Will I Ever Be Able to Take This Reactive Dog on a Normal Walk? Reality Dog Training
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Will I Ever Be Able to Take This Reactive Dog on a Normal Walk? Reality Dog Training

Reactive dogs take time to work with and everyone is different. We’ll also teach Moira some new skills before her next chapter.

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97 Thoughts to “Will I Ever Be Able to Take This Reactive Dog on a Normal Walk? Reality Dog Training”

  1. Chitra Arun Kumar

    Hi Zak, we have been watching your videos since we got our Labrador home. She is 9 months now and pulls a lot on walks , we are working on it thanks to your videos. I was curious to know what were the different harnesses you used on moira in this video? I have been on the hunt for a good harness for my puppy.

  2. Aimi Dej

    This series has helped us so much Zak thank you so much 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  3. Oscar A.

    Your videos have helped me so much how to train dogs.

    This hugely helps me when rescuing them in the streets of L.A

    Thanks for the fantastic content.

    P.s Check out my small online pet store; let me know what you think and, if possible, ways I can improve it.

  4. Apex Art

    Hi Zak! My partner and I have learned SO MUCH from your videos, and we’ve been recommending you to all of our friends because you’re so good.
    I have a question: my partner and I have been training our 3 month old pup for a week now – both of us take her on walks and she’s a dream to walk. But when its only one of us without the other, she goes nuts and won’t go anywhere. What do we do???

  5. Denise Alexander

    How is she going to adjust to anyone but you? She’s so lovely.

  6. R

    Solid K9 Training trainers could have fixed that reactivity via e collar in 5 minutes.

  7. Rospandan

    12:13 wow, the sound of moiras chompers sure are something

  8. Theuns Koch

    Really great to see her progress, we often underestimate a dog’s intelligence, one of the tricks you taught Moira to lie down, i did that with my boxer doberman mix puppy, took about 2 days and then she did it🙂

  9. DOGMAN3161

    Hi Zack, I still believe your biggest problem is the pulling which in my experience could be from the Harness. Have you ever thought of maybe using a regular collar or croaker chain?

  10. Fuu sakata

    My kids are watching Frozen I while I watch this, and I’m thinking how would Zak George approach Elsa’s reactivity with her magic powers? He wouldn’t have kept her away from the world like her parents did, but instead, would’ve trained her to manage her urges first where she is far enough away from people, slowly working towards a neighborhood setting and lastly to an off-glove in the house.

  11. Shaz Prior

    I’m going to miss Moira x

  12. Leslie Perez

    I LOVE this series!
    I am gonna show these videos to all those people who claim that R+ methods don’t work for reactive dogs.

    I only have one problem: cats.
    Unfortunately we didn’t see cats while my dog was a puppy, so he charges with all his force and speed whenever a cat suddenly appears.
    The problem is that cats don’t stay still, they appear all of a sudden and they’re gone in a second, which only makes my dog react.
    There were a few times when my neighbours cats (which live with two dogs too so they’re used to dogs) simply sat in the same spot while my dog curiously watched them. He doesn’t even look at them sometimes, so I he just doesn’t care.
    But other cats…

    How can I train my dog around cats even when they’re so quick to run away?

  13. Chevie

    Loved this series. It’d be great if you could keep going. Helping more otherwise hard to adopt pups. Like Reactive Rehab or something haha. It would literally save lives. What a beautiful thing!

  14. Keiko8383

    I haven’t watched your videos in a while (no particular reason, but I had kids so I have been busy doing other things). I think I need to catch up again because they help me with my children. They get me in a much more understanding state of mind. I was really into dog training theory when I had my first child and I think it helped me early on. The mindset has just worn off over time and now I have 3 children. Thank you for your videos.

  15. Elva Fong

    Helpful video. My 4 year old Shiba Inu is at the point where he is non reacative to dogs when he and the other dog is on leash. However, he tends to be dominant when he tries to meet with other dogs that are not submissive to him this leads to fights. Can you make a video or do you have advice on what to do so that I can introduce the dominant/reactive dog so that the dog socially interacts and then plays and runs with other dogs (this is my dream for my dog)?

