What it’s REALLY Like. Going out for THE FIRST TIME with Moira: Reality Dog Training
Pets & Animals 

What it’s REALLY Like. Going out for THE FIRST TIME with Moira: Reality Dog Training

Dog training Moira the German Shepherd in public today!

We’ll also work on training stay, fetch/frisbee, and more.

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154 Thoughts to “What it’s REALLY Like. Going out for THE FIRST TIME with Moira: Reality Dog Training”

  1. Cam Sentinel

    This is needed for youtube

  2. Larissa M.

    I am enjoying this serie so much. It has everything, funny moments, drama, tension and joys. Looking forward for the next episodes!! 🙌

  3. Trevor Osborne

    Guys I’m struggling big-time with puppy biting with my 3-month-old. I’ve tried all of Zak’s techniques but no good so far. I came across this other video from McCann’s dog training. it has a lot of positive comments for its effectiveness. I’m afraid though that it might be too rough for the puppy. What do you think?

  4. Katherine H

    You can tell Moira is an inherently great dog that just needed proper training. She’s so adorable.

  5. Hill of Beans

    Love your videos Zak. I watched them and started training my puppy at 8 weeks old. She’s almost 3 now and she loves when we do our daily training. She looks forward to it.

  6. Cindy and Jordan Mitchell

    I recently got a Australian cattle dog puppy, she is 5 months old. She is absolutely crazy..

  7. shop sal

    6:18😂 totally can relate

  8. kavita deva

    Thanks Zak. She is one handful of energy. Hope you had a nice weekend.

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  10. Fleo

    Hopefully the shelter that screens potential homes for Moira make sure that her family has experience working with dogs like her. But I do wish Zak and Bri would keep her.

  11. Tri-Edge Gaming

    Man I wish this was in spanish so I could give it to my family.

  12. Sparkle Chicken

    Silly question, but can you explain how to roll the frisbee? I’ve tried and it seems to just land with a thud a foot away from me. Not so super fun for my energetic pup.

  13. Bernadette Conant

    Do you know how many people you are educating and inspiring with your videos, and the dogs you are saving in the process? Bless you sir <3

  14. Res Leseeto

    I’ll take the dog

  15. Emilio Schmidt

    Is solid gold available in Europe as well?

  16. Tisya Kana

    This is the coolest episodes.

  17. Mysterious U

    I love this GSD to death. She is absolutely gorgeous, amazing and breath of fresh air.

  18. Kerry Kennedy

    How did you know that she didn’t need to potty after eating in the crate? Maybe the pacing around was related to this?

  19. Certified Ben

    Moira is a nice dog

  20. Sonali Sareen

    💕💕💕this series is the best!!

  21. Joshua

    I love these series still but was wondering if there is a good way to keep Lily calm while in a car that moving than things in her crate she does well. And Lily zones out when she sees a dog close by farther distance she does well.

  22. wild Runner knightshadeau

    I would love to adopt her. Even untrained. I love German shepherds and more than most are high engerge

  23. TheMLGSquid Shachar

    The solid gold website in Amazon has no products available 🙁

  24. Millaz77 CJonsson

    Love Moira and you’re a great dog-trainer. It’s great to hear you say that it won’t be solved in two weeks.

  25. L Heise

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  26. Josephine Law

    Zak, I appreciate all this work you’re doing! Can u do a series on extreme fearful, nervous dogs? They fear everything from new people, to lifts, to cars, to garbage trucks, transition from shelter to home, they won’t come out of their crate to explore despite coaxing, even being left alone won’t get them relaxed enough for them to leave their safe space, etc…..

  27. Mrs. L

    Well… as a “mom” of a young working line German shepherd male I can relate :D. They are super smart and super energetic. What a beautiful dog Moira is! She will make a great companion to a right owner.

  28. Swagsage

    Yes! Another video with Moira! You got this Zak! This will be one journey with a dog.

  29. Josephine Law

    This is absolutely my favorite one out of the other series. I have a few shelter dogs that are like that that I am hoping to get adopted out. These types of high energy dogs NEED families, they’re miserable in shelters but are the ones that often don’t get adopted.

