Why I refuse to use a prong collar on this TOTALLY UNTRAINED DOG. Reality Dog Training
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Why I refuse to use a prong collar on this TOTALLY UNTRAINED DOG. Reality Dog Training

It’s been 7 days with this untrained dog and this is what’s happening.

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194 Thoughts to “Why I refuse to use a prong collar on this TOTALLY UNTRAINED DOG. Reality Dog Training”

  1. Kbeldob Bellodob

    I train my own pup and still continue doing it. He s now almost 3 yo. It s an up and down but he is a great dog. He s considered calm with little bit excitement when there are excited dog try to approach him. 90%he is good in recall and that 10% is his stubbornness 😂. I watch most of Zak videos to train my puppy. It s fantastic. That is why I can relate with his video now. Even a good dog trainer like Zak has own challenge to train dog. This training videos is reality. Love it Zak 👍👍

  2. Sounds Nice

    When training a dog, reinforcing is the best teacher, but how do you manage a dog when it’s trained? You wouldn’t want to walk around the house with treats all the time I imagine. How to deal with the so called “extinction” of operant conditioning?

  3. Gabrielle Morrisseau

    I’m looking forward to the next video where you show how to stop jumping on people issue, because my 7 month puppy have this big issue.. :/

  4. Lindsey Fanning

    She’s so smart!! What a good girl

  5. Aramat Jo

    I love this series, keep it up! It’s really helpful and gives me so much motivation 💯

  6. LadyPisces

    Great episode and a very good reminder to always keep at it even when it is hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel lol! I think that is one very important lesson I am learning on my dog trainer journey. I definitely need to learn patience and I believe working with dogs will certainly teach me that virtue lol

  7. Joshua

    These series are so great! Plus Lily isn’t a super energetic dog but some times is sometimes isn’t when she is active I do the fetch but was wondering if the other techniques when she isn’t on her active days.

  8. Purple Pumpkinz

    I’ve been looking for a german shepherd to dive into training with gotta say your videos are tremendous help hi Moira 👋🙃

  9. Curie Dang

    This series has been super helpful!! My dog is a chow lab mix, and she is a very high energy dog.

  10. Sounds Nice

    Hahah, wauw, Moira is such a clever dog. So awesome to see her learn so quickly!

  11. BaconNDCheese

    I think your point on collar corrections and e collar stims aren’t “true authentic results” is a terrible message to convey to viewers. They are authentic results as well and I don’t know a single police dog thats trained on treats only. There is merit to treat only training as well as ecollar mixed with treat training. Bashing either method is short sighted on your part

  12. baby enderdragon

    Love your training methods! I train some dogs myself (my own dogs and trained some for other people because they asked me to and I love to train dogs in a positive way) and people told me to give leash pops, and take a e-collar and prong collar, but I noticed the side effect when someone tried leashpops, she was under stress that time and gave her dog a leashpop when walking by a other dog and now she is nervous around other dogs, so I’m never gonna do that. I am not hating on prongs, e-collars etc, they are great training tools if used correctly, but if used incorrect it can damage the dog and handler. I love to train in a way without e-collar, prong collar or leashpops.

  13. Greta Lemke

    I love this series so much! I have an OES named Fred and he acts exactly like Moira, this is very helpful!

  14. Jaq Attack

    Hey Zak, it would be great to see you train a rescue pitbull or mastiff breed? These poor guys are filling shelters and really deserve more opportunities and exposure to get to good homes. I think that would make a great series!

  15. Kael Platt

    I can’t believe how medieval people are still willing to be with their animals
    “Just torture your dog into submission, THAT’S good training!”
    Yeah, ok :/ so inhumane

  16. Paul F

    this guy stinks

  17. Caroline Penn

    I’d loved to see how Moira handles being walked with another dog and the effect that has on her being receptive to your requests and preventing her from zoning in on other dogs in the environment.

  18. Caroline donnelly

    i cant wait for the next episode!

  19. no

    thats because treats dont ALWAYS work and zak george is an awful trainer after 7 days id have an almost completely chill dog, i see no use of any good tools other than treats. if that dog barks give it a pop with the prong collar, if its lunging, correction. also for my dog personally and lots of other dogs e collars are amazing. i think zak needs more training than any dog on the face of this earth.