  16. RangerPuff

    Doesn’t it feel like a punch in your stomach every time you mention “Moira’s new home”? I’m in love with her, I can’t imagine you parting with her.

  17. TransformK9training

    The answer is no because you don’t have actual skill to work with reactivity

  18. Meg Wynn

    This series has been so great! Can’t wait for George’s series and maybe hopefully a yappy small dog series one day? 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

  19. Michelle Ledesma

    30 day perfect 🐶 pup

  20. HB Real housewife

    Loved this series so far. Can’t wait for the next episode. Come on Moira!!!!!🎉🎉

  21. Sherie Bird

    What if your dog isn’t interested in treats or toys?? I find it hard to get her attention off other dogs because she cares about nothing else

  22. T Zurtex

    Moira acts exactly the same as my border collie mix but I just used a prong collar on him and bam. The cons of this is, I can’t control him with a harness or a flat collar. My dog with a normal collar or a harness he feels the need of protecting and fear. With the prong the only behavior he shows is, he wants to go with the other dogs and if I don’t let him he parks and slightly lunges.

  23. Kristen Johnson

    Wonderful episode, thank you Zak and Moira! This has been so helpful with our 11-month-old Treeing Walker Coonhound. She’s a lil reactive and anxious, so we’re working through it. I can’t wait ’till her new harness arrives!

  24. Hugo'stheBoss

    Really good advice at the beginning there that I caught right away: Familiarize the area, let them have their fun to sniff and explore, and then ask for attention and training. But, it’s important to switch between the two like you said.

  25. Stu Frost

    She’s a Gem…

  26. Shabeena Noor

    U R bgms name

  27. Jillian Johnson

    wow Moira is doing so amazing! i love seeing your bond with her, it’s so cute! i was wondering, what harnesses do you use with your dogs? i have noticed all the harnesses look alike and was wondering what brand they were.

  28. Carmel O'Driscoll

    As a German Shepherd owner I’m going to really miss Moira 😔 Really enjoyed her training vlogs 😊

  29. HiThereMickeyD

    Watching Zak George have issues, breakthroughs, and setbacks with Moira makes me feel better about the difficulty I’ve had training my 1 year old scottie. I was beginning to feel very defeated that her distracted behavior would derail my plan of training her as a therapy dog for dementia patients. This gives me hope that those good days/sessions/moments aren’t just flukes, but proof that she will get there as long as I’m consistent and persistent. Thank you! 💜

  30. N Factorial

    My german shepherd is also super reactive. These Moira videos have been so helpful. Thanks!

  31. Milo's Piano

    I’m getting a brand new eight week old GSD puppy next month, and I will use your videos. Their like the best I found

  32. Lead the Break Basketball

    Jumping on the furniture is the biggest issue for our Honey. i feel bad for having her leashed in the house but she burns me every time i take her off

  33. Flynn Luka

    Much respect that you are one of the very few experts that shows the wins AND mistakes ( with explanation) working with a dog like Moira. Thanks for keeping it real Zak. Watching from New Zealand.

  34. Gary Marriott

    Absolute comedy gold. 😂😂😂😂😂

  35. melissa janik

    sorry to see this series end, but glad to see the progress Miora has made.

  36. ***Leticia ***

    This morning I had a very bad episode with my dog to the point that I came back home crying out of frustration because of the chaos she makes when going out. Never in my life a video was so perfectly on time.

  37. Deekshita Penta

    Series gonna end?? Oh man!!! But hope she finds a good home and family!!

  38. Senna Pankopf

    Can’t believe we’re almost to Moira’s final episode! She’s come such a long way 😊

  39. curious wiki

    Thank you Zak for this amazing series! Just like Moira even my dogs are getting better they aren’t as reactive to other dogs as they used to be now and I’m really glad with that! Moira is such a sweetie it’s going to be a happy ending 🥺

  40. Jayden Ramos

    My grandparents dog has always been very out of control we always blamed it on her, watching this series helped me understand her behavior is a result of our ignorance on how to treat her. The difference in her behavior from before I started watching this series to now is night and day. Thank you!

