Episode 57 Why Don't People Train Their Dogs
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Why Don’t People Train Their Dogs

Why don’t people train their dogs?

It is a fact that most people don’t train their dogs, don’t enroll in a training class, or even read a book about dog training. Why is that?

This was a question asked of me by a viewer, Doug from Virginia.

There are countless online dog training websites, video courses, and in-person courses to help dog owners become better dog trainers and dog handlers.

This podcast is dedicated to the simple question “Why don’t people ever enroll in a dog training course or class?”

Some people may not think it is important to train their dogs or figure out how to get into a dog training class.

Some people never even think about training their dog until it’s too late.

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46 Thoughts to “Why Don’t People Train Their Dogs”

  1. Rachel Randant

    Actually brought home a herding dog- Border Collie. While he was super curious about our three cats, once he got scratched, he backed off. I actually had to correct the cats more than I had to correct the dog! They would harass him until they realized he was part of the family and they just had to deal with it.


    My adult pitbull keeps charging my puppy 2 pitbull lab mixes (mostly the male) and the puppy just rolls over and squeals, the adult pit doesnt bite but yet bites around 4 inches away from them. How do I introduce them so the adult pit doesnt kill them. Musle?

  3. Matthijs van Guilder

    too many people consider a dog as a possession, not a partner in some activity

  4. terrierized immortalized

    I don’t think trolls deserve attention or any response, although you handled that ‘dude’ quite well LOL

  5. terrierized immortalized

    Ever inspiring, not just for training and bonding, but just life in general. On the singing, it’s about how it makes you feel, rather than how others judge you. Sing aloud!, even if you’re alone

  6. Anthony psara

    I tried going to 2 trainers with my gsd but she didn’t pick it up we stayed at both schools for 4 months and I started watching Roberts vids and she has become better trained I 1 month than those 8 with the other trainers

  7. Mark Ferrasci

    So funny Robert. Great minds think alike. I just covered this same subject slant in one of my vids today. Then I see yours. Too funny.. 😉

  8. Edwar Fabian Arias Agudelo

    Subtítulos en español por favor

  9. Bartek Kondrat

    Sir Robert,
    as usual GREAT.

  10. Ana Maria Posse

    Great podcast in all the personal and dog related information you provide. You are so right and I respect you for your passionate regard for dogs. Due to the pandemic, classes are not available but your videos have been a Godsend. Thank you for convincing me that balanced training is the only way! Keep up the good work.

  11. Karen L

    Excellent podcast once again Robert straight from the heart, I really hope people really listen to your great advice

  12. Charity Blackwell

    It’s like finding a spouse.

    Ain’t gonna happen 4 everybody 🙂

  13. Fluffy Girl

    Nate Schoemer
    Robert Cabral

  14. Virginia Pursley

    Robert Cabral’s website is a wealth of information and worth the investment. He is honest, caring, supportive and most importantly gives you the tools to be a better dog owner. You will not be disappointed! ❤🐶

  15. Samuel Nelson

    You should do an episode Q&A for questions that people would be normally too embarrassed to talk about. For example, I let my dogs lick my arm pits, is that a bad idea?

  16. Milena Taylor

    👊🏼Much respect in regards to the comment about Cesar. I love that guy and even he (himself) says he’s not a trainer. He’s exactly what you said.

  17. renae az

    ROFLOL I’m in tears 26:23 Roberts face 😀 😀 😀

  18. NeeNee B.

    How do you say “my page is not political” while selling ‘Blue Lives Matter’ merch?? 🤦‍♀️

  19. j

    Lol Mike O Hearn also has the advantage of HRT…..let’s not kid ourselves. Still cool though!

  20. Aliasger Dahodwala

    You should definitely do A Joe Rogan podcast

  21. Holly Spencer

    Hey Mr. Cabral
    Watch your podcasts and videos on dog training!
    Completed first set of puppy classes with pup last month I would have been kinda lost with training terminology if I hadn’t watched you.
    Loved the Kong video.
    We are enjoying our 2nd class and looking forward to the third this fall.
    I want to be a responsible owner. Completely understand discipline on all levels I was a fitness instructor.
    This podcast and question from Virginia hit home.
    Would Love to hear suggestions on what to do/act in a situation with a dog that’s off leash approaching us that seems aggressive!
    Trainers are telling me to either body block or throw a treat?
    People are so sensitive right now not sure how to address it

  22. E L

    I get so frustrated every time I visit my partner’s parents and see how they have put zero work on training their well bred English Springer Spaniel puppy. This is their second English Springer Spaniel and the first one had severe behaviour problems which caused them to enable the bad behaviour even more. Living with that dog was extremely difficult and now they are repeating the same mistakes with the new puppy even though I have tried to help them and shown them what to do in different situations. At one point my partner’s parents told me that they don’t want to train the dog because they can’t hold their nerve and they believe the puppy will just figure things out since it is a family member after all. The only good thing is that the dog obeys me and my partner really well – he’s behaving like a different dog with us.

    My honest opinion is that these days some people are just lazy and want to feel comfortable with themselves which leads them to not train their dogs. This happens because their ego can’t handle the fact that they have no clue how to train any animal and it is going to take some time to learn a new set of skills. In order to learn something, you need to put an effort to it. Because dogs are “fur babies” to their owners it is so easy to treat them like you would treat a little baby (or a Tamagotchi) – just fill their basic needs and cuddle them.

