What Makes Dogs Dangerous - Robert Cabral Dog Training Podcast - Episode 31

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What Makes Dogs Dangerous – Robert Cabral Dog Training Podcast – Episode 31

What makes a dog dangerous? Is it attacking a person, killing another dog, attacking a child? How many times does a dog need to bite to be dangerous? Are dogs dangerous and aggressive from birth or is it a learned behavior? What breeds are more aggressive? I address all of these issues and more in this podcast.

I think it’s an important topic to address and get to the bottom of. Dangerous and aggressive dogs put everyone and their dogs and other pets at risk. How can you handle these dogs and are they safe to own? Who should and can own them and handle them is also important to understand.

Based on my 10+ years working with animal shelters and rescue groups, training behaviorally challenged dogs and evaluating them gives me a unique insight into this topic. I hope you’ll enjoy this podcast.

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33 Thoughts to “What Makes Dogs Dangerous – Robert Cabral Dog Training Podcast – Episode 31”

  1. Catherine Morris

    Oh, now I can hear you loud and clear.

  2. Catherine Morris

    I can’t hear you. My media volume is at 100%.

  3. bassey Emmanuel

    you inspire me a lot 👌👏

  4. Tesla Nick

    I’ve been training obedience etc for over 15 years and wouldn’t have clue about training for protection work or even picking the right dog and without a good decoy would be impossible anyway. Anyone tempted to do it themselves is asking for their own dog to cause them serious injury. I’ve heard enough horror stories (from colleagues who work in the field) of dogs who have nailed the handler instead of the target to know it’s no laughing matter.

  5. Jarrod Holley

    Bought my pitbull from dog fighters to save him found on a Facebook post I turned them in when I was invited to watch the dad fight to see the genetics he has no aggression I tried working bite work with him no intrest but has great obedience and loves everyone great pit I’m going to get a Dutch shepherd later on from a good breader friend of mine once my health is well enough to spend enough time with it training my pitbull caused me to get a pressure ulcer from being in my chair to long

  6. YWNM

    I always say that I’m happy my male chihuahua is not the same size as my 80 lbs female German Shepherd.

  7. Margaret Baker

    Great video. Question is…my neighbor got a pit puppy about 2 months ago. The puppy is about 4 months now. From day 2 the children has walked the puppy. I have noticed that with the girl ( her age around 10), the puppy is very forceful with her, nipping at her hands, feet, grabbing her jacket arms. There is lots of tugging from the puppy. I have seen the girl trying to get the puppy off her jacket and twirl her around. My thoughts is the puppy is going to be dominant over her. The pup doesn’t not act like this with the mom. My question is should I say something about the pups behavior, if so how do I approach the issue in a neighborly way. Thanks for any help….again love your wisdom and great work.

  8. Whit 350z

    So thankful for your page…I have a little beagle puppy and I have definitely made mistakes in the past with a few dogs…I’m trying to get it right this time. Thanks for the help

  9. Doug Poole

    Best podcast and YouTube channel for all dog related topics.

  10. Jo Do

    I just had my new rescue dog evaluated today. She’s bitten me 6 times (15 separate bites) in three months. And then she attacked the instructor! They recommended putting her down because she is unstable and unpredictable. We really like her but I can’t have a dog that bites me out of spite, just because she doesn’t want to do or stop doing something. I rescued her to have a second chance at life and now I have to put her to sleep. That’s just heartbreaking 😭

  11. Nikhil Dogra

    Issue here in India is that there are so many strays that it is almost impossible to find out the nature of the mother dog. My dog is a rescue and we have no idea about his mother. I believe my dog to be 80% friendly and 20% dangerous. He lunges at me at night in attack standby mode with his tail wagging, hardcore resource guardian only with me (other family members can take resources but if i get agressive reactions) , playful biting when friendly and jumping on people to lick faces. He does growls and pulls his leashe if another dog comes around. Had trainers work with him but issues have not been resolved. What should i do because he is a danger to himself in some instances where the risk is of him being run over by vehicle or getting in a dog fight (he is not a fighter and he will get ripped up for sure) or licking a kid or a person face who may try to protect themselves may instead trigger a fear response in my dog resulting in a bite.