  30. Loua

    Moira won’t improve on jumping or pulling without some form of correction. Positive training is vitally important to dog training, for sure, but you are holding her back and confusing her by refusing to tell her what NOT to do.

  31. All Things Blue

    LOVE how you stress that her mistakes are just a failure to plan or control the environment and not her “intentionally being naughty”. Love that you show us the small errors, like proximity to other dogs without prep- so many people don’t see instant results or have a set back and give up. Thank you!

  32. piotrekell

    13:55 that leap tho’

  33. Song Says

    Door manners are so important. Use them whenever you take your dog out (groomers, vet, etc.). Make them sit and wait for your okay before going through the door. No dogs running over owners to get inside first! (Or outside–front door manners are a life-saver, sometimes quite literally.)

  34. c jacobs

    i wanna be a dog trainer and your videos really help!

  35. RMariem

    Zakkkkkkk…….. I’ll be
    Never tired of telling you.. I AM YOUR BIG FANN.. Love
    From Kashmir ” and… I’m gonna train this Dogg”♥️

  36. Lusine Davtyan

    Hi Zak.I have a question.Is the Soledgold order for the whole world or…

  37. ryan jones

    You’re marking (yes) the look command with “here”. This dog thinks here means to look at you not to come.

  38. Carolyn Vines

    Good girl, Moira! She exercised incredible restraint with the chicken thrown out the front door. 🤎💛🤎

  39. Cristina Andrea

    All dogs have their moments and she is completely fine. She has shown her improvement I love her personality. To me is perfect

  40. Adam

    It must be fun to be a professional dog trainer

  41. Adam

    She’s a good dog

  42. Flutterrbye Soon

    I’m pretty sure that Moira may be my puppies twin. I’m trying to follow you with training her, and I couldn’t ask for a better teacher. I reccomend you to everyone that has a dog. Thankyou, I will be purchasing your book soon. 😊😊😊😊😊

  43. Joyce M

    I’m so emotionally invested into Moira. I would sell my soul to be able to adopt her 🥺

  44. Karina

    Okay: so complimenting you again Zak–even though I’m not a “Purely Positive” trainer–so far, you have not “shut this dog down” at all, she’s still very confident and engaged, which is obviously what we want with a German Shepherd. I just LOVE German Shepherds. I didnt think I could learn anything from you, but perhaps I can, lol. Good luck to both of you. I’m kind of crushing on Moira, even though my hands are full with my personal GSD 😝👍👍❤

  45. melissa janik

    The fact that Moira didn’t destroy her bed when she realized she wasn’t getting out of that room is impressive. My dog would have had that bed in shreds! Was kind of hoping Moira would have kept chewing on the bed, so Zak would discuss how to stop/discourage that type of behavior lol

  46. Simon Beesley

    How can I get you to train my dog

  47. Kate Carnwath

    When is the next episode coming! love this series!!!

  48. Karina

    Hey Zak–what brand/type muzzle is that? It looks pretty comfortable, let’s her take treats, drink with it. For short periods, looks like a pretty good muzzle.

  49. Karina

    I have a lot of experience with high drive German Shepherds. I’m really curious to see how this turns out. Zak, if I may offer a German Shepherd tip: I’m not clear if you are using a “release” word–I find they work REALLY WELL with GSDs to let them sniff, pee, “be a dog” on walks. At minute 16, if you had used a RELEASE and allowed her to get the toy, you could start using that toy as an additional high value “treat” reward. This can help reduce continuous reliance on food rewards. Toys as a reward are often VERY EFFECTIVE in helping increase duration with desired behaviors.

    I was sceptical watching you with this dog early on, because I know high drive GSDs–BUT: I’m finding myself rooting for you. I’m not a purely positive trainer; I do use corrections, but I’m far more into rewarding desired behaviors than giving “corrections” (maybe 80%-20%?). In any event, I acknowledge we can all learn from different sources. I DO think strong willed German Shepherds that have high drives built in need a little correcting.