  23. Edgar Alicea

    Love the channel. NEW subscriber here. I just purchased a 10 week old dutch shepherd puppy. I bought here a crate how can I get to sleep in her crate. When we play tug she starts growling is this good or bad. Should I just take her to a dog trainer now or a bit later.

  24. Theyoutuber

    I subscribed to your site and it’s the best decision, dog training wise of my life. Keep up the fantastic work Robert.

  25. Doug H. in VA

    Listen closely at 23:30 … he is a top level dog handler of abandoned dogs in shelters

  26. N7Mith

    Unfortunately a lot of people get small dogs because they feel that they don’t need training. They’re small, so you can pick them up easily, and their bark isn’t that loud, and their mouth isn’t so big, so they’re not a threat to anyone. Some of them even think small dogs can’t be trained, which is of course ridiculous.

  27. PaPa's Woodshop

    Thank you so much for all the excellent instruction you provide for us. We have two well behaved and happy labs. My wife and I give you a lot of the credit. We get a lot of positive comments about our dogs. We recommend you every chance we get.

  28. M F

    The guy who doesn’t use a kennel doesn’t understand the benefits. As you know, they are required at the shows and I am thankful for protecting my dogs from other dogs and at home to keep my dogs safe from having to be near people ex. Visitors or repair people that I may not feel are dog friendly. Thanks for your podcast. Love the difference they make.

  29. TiNY Labs

    Love your videos and have learned a lot. I’ll continue to teach my heel from the right side because there aren’t sidewalks where I live and when I do have to walk on the street, my dogs safety comes first. I do appreciate you explaining the left side rule because I was struggling to understand why it became the norm since we drive on the right side of the road here

  30. Trashy T

    I primarily wanted dogs because of training, it’s impossible to get such a strong bond without it, working together as one almost becoming the same being, there is nothing I love more

  31. LittleNinjai

    Really like the new intro! “When I get my new puppy”. Will you get another Malinois? That will be exciting and what amazing puppy videos you will produce, and incredible value to existing and future Members!

  32. Donald Dj

    Mr. Robert, I love watching your videos….. It makes me escape, I feel Free I don’t worry about Bills, Stress, Problems , It brings my dogs, My family closer ,When I learned from your videos, God bless You And whoever is watching this video,

  33. Travelling Earthling

    As in all relationships, communication is 2 ways. Dogs will never learn to think like a human. Therefore, the human must learn to think like the dog. Critical thinking is a diminishing skill. Dale is an excellent example.

  34. M R

    Larry Krohn is also an excellent trainer
    Nate Schoemer is a great new trainer, love his approach.
    Robert Cabral – of course.

  35. Shannon Davidson

    Robert your clarity of thought and movement is outstanding .

  36. M R

    Caesar Milan is awesome. He paved the way for all the dog trainer celebs.

  37. abbylyn Croz

    Hello robert. How long do you usually take to train a dog? I mean not intense training but common stuffs.

  38. M R

    I love training my dog. It’s the most fun thing when you break through a tough training period. Bond with my dog more.

  39. SawBlade Entertainment

    I grew up with dogs, my mom study to be a vet and her side of the family breed and trained show dogs. so it so strange to me when i see these dogs out so outrageous cause that stuff we would never allow in our house. People don’t even keep up with basic grooming. I admit i’m not a pro mma or anything like that. i did do street fighting and stuff like that when younger. and competitive stuff. I could tell you when my dog was gonna do something during training i didn’t want though. like when she wanted to run out the door, her body behind her front legs would tense up so i would correct it before it happen and remind her not to. Me could go in public and everything just fine. she was a bull terrier/german shepard mix. so hyper was a problem. but she remained calm when reminded if needed. we’ve had other dogs come at us but she didn’t react because i took control of it all. and for basic stuff, we could work on hand signs and clicks only. magical feeling to be that insync with something. and i want to improve because i have more passion for my dog then myself , is why i found your videos and others. classes in real life i found so far, has been positive only and i don’t believe in that. I believe in balance. Thanks for the videos though, it great to find information for me to sample from so i can improve what works for me. and I’ve noticed when working on my dog , i tend to improve on myself to during it by just having to adjust to keep up with what i need for the dog. Next dog i plan will be a German Shepard puppy but i need a more stable base before i will get one.

  40. Jannell Meagher

    Though I do not work with dogs that are pets (per say), and some videos I cannot apply. With that said, you are a wealth of information period. Even as a Raiser for guide dogs, you make sense. I always look for options within each session I do. Though I may not use every video, there is value within your words. Thank you! “Look ahead!” Love those 2 words. Perfect for guide training. Look ahead.

  41. Kevin Bailey

    Great information. I’ve been enjoying your work for a few weeks.

  42. Beth Foor

    I am wondering—Who are some of the trainers you watched that did impress you?! I love your kind, fair, common-sense approach! 👍🏻😃

  43. BJ Bumblebee

    People often assume that out pets and people are mind readers. They are not. Communication takes full attention from both sides

  44. BJ Bumblebee

    Every second Sherman is with me may be an opportunity to train. You can train in the house, out of the house, going for a walk, , etc. the moments with our dogs and people should be cherished

  45. Jacqueline C

    great topic!

  46. Brosev the Dog

    Stay positive 👍 Excellent

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