Why Do I Feed a Raw Diet to My Dogs - Dog Training Tips

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Why Do I Feed a Raw Diet to My Dogs – Dog Training Tips

What you feed your dog is one of the most important things you’ll decide. Commercial dog food can be ok, but most of the time it is just full of cheap fillers.

Feed your dog real food. Real protein, real veggies, real ingredients. in this video I offer my suggestions.

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19 Thoughts to “Why Do I Feed a Raw Diet to My Dogs – Dog Training Tips”

  1. Robert Cabral

    Check my online dog training site:

  2. wendy mueller

    Thank you so much for all your wonderful videos. I love to watch you with your dogs. So calm and clear.
    Great advice and techniques.
    I just wanted to mention a book that I have been reading “FEEDING DOGS” by Dr Conor Brady. What an amazing book. Every dog owner and vet should read it. So much of it even makes sense for human nutrition. I can’t say enough good things about it.
    I purchased the Forever Dog as well. That one is next ;0)

  3. BedRock

    I’ve been giving my dog raw chicken with bones and kibble for a year and he’s doing great

  4. Swope

    Protein, fat, fiber, _calcium_!

  5. Genesis 1:1

    I’d love to be able to feed my GSD raw. She is on a vet prescribed kibble because her body doesn’t produce the digestive enzymes. She is now the healthiest she’s ever been, weight wise. Before this kibble she would have runny poops constantly, and bouts of acid reflux at least twice a month. I do absolutely agree with you Mr. Cabral. Raw is best! But with my dogs situation, I’ll stick with what’s been working. If anyone is wondering what kibble it is: Hills Gastrointestinal Biom. (I don’t like that it’s Hills, but its working).

  6. Michael Conniff

    Have your tried “Team Dog” dog food?

  7. imagines

    my dog had blood squirts for 2 days when i gave her some raw beef liver

  8. Lakers4Life

    I’m sure we’d all love an hour video of you speaking on feeding raw to go along with your other food videos.
    Appreciate all you do.

  9. Sean Molloy

    as a lifelong athlete i have experienced the difference good diet makes regarding performance, capabilities and energy levels. I eat based on my needs as a human and specific to activity type and intensity. im sure the same applies to any animal. i cant imagine a natural dog eating corn , potato or any polysyllabic food that requires a science degree to know what it is. when i take my cattle dog on a long mountain bike ride, he also gets more protein than days when we stay local. he’s not too hip to raw meat, i tried. although he will eat it if i tell him to.

  10. SaikoWolf


  11. Connor Webster

    Its funny i still have people ask me if that makes your dog go crazy, i said that is not true its a high value meal those dogs may have just had food aggression

  12. Philip Charles

    The visionary label says for adults. My GSD is 10 months, would he be ok with the Visionary kibble? Would I need to add something else to it? We give fish oil, and probiotics daily

  13. Lisa Lindberg

    I really wanted to love Visionary dog food but my 2 small dogs would not even touch it. I was so bummed because it looks like really great dog food. I do feed some homemade, some dehydrated raw and I have good luck with Origen kibble. Robert, I do agree the ingredients are on point and would definitely recommend them to folks looking to level up their dogs diet.

  14. Rahmaan realisation

    Definitely agree💯

  15. Jeff Merrill

    The best diet for a human is keto. The best food for a dog is keto. Theres no arguing with mother nature.

  16. Jozee Pare

    Robert, just almost finished to read The Forever Dog, a must have to every dog parents ! Don’t you think? 😉

  17. Cynthia Weber

    We just changed our corso’s diet to all raw two months ago. And he is doing so good. All allergies and issues are gone. And he loves it. Your advice is always great to listen to. Thank you.

  18. William Sladek

    What is a good home prepared raw food mix?

  19. TezzTooWavy

    Life abundance is a great kibble my puppy is so tone from it.it’s healthy and provides good nutrients

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