Where to Start with a TOTALLY UNTRAINED DOG: Reality Dog Training Episode 2
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Where to Start with a TOTALLY UNTRAINED DOG: Reality Dog Training Episode 2

How to start training with a totally untrained dog. Day 2-3 of reality dog training.

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234 Thoughts to “Where to Start with a TOTALLY UNTRAINED DOG: Reality Dog Training Episode 2”

  1. Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution

    Have you seen episode 1 yet? Watch here:

  2. SummerBrze

    Can’t wait for episode 3. 🤗🤗🤗

  3. Manichka

    maybe try to have different dog bed? more fluffie or pillowie? 😁

  4. Hoodie Ghost

    My pup is 8mth old now, I tried all these things, she knows her commands, but she still wild + bites, very distracted outside how do you control a dog like that? I need her biting to stop, just random jump + bite…please help. 😭

  5. spyk

    My issue with my 4 1/2 month old Yorkie is puppy biting. Do we use the same way as for a big dog? I have had Yorkies before but never had a biter.

  6. Heather Venkat

    Love this new series!

  7. Ed Brown

    I’m really invested in this

  8. R3N On Keys

    Is biting for a 9 month golden retriever normal? I have been told that it is and it is not

  9. 1Sariat5

    I am so impressed how quickly she understands what is asked of her!! This series is looking to be amazing 🙂

  10. Blue Hooded Man

    Question: do you reduce her normal food amount after a day of frequent treating?

  11. Mexirican !

    Can I drop my German Shepherd off with you for a little bit? His next stop is either with a trainer or a priest.

    But I’m trying my best and will not give up. Lol.

  12. Esther Enloe

    For your next series I would LOVE to see you train a dog that doesn’t fall into the very “intelligent” category. I have been training my Kelpue mix for a while now and he just does not seem to get things as well as these dogs. It takes him much longer. I know Kelpies are extremely intelligent but my dog is a rescue and he has some brain damage from getting into his previous owners Marijuana stash. The vet says that because of his breed he should be able to pick things up very quickly but because of this history he is functioning more like a “normal dog” (these are the vets words not mine haha)

  13. Cloner Stive

    Notification squad checking in! 😀

  14. Aleksandra Fernandez

    I love how raw and real this is! I have a rescue who shares many similar patterns with Moira. He’s a sweetie and the biggest cuddle bug in the world, but when it comes to distractions, it’s been a full year of constant struggles. The very end of the video where Moira is reactive and Zak holds her by the harness is EXACTLY what I deal with all the time. High-pitched screeching and pulling is by far the hardest thing to get him out of. My dog is now known in the neighborhood as a “showman” because everybody knows who’s responsible for the screeching. It’s pretty embarrassing! I’m looking forward to more episodes with Moira to see how she does! I would love to do anything I could to help my dude out.

  15. Sophia Hsieh

    INERTIA!!!! She’s such an athlete❤. Will Inertia be in any series soon? I do love how Moyra exhibits many habits of rescue dogs.

  16. Diane Erickson

    When we brought our seven week old border collie pup homeshe whined at bedtime in her crate with a foam mat. We replaced it with a fluffy comforter and she quickly settled. Don’t know if that will work for other dogs but was happy it worked for us.

  17. Lehla Quartz

    The world needs more patient and optimistic people like you willing to work with untrained but still loveable dogs.

  18. kavita deva

    Zak I just subscribed recently to your channel. I left a comment on the first episode of this reality training. I don’t know how to thank you enough for how you train dogs. I totally resonate with your sensibilities regarding dog training. I’m the woman who has a service dog that I owner trained. I used very old techniques because I trained for 20 years but I’m 62 years old now. Back then we used E collars. of course using them correctly, and no treats were ever part of being a dog trainer. it’s really come a long way and I love how you represent positive reinforcement training, because you stick in there with reality. What it’s REALLY like to train a dog. And you show here’s what you do if it goes wrong. Finally. I have been on YouTube for years I cannot relate to any of the other very well known dog training channels. I just don’t flow with what they’re about and most of them show positive reinforcement training with a perfectly trained dog on the task they are showing on the video. it doesn’t show a realistic dog. A dog that isn’t perfectly trained when you get it and how to keep going in little increments to achieve results. You are a gift to me as I am going to be training my new little service dog. And I need it to be simple to understand and simple to know how to properly attain excellent results. I’m so excited Now I feel ready when my new dog comes that I will rescue to become my service dog. Have a good evening !!