  20. Venessa Rose

    My pup is just like this! The dog reactivity is hard!

  21. Colby Cash

    Zak!! What Frisbees do you use with Moira and Inertia? I have such a hard time finding any that will stand up to my Heeler, besides the rubbery nerf ones, and they just don’t cut it.

  22. Pumpkinhead85

    Not trying to start an argument here, this is just my opinion. I like the positive reinforcement training approach a lot. I think it works great for regular training like sit, fetch and all that good stuff. However, if you have a dog that is reactive as well as aggressive, I think it doesn’t quite cut it. Redirecting or distracting a dog is fine to desensitize it to triggers, but that’s just half the battle. It doesn’t teach the dog that certain behaviors aren’t acceptable. You can’t have an aggressive dog that believes you are kinda sorta indifferent to it trying to put it’s teeth on another dog. It needs to know that you disagree with that, nothing less. As soon as she shows more than fleeting interest in a trigger, there needs to be a correction. Could be as simple as a sharp “UH UH”. Not hurting the dog, not scaring the dog, just letting it know the handler isn’t allowing it.
    Also, I don’t think Zak is paying enough attention to her body language. In a previous video, ( I think the last one?) she was staring down another dog. Zak was commenting on how loose the leash was. However, that whole time the dog was as tense as a coiled spring, and eventually, she went off. Again, he should have stepped in as soon as she started fixating on the trigger. Relaxed looking is fine, tense fixating is not.
    Another thing I wanted to mention is the treats. Offering her a treat while she’s acting out is only going to reinforce that behavior, and must be very confusing to her. It would be better to get her attention with a verbal cue, and only offer a treat AFTER she decides to focus her attention on the handler.

  23. Pauline Dady

    This is so helpful, thank you and I like the fact that you don’t use choke collars or pincher collars, I agree with you totally don’t need them.

  24. phos

    My favourite episode so far!!

  25. Alison Tabernor

    I have had exactly the same problems with my youngest rehome Collie. I’m happy to say after 6 months we are seeing a big difference in her behaviour! Your already seeing results with Moira 🙂

  26. Nym Net

    C’mon on Australia … do the pupbox thing!
    I see a young woman with a large black GSD on a harness and it is a disaster everytime; her running to avoid anyone with a dog, often ending with her being dragged quite some distance. One day the dog broke its car restraint and almost took her ear off while barking between the front seats at me and my dog. She had to reverse out of the carpark in that situation. Imagine if there had been a child in the car at that time – what a dreadful experience.

    If you are a woman, especially of a seasoned age, please think twice before getting one of these very powerful dogs from a rescue. They may be considered safe, but that doesn’t mean you will be safe at the end of that leashed harness when they go reactive! I did use a prong collar on my staffy x GSD, with fantastic results. Today she is 15mnths old and walks off-leash, no collar at all (as she swims each day in salt water); I keep a slip lead in my pocket to use if need to cross a road. Dogs on leads are not allowed to ‘say hello’ to my dog.

  27. Alexia Baker

    You are such a good dog trainer and you are so good at explaining how you train a dog in detail.

  28. Michelle Schreiber

    What is a good harness that your dog can’t pull out of when training to walk nice on leash. Thank you

  29. m2mbol4

    Where is the “No!” That’s the first thing my dogs learn

  30. Sydney S

    Can I have her please

  31. Settings Settings

    Zak spreading false information on the use of training tools. sucky trainer. his own border collie after 2 years still cant walk on leash properly. stop scamming your viewers Zak.

  32. Landgator

    Let be honest half of the people who watch this do not even have dogs😂This channel is just THAT good

  33. Kellie Griffin

    wow this was awesome! these videos fly by for me

  34. Senna Pankopf

    It’s so cool to see how Moira progresses each episode! Also, really appreciate the links to the articles about positive reinforcement training 😊

  35. Sharon Hunter

    Hi what kin of harness do you use and where can I get one ?? Thanks

  36. Eline S

    I’m so happy I live in a country (the Netherlands) where prongs and e-collars are forbidden by law, as it’s seen as animal abuse. Which it is. Plain and simple. But like with most things, the US is light-years behind other actual developed countries who are not stuck in backwards ways. Can’t believe a big majority of people in the US find prongs, slip leads and e collars normal methods. It’s not a matter of ‘different views’. Our country labels it abuse and rightfully so.