    My observation here: you HAVE developed a very good, TRUSTING relationship so far with this dog. That’s obviously very important. Please consider letting her “release” to the toy after she gives you duration in a sit, down, or heel.

    PS: In earlier videos, there was some discussion of resource/food guarding. You don’t generally see THAT in a GSD with a good relationship with her handler. Believe me, Moira is EXTREMELY aware that all good food comes from YOU, lol–and she’s happy & grateful for it. Where you MIGHT see resource guarding with THIS dog would be if she were to “get jealous”, i.e., she might very well get reactive if another dog pays attention to you. Be aware & prepared for that. She clearly is very attached to you already (won’t create a problem becoming attached to new owners later on, in fact, prepares her to trust new handlers); she’s likely to resource guard YOU for that reason. Good luck Zak!!

  50. StrayBats

    Okay, I’m beginning to get a sense of where I’m lacking for my dog. It’s definitely the lack of consistent training and getting her focus on me. Although I’m glad letting her sit or lay down outside to watch her surroundings was a good call. Moira is doing great, especially with her first night alone! I’m curious how the approach would be different if she had more severe separation anxiety.

  51. Hashir Abbasi

    Make a video on training Turkish Kangal…

  52. Hugo'stheBoss

    I think what’s important to remember is that this dog is doing amazing! She was living on the streets, and humans are expecting so much from her: walk on a leash, ignore other animals and people, basic commands, kennel training etc….Even though it might be difficult for us..the dog is never difficult herself. She’s just a dog being a dog. We’re the ones that expect so much, so we have to be careful with what terms we use, we accidentally put negative terms on the dog without meaning to.

  53. Valentina Medina

    Im getting a puppy soon and we speak Spanish and English at home. Any tips for raising a bilingual pup?

  54. Rachael Smith

    I LOVE this series! It’s so realistic and easy to follow. THANK YOU!

  55. Hugo'stheBoss

    It might be easier for you to hold her back if the leash is attached to the front d ring on her harness.

  56. Hugo'stheBoss

    Moira is going to be a great dog for someone. She’s got such drive and energy. A lot of potential.


    She’s such a beautiful dog and I’m so pleased Zak is taking charge of her training. I absolutely dread to think how she would suffer in the wrong hands. This series is amazing 😊😊

  58. T Zurtex

    Wow it’s amazing how patient this dude is.

  59. T Zurtex

    This dog is sooo energetic

  60. T Zurtex

    Anyone have advice for a 8 month old border collie shepherd mix ? He bites nonstop. We literally need to have him tied with a long cable so he can go outside and inside a-bit. Even if he’s exhausted he still bites nonstop. Since he was a puppy and he would start to nibble I would give him a toy and he would go for it but now he goes for me….

  61. Aideen Kinch-O'Kane

    Moira is doing so well! Great work Zac🎉

  62. Alexia Baker

    Moira is doing so well in training!

  63. Jacqueline Terbrack

    Have you said how old they think Moira is? She’s so beautiful.

  64. MindOut

    I have a street dog whom I have made my pet, he is similar to her (very very very energetic)
    Would be seeing for more episodes

  65. Shannon Dorrian

    We’ve been told that you shouldn’t treat train or feed a dog like Moira when she’s out as she is higher risk of bloat when eating and walking

  66. Petros Mathioudakis

    I am here from day 1 and I have heard “yes” like over 1000 times

  67. Mary

    This us super helpful

  68. Marie Jones

    i have 3 chickens and i do love them! i only eat the eggs

  69. dazzling black

    Love this series ❤quick question : if inertia and Indiana haven’t been around Moira yet, where do they spent their day?
    Ps: we’d love to see “A day in my life” vid

  70. Winter Mute

    We adopted a gsd mix about a year ago and Moira has a lot of the same character traits: reactivity, barking, jumping etc. This particular series has been very helpful in identifying tactics we can use in polishing off her training and improving her problem areas. Our new DOGhter is the sweetest thing ever but can be intimidating to others when she starts lunging and barking excitedly. Working on her leash manners is an ongoing process. Thank you for the tips!