  19. TheMLGSquid Shachar

    Yes, yes, yes yes yes, yes yes. This is so freaking great. I love your every video, and seeing your work in such variety of dog breeds and histories and backgrounds really means a lot for the trust between me and the videos you have. I use your vidoes as a way of study for a dog I’m bringing in the next month, and knowing your methods work really makes me confident for my future with my doggy 🙂

  20. itzEthix

    Another amazing upload

  21. Iliana

    Thank you 🙏🏽 🙏🏽 thank you 🙏🏽 🙏🏽 thank you 🙏🏽 🙏🏽 my 1.5yr rescue lab NEEDS THIS

  22. Amy Suresh

    Cheers bro nice content

  23. Julien Frolov

    I like what you are doing a lot, its helping with our new pups a lot. Been following before you got Inertia. I’ve always been curious why you use OKAY and not a BREAK as a release/done command? I began with OK with my first rescue but transfered to Break after doing agility training as the trainer expressed ok is such a frequent word.

  24. Kris Jill

    You are so totally awesome. You are helping me so much with my 7 month year old German Shepard mix. He’s such a good boy, but an anxious one too. I applied your methods, I got results within a day. Amazing!

  25. Cary Polakowski

    Thank you so much for this! It is great to see a challenging dog . We have a 2 year old lab mix that was rescued with no prior training. She has come a long way but has a long way to go. This series will help.

  26. Ezra Elliott

    Is 8 months still a normal age to wake up once in the night?

  27. Sireallius

    This video series is quite outstanding, so very real life and educational, I’m learning so much, and I really mean this.

  28. Jake Rowsell

    My dog shot up when she heard the “demand barking”

  29. SLHD

    You are the worst trainer i have ever seen

  30. Sahar Shah

    When the dog is staying with toy currency you are making her come to you to take the toy.Shouldn’t we go to the dog instead of calling them towards us and breaking their stay🙂?Please answer

  31. Ezra Elliott

    I have a gsd x maremma and she is 8 months and almost 100lbs she has leash aggression just to dogs !! Please help! Love this series btw💗 it is going to help a lot! She is also very stubborn 🥲

  32. melissa raymond

    I love that you can see the change in her mindset already. She’s a working dog and you can see she WANTS to work and learn. She’s just never had the opportunity before now. I hope her new family continues to work with her. She’s got great potential!

  33. amouramarie

    Haha, I like sleepmode Zak. An actual nightcap.

  34. Kyle Parker

    I enjoy your videos. I signed up for the puppy series as I hope to get a Wheaton Terrier this summer. I feel like an expectant mom. Do you include tips for going back to work? I have had Golden retrievers in the past with out problems. I know the breeds are different. Thanks

  35. BKLife

    But can you do a video of explaining an exact schedule. Like you should wake up and do this and the puppy needs alone time etc and can you let puppy play outside while training?

  36. Elizabeth Olson

    That moment of you being “more physical” is SO helpful and is why an older, untrained rescue dog is so helpful. It helps me feel like I’m not failing when it doesn’t look like the tiny lower energy puppy that has never had anxiety.

  37. love always

    My dog sleeps on the bottom of my bed every night, even if my 2 little ones are with me, we all love it, she is family

  38. N7Mith

    Please don’t put shelter dogs back in crates. After being locked in them day after day for god knows how long, with dozens of other dogs around them barking and whining, they’re a constant reminder of that stress and hopelessness. Exceptions can exist, of course, but I wouldn’t try it with any shelter dog.
    At the end you let her sleep on the bed (i think?) That’s what I would do, but I’d put a dog pillow on it to sleep on. Then later on I’d move the pillow to the floor, while still sleeping next to her, and eventually I’d remove my own bed completely. Make the pillow her sanctuary, like the crate is supposed to be.

  39. Sadie Tamez

    My puppy is 2 month old and she desperately try to bite me, it gets worse when I tell her no, she growl and gets very anxious, I’m afraid that she becomes aggressive

  40. Becca Geibel

    How do we teach “let go” in terms of the play biting problem when our German shepherd pup doesn’t like tug??