  37. Taylor F.

    In your next one can you do this with a people and dog reactive dog that’s NOT a puppy? Puppies learn so much faster. We’ve been at this with our 4/5 year old and it’s been such a slower process

  38. Krelthor

    Hey Zac, I just got a puppy(2 months) and I already have 1 puppy(6 months) and the 2 month old is very aggressive with him. How would you go about this situation?

  39. Vincent LoCascio

    Any ideas on how to potty train a 8 month old dog who uses pads but I want to transition to outdoors?

  40. kryxena

    Congratulations to both Moira and you on how far you’ve come in just a few days! This is such a fun journey to watch, thank you for bringing us along!

    It would be so helpful to me if you’d say how long these sessions last. You mention often that a fetch session should last about half an hour, for a spirited dog. How about a leash training session such as this? I have a 9-month-old lab/border collie mix. He’s come SO far in the time we’ve had him, but we’re really struggling with leash walking.

  41. SamSomethingCorp

    I wanted a dog and I went to the rescue shelter having never growned up with or owned a dog. I ended up with a Moira, oh my goodness, I can’t believe they let me take her home. Your approach and videos saved her from me giving her back, and this series intro makes me cry everytime knowing how far my sweet girl has come since I got her. Thank you for dedicating a whole series to rescues!!!

  42. GoldenWolf248

    You’re doing a great job with her, Zak! Keep it up!

  43. Dinamathi R

    I can see my harley here🙁that pulling😔

  44. Daphne de Waard

    Such a useful series! Almost like it was designed for my dog :))))

  45. Hana

    We always get the engery out of our German shepherd before she goes out & she is good as gold on walks, but our neighbours sure know when she is going out 🤦‍♀️when we got our German shepherd we literally had the same sort of problems we adopted her at 6 months old…she was meant to be a police dog. A guy adopted her but unfortunately he didn’t know how to look after her…she didnt know how to play or anything. She didnt understand English neither as the guy who had her last used his native language.

    Now she knows how to play thats all she wants to do all day. She is turning 3 this year. She isnt perfect still has a few flaws that we trying to get her out of eg she grabs her harness when its time to go out and run off with it & doesnt let it go even though she knows what let go means, she barks when going out the house for a walk but as soon as she is past our house she stops. Like everyone knows when she goes out cause she is so excited.

    What has helped with our German shepherd is having our collie. She watches him all the time & she picks up an ALL of his habits (good playful habits).
    Our collie is reactive cause he was attacked when he was a pup on his leash. He is turning 4 this year and its taken us this long for him to go face to face with another dog without acting out (on his leash). Off his leash he loves dogs but as soon as he is on the leash its crazy. He isn’t as bad now, he has good days & bad days. When a dog is walking past we stop and get him to sit and he watches them…instead of hackles up & start barking. His hackles comes up every now & then but not as much.
    Its really weird how his personality is different on his leash than off. Many dogs have gone for him off his leash and he does not react at all.
    But what helps is if he goes for an hour run he is a lot better on his leash, he ignores some dogs or wants to say hello in a friendly manner without being nasty.

    But when our German shepherd & Collie are together & he reacts she bites him as soon as he gets worked up and he behaves!
    Even our vet has said he has got a strange personality like he is confused. But he is SLOWLY getting better thank goodness! I spend HOURS doing mental stimulation & physical excerise. Luckily he isn’t destructive or anything if he is bored.

    I think a lot of the problems are due to how active working dogs are.

  46. melissa janik

    Thanks for mentioning and including the commentary/information on research regarding e-collars etc, nice to see you not just brush over those thing, even though I have seen Bree respond to comments about them. Also, funny story lol. I was on twitter this morning and “George is live” was trending, my first thought was “But Moira’s series isn’t over yet” 😂

  47. Neha Tiwari

    Totally relatable. I a m following this series from very start, i have 3 dogs and always try to train them with new skills but my 6 year old dogis never interested in any kinds of treats or toys while training and that’s the reason i am unable to teach him , is there any suggestions??

  48. MegamiAthena

    Another great episode, Zak! I can’t wait for the next one. My GSD Chase is just like Moira. So this series is one that I follow very closely and it has helped me a lot. Unfortunately, I currently have to stop training due to recovering from gallbladder removal surgery.