  12. tempus fugit

    Such well spoken wisdom. Thank you for sharing, you’re doing us a great service.

  13. Tunveer Mangat

    I love watching Rich Heinz as well do you support him?

  14. Fabiano Pina

    I want a spawn of Dwayne-o-mater

  15. Fabiano Pina

    Fighting dog owners are idiots. So cruel.

  16. Steve

    Great stuff as always!

  17. Onur Başoğlu

    I think its really amazing that most of what you said can be applied to humans. People can learn a lot from you.

  18. Steve

    I like the way you talk!! Call it like it is, let the truth out!

  19. German Shepherd

    ❤love your videos… your definitive in the top 3….. And that’s a big compliment with all the crazy people in the dog world🌏………😂😂😂

  20. Laurie Cloonan

    Great podcast. Thank you. I always learn something when I listen to you. 1 suggestion: if you put timestamps on individual topic points, it would be much easier to go back and review whatever is new or necessary information. You give so much information, which is greatly appreciated, I sometimes need to repeat it.

  21. Tunveer Mangat

    Great reliable podcast

  22. tamba lamba

    There’s a documentary about how to tame a fox,russians tried to tame foxes by putting them in a kennel,and when some fox shows lower aggression they breed it,and within few generations you get yourself a kitty cat.
    They’ve also tried the other way around,to breed aggressive foxes,in two or three generations they got monsters.

  23. Linda Andrews

    A funny story about bitches and their pups. I bred my Border Terrier, she had 7 pups. They were about 6 weeks old and playing in the yard. My old (14) Border Collie was laying out enjoying the spring sun. The pups found her tail a great toy and she put up with it for several minutes before getting up and telling the pups enough was enough, 4 went back to their mother three continued so we’re put in their place with that Collie look. The other continued and was bowled over and really told off, no biting just bowled over. He ran back to his mother who immediately walked away as if to say, “You were told so serves you right!”

    Both were great mothers.

  24. ali renfro

    I had a police officer try and get me to adopt a Malinois that was turned it at our local shelter. I was bombarded with texts and pictures, beautiful animal about a year old. I already have a Malinois. He was relentless. I stuck to my guns and said NO. I’m like you Mr Cabral, I didn’t want that liability. I didn’t want to deal with a Malinois with issues. About 6 months later I asked about the dog- it was adopted and returned.

  25. Joe Blow

    I deafly got a Belgian malinois for a inexperience Breeder I wouldn’t know if he was good or bad, but definitely experience and I’m dealing with a malinois that has skittishness and fear biting issues she’ll be a year on February 3

  26. AllYouKnowIsWrong

    Teeths ?!

  27. Mariusz Subocz

    my family makes fun of me. That since we got dog. I spend a lot of time learning/watching about dogs. But I want them to be able walk my dog without fear.

  28. WatcherWars

    My local therapy dog organization expressly excludes IPO Shutzhund trained dogs. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this as my experience says some of these dogs can actually be the safest animals to take into public. I think people have the false notion that accidentally saying the “attack” command will make a dog automatically bite whoever is in the area.

  29. Doug H. in VA

    Very good sound and preparation and smooth presentation!

  30. JSiah

    Good morning all, Robert, you sound sick as well. My entire family came up with a cold as well. The $9.95 subscription is fricken amazing! I wanna say, thank you so much for giving so much information. 🙏👍

  31. Tesla Nick

    I’d never considered the parenting ability of the mother causing issues. It seems so obvious now.

  32. Tesla Nick

    Microphone sounds great. You also sound like you’ve got a cold…. oh wait…. I commented too early….lol…

  33. Jerusha Joseph

    My German shepherd becomes aggressive when a stranger comes and in that aggression he even bites anyone near him.
    Please suggest how to deal with this behaviour.
    He is also very afraid of my father and when my father comes near he gets under table or bed and then starts to growl at him.
    Please help !

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