  41. Eleanor Smith

    My dog was fast asleep until Zak said “tug” which is his favourite game. Awake and ready to play haha

  42. Tessa Grace

    I keep seeing ppl saying they were a bit scared by her in episode 1. I have a ten month 120 pound mastiff, and his behavior is exactly like this. Not fun when you’re a younger teenage girl who’s super small for your age. He’s not aggressive, but he jumps and bites when he gets overexcited. I weigh less than him, so nooot good. He knows sit, down, and bed (placement command), so that’s a plus, and he’s good on leash. It’s playtime when all that falls apart, and he goes crazy. He’s a sweetheart, but he’s still a puppy, and has that over-the-top, hyper mindset.

  43. Mohan Gautam

    HI Zak, My GSD pup is 4 months old and has exactly these same issues…is it the right time to start addressing them exactly like this? Also , how many treats can I give her…she hardly obeys without treats and does anything for some.

  44. 4K NoCopyrightMusic

    Not even kidding, all of the comments that I saw when I was scrolling through and reading the comments and Zak had hearted almost all of them!

  45. artemio berg

    This is the perfect series that’s gonna be easier to understand cause Moira is pretty much the same as my dog so it’s really helpful

  46. Jenny Petros

    Omg she is so smart! You can totally see that she is engaging and learning so quickly!

  47. Bhavana Shah

    We have a malamute with the exact same training issues. I am so happy to see the same struggles that we went through. He is better now but still reacts to dogs. That one bit hasn’t gone away. I will keep watching the series as it is very helpful. Thank you for doing this.

  48. Alexandra Crilly

    Thank you! I’m on the first week with my rescue dog with some of the same behaviors and this is a lifesaver!

  49. Noah & Atlas

    Is her future owner going to be someone experienced with high drive dogs or German shepherds?

  50. idontcare74

    It’s like he kidnapped my gsd puppy lol

  51. dina jevne abdul-jauwad

    HI Zak Love your vids, I was wondering if you could say how old Moira is?

  52. Nicki Loder

    We’ve had our puppy, Cannoli, for almost a month now and we tried crate training or even having him sleep in a bed in our room but the only way he’s able to sleep through the night and not be an anxious mess is by sleeping in our bed. I’m so glad that you guys are doing this series, I know I’m going to learn a lot to help ease us into some middle ground!

  53. 冰清

    I have a gsd boy and he is exactly like her, anytime I walk to a different room even, he barks and if he is in crate, as long as I don’t lie right next to him, more than half of the times he will bark until we cannot take that loud noise and let him out. I think they are extra clingy compared to other dogs especially when they really like you

  54. Chirayu Jadhav

    The moment when he realised he hasn’t taught her “stay” was lol

  55. Southern Loon Retrievers


  56. Jasmine Zuhary

    She’s literally just like my dog

  57. Morgan Sundqvist

    Really appreciate the series

  58. Andrea N

    I’d never seen a dog pull as hard as my 7 month old pup until now. Love this series.

  59. Matthew Taylor

    She is such a wonderful little girl. 💕 I love her drive and personality.

  60. Elliot LG

    Thank you! That’s what I need for my German shepherd 👍🏻

  61. cinnamongirl622

    What an excellent series!! I’m sharing this with my sister,who has a lot of the same issues with her rescue dog,Augustus (aka “Gus”,lol) a Belgian Malinois. THANK YOU Zak & Bree~and good to see a little of Miss Inertia in this episode. 😊

  62. zeus phenom

    Kinda early love ur vids❤

  63. Meghan Elkins

    Oh, Zak, you are secretly thrilled that she isn’t a crate dog.

  64. Ansh Kapoor

    Your videos have been so helpful, I’ve just adopted a german shepherd and he’s doing so good❤

  65. Itzel Trujillo

    Am prepared to get a puppy thanks to your videos !!!! Period

  66. Angie Liu

    Zach, what happened to your studio space?

  67. cat saeteurn

    Love love episode 2! Helpful tips on knowing the pup was anxious in crate. I love the realness of everything captured from episode 1 being overwhelmed and episode two messy hair because it’s reality!! I can definitely relate too. Thank you for all the tips!

  68. fatima mukadam

    How old is she

  69. Renee Premaza

    I hope he gives her a slow-feed bowl. She scarfs her food down. Prevent bloat with a slow-feed dog bowl.

  70. Jason Anderson

    Love your videos. I’ve always taken a positive approach like this when training my dogs. Found your channel about a month ago, when we got a new puppy. After watching a few of your videos I also grabbed your book off of amazon. Been reading through it and watching your videos. I have learned a few new things. Can’t wait to start to teach our new puppy to catch frisbees. My wife and I’s first dog loved catching frisbees.