  49. Hugo'stheBoss

    Thank you for covering why aversive training methods shouldn’t be used: they damage dog-handler relationship, they can cause the dog to become generally more anxious and aggressive, are physically and mentally dangerous to dogs, and can cause dogs to make negative associations between training, other dogs, people, etc…and pain/fear/discomfort. There’s an overwhelming amount of scientific evidence proving why those tools/methods are dangerous and cruel.

  50. Ingrid B

    Wouw. I got a huge smile on my face when near the end Moira paid attention to Zac with those dogs sooo close. Amazing. Can’t wait to see the rest of this series.

  51. Maya Maxwell

    Brilliant to watch. It’s never easy with a gsd but in the end they are such rewarding dogs. They learn super fast but are so stimulated by everything 😂 It’s taken years of hard work on our end, but so worth it! Cant wait to watch more! Thanks Zak and Bri x

  52. Hugo'stheBoss

    Could you do an equipment video? Short leads, long lines, traffic leads, harnesses, collars, treat bags, etc…

  53. Toby Havaneese

    Great real life video. I’m curious, does the wind impact a dogs attention?

  54. Gerda

    I would LOVE to see a series with one of those demon chihuahuas!

  55. Milliene Xu


  56. Amir F

    What if instead of keeping her away from all other dogs you muzzle her and let her run up to a calm and uninterested dog in a controlled setup? Wouldn’t a few of those instances convince her that other dogs aren’t that exciting after all?

  57. buster lind

    Don’t tug of war hurt the dogs neck not mening to hate😀

  58. C00ER_JASPER _

    that dog should be mussed because you never know when a dog will charge over of leash

  59. C00ER_JASPER _

    i use ff (force free ) for one of my dogs but the other is a service dog so we use a prong collar on him i think both ways of trains work if done right

  60. Brittany S.

    Just got a gerbanian Shepsky and this series has been so helpful!!!!

  61. That Canadian On 2 wheels

    My dog watches your videos on the big screen and now she is very well behaved

  62. Sean

    Zak, what long lead is that (The pink one) ?!?!?
    I desperately need one!

  63. Kelly Jones

    did I not see this video a week or so ago?

  64. Suschia Philipson

    Impressive, how well she behaved in the end when the dogs came back! Love these series so much, since you really tackle some very common AND serious issues.

  65. Elsie Monreal

    Youtube will not cancel you!! We just will ask for more videos with her. 😁 this training has helped a lot!!! Love the grading.

  66. w u

    Thank you very ,very much for this awesome video! Yuppy! You are Great !

  67. AmsterPlays

    The fact that you can just do this to even the most rough of dogs is amazing to me — Moira has been a challenge, and the fact that you can do this to this level is amazing!

  68. Christina Johnson

    I’m glad you’re doing a series with a dog you don’t know the history of! I know you have a 2 week deadline to see how much progress you can get in 2 weeks of training, but would love to see you continue working with her after the 2 weeks.

  69. Fiona Jumu

    For your next series can you do this with an untrained reactive chihuahua/small dog?

  70. Papillon Dogs

    Great progress in such a short time! I love the positive reinforcement approach.
    I wonder if Moira is starved for dog company though? Letting her play with a couple of well-adjusted mature dogs might be beneficial to desensitize her a bit to ‘strange’ dogs?
    Also, I wonder what Zak thinks of clicker training. I have found it very successful with my Papillons, especially when a new concept is introduced.

  71. Lei Ma

    Zak, I have a 5.5 month old German Shepherd puppy. We experienced different issues with him at different months. Like when we first got him at 8 weeks old, he cannot stay any distance from me, even with me on the other side of the play pen is too much for him, but with training and advices you offered in your video, now he’s not play biting anymore, and he learned the bite inhibition and he can even relax on the other side of house while napping. But now we encountered that he’s sniffing everything especially in a new environment. It’ll take about 2 hours and he’ll start to relax in a new environment. Is it a phrase that it will eventually pass? Because of this, it’s so hard to do leash training and Heel training outside (he’ll do sit, stay, look at me, and if I try to get his attention, he will give me that though). Thanks! Can you give us an overview of what’s the common issue (by month or growth phases) people would encounter while a puppy growing up until one year old?