    As a person whom German Shepherds are my life for 43 years ,You are doing fantastic work with her ! I love love how you explain the CAGE ! THANK YOU

  72. Adriana Timková


  73. curious wiki

    This episode’s walk is so much better than the previous one and Moira looks like the most obedient dog during stay in a distracting environment part, the title makes perfect sense for the series !

  74. J Abesames

    Eventually this channel will get sponsors with products targeted towards human consumers, like really strong coffee, energy drinks, or meditation apps for people who are training dogs with level three energy. Keep up the good work! Thankful for this channel.

  75. Ali Baloch

    I brought home my first puppy to help me with depression and just looking at it brings me lovely peace

  76. Smilla T

    Can you please train a small shy dog next?

  77. Constance Barrett

    Good job! Wow.

  78. Ingrid B

    I’m loving this series. I’ve had my dog since puppy and he is 6 now, but some annoying behaviors have snuck in over time. This series has been really inspiring to get back to some of the basics to get rid of those behaviors instead of just getting annoyed with him and telling him no all the time. He is no where near as bad as Moira, so if it’s working for her, I should be able to improve with him.

  79. jojoata Batata

    you should make an episode showing all tricks inertia knows

  80. Jade

    When I was 9ish my standard poodle flipped his stomach, I kind of have a fear of teaching my german shepherd roll over now..

  81. Mani Maran

    Give this man his Netflix slot already!!!
    can’t wait to see the last episode where Moira is gon be on her prime!!

  82. Normie Tonkin


  83. dazzling black

    Best series.. Best channel.. Best trainer.. Thanks a for this series and 30 day perfect pup , it’s helping me a lot to train my puppyy.. Lots of love Zak❤

  84. Aurora Steen

    Me and my fam is watching ur vid together rn. My dad wanted me to tell u that he was impressed and thought that you did very amazing and you’re really good😂❤

  85. Mister Whistler

    Idk why, but I laughed so hard at 10:06 😅

  86. Holly Chuter

    I have an anxious and reactive dog that actually snapped at my nephew the other day. In hindsight I should have controlled his environment better. Seeing Moira work through these issues gives me hope that my puppy can get better.

  87. Constance Barrett

    That’s an interesting thought about giving her chicken bites for rewards. Won’t she get confused if she has issues with live chickens?

  88. ThisIsHiiiii

    Makes me laugh every time you promote Solid Gold…. That used to be a strip club in town! LOL

    But in seriousness, these videos are very helpful. Our 7mo collie/shepherd/lab mix is almost as energetic as Moira, so training is rough some days (especially when she was on bedrest from her spay!!!) Exercise has been key, and luckily she loves a good fetch or frizbee session now (finally!) 🙂

  89. Nikki M

    I LOOOOVE that you gave a shout out to the Muzzle Up Project and sized up her muzzle!!!

  90. kdoo

    my dog tries to cheat and do a twirl instead of a roll over🤣🤣 then I call him a cheater and before I can say the “over” in roll over he is finished with his roll over and waiting for a treat 😂😂


    Where do you keep inertia

  92. Star Sisters

    Love Moira so much even though she is very challenging
    Great effort put into training her Zak
    Keep going

  93. brittany ouldcott

    I’m guessing she came muzzle trained? She seems to not mind the muzzle sk much which is really good to see. I need to get a better muzzle for my dog. The baskerville ones just aren’t right for her.

  94. JB

    I have drilled these door manners into my shepherd so much that she’s better about them than me. Sometimes I’m in a rush, and I forget to pause at the door only to run to the end of my leash and seeing my dog just sitting there at the door looking at me like “you didn’t say come”. Lol.

  95. Abraham Ismail

    Fantastic series, love the episodes! I wasn’t tuned in to this channel as much as a subscriber before, but this series really has me hooked!

    Did you happen to notice if the pup is has limp on her back left leg?

  96. Louis Patel

    Anyone get goosebumps when in the intro he says “I will train this dog” gives me chills

  97. Susan May

    Thanks so much for this series. I could have used so many of these training techniques in the past with my dogs overreactions to dogs while on walks.
    With a new pup I’ll now have some “ammunition “. 💕🐾

  98. Phoe Rifenburg


  99. Annette Serrano

    Omg i need you !!! Right now.!!

