Why I LOVE Dogs - The Importance of Dogs in Our Lives - Episode 51
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Why I LOVE Dogs – The Importance of Dogs in Our Lives – Episode 51

Why I Love Dogs and the importance of dogs in our lives is my podcast answer to the current state where many might find themselves sad, angry, frustrated or even down right depressed. Most of these things can be solved by our companionship with man’s best friend…. Our Dogs!

I delve into my love for dogs and how they’ve helped me transform my life as well as how they can help you.

This is episode 51 of my podcast Canine Conversations. Check out my online dog training site at: https://bit.ly/2YOFd70


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52 Thoughts to “Why I LOVE Dogs – The Importance of Dogs in Our Lives – Episode 51”

  1. Mila

    I’m 14 years old and I can’t thank you enough for your channel. Your expertise makes it easy for even a middle school student to work with man’s best friend!

  2. Tesla Nick

    Dogs complete me. Even in my darkest thoughts, dogs are there to guide me out – just by being dogs.
    You may not be a psychotherapist, but I can personal vouch for the fact you positively contribute to my own mental health. I’m grateful for all the great content you put out for us.

  3. Paul Mears

    Robert, you say dogs are angels sent to help us (I agree). My friend, I put you in the same bracket. I love your videos and the attention to detail is simply awesome. Your application is easy on the ears and you get it straight away and leaves you thinking that was so obvious why didn’t I know that beforehand. Keep up the excellent work. Sending high fives from the UK

  4. Donald Dj


  5. Marea Miller

    I feel like dogs are like life, you get out of them what you put into them.

    Beautiful pod cast!

  6. Travelling Earthling

    Dogs have transformed my life as well. Thank you for this and all you do.

  7. Lara Monroe

    Oh, and dude – there is a dead zebra behind you. Jus’ sayin’. 😉

  8. Lara Monroe

    Robert, the care and concern in your voice and the empathy you express speaks volumes. It is my belief that our humanity is fully realised in the presence of animals, and never more than with a dog. Imo. Thank you for all you do.

  9. Lara Monroe

    We are co-evolved. Without dogs, we could not have developed to what we are.

  10. HawaiianStyle

    I’m getting a dog in 3 weeks, and this video made me even more excited than I already was. Thank you so much!

  11. Tracy Llewellyn

    Thank you so much for this commentary. My city Indianapolis has been so damaged. With all this COVID I’m concerned that my young dogs have missed so much socializing. But I’m spent the time training at home. Thanks !

  12. Stringman1950

    Mr. Cabral, you are very wise. I too love and have rescued dogs and they constantly amaze me with their intuition, bravery, persistence and love. Keep up the great work. You’ve taught me much and reinforced much of what I know. Cheers.

  13. oldgamerchick

    Thank you for sharing your 💘 of dogs with us. My Cookie is going on 8 months now. Past the mouthing stage. She’s a Shorty Jack Russell.
    I just wanted to let you know there are some valid reason to use puppy pads.
    I live in the country between 2 coyote packs. 2nd I’m 66 not as fast as I used to be.
    Some times she gets mad at me and will pee on the floor to let me know. I just clean it up.
    She rarely poos in the house which I’m very happy about.
    I have had to train her with verbal praise as she is so short and my arthritis makes the constant bending very painful. With a few exceptions I follow your tips and I’m happy with the results.
    I take her every where with me and I ask permission to bring her into stores with me.
    I won’t put a fake halter on her. I am training her to be a comfort dog because of my PTSD. I can’t afford expensive trainer so I’m going it alone.
    That’s why your videos are so important. Sorry I got too chatty. Love to your Janet and you.

  14. Raymond DeFlaviis

    During these “rough times” we need a Doberman or a Rottweiler, not an emotional support animal.
    We don’t all have the moat you and your friends in Malibu have.
    Get out in the real world, sometime. Wear a mustache or a beard. This would have been a great time to discuss training techniques for personal protection. Instead you give a fire side talk like you’re FDR.

  15. Giselle Sullivan

    I also take a squirt bottle for off leash dogs to keep them far away. Owners don’t always appreciate it but I explain it’s to protect my dog and theirs. I haven’t hurt their dogs so there isn’t much they can do. There are already leash laws so they don’t really have much a leg to stand on. My dog doesn’t like strange people so this is the only option I have.