  72. betty mcconnell

    What a beautiful naughty girl just like my girl wouldn’t change her for the world

  73. Karla Santoro

    Loved this episode. Really looking forward to the next one! My 9 month Golden and I go on an hour walk almost daily, usually 7-8 am. We’re on farming lanes by fields and woods. The absolute biggest distraction is grass! Tucker eats more of it than my horses! 🙄It’s super hard to get him to stop munching. Leave it, walk on, let’s go, are all ignored. I have to tug or push a bit. But there’s grass everywhere! I have to say he heels nearly the whole way home after we turn. I’m working on having him relax more, not need to look up at me the whole time. It’s coming. When we see live distractions, like Canadian Geese in the fields, he knows to “sit and watch.” Jackpot of treats for that! 😁

  74. Piera B

    I’d love to see you train a Cane Corso, Rottweiler, or Bouvier without a choke or prong collar. That would really be great YouTube content. I am looking to get a guard dog, and all the professional guard dog trainers, have warned me about using an only positive reinforcement approach. That corrective measures are necessary. And I personally don’t think it would work with a Corso. Any thoughts?

  75. Mister Whistler

    Moira is improving every episode! I’m obsessed with her😍 Like seriously, where can I find her adoption application!?

  76. Jenn Papineau

    Can you explain why you use the harness with the leash clipped on the back? In my experience that can encourage pulling once it starts, with all the force being centered on the front of the chest. I think I noticed her harness does have the chest ring, why not clip it on the front? (Or get one that does have it)

  77. Katie Johnson

    “Detects another dog anywhere on planet earth” … 😂 lmbo! Whom else has, hands down, met a 🐕 like that? 😂 🙌

  78. D Teun

    Have a 10months old husky to take care of it has lived in the city and am on the country side it sees everything from bumblebee to goose to moose it wants to chase everything today it chased some rabbits the dog came back i learned it to come back when whistling and used a lot of your tricks but this guy is so curious about everything it pulled almost my arm off 😂

  79. ParadiseofDarkness

    How about this I CHALLENGE YOU to take in a gsd that has killed a pet or hurt a person and do your training on here with that halter.

    I excepted it as my job long ago. What about you!

  80. Kristen Johnson

    What a fantastic episode! DYING over Moira’s silhouette as she watched the dogs walk past her the second time… those amazing ears! 🙂 We’re still working on consistently being able to get our girl’s attention, though she did a fantastic job at Home Depot today. I can’t wait for the biting episode, our girl is still doing a lil biting (mostly to get attention). Thank you Zak and Moira!

  81. TheShadowninza

    We want a video devoted to the favourite character of dog training experience: Indiana!

  82. Carys

    The best technique I have found with Sammy is to ask for sit (or down) and sit close to him and ask for “look at me” treating, with high value treats, very regularly! We have to be quite far away from the dog but it’s progress! He has been doing great but still not perfect. (Just a side note I thought I should add, he is a rescue!)

  83. Laura Legends

    I wish I was one of the neighbours there by the field where they do their training —I’d just pull out my lawn chair and grab some snacks 🍿

  84. Pet Orphans

    pupbox should make a dog trainers box where boxes vary for ages and types of dogs so they can be used in training. i keep items on hand to use and often give them to clients with packages especially when a dog responds really well to a specific treat or toy.

  85. Sonja Eckmann

    I might be super-biased towards German Shepherds, but you can tell that when Moira is zoned in on you, she would juggle burning chainsaws if you’d ask her to 😍

  86. Lusine Davtyan

    Honestly i dont even think a second that your not gonna be able to train her. Its gonna be tough I mean its chalanging but you got it plus look at her she is so smart she learns things so fast.Dont worry you have what it takes to train her.

  87. Angie W

    My dog also has a big prey drive to pull when a squirrel, bird or other “moving” object is in his view. I want him to have some freedom as he learns, but have been pulled completely off my feet when his leash is attached to me. Is there another option?

  88. Brooks Equine

    Your training methods …. not advanced . Turn Moira loose on a sheep farm with your methods . Zac , you wouldn’t have ANY control .
    SMH .

