Why Would a Malinois like this End Up In the Shelter?
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Why Would a Malinois like this End Up In the Shelter?


Here’s the information I have about ROCKY. Please note that I will try to monitor if the dog is still available…

I’ll leave the video up, but will note here in the description if ROCKY is still available.

Meet Rocky! He is smart, handsome, and looking for someone to love. Rocky is easy to leash and he enjoys walks. In the yard, he enjoys exploring and sniffing all the scents. Rocky knows his sit command and loves to play fetch! He’s waiting for someone to take him home and give him the attention he deserves. Contact Harbor Shelter and make an appointment to meet Rocky.

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67 Thoughts to “Why Would a Malinois like this End Up In the Shelter?”

  1. Sonja Müller

    Robert, bitte gib ein Update, wenn Rocky ein neues Zuhause gefunden hat. Ein toller Hund! Alles Gute! 🍀

  2. Unusual Practical life

    I want rocky!!! I know I’m not capable of giving him the care he needs. I hope he gets the best home.

  3. Ray Jecklin

    Adopted our Mal from the local shelter. She was approx 1.5 years at the time. She’s the smartest dog we’ve ever had. She is good for me and I her. A wonderful hiking companion. Everyone loves her in the neighborhood and at the office. She pees and poops only on gravel instead of grass. That training happened in one week. Wonderful dogs, Only for people who make time for them. When you give them your time, they give you obedience, comfort, laughter and love.

  4. Dylan Rodrigues

    I feel like the mal couldve been correcting the poodle. I have to agree people alot of the time who buy huskies arent the ideal owners. I dont understand why they didnt return the puppy wildly unfair to the established dogs

  5. Candice Hare

    The moment you said “yorkiepoo” I thought “OH NO!” So few people get the right dogs for them and their household. Not to mention when they do get a dog, they enforce zero boundaries from the get-go and wonder why things go wrong. I really wish more people made informed decisions when it comes to dog purchase or adoption. They’d be much more prepared for the possible “problem scenarios,” if they were honest with their time, capabilities and got the dog who is right for them instead of the dog they think is the cutest or the toughest. I fear for the number of dogs who will wind up in shelters post-pandemic when people go back to work and realize they “don’t have time for their dog anymore.” Sad.

    Thank you for everything you do and for helping people to be more educated about their dog decisions.

  6. Blitznstitch2

    The look 👀 when he said yorkie/poodle ha ha ha

  7. Whitney Connolly

    Hopes for Rocky to a good home!

  8. Laurie Talg

    Omg he looks amazing !

  9. L. Lewis

    Jeepers! It’s been 16 minutes and SIX commercials have played so far.

  10. Lynette Johnston

    Hello from Australia

  11. Bernie McNamara

    Aren’t some humans idiots!!!!!!!! This is so maddening.

  12. Painted Pony

    Any one who had to ask Robert if they should get the dog, shouldn’t get that dog.

  13. Vegan Power Couple

    We recently adopted a 2 year old Malinois who was abandoned by his prior adopters. A bunch of BS, full of lies, etc. He almost got adopted by highly unqualified folks. Luckily he fell into the right hands with us and now he’s a dream of dog just 3 weeks later. I hate when this crap happens. Thanks for sharing

  14. Beth Foor

    American Belgian Malinois Rescue May take him?! They are wonderful. They have a Facebook page.Julie Smith Bear is contact person. 😊

  15. Pete Kus

    The way you clearly care is one of the reason that I always recommend your channel. I adopted Bear (my 1.5 year old Malinois) when he was around 6 months. He supposedly killed on of his guardian’s cats so she decided to let him go. We spent around 3-5 hours every day, training, hiking, biking or just walking, he is constant source of amusement for me and everyone around. Not to mention that he met multiple cats at our vet and even got smacked by one when tried to get to close out of curiosity, since then he always keeps his distance, so I really have a hard time seeing this cold blooded killer that was described to me 😄 Because of Bear I got involved in helping working dogs from local shelters find good homes and show people how to work with and care for them. Hope Rocky will have a chance to become as great of a friend to someone as Bear is to me.