  16. Raymond DeFlaviis

    You didn’t address how important it is to have a personal protection dog, in these times of Mau Mau unrest. You missed a golden opportunity to underline this.
    I guess Malibu has it’s own natural moat. You have been ominously quiet during these heady times.

  17. Cillin O'Donnell

    RSPCA are an industry of scammers

  18. Gp Stone

    bravo you for talking about this.. Love my new GSD Ferox, he’s helped with my sadness’

  19. Kathi Dori

    You speak so true. We coudn’t get children, all our marrige years, we grow rescue dogs….since last year we have 4 of them. It’s a challenge, but I’m convinced, because of them, we could accept the fact, not geting children, more easy. ( don’t worry, we don’t keep them like “humans”………)

  20. Hendi Kaf

    In dog we trust

  21. Pawsuasive Dog Teaching

    4:52 I absolutely 1000% agree. I know I say I rescued my Ruby but in all reality we rescued each other. Before Ruby came into my life I was in a very deep depression. Ruby had a warning on her paperwork to have 2 people to handle her and told me she would be impossible to teach. Now she is a trick dog winner and learning to be my service dog and I am no longer in a deep depression.

  22. Snowy's LyF

    I totally loved everything u said. recently I got a dog and she is my best buddy and most beautiful thing of my life ☺️

  23. hugh mc nicholl

    My My I think you are definitely INFJ you have that connection with animals. So true what you are saying with all the negative shit going on around the world at the minute, that’s why I am watching your channel from Ireland 🇮🇪

  24. Margaret Meaker

    This episode really grabs ones heart strings.. thanks for exposing yourself so much.. takes a big man.to.do so. Your wife is a very.lucky lady..

  25. Margaret Meaker

    Robert (please dont think I’m being presumptuous)..you looking very tired. Please take it easy.. we all love you .if necessary slow down a bit..
    But like u say, what we do without our best friends. I couldn’t imagine my life without animals (dogs, cats and horses)..

  26. Emiral Votu

    Dieses Video von dir zaubert mir ein Lächeln in mein Gesicht. Ich denke genauso

  27. Charity Blackwell

    Dogs have actually lessened racism. I wonder if you realize how different dog enthusiasts are that MUST come together due to dog import/export.

    Dog enthusiasts are even squashing cultural and language barriers. As someone interested in sociology I was blown away when a average American crew went to a nomadic tribe and became friends because they wanted some of their puppies.

    I don’t think even enthusiasts realize how working dogs are forcing people to become friendly even if they don’t like each other lol

  28. bellavino3

    Brought tears to my eyes! I believe and agree with every word!

  29. On Da Rez

    I been thinking too about the importance of dogs. My tribal nation, Navajo Nation, we have creation stories of the dog and how it came to be our best companion. Long story short, the dog life was spared, for exchange to be our loyal companions/servants. I truly think many Police related shooting could have been prevented if Police use more K-9 units. Police reform to have more K-9 units on patrol and re-train officers to let the dogs do the work. Paws On Patrol!

  30. Joshua Pusher

    This came out at a perfect time. I had to euthanize my Great Dane this weekend for age related issues and am having a difficult time being dogless. Not my first but I bonded more with him than any other dog before.

  31. matthew taylor

    our 10 month old has started resource guarding the community water bowl esp around our oldest 13 yr old dog (they do NOT get along). I reluctantly keep her collar on so I can grab it if needed. which I usually do when shes growling at the bowl, I grab her away from it tell her to knock it off and hold her while the other dog gets a drink. However its getting old….I don’t think they’ll ever get along!! its only around the water bowl. other than that shes good. I don’t know what to do except be on high alert all the time

  32. Veronika Nordberg

    I got a 10 year old retired corgi because I struggled with anxiety, depression, isolation and (at the time) undiagnosed aspergers. When she passed away at 13 I was a changed person. Having a dog helped me immensely! I was outside several times a day, went exploring and hiking, talked with strangers, visited family more.. I loved that dog. It’s now 6 months since I had to put her down, and I’ve been looking for a new dog since my health began declining again, and with covid isolation on top of that. Yesterday I got the message that my standard poodle puppy will be avaliable in 2 weeks and I can go pick him up 💚

  33. Virginia Pursley

    Thank you so much for this. It is so true. 🐶🧡🐶🧡🐶🧡

  34. LittleNinjai

    Lovely message in the beginning. I was tearing up about your friend Kevin and his GSD. Thank you, Robert for bringing stellar canine education to the world and for your humanity.