  89. Tammy Elliott

    How do you stop yourself from getting too frustrated? Like for example when my dog is barking at a person or other dog it’s really hard to get her attention on me, even for a second, and even when I can the barking and growling still continues. I do feel myself getting more anxious and frustrated when she doesn’t listen especially since I know she knows, she’s a smart girl and I’ve been working hard with her for the almost 2 years I’ve had her. This beautiful girl and mine are a lot alike personality and energy wise, lol!


    Thank God this dog is with you for her training ! I dread to think otherwise ☹️

  91. Victor Baez

    Does anyone seriously recommend a harness with a leash that connects on the back instead of one around the neck area to prevent choking? Or perhaps a retractable leash? And any tips to prevent pulling while on leash?

  92. Swagsage

    You’ve definitely made a bond with Moira! She has a beautiful personality and I’ve definitely seen progress with Moira since day one! Can’t wait to see what there is to come, Zak!

  93. Brooks Equine

    “Moira , no ma’am ” said in Zac’s slow , stupid way … the harness he uses is used by mushers -no wonder Moira pulls .
    Zach needs to learn some things as he is impotent within his training tactics .
    I’d invite him to work with me & the working dogs on the ranch but … he couldn’t even saddle his own horse .
    My dogs would blow this loser off .
    I UNSUBSCRIBED a long time ago …. why is this Moron still in my feed ?

  94. Jennifer Banks

    My one year old terrier mix is exactly like Moira. Especially with other dogs. Watching these videos help a lot. It’s harder in the city though.

  95. Karla Santoro

    Instead of saying “kill two birds with one stone,” (too violent for me) I say “pet two puppies with one hand.” This seems to be a totally perfect phrase for you too! 😁🥰😉

  96. Margaret Kuhn-Conroy

    Why can’t you add on another week if you need it…Seems she is end of spectrum of ease on training..realistically that just shows us to persevere as not all dogs “ fit the mold “ so to speak?!

  97. Loua

    So prong collars are useless and ineffective…. is that why law enforcement, military, schutzhund, and service dog trainers use them? Those dogs are on a whole other level when it comes to training, whether he wants to admit it or not.
    I absolutely understand and agree with what he’s saying about using the least aversive method necessary, but for someone who has a series called “reality dog training”, he is spreading completely false information about a very real and effective dog training tool.

  98. TheKaurK

    I was so eagerly waiting for this episode haha. I feel like every series you do quickly becomes my favorite series. Absolutely love Moira and how you train her! Learning so much from these 🙂

  99. ParadiseofDarkness

    You are wrong as in you have NEVER worked with abused gsd that wants to kill you or hurt others.

    You must use prongs and e collars if the dog been damaged mentally by their owners.

    I resuced 15 gsd from bad homes that would KILL people or pets.

    Mira doesnt need the e collar but she should have the prong collar at least to grab your attention, rarely.

    Also if you going to speak of these ‘science’ show me these paper works. Instead of just saying it. Not some crack jack in NEW 2020 STUDIES from Canada whos a sjw country. I go be the germans only who breed the darn dogs.

    I need to find the studies of that collars are evil. Choke collars and leather collars that the germans found out in studies of dogs throats that the ones the breeders have prongs had less damage then normal callors and metal chains.

    The germans believe you SHOULD NEVER HAVE COLLARS ON YOUR DOGS. If you must for training purposes, take off the prongs when not working in training.

  100. Joao Tiago Brandao

    I honestly love energetic dogs because they are the smartest, thet learn quick, and if you are good trainer, it can be easier because calm dogs are harder to engage!

  101. Margaret Kuhn-Conroy

    Just to note even horses train well with non aggressive training methods ie horse whispering…..you are the best!

  102. vicky rowsell

    already on 133 comments, think your videos are great and im following very closely to help me to train my rescue street dog.

  103. jackie o.

    Good job, Moira!! Zak, you are a miracle worker!

  104. SaskiaSketches -

    So proud of Moira and Zac!! The end of that training session was amazing!

  105. Samantha Hu

    I’m an avid follower of you Zak, but I was wondering how you would handle more challenging behaviors such as fear or serious aggression in adult dogs that have been living with these problems for years? Hopefully you can do a series on this because in my experience positive training success takes time for mild-medium behaviors but can take a very long time if ever for really bad behaviors.

