When These Pack Hunters Surround You, Death Is Unavoidable
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When These Pack Hunters Surround You, Death Is Unavoidable

Animals that create groups for hunting purposes are called pack hunters, however their groups might have other names such as basks, pods, clans, prides and colonies. These animals have plenty of benefits from this method of hunting: a larger group implies there are more chances of catching the prey, which means prey is bigger too and is protected by opportunists. But in wilderness everything has its downside: although all members contribute to the hunt and have specific tasks, sometimes prey is not enough for every member of the group and unfortunately, this causes aggression and fights between them.

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8 Thoughts to “When These Pack Hunters Surround You, Death Is Unavoidable”

  1. Katelyn Ramirez

    Depends on the situation it would be the wolves if they were hunting, but it would be the grizzly bear if it was a mom with its cub

  2. Mayowa Abudu

    It the Wolf

  3. osama aloush

    I’m 4th also I think grizzly bears more deadly

  4. FoggyHen552587

    Not if you have a dog that is a serious big and bad then your ok

  5. Andrea Du prezz

    Pack of wolves

  6. # Coach2win

    Pack of wolves are more dangers compared to a brown bear unless you are messing with her Cubs….

  7. Omar Opqhe

    Thank you I loved 👍

  8. Biologist!! TP!!!

    Lions tigers bears oh my !!!🦁🐯🐻

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