not to the D-ring (mouth loop).

Attaching the dog leash to the ring may pull the collar off when dogs run.

Size chart:

S – snout circumference: 5.11-10.62 “”; Neck Strap: 12.59-15.74 “”

M – snout circumference: 6.29-12.59 “”; Neck strap: 14.96-18.11 ″ ”

L – snout circumference: 7.08-14.56 “”; Neck strap: 16.53-21.25 ″ ”

XL – snout circumference: 8.66-16.53 “”; Neck Strap: 18.5-25.98 “”

SAFE PRACTICE: The dog head collar has 11 luminous reflective threads that run the length of the leash. This collar keeps you and your dog visible and safe when jogging or hiking in the early morning or late evening.
Prevents pulling: strength, buckle with point force, security does not take off and anti-dog bursts. Adjustable nylon straps allow dogs flexible movements for panting and yawning. Convenient and humane way to prevent your dog from pulling.
COMFORTABLE: This reflective dog head collar is padded with a fabric nose loop to provide your dog with more comfort and prevent skin abrasions.
MULTIPLE SIZES: The head collar comes in 3 sizes and can be adjusted to fit all dogs including tiny and giant breeds. Warning: Not suitable for dogs with a short snout.
High-quality after-sales service: If you have any problems, please feel free to send us an email. For any service, please contact our customer service team first, and let’s get it right.

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