  35. Jordyn Hatfield

    Amazing podcast robert, you always seem to know what to say …. Always hits home in the best ways!!!

  36. Margaret Baker

    Thank you for all you do for us to understand our dogs and help them be better. I am still looking for my best friend. I lost my dog over a year ago due to illness. It took a long time to be able to open my heart again. Now I don’t seem to be able to find another dog. I have been looking at rescues, but because I am 61 and live in an apartment they don’t seem to think I am qualified. I am uncertain about going to the shelter, because no one knows much about the personality of the dog. Is there something I can do or just what would be the warning signs of a dog that would not be friendly. All the dogs there are very hyper and barking. Also I would like a medium to large dog, I have always had shepherds, so very familiar with large breeds….

  37. Mr Beast 2

    great video bro

  38. natalie hernandez

    My dogs are my only peace of mind. I don’t know what I would do without them. The reason why I love your videos is because they are so educational and heartfelt.

  39. JSiah-

    A dog gives you life. If no dog, you’re just rushing through life just like every one else; they teach you to live in the moment.

  40. Teresa Love

    Thank you for your video today I have a 3 yr old GSD who just rocks my world, she lifts me up when I am weighed down by our world and we have a great time when we play frisbee that is her favorite thing to do I thank you for your wisdom and enthusiasm on dogs you have taught me a lot God Bless you

  41. Andrew Henderson

    The world’s gone mad thank goodness I got my dog and a bloke like Mr cabral to listen to easy listening voice and a great command of the English language epic🐶🐶🐶🐶🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  42. Lebanese dude

    Always a pleasure listening to your experience Robert. And on a side note may God bless America and hopefully things get back to peace so you can keep America great again.

  43. sue smith

    You never feel alone when you have your dog by your side. 💖 They don’t judge, always happy to see you, and never hold grudges. My girl makes me get out there, then you meet other people while you are walking or at the park. Next minute you are talking to them and laughing at the dogs playing, etc. Its always my go to if I’m feeling stressed or worried about something. I love my dogs so much. My boy isn’t very sociable with other dogs but he is a big softie with us and although he’s getting on in age, he still enjoys little walks and lots of hugs.

  44. Laura's Life Dog Training & Dog Vlogs

    Oh poor Kevin, how heart breaking. The bond can be very strong in deed. I feel for them both.
    My Zed is one special girl.
    I am privileged to have such an amazing spirit in my life. We are looking to get another Collie as finally got permission to get a 2nd dog. I read that email and cried with relief. I tried life without a dog.. it was a disaster. Dogs are in my blood. Nothing beats sitting on the field with the wind on our faces sitting next to each other. It is a wonderful thing to experience that. It supersedes everything else for me and for Zed. She puts her paw on my hand. I put a video up to tell my friends about getting another dog and was emotional and Zed comes over to “Support”. It is so good to hear someone else speak like this . I know you understand the depth of bond achievable . Training makes the bond even stronger, it is worth every minute of training put in. Thank you Robert, this was great . Say hello to Janet. Stroke everyone of your dogs one more time just for me.

  45. CuriousFurious58

    Just what i needed today. Lost my beloved 13 year old Lab Siro, which was my first dog, a month ago and wasn’t sure if i want to get another dog soon. You – and Dwayne chilling on the sofa behind you – reminded me that i have to in the near future even if it feels somewhat strange for now. Thank you from Switzerland.

  46. BJ Bumblebee

    This page is a refuge from all of the ugliness in this world. Thank you for your commitment to our pups

  47. Lilamac Guinness123

    Love dogs what a world it would be without them how they behave is down to us to show them the way bless them how else do they learn thank you for sharing love your videos we are privileged to have them.🌹🌹🌹👏

  48. Luz Gras

    Oooh! Im working, walking dogs! And is great yo Hear your podcast while working!

  49. May Sabae Mg

    I love your videos, it’s very useful for me

  50. SocialBounty Make Money App

    keep posting quality content! QV9X

  51. BJ Bumblebee

    Great topic. I don’t know how I would cope without Sherman my gsd as I am disabled with MS and live alone. Sherman and the two cats are best buddies to each other and me. Training Sherman has been the best times of my life ( I train the cats to do tricks too)

  52. Sam Brown

    Love your channel Robert.

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