Episode 65 What to Do After Losing a Dog
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What to Do After Losing a Dog

The death of a beloved dog, or any pet, can be a very traumatic experience and one many of us have faced.

How we handle our stress can be largely dependent on the people we surround ourselves with and what we do immediately following the loss.

I sincerely hope that this video will help you to better cope with one of the hardest times in your life.

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28 Thoughts to “What to Do After Losing a Dog”

  1. Robert Cabral

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  2. Jannell Meagher

    Though I have owned many dogs, raising pups for visually impaired people is also emotional. Though I know the dog will be matched and move on, the good bye is hard. It is painful. Great video Robert. I believe God gives us so much love to love another dog in time.

  3. Angela Ross

    I find my self wanting to cuddle any dog I see just now. 🐶I’m lost my cat of 13 years in april and my dog of 8years in July 2020. And omg I’ve never felt so much sadness ever in me life.. I also feel bad sometimes because I never felt the pain with my cat…. But it is such different feeling with both. I’m slowly coming though the other side just now. But defo I’ve never felt anything like that in my life… thanks for this vid I really needed to here this.. ❤️

  4. Sepnyte

    I lost both my dogs, King and Timmy, three months apart in 2019. The first one to an attack and the other one to an undetected ulcer. King was only four and Timmy was seven.

    King was diagnosed with arthritis at just two years old. The vet told us to put him down right then and there but we got a second opinion that told us that with the right medication, he could live a few more years. So we let him live and we decided that when he had had enough, then it was time. Sadly, it never got to that point. He got mauled by an off-leash dog, right in front of Timmy.

    My dad took the loss of King so hard, he still won’t talk about it whatsoever. Everytime me and my mom sit and talk about the memories we have of him, my dad leaves the room.

    Timmy, most likely from the stress of witnessing what happened to King because he stopped eating properly, developed an ulcer that he hid until it was too late. I was at work when my mother called me and told me that he was dying. I dropped everything to get to him and made it just in time to say goodbye.

    Now I have another dog, a Corgi(whose snoring on my lap right now lol), Ludvik,who I got seven months later. I still feel sad about losing King and Timmy but it just felt like it was time.

  5. Diane Gatchalian

    Robert, thank you so much for discussing an important topic that has weighed heavy on me emotionally.

  6. Donald Dj

    Mr. Robert, I am so sorry My friend, more then-words can say, My Dogs are my Best friends, My love my everything, I feel so blessed I have them Thank GOD, for the time I have with them, Dogs Love you unconditionally better than money in the bank…

  7. Esten Ray

    Brilliant advice from someone I truly respect and trust after watching many hours of your excellent videos! I have worked with mainly GSD’s since I was 18 years old and started working with them as a ski patrol man doing avalanche recovery work back in the late 1970’s in New Mexico ( back then they were the only breed doing that kind of work). Now 4 decades later and 9 best friend GSD’s down the road. I can definitely testify that it never gets easier to say good bye and that yours is the best advice I have heard to date on this difficult subject. Thank you once again for your excellent and accessible advice!

  8. Theophillus Baloyi

    Thank you so much for this podcast Robert. I lost my dog, Ghost, two days ago. I’ve been a wreck, and I’m finding it so hard to leave my room and see other people, let alone clean it or sleep. He was like my baby and I loved him with all my heart. My constant prayer is that wherever he is he knows that I think about him all the time and I love him with all my heart. It is very consoling to come across this video from you and to know that I’m not the only one who feels like this when they lose a dog.
    Thank you once again

  9. Marcia McGrory

    My Rex (gsd) was slowly dieing with dm(no pain) was over a year since diagnosed and lost use of hind legs, struggling with holding himself up…when I noticed a gsd on fb that was not finding a home. I watched these fb posts for sometime and finally contacted the rescue I was wanting to foster but they wanted straight adoption. At that time they had another family interested. They contacted me when that family did not work out and we adopted sept. 13. Rex really liked him and our other 2 gsd were warming up to him. He became critically ill 48 hrs after we got him, pulled through that and was doing fine. We had decided to bury Rex in back yard and with much crying had him pts late Oct. the 2 girls mourned as much as I did , going daily to his grave site. Early dec. We had to go out of town and left the 3 at the vets dropping them off fri and picking up Monday. Moka the new dog did seem right…middle of night he was having labored breathing, Meka would not leave his side. I rushed him to vets and they put him in oxygen room where he collapsed and did not recover. Your pod cast has meant so much to me. I still cry daily and the girls look for there friend. They still go to Rex’s grave. Burying Moka was not an option so he was cremated. Meka has moved her bed in front of his crate and will go there to rest from time to time. We taken the girls to the beach for Christmas and New Years. Where I cry , Meka searches from time to time and Myla is sleeping a lot. We miss them so much, I agree with everything you said. Thank you so much

  10. Amy Lewis

    I am so appreciative of this video much needed my Lilly passed away in my arms 4 years ago 2016 she was my world, and I am searching for help with my grief can’t handle this pain seems like it was just yesterday this happened!! HELP!!!

