WHEN YOU REALIZE WHY your puppy doesn’t listen to you outside.. #dogtraining #puppytraining #shorts

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WHEN YOU REALIZE WHY your puppy doesn’t listen to you outside.. #dogtraining #puppytraining #shorts

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3 Thoughts to “WHEN YOU REALIZE WHY your puppy doesn’t listen to you outside.. #dogtraining #puppytraining #shorts”

  1. Elizabeth H

    Hey Zak, how do you feel about dog parks? I’ve heard lots of negative things about them. I’ve been taking my 7 month old puppy to a local park, and it seems to be working for us, but I just wanted to know your opinion. The park we go to consists of mostly daily regulars, all well behaved and trained dogs, everyone cleans up after their dog in the park, it’s spacious but not too big to be unmanageable. It’s been getting my 7 month old puppy’s energy out big time, she’s very active and loves to run and play with other dogs.
    I’ve heard that dog parks can reverse training and can cause dogs to become reactive, but I haven’t seen that so far, don’t want it to get to that level though.
    We work on training at the park as well, her recall is wonderful even with all the distractions, our communication is pretty solid.

  2. e

    I love seeing actual “imperfect” (for lack of a better word) behaviour in dog training videos. So often it’s with dogs—even puppies—who already know everything that’s being shown and it can be very intimidating to see for people who are still learning, and I think it makes people have the wrong expectations for their dogs. Which isn’t fair to the dogs OR the owners and won’t help build the relationship. Thank you for sharing much more of the reality with your little wild one! 🤍

  3. Tess & I

    I have a question. In this clip specifically, wouldn’t you say Veronica is just learning that if she barks at the debris it flies away? Like the old example of a dog barking at the mailman and thinking that’s why the mailman goes away everyday. I’d be inclined to acknowledge whatever she’s upset about. “I see, are you barking at that plastic bag? Don’t worry it’s nothing.” I’d hope that would make her reconnect with me and I could praise that. It seems to have worked with my dog. She’s an adult now but this is what I did when she was younger. If she’s suspicious of something the phrase “oh, I see” seems to reduce her worry. Then we can check it out together. Kind of like her job is to let me know there’s something suspicious but not to try to drive it off herself. Of course it doesn’t always go that smoothly, especially in training. But most of the time now if she’s outside and she barks at something once or twice she then comes running in the house to let me know there’s something going on. Veronica is wonderful, she would be such a fun dog to have. I can’t wait for the DNA results, she has to have some kind of sighthound in her because of those long, long legs. I enjoy all your videos, thanks for standing up for positive/reward training methods.

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