  16. RyanVSB

    I’m thinking a 6 hour drive is in order because rocky would be a great addition with my Mals

  17. Robert Bovasso

    He should probably be in a home where he’s the only dog so the owners can give him their total attention even if he gets along with other dogs.

  18. dean Moriarty

    I’m really upset for this dog.i can’t believe how these ignorant fuckers can behave like this. How long have they lived with him? Someone please help him, someone that knows about Mals, he looks great, This is so unfair on Rocky. Jeez, I’m angry comin from UK,

  19. Newly Enlightened

    Why didn’t these people research to see what dog would be compatible? We did just because we have cats. I think you’re right about why they bought Rocky in the first place. They are probably going to have more of an issue when the puppy gets older.

  20. dean Moriarty

    My male intact Mal (Rafa) we’d love to live with Rocky. But I’m in London. He’s beautiful.They are fantastic dogs. Good dog bad dog. If Rocky attacked there we’d be no other dog left. Stupid people.

  21. Ron M

    HELP??? It’s called neutering. I read 1 in 10 puppies ever gets a forever home. Those are sickening statistics.

  22. C R

    Man.. I’d take him in a sec but live in Florida… 😔

  23. Captain & Company

    Really hope he gets a good and forever home.

  24. dean Moriarty

    How can they do that , ? They are heartless ……ts

  25. Melinda Hughes

    I’ll share this with Malinois Rescue.

  26. Ron M

    Pisses me off too. They shouldn’t be able to have any dogs. My 10 year old granddaughter said to me while watching this video that getting a dog is at least a 10 year commitment. Like I said that is from a 10 year old that obviously has more brains than the previous owners of poor Rocky. She also does amazing with my 2 malinois.

  27. paul dow

    Isn’t it good that dogs end up for adoption, via a responsible entity that can hopefully screen adopters and help them with pet ownership regardless of breed.
    Do we live in a perfect world ?

  28. Bart Achten

    We are on the same page Robert ! Greetz from Belgium, my Malinois Pippa says Hi !

  29. Carletta Edwards

    Personally I’m glad those people no longer have this beautiful malinois. My service blood sugar alert guide dog Sassy 7 yrs i old is going blind and I would never think of getting rid of her. She’s retired learning to cope with her blindness I count out loud on steps + R turn Left turn to go to potty area. Service dog in training ( got from local shelter Shepard mix a bit hyper walks on walks with Sassy & I on exercise walks. I would never get rid of my great pyrness Sassy Never!!!. SMH Chloe learns every day heel sit come Potty, down stay .watch my 6. Chloe kept being returned to different shelters SMH. Nothing wrong with her except needed a job training consultancy in training every day as I am in a wheel chair. Stubborn yes easy to train moderate very loving smart loves every one.

  30. Jay Vincent

    This woman has so god damn clue what she’s doing with this dog and it’s so god damn aggravating. She never should have gotten this dog. He doesn’t even know any basic OB commands.

  31. Jay Vincent

    People STOP getting Mals because you think they’re ‘cool’. I belong to an IPO club with my Mal and we spend 6-8 hours a week at club working with a nationally recognized IPO helper. and I spend a huge chunk of time daily working him. You MUST be cautious with them around other people and dogs and they certainly are not suitable for most people. Do yourself a favor and just get an ACK German Shepherd. Unless you’re going to do IGP or something similar with the dog, leave this breed alone.

  32. sue mcfarlane

    Nothing hurts a breed more than becoming popular

  33. sue mcfarlane

    He needs to come live with goofy and be his friend

  34. ElainesDomain

    Thank you Mr. Cabral. I hope this ”rant” pays off.

  35. Bic narok

    what an amazing dog, I can see where our Boxer/Mal mix gets some of her attributes.