    Amazing! I can’t believe the progress!! 😁😁

  72. Christine Alix

    Our crazy pit is barker jumper biter spaztastic Nazareth 7mos.and getting BIG very intelligent and sweet becoming more spaztacular.and adorable.Moira.helps.

  73. Captin Ash

    Hate to be that guy but magnets repel each other 😅

  74. iheartigloos

    I imagine this isn’t easy to film in your own home for you or your family! So I just wanted to say thank you both for bringing us into your home, filming at times you might normally not be inclined to, being open and honest, and for dedicating 2 weeks to Moira. 🐶💗🙌🏻

  75. Ashlee

    “Just give me those treats already!” She says lol

  76. Christine Alix

    At bedtime we give the cuddle.muffin.command good puppy

  77. Rena Crayons

    I don’t understand why people get mad at how he trains his dog because it obviously works and it keeps the dog happy

  78. kishore s

    Thank you zak for the app, I cant believe its free, really help full, appreciated 🙏

  79. Bill Groel

    I have a 6 Month shepherd that uses her mouth on us . This training is excellent thank you for sharing

  80. Adriana Timková

    Super 👍👍👍

  81. Jon Albar

    Zak, you always say not to use treats with fetch, as the dog is less likely to be mouthy. My dog responds just fine to treats during fetch and I feel we are making improvements. Is that okay though, or am I doing harm in the long run? Thanks you’ve been a huge help and inspiration.

  82. Paula Gabriela

    Dogs are just so pure and loving 🥰

  83. Random Person

    great series. gives me hope for my 18 week old biting, chewing, crying spoiled monster.

  84. Jenn Hahn

    Zach you have helped me to train my Rottweiler puppy many new things. However, I’m having such a difficult time with the playful biting and jumping on people but I know we will get it. Thank you so much for all the helpful videos!!!

  85. Minna H

    Thank you for these videos! I could be watching my 2 year old rescue. The biting, jumping and anxiety looks very familiar. With these ideas we continue our Journey.

  86. Lusine Davtyan

    Hey Zak.I have a question.When you teach your dog with treats then if you ask him to do tricks without giving him a treat…Is that ok i mean wont he be waiting for a treat??

    I have this problem that my parents are going through i told them (it wont happen) but now im starting to worry.

    Please answer i need your advice

  87. Jade

    i love this! i couldn’t find any videos of you training a dog like this. i mostly watched for learning tricks. this new series is going to be so helpful for my german shepherd. he has really bad separation anxiety and he walks so well even as a heel, but as soon as a dog passes he loses complete focus. i’m so glad to see a dog being trained with the same issues my dog has.

  88. Roman

    Hey Zac, why are you teaching your dog to look at you? As normally between dogs this would be a threat

  89. Vinay Haalgaar

    Such an useful series! Kudos to you Zak for putting this effort out without filtering out the failures. This helps a ton in building the confidence of a dog owner to start training. This shows that ‘It is possible’ at any stage. Thank you for this series & all your good work. I’m thinking to get my first lab shortly. Your videos have increased my dog training confidence. I live in an apartment 4th floor & I’m at least 5 minutes away from a grass yard/road. That’s the only thing still holding me from getting a lab puppy. Potty training is the only worry I’ve. Hope I can make a decision soon.

  90. Jose Alvarez

    Great video guys.

  91. Sonali Sareen

    Yesss loving the new series!!!!!

  92. ParadiseofDarkness

    You want to her to be tired, and you must leave her alone nearly a whole day in the cage. If not days with ofcourse potty, feeding so on. No extra training.

    You want her cage to be bed time only at first then when she feels good about that put her in it the day.

    Put nylon bone in there for her nervous.

    Sleeping by her is not a good idea because you are inforcing that shell always have someone. Why I always have a room or leave my dogs at night NEVER DAY in a car cage. So they know that you wont be with them.

    I train german shepherd dogs for 15 years and this is how I solve this problem with silly pups.

  93. Tiffany wairimu kariuki

    the fact you’re taking your time to teach your viewers how to train their dogs so that they dont end up in shelters is amazing.Keep doing what your doing❤

  94. Angel Coronel

    Idk why people say your ruining your dog but if it wasn’t for u my pug would’ve not learned to sit, stay and to walk off and on leash thanx

  95. Ha-chan the Poodle

    I like how you adjust the training ‘menu’ like using a crate or bed, and make sure she is not too anxious. I believe that’s a great communication right there💕

  96. iris

    So excited to see how you deal with seperation anexiety

  97. Sam Bloomquist

    I got a 1 year old Australian Cattle Dog rescue 6 months ago and a lot of his behaviors remind me of Moira’s. He’s my first dog and it’s been a huuuuge and stressful learning process for me (and for Joey too probably!) I love seeing these videos because I feel less alone in my struggles and I can learn more about how to train him better. Thank you Zak!!