  106. Campbell Casagrain

    I think that mixing prong and balanced training go hand in hand, when used properly I think that they are amazing tools. With my dog mixing the two was the only thing that worked, I tried following along with only positive training for two years it didn’t work when dogs walked by, mixing a prong in made everything put together. It all depends on the dog, don’t ever write off a tool just because it might not work for you in your situation

  107. Michael Lozano

    I just found this channel 2 weeks ago and have been bend watching all your videos for 2 weeks straight lol. I am in love with you Zak you are perfect with these dogs in every other way. its just so beautiful to see.

  108. Tome Bradye

    I think we need to bring Cesar Milan 😉

  109. Arbi

    There are literally no well-done studies on training methods. Every single study I’ve read is literal garbage, and that’s put politely. Science is extremely expensive. So far they literally compare a dog trained on treats vs a dog getting abusively choked or corrected for nothing at all. Like ??? how is that fair? That is NOT science and the training done is absolute trash. That proves nothing about tools or even training methods. I’m sick and tired of this. It’s either: Bash corrections or bash pp training. There are NO good studies done with known trainers that put their heart and soul into training over LONG LONG periods of time. I don’t mean 5 day experiment of abusing dogs vs feeding treats. Basically, go read the studies and compare their correction methods to someone that uses corrections fairly. You’ll see quite a difference 😉

    I use tools, involving treats and harnesses. In my opinion? Using tools like prong collars and e collars is actually much harder because not only do you have to have at least 8-12 months(in my case 2+ years before I used those tools) of consistent training under your belt, but you also gotta layer the tool over the known behaviors for another few months. That’s a loooong time for a quick fix, no?

    My dog became reactive because of many off-leash dog attacks. I DO NOT use aversive as my first choice when dealing with reactivity. My training literally consists of 99% R+ and that small 1% of extremely gentle corrections. So, I use prong collars and e collars, but I use LIMA during reactivity training. Nowhere at all am I using a quick fix? People are gonna ask why do I use tools at all then? Personally for me, because I love my dog too much. Those tools just worked well for us and my dog is living his best life now. My dog is an animal. No amount of training will help you in truly life-threatening situations. Your dog listens until they don’t and I don’t wanna know what happens if mine doesn’t listen one day, whatever the reason may be. All of the people telling you to use prong and e collars or whatever? Yeah most likely just wannabe dog trainers. We are not all the same. I just think there are better ways to deal with Moira’s reactivity so she can truly make progress within a few days.

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    This isn’t directed at Zak, but for those seeing similar things with their dogs:
    If your dog is reacting at something while you’re out, they over threshold. The difficulty for what you’re asking is too high, and the distance to the trigger is too close. Back them away from the trigger (ideally by recalling and rewarding for any engagement) and then try to get their attention again. Finding the area of compliance and staying diligent to work with that is SO important when creating a harmonious relationship that doesn’t end in confusion and frustration.

    I noticed the same thing with George on Zak’s story at the dog park. George wouldn’t stop fixating on the dogs by the fence, so while Zak clicked and called his name and didn’t get anything out of it, he should’ve backed away to find his area of compliance and reward for engagement at the lower difficulty level.

    Thresholds, people! Thresholds!

    Zak gets this in some instances (keeping the leash short to not let her get away and fulfill that desire, tossing the ball a shorter distance instead because father was too hard), but not in all instances when training. Something to be aware of.

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    reactiveness can be so hard to work with. Great to see you work with moira. For me some tips for people with reactive dogs are don’t stand still but try to keep moving. When dogs stand still they bild tension a lot easier than when they are moving as they have to focus on moving forward (you can see this a lot when your biking with them, a lot of things they would normally react on are now ignored.) Then try to keep the dog at your outside. this way you are between your dog and what they are reacting on which often gives them a safer feeling (definatly do this with fear based reactivity) lastly make sure there is no tension on the leash and try not to take you dog shorter in stead take enough distance so they cannot reach what they react to. My experience is that tension on the leash causes tension in the dog. i have seen non reactive dogs actulally go reactive just because of tension on the leash. Or see screaming outbursts go to two little barks by just giving them more leash length. Furtermore when grabbing the dog shorter they actually know something is up so they are immidiatly alert. Lastly it might be nice to learn some dogs a simple search command. Just throw some treats in the grass and tell them to search. Sniffing around for treats is good mental excersise and a natural way to calm them down. you can later use this when you see something they are reactive on to help calm them down.

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