  36. sue mcfarlane

    May we he just got sick of the Yorke poodle yapping at him and he just cracked I think I would too

  37. Derek Edwards

    Yes. I have been trying to get this dog out the Harbor Shelter for 6 weeks, contacted a rescue group and all. Thank you Robert

  38. William. Ludovina

    That dog looks like he came from a breeder why don’t you contact the breeder and he will find them a good home instead of going to a shelter

  39. S Kamm

    Having had Siberians almost all my life, and having had a Malinois for the last 6 years, if they can’t handle the Malinois, they can’t handle a Siberian. I question what breeder they got the Malinois from and why there wasn’t a contract stating if they couldn’t keep the dog, the dog had to be returned to the breeder? Or perhaps the breeder was never even contacted. I know where that’s happened before, so it wouldn’t surprise me.

  40. David Murphy

    we cannot save everyone robert i am like you sometimes get miffed about what humans do and sometimes i try to help like you are trying to help here,unfortunetly life goes on and a lot of crap happens every day,well done on putting this out there even if one person listens and changes its worth it

  41. debra dowling

    What a good boy, wish I wasn’t 3000 miles away.

  42. Chester Hancock

    I’ve been looking for a dog like this for the last few months. I going to called them today.

  43. BJ Bumblebee

    Dogs and people when you have three together it is not unusual to form triangulations and they are threatened when a third party comes in. Challenge to status in new pack. People triangulate the same way

  44. Margie M

    If the previous owners can’t stop this dog from pulling on a lead how will they deal with a Husky?

  45. Colin2020

    Let’s hope Rocky gets a great home..

  46. debra dowling

    People are assholes, simple.

  47. ezzy will

    Hi, Robert like your content just want to say that I’ve got a 2 year old sherperd breed high prey drive and I know your right about about right breed for right person

  48. Linda Cox

    Watching from Wisconsin

  49. Mike Jones

    Some people suck! We have two small dogs (< 10 lbs.) and four medium/large dogs (working Border Collie size). Some times when they play, you would think the little ones are in serious trouble because of the noise, but no one gets hurt and tails continue to wag. Love your videos, Robert!

  50. Jim Bradley

    6 months ago i got a Mal from a rescue and she has been the best dog ever! Petharbor was a great resource, i got a notification whenever a Mal showed up, i met some beautiful Mals in the shelters.

  51. random guy 23 23

    Yeah theodor STFU before I beat you

  52. random guy 23 23

    Please give us a update once someone adopt Rocky

  53. Mer Holland

    Big difference between an attack and a correction between dogs. Never ceases to amaze me how few people have any clue what their dog’s behavior means.

  54. fire within

    You sure you don’t want that dog, Robert?

  55. random guy 23 23

    Those people don’t deserve that dog.

  56. random guy 23 23

    Goshhh!!!! I hate owners that thinks dogs are attacking each other when they play.🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️. This is why I don’t take my dogs to the dog park no more.

  57. Teresa Love

    Hello Robert love hearing what you gave to say and your passion for animals

  58. Josien Bonnemayer

    Hallo from the netherlands

  59. Radu Ardeleanu

    I see this all the time with amstaff’s . People get one because of the cool factor , and after they lunge at the some bichon or chew the couch , the dog ends up in a parking lot or in a shelter , because they either ”have to move to a different country , or expect a baby ”.

  60. Dead Horse

    The flag on your shirt is displayed backwards.
    Thanks for the videos though.

  61. sharman collins

    If this is True ..why the hell did they realy get rid of him..This makes me so Mad .

  62. TheLogans

    From Philippines! My baby is Thirdy 😍

  63. sharman collins

    Hello from South Africa …

  64. Derek Martell

    Mals are amazing dogs. I had a husky for 15 years and now have a 6 month old Mal. They will challenge your resolve at times but you work through it because you have committed to a life. To many people pick a breed on look and ignore Genetics. You need to be able handle, assess and correct behaviours like that.

    If that Mal wanted to hurt that tiny dog it would have in split second.

  65. shogun love

    So, they got the puppy and turned in the adult dog! People are so dumb

  66. Jen Wicke

    Aloha! Been watching your videos and love the way you train! 🤙🏼🌺

  67. Tracey Meek

    Hello from Bellingham Washington!

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