  41. Steve 30x

    This has to be the longest two weeks ever /s 😂

  42. Georgia Adams

    Training to be a dog trainer and I love your videos! One of my dogs is dog reactive and training her has inspired me to become a trainer! Love Moira shes great!

  43. All Things Blue

    Catch your dog being good! Zak is doing a great job of this here!

    Which reminds me, my shep just actively chose his Nyla bone over my headphones for chew time, so he gets belly rubbings.

  44. Rithvikh M

    Hey zak i love this series of yours , i got a puppy recently and its 2 months old , is it fine if i start giving it treats now?

  45. Papillon Dogs

    Zak has only 2 weeks to make Moira adoptable?
    Seems like the never-ending 2 weeks LOL
    Let’s face it, it takes a year to properly train a dog, especially an active, large breed dog.

  46. Lucy Pink

    Can a harness inadvertently build frustration ???

  47. Pepe


    I really need help training my 4 month old labrador retriever pup. He keeps biting me no matter what I do. I tried the toy method, then I tried to divert his attention by making him sit calm and rewarding him a treat.
    But he will chew on the toy for 30sec and then turn back to me, and once he is done with the treat, he comes back for me.

    I tried scolding him, in which case he gets annoyed and aggressive and starts jumping and biting, I tried fake crying and still no change.
    Every time I say no, it’s a nightmare. He goes crazy mad and bites wherever he can reach. It hurts a ton. 😭

    Now I feel like he is turning a bit aggressive day by day. He bites us if he doesn’t like something we do, or if he wants something.

    Overall, it’s rare that I get to spend some quality time with him, most times it’s just bite bite bite.

    I even have tiny tear marks all over my hands. And my mom’s too.

    Everyone complaints thay we cuddle him way too much that It’s the pampering that’s ruining him.

    I don’t know, can someone please help. Please. I’m really in need of some guidance.😭

  48. M. V Mackenzie

    At what point is a dog untrainable to leave a cat alone? I’m thinking of getting a Jack Russell. Your videos are awesome, by the way!

  49. Shujaat Bidar

    Would you consider Moira an alpha dog?

  50. SwishandShoot

    Moira cutest doggo dancer :3

  51. Reighost

    She’s soooo cute! German Shepard dogs are <3, but i love the back of her ears the best, the black tips are adorable!

  52. Gaming with Friends

    Iove your training and Moriah is soo cutee this series is the best ever

  53. Danielle Palao

    You are one of the most talented people I have ever seen.

  54. Shaylynn Welle

    Thanks for your help I have a dog a lot like moyra called paisley and she is also a germin Shepard. I’ve been using your tips and they have been very helpful
    Also I don’t know if I spelled moyra’s name right

  55. Ellie Lanaus

    These videos help me so much. I just adopted a two year old lab. Luckily he isn’t reactive but very excited by other dogs and pulls to see them or any distractions. One thing that has really helped is teaching look at me. Thank you for the all these great videos❤️

  56. Yaeliz Garcia

    God bless you Zak I have been watching your vid for quite a while and really love your vid I’m signed in to Pupford cuz right now I’m training my lil puppy is a Belgian malinois and is going ok today is my fourth day with the training app and is really helpful but I have a huuuuugeee problem and I neeeeeeed ur help I have a friend of mine that has a pitbull mixed with a blood haund and my dad tells me that he’s dog is sooooo hyper it chews through walls it jumps a lot and it is soooo uncontrollable the guy wants to give away the dog to the shelter or the pound cuz the dog is too much I want to make a favor and help train the dog so the family won’t be sad but i need your help to train her cuz I absolutely have no experience at all I’m barely starting with the puppy and he’s dog is a little big, Me and my dad was thinking to put her dog in the garage and to put her in our backyard to waste her energy for a few weeks until it was fully train but how can I train such a hyperactive dog like that? Can u give me an advice or help me train her I really need your help and you seem like a legit trainer please reach out to me if u can I really don’t want him to give his dog away I want him to be happy..

  57. Tim Klein

    Thank you so much! You’re so good with dogs!!!!

  58. Maja Ambroziak

    I love these series. They help me a lot with my dogs training we have a clicker and we are working on everything with him so thank you! Any suggestions on when a postman delivers paper posts home my dog eats it I don’t know what to do?

