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Dog parents know the importance of high quality dog ​​food brands. We want our dogs to have adequate nutrition and nothing bad in their meals, but sometimes there is a problem: dogs don’t eat dog food. The best way to find out if your pet likes his nibble is to Find free dog food samples and test them with your dog.

Before you say looking for free dog food samples is weird, anyone who has ever tried switching brands of dog food knows that it can be a challenging task. Some dogs are picky eaters and it is frustrating to buy bag after bag of dog food and have your dog refuse it.

Trying pet food for free is a great way to avoid this problem and save money. But where do you find these dog food samples, and should pet owners even consider this before spending their money on top quality dog ​​food? Here’s what you should know.

Where can I find free dog food samples?

List of places for free dog food samples

It used to be easy to find samples. Many popular brands like Purina, Pedigree, Blue Buffalo, The Honest Kitchen, Nutrish and others offer free samples on their websites, however they don’t do that anymore. Instead, they now offer something called “Dog food sample boxes”At a low price.

A dog food sample box is just a tiny amount that contains a few servings (12oz – 2lb) of the nibbler and the brand of that brand costs $ 5-10. These are usually enough to determine if your pooch likes the taste of this dog food before purchasing a full bag. Here are some of the most popular dog food sample boxes:

preview product rating
The honest whole grain-free food ... The honest whole grain-free food … 2,358 ratings
CRAVE Grain Free Adult High Protein Natural Dry ... CRAVE Grain Free Adult High Protein Natural Dry … 5,220 ratings
Rachael Ray Nutrish PEAK Natural dry dog ​​food, ... Rachael Ray Nutrish PEAK Natural dry dog ​​food, … 4,030 ratings
ORIJEN dry food for cats, Regional Red, Organic ... ORIJEN dry food for cats, Regional Red, Organic … 2,809 ratings
ORIJEN dry dog ​​food, original, organic ... ORIJEN dry dog ​​food, original, organic … 3,713 ratings

Brands that still offer free samples of dog food

While well-known pet food brands no longer offer free samples, some companies continue to do so. Below are some lesser known brands and some websites where you can subscribe to a one-time free delivery of dog food samples.

Note: Sometimes these sites above run out of samples so you might have to check in again in a month or two. Some may have already discontinued their pet food sampling program. It used to be easy to search for keywords free dog food samples and got lots of websites that offer free groceries, but that era is unfortunately over. Most pet food companies are currently too big and there are too many “free orders” to continue.

What are free dog food samples?

Free dog food samples are exactly what you think: companies that send you small portions of dog food to try so you know whether or not your dog will love the taste of this brand of dog food. Finding patterns can be a challenge at times, but hopefully this article will help you with that.

Samples of free dog food are often categorized based on the following criteria:

  • Single formula per sample
  • Paid shipping (usually)
  • No more than five samples per order
  • Depending on availablity

However, pet parents who want to know where to find free dog food samples need to remain cautious and careful. There are many poor quality dog ​​products out there, and some can be harmful.

Much like anything else you buy or dog products that you get for free, all you need to do is request your free dog food samples from trusted brands and reliable companies. When you sign up for a free dog food trial and receive the food, make sure it is in a fully sealed package and that it is free of holes or tears.

In light of recent dog food recalls, find out more about the company and brand of food you would like to try. Make sure the dog food company is reliable and their brand of snack foods has not been recalled in the past few months. Even though these are only small samples of dog food, you still need to be sure that they are safe for your pet.

Want to learn more about the best brands of dog food and which brand of dog food is currently the most popular with pet owners? Check out the following articles, especially the first from our DVM representative:

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How do I choose free dog food samples?

How do I choose free dog food samples?

Free dog food samples are plentiful to order online, so we need to filter out the bad stuff and find only the good dog food samples. The best thing you can do first is decide what type of dog food to give your Fido and focus on finding free dog food samples specifically for that type and brand.

Here are some examples:

  • Wet dog food: High moisture content dog food. Usually canned dog food.
  • Dry dog ​​food: Low moisture dog food. They can include molds, pellets, nibbles, flakes, cookies, or mixers.
  • Semi-moist dog food: Soft pellets with a chewy texture, usually packaged in bags.

Then you have to decide whether you want to give your dog complete dog food or supplementary dog ​​food.

In summary, complete dog food are nutritionally complete and provide your dog with all the nutrients he needs. Complementary dog ​​food are designed only as part of your pooch’s diet and must be fed with another type of dog food to ensure good nutrition. AFFCO has a great PDF on the subject that you can read for more details.

Once you have decided what type of dog food to give your dog, it is a good idea to start thinking about the nutritional content of that dog food. This can already be decided if your dog has been diagnosed with an allergy to certain foods or if there is a health condition that requires a certain diet.

Once you’ve chosen the type and type of dog food you want to feed your dog, you can quickly refine your search and find free dog food samples. Again, remember to always check and make sure there are no recalls for the pet food you are trying. It is your responsibility to choose dog nibbles that are safe and healthy for your Fido.

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