  98. Jade Foo

    Is that a ddr German shepherd?

  99. JB

    Zak keeps talking about her “new family” as if he’s not gonna end up adopting her. 🤣

  100. Piyush Jain

    Waiting for episode 3 desperately

  101. Eksl H

    Why not put a blanket over the crate? That’s what I did to crate train my dog. That way it was dark and more “den” like. My dog would bark more if she could see us and probably felt like she was trapped. When we put the blanket over the top, she would calm down 😊

  102. Celeste Reece

    I watched the kona series and I wonder how you do it.

  103. Shaurya Pathak

    Hey there is this guy which is hating your videos with inertia search it on YouTube you will be mad at

  104. Tranism

    This series is TRANSFORMATIVE. Thank you for showing this.

  105. Celeste Reece

    I have a 3 month old puppy where should I start .

  106. Karen Shen

    Hi Zak I have some questions for you what is you favorite dog breed and is Inertia a border collie mix anyway your dog is beautiful!

  107. Joseph Solomon

    These videos have been such a great help. The best part of these is he actually shows his mistakes as they happen, rather than only showing the success. It shows that doesn’t matter how good you are, you still have struggles and that helps me know that I can do better too!

  108. jan kloppers

    Pls make more vids with inertia

  109. Fehroh

    What I’m excited for most in this series is seeing how Zak trains her so she can relax around other dogs. Also, I’m really happy you’re doing an episodic series Zak! I hope more people find your videos.

  110. Cheramy Warren

    How old is this gsd?

  111. loverrlee

    THANK YOU FOR THIS!!! We have a rescue and he has a lot of these same problems. He’s a little dog but we know that he still needs all the same training as big dogs. This series has been immensely helpful!

  112. Daniela Fragoso

    I have a question. My dog loves to bite and destroy everything she can so I can’t place a blanket inside her little doggy house or she will pull it out and get it all dirty and recked .But then I feel bad that she doesn’t have a blanket to warm her up at night. Is there any type of training that I could do with her to fix that?

  113. Chloe Wilkes

    If only luring little brothers into their bedrooms to stop being annoying would work as easily as it did on Moira 😂

  114. Joy

    My gsd got in accident and broke her pelvis, doctor suggested to not do a surgery because it would cause complications. So now after the accident it has been three days and my dog hasn’t pooped yet. So I want to know what should I do that she will relieve herself.

  115. Raelin Cerney

    OMG I was only, like, 5 seconds into this video when I liked I have never liked that fast b4! Lol 💙❤️

  116. Julia Abdalla

    You don’t understand, I LOVE THIS SERIES!

  117. moonlightstars430

    Adorable pupper!

  118. streamcrzy24

    Im trying to train my dog with treats to spin and heel but he doesn’t follow the treat

  119. Joshua

    I have my 3 year old shihtzu Lily sleep with me. But seeing this I do need to help her on the recall I see her anxiety and stay is good from your videos

  120. Hannah D

    This really proves that there are no bad dogs just inexperienced trainers. It’s amazing what good technique in training can do for a dog. Most dogs really try to make us happy so we should try to communicate as clearly as possible

  121. Luis Castillo

    I hope you one day get a tv series. I know YouTube is great and you have already reached millions of people, but you definitely deserve that. Thanks to you I have been able to train my 2 dogs (Pomeranian and jack russell/ schnauzer terrier). They are not perfect but with your help they behave so much better than they once did. Thanks ! And keep up the great work!

  122. curious wiki

    The series gets better andd better with every episode! Waiting for the day when Moira meets Inertia and Indy

  123. All Things Blue

    Why did we get canine intervention on Netflix when we could have gotten this?

  124. Shanley Mello

    Really enjoying this series, so educational and I love the fact that it has real life, unedited bits in this series. Thanks for keeping it real.

  125. Nadia Sino

    Not me checking your posts cuz im getting a dog soon and i want to be ready

  126. alokeparna ray

    In such a situation is it a good idea to put the crate on the bed? Just to get the puppy more comfortable maybe? Also, when I try to hold a toy in a way that my puppy can’t move it anymore she proceeds to nipping on my hand. Any suggestions?

