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Why, why, my dog ​​is peeing on my bed?


Why, why, my dog ​​is peeing on my bed?

  • Can not replace professional veterinary help?

Nobody is perfect. Everyone has accidents. This includes your dog. So why, why does your dog pee on the bed? Is this a direct accident or something else?

It turns out that the reasons for dogs peeing in bed can be complicated. This could be a medical problem, a marking problem, or any other problems.

This is the best way you need to know if your dog is peeing on the bed to curb this behavior.

Medical reasons for your dog peeing in bed

Does your dog show other health warnings or symptoms?

First, your puppy may have a health condition, especially when urinating suddenly and freshly on the mattress. Have your dog be checked by a veterinarian as soon as possible to ensure that there is no underlying problem that can explain why he wets the sheets. For example, urinary tract infections often cause excessive urination and overall discomfort.

According to Dr. Mike McClenahan, A veterinarian at Studio City Animal Hospital: “I always say that when you solve improper urination (when it is not appropriate for us), we must first rule out the medical problem. All Prozac in the world will not be repaired Bladder stones, so please go to the vet first. Then, let’s see if it is caused by incomplete potty training or anxiety.”

Therefore, try to reduce frustration. “The dog is just looking for the bathroom. If we don’t tell them where to go, they will choose a seemingly soft and quiet place. It’s like a bed during the day.”

Understand dog behavior

Once your dog has received a clean health list from the vet, it is time to try to figure out why the dog is peeing.


Although it is easy to think that your dog “returned to you” by peeing on the bed deliberately, the dog is not known for being grudge!

Instead, try to pay attention to your pet’s body language and spend a good time together. This will help both parties communicate better. Ask yourself if you have honestly conducted comprehensive home training for your dog. Can he tell you he needs further education?

If your dog is a puppy or has just been adopted, this may be a double fact. Does he have enough time to relax during the day? By writing down and tracking the time of your shit, you will recognize patterns and be able to arrange them on a schedule that better suits their needs.

If you cannot cope with the potty rest time needed for the day, consider hiring a walker in your area.

If your dog is only peeing in the house, especially if you have a constant male dog, then your pet may actually “mark” his territory. In this case, sterilization usually helps to ease the behavior.

Finally, don’t forget to actively enhance your dog’s potty strength by using snacks, pets, or compliments. And please skip the penalty. Calling the dog or wiping the nose with pee doesn’t work; all it has to do is scare him and tear the bond between you. No one wants it.


How to clean shit

The trouble with toilet accidents is that the smell of urine will persist. Not only for you but also for your dog. The constant smell of urine is an invitation to remind your dog “Go here!”

To interrupt the cycle, clean it as soon as possible, the earlier it is cleaned, the less deep it will be. The sheets can be washed. If the urine has reached the mattress, wipe the area with a paper towel or cleaning cloth to absorb as much moisture as possible, but avoid wiping, otherwise, it may spread the stain.

People recommend different products for cleaning. After dampening the area, try spreading baking soda on top, which will help absorb moisture. After an hour, vacuum it up.

Or, you can try to reduce the odor by drying the stain with vinegar.

If homemade products don’t work, your local pet store will also offer products designed to reduce the smell of dog urine.


How to make your dog stop peeing on the bed

The key to all dog training is to help your dog get rid of unwanted behaviors while teaching them different behaviors to replace them. If you find that the dog is peeing on the bed, please scramble them up quickly and put them outside, and praise them for peeing outside. If you feel overwhelmed, please help with a certified positive dog trainer.

You know what they are talking about: A point of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Get in the habit of closing the bedroom door whenever your dog is left unattended, or creating a barrier that makes it difficult for the dog to get into the mattress.

Many owners use crates to keep their pets quiet and reduce damage when they are not at home. This also gives the owner the opportunity to catch pets in action-which is necessary for retraining pets with correct behavior of.

If there are no other problems, a waterproof mattress cover can prevent your urine from sinking too deep and make cleaning up easier in the event of an accident.

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