  59. ItzAdriana

    I love this series it helps me a lot with my German sheep dog mut ✨

  60. DreamLvrNY

    Fellow trainer here. Thank you for this amazing series. Amazing progress in such a short time!!! I’m still fascinated at how you’re able to hold the leash without it slipping during one of her reactions. That’s my issue right now. I’m currently working with a highly reactive 90 lb Pitbull and when she explodes, I have to use both hands and all my might to hold on for dear life. What’s your secret???

  61. Rare Hair

    I’m loving the series! I’m getting my first dog, a boxer, soon! Have you ever worked with boxers? I’d love some tips. Thank you Zak, I cant stop watching you. I’ve learned so much from Moira and you. Sending many treats to Moira <33

  62. roxie frox

    This series has made me thankful for how minor my dog’s reactivity is. Thank you

  63. AppzPentahand

    I have got a German Shepherd, male. So he is bigger, stronger and heavier and twice more untrained and wild. He bites a lot so i cant train him well, he never listens and i cant take him on a walk as he just pulls me around and i cant hold him.

    Any tips?
    Btw, i love your videos alot. Very educating and entertaining.

  64. Tecno Tips

    I have a dog she is golden retriever and she is super active when walk pls help me i have been trying to tran her from months pls say how to train a dog like her

  65. Wendi Zhong

    My dog is like Moira 2.0 but bigger. 😂 I love seeing your progress with Moira. You are literally our go to for training. Send my love to Moira! ❤️

  66. King Jake

    Thanks so much your channel is so helpful

  67. Heralynn Baloloy

    Thank you for sharing this series. I’m learning a lot how to handle my dog 💙👍. Great work & stay safe.

  68. JoAnn Moran

    Will this work on a seven month old crazy Wheaton Terrier. She’s crazy on walks and jumps on everyone.

  69. Minna Kaaretsalo

    My dog is like that when there goes by skateboards or rollerbikes. She used to react to other dogs like that but gone better day by day. Thank you for all your videos and I love your books.

  70. Meglamoos

    890th view

  71. Effie Markou

    Thanks for showing reality training!!Most videos on YouTube show perfect dogs and perfect owners! Thanks!!

  72. Anahat Singh

    Your are the best , i make my dog trained by seeing you only

  73. Natalie Klein

    Thank you for sharing your journey with Moira with us all, I’ve been enjoying this series so much ❤️ I love how you keep staying positive, even if things don’t go as planned. Sending positive vibes to y’all from Germany ✌️

  74. Cherky

    I absolutely love this series. My dog is reactive, and watching Moira has been immensely helpful compared to many of the other dog training videos out there (that often feature dogs with average thresholds and limited reactivity). Understanding give & take has helped me understand my dog more than before. Thanks Zak!

  75. bubba g

    You can walk him, but can his owner?

  76. Jesika the JEM

    This is just so awesome exactly what I need

  77. Ben Witherington

    Idk what to do with my new dog when he bad my mum hits him rrly hard on the nose but I can’t live without him should I call the rspca

  78. Sanyfia Levelleres

    Looove this, thank you!

  79. Jamiewatchesvideos

    What is the harness on Moira?

  80. Nova ;p

    I’m thinking getting about a border collie, any tips?

  81. rachel morgis

    thank you for this video!!

  82. k!

    Well I’m 12th?

  83. AngxlicSunsetYT !

    You’re the best! The tips are so helpful. 🙂

  84. BeetleBubblez

    I love ur videos they help me so much

  85. poonam8458

    I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooove dogs

  86. The Gaming Nature

    I’m early

  87. Scooby, Kavik, and me Service dog team

    You’re a useless “dog trainer”
    You mark late, you go about everything wrong, you reward unwanted behaviors, you force dogs into situations they’re not ready for, you have no idea what you’re doing and to anyone who isn’t a furmommy it’s blatantly obvious.

  88. Lexi

    How to dance?

  89. Navjot Singh


  90. Scooby, Kavik, and me Service dog team


  91. Sachit Sharma

    How to teach your dog quiet ???

  92. Kitty Blox

    I am early!

  93. Shwerib

    dang I’m first

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