  11. Jean Tarry

    You are the first person that expressed and displayed complete and utter comprehension of the immense pain experienced by one who has deeply loved and bonded with their dog. I lost my Beloved Tigger on August 10th, and the pain is unrelenting. I’m disabled, don’t work, have no transportation, and Tig and I were together, just the 2 of us, 24/7, for 8.5 years. He was my world. Thanks for being who you are.💔🐾💔🐾💔

  12. PuxOf

    oh man, this really hits me hard. thanks for the best advice

  13. The Jindo Man

    Thank you for this podcast, was crying thru some of it. When I lost my dog over 15 years ago I spent more time with the horses. I was offered a few dogs, but I couldn’t do it. About 14 months after my dog passed my Jindo (The Jindo Man) just happened to me: he was a stray and I had to take him in to help find him a home. That was 14 years ago and The Jindo Man is still with me, laying down next to me as I am typing this. I was so shut down from the loss I was not able to think about getting another dog – this Jindo just happening to me was a blessing and probably the only way I was going to get another dog. Now I don’t think I want to wait that long in between dogs. I often think about my dog that passed and the sense of loss is still there but all the acceptance and love he had for me and the joy and learning we shared are also there. His ashes are in an urn in my living room – the black velvet bag that covers the urn reads “Until we meet again at the rainbow bridge”. I don’t know if that could ever happen, but there’s a part of him that is imprinted on my soul and is going to be forever with me.

  14. Darrow Richardson

    Thank you Robert; very timely advice.


    I can’t even read these comments thinking about losing my dog would be horrible. He’s in the thumbnail btw

  16. CEE Cee Collins

    Over my lifetime I’ve had Dobermans purebreds German shepherds , Weimaraner‘s, pit bulls. I have all of them cremated and people think I’m crazy but I want them to be buried with me. My two young German Shepherd‘s that I have now that I am training I have a provision in my will just in case they outlive me. The breeder is of no help they would only be sent off to military or police dogs, they are a handful they’re two females. I thought I had the perfect home for them 5 acres fenced in, that has fallen through. Any advice ??
    People say I’m putting the cart before the horse I just don’t want my dogs to end up in the shelter I want them well taken care of.

  17. Granny Gear

    It so difficult. Still mourning the death of my Alaskan husky, Zoey due to kidney failure. I tried so hard hand feeding her with a syringe. It drew me more deeply into her sweet heart. She asked me to let her go and the vet came over. Not sure I will ever get over missing her, 3 months now. I have 3 other rescues she mentored and taught them things I could not. I know and understand the pain. Such is love.

  18. Vanessa Ortega

    Wow. I definitely understand you. Wanna hear something crazy? Over the past 5 weekends my dorkie dog gotten attacked by coyotes (survived) next weekend my aunties dog got killed by one of her dogs, following week my cousin dog killed her cat, the next weekend after that my moms dog gotten a fractured leg from a bigger dog. Following weekend, (Christmas)my aunties alpha dog killed another dog of hers. I’v grown with a handful of animals. Iv had many pets that have passed first was my German Shepard that lived for 13 years. My horse,dogs, rams, birds, rats, and fish. I can see the difference with how each one of us all approach with a loss of a pet. Thank you for your time. I’m glad you grieved for your pet and gotten help.

  19. Kathi Dori

    Dear Robert, you’r so wise and true. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, your experience and your feelings. As you say, suffering is a part of life, but I wish you, your mother and your family, and your audience the very most peaceful and joyful days . 🕯

  20. Kathi Dori

    I believe animals , specially pets, teach us about our lifes: pregnancy, birth, childhood, adult years and old age. They bring us to think about our creator, God, and where from do we come and where to will we go……about life and eternal life.

  21. NoobON TwoWheelz

    Especially hard when it comes out of nowhere. When I was kid I had a red Dobie. He was about 8 or 9 years old when one day he just couldn’t get up. He was fine the day before it seemed. Within a week he was dead.

  22. Brynlee Elyse

    Hi Boys 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  23. Derek Nelson

    It’s one of the worst feelings. It’s not just a dog it’s a Friend. A Dogs love and loyalty Is like losing a piece of your soul.

  24. Hector's Kmetija

    I’ve had many creatures, my first Doby “Hector” I lost years ago and still mortified. On the flip side I’ve had a GSD and ferret that I never bonded with, there was just no connection! Never could understand why not, both lovely well behaved fellows.

  25. Margaret Foley

    I eat keto. Fab x

  26. sharman collins

    The HARDEST part of owning a dog , is SAYING GOODBYE

  27. C D

    I’m so sorry for your loss❤️

  28. Amber Sullivan

    I just lost my first dog, my best friend for 14 years, two days ago. I feel so broken

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