  127. Lyn Hill

    I must admit, I found Moira a bit scary at the start of episode 1. What you have done with her so far has already made me see what a lovely dog she potentially is and how intelligent. Keep up the good work!

  128. dazzling black

    Just installed the pupford app.. Starting the ’30 day perfect pup’ training tomorrow.. I’m pretty sure my pug will be a well behaved fur baby! Thank you

  129. Seemab Paul

    What i want to see is how you crate train her

  130. Sophie Lange

    Great series

  131. D Cook

    Have you ever trained 2 simultaneously?

  132. Kate Schneider

    This series means so much to me. As an owner of another energetic rescue dog, I have been trying so hard to work on a lot of the behavior issues that I’m seeing in Moira in this series. Thank you for giving me a real, blow-by-blow resource to help me through our struggles. Thank you so much for this series 😊

  133. D Cook

    Thank you nice ep!

  134. Keller Ayra

    Unwanted consequences……. you must have a few bruises between the nibbles and jumping. Ouch. The new owners and Moira will REALLY appreciate your sacrifice!!

  135. lucas faria

    what kind of frisbee does he use?

  136. Snyders

    my dog is a angel around strangers and in my home but when she see’s a dog or person she knows its over she’s out of control lol

  137. Michel Fazaa

    What should o do my dog is 2 month old he runs a lot he runs with every one except of me what should i do

  138. The existing Waffle

    Hi! My dog is a one-year-old, black poodle. I have him for two months now.

    He doesn’t play with toys. He’s very shy and is scared to try new things with people, because he’s frightened that I will be mad at him (which I’m not. Honestly). He likes people and is really friendly with them if I’m with him, because he trusts me (I think). Sometimes he does what he wants and doesn’t listen to me. Then when I feel like he’s not doing it, I come up to him and he becomes scared and stressed out. He isn’t always scared. When I go outside with him, he runs around and is happy, but unfortunatly still doesn’t play with toys.

    I really hope that with time he’ll start playing and will be more corageous, but now he is very quiet, and is very shy.

    Maybe you could give me some tips on how to boost up his motivation?

  139. gsb

    One thing I’d like answered is how to deal with a dog that bites your hand in an attempt to take the treat. My 4-5 month husky does that. Thanks.

  140. ozpaws

    SO many people would have given up on this dog. Thanks for not giving up!

  141. zayvier69

    Hubba hubba

  142. Laura Moore

    This series is so great! I love watching dogs transform. We have a 1.5 year old Labradoodle (who was the exact same age as Inertia when her series came out!) hopefully we will start fostering dogs in the next year! This series is so inspiring!

  143. Nerdfighter21

    I know Youtube is a giant money-making factory that manufactures authenticity and YTers are rewarded for participating in that BUT…I really enjoyed the unpolished “realness” of this video. Helps me feel so much better about my own puppy messiness/anxiety. Thanks Zak (and Bri!). <3

  144. Aditri N

    Only been two days and she’s already calmer! Best dog trainer I’ve seen ❤️

  145. ·Positive Reinforcement Canine Training·

    Do you have any advice for a 6-8 month old female lab? I’m training her basic obedience and she bites the leash like a dog, steals toys, jumps fences, and only know sit and and is potty trained. I have only done one 20 minute training session so far, and id REALLY love some advice!

  146. D Merida

    Zak, my rescue dog barks and growls when I take the tug toy away when he lets go. Recommendations on how to stop that?

  147. Brian Beswick

    Food in the crate is how I crate trained my dog. It worked really well. We actually keep her primary food and water bowl in her crate and we can just tell her the word crate and she will go sit and stay in it even if the crate stays open.

  148. Cactus Bee Crafts

    Yes!!! I’ve been waiting for this. Thank you.

  149. Keira Fonseca

    this should be a netflix series ……. i mean id watch it!

  150. Jayden Kufahl

    Waited 4 days for this 😊

  151. dumplings1997

    This is what I’ve been waiting for! I can’t wait until you get to the leash training 🤧🤧🤧

  152. Sushant Priya

    I love watching Zak, helps a lot with my 6 month old Rottweiler. Lots of love.

  153. Mervyn Caldwell


  154. Peeyush anand

    Got my old memories back I’m finally watching your channel after 3 years

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  156. Diana C.

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