  100. dumplings1997

    This series comes about 3 months into me adopting my dog, Mila. She has a lot of outdoor behaviors that are reminiscent of Moira’s so I’m glad to see that the tips I’ve picked up in videos from your previous series are still working for a pup like her! My dog had made a lot of progress since our very first walk together and I can definitely say that your videos have helped a lot not only with effective teaching methods but, also with boosting my confidence as a dog owner and trainer. I can’t wait to see Moira’s progress by day 14 and I hope that your next series features an even older shelter dog!

  101. Irene Weber

    Thanks for your videos. I enjoy that it is REAL. My impulse would be to give another dog into training to help her. You said in video no 1 or 2 that you want to keep her separated from dogs. Can you explain why? Greetings from Germany 🇩🇪 from my 3 GSD and me. Happy Easter 🐣

  102. Tiffany wairimu kariuki

    Btw i like your intro how it shows a big change from a very cute but untrained dog to a very adorable to super well behaved dog
    100/10 👌👏

  103. atwistedlime

    This is SO helpful! I’ve used your videos for the last two years to train my pup and we have mastered everything but barking and lunging on leash. I’ve been working consistently on the leash lunge for the past few weeks and this video is exactly what I needed. Thank you so much!

  104. Brian Baker

    You inspire me so much that I’m going to go train two dogs and I’m only 11 you’re an amazing dog trainer

  105. Foxy’s nitty-gritty RV life

    I have an 18 month powerful strong GSD. This series has been the most helpful to date. I’ve had to go back to the basics because he not only acts like Mora but he is 10 times more aggressive and reactive to dogs, people, bikes, horses, and buggies. I live in Amish country. Moira‘s reaction to the dogs in her backyard was 10% compared to what my GSD puts me through. He acts obsessed! And addition to all of these bad behaviors, he destroys just about anything in his path and therefore I have to keep him in his crate unless I can actually be with him. I cannot tell you how many leashes, flat collars, windowsills, door frames, pet beds, clothing etc. has been ruined and had to be replaced. He needs to learn manners. We daily take him out for 90 minutes of hard exercise and as were driving to the park, he barges into the front seat. He weighs 99 pounds!. I love him, and he’s obedient when there is zero distractions. Does anyone have any advice for me? I am disabled and I have mobility issues. I was wanting to get him trained as a service dog.

  106. Kenna Hohmann

    I love these videos! Showing how the process of training an older dog with an unspecified background is amazing, and encourages those with rescue dogs. Really enjoying this series!

  107. Nathaly Flores

    These videos are so helpful!! We have a 5 month old GSD who is similar to Moira except he’s much bigger and jumps and bites more.

  108. Cami gaming 547

    Can you do a vid of socializing and a adult dog

  109. Sarah Abou Said


  110. Hollie Walters


  111. Akshy Sanjay

    Do guard dog training we would love to see this!

  112. Life with Mose

    Great work you guys. Always love seeing your stuff! Learned so much from you and continue to do so!

  113. Bradie Smith

    I believe in you (even thought it will be hard) you can train this dog!

  114. Yaswanth Mannava

    Keep it coming love Ur ways

  115. Jeremy

    The funny thing is, because she is on video, Moira will have 0 issues being adopted.

  116. Colleen Clark

    Thank you for all your videos Zak this has improved my training with my two very crazy puppies. ❤️

  117. pankaj joshi

    hello i am thinking ot take a pug but before taking a dog i have to think alot as you have to do about moira and i have to think about the food i should give her , to leave her alone and especially for the travelling i have watched the video of leavign her alone but i am gettign a doubt in travelling please make a video on that and kindly reply

  118. JuStJaDe

    Wow your awesome, thanks to you I have a wonderful trained dog thank you zack

  119. Cass

    I JUST found this series tonight and didn’t realise how recent it was until “episode 5” didn’t show up in my “play next” while I was watching episode 4. I’m glad I refreshed my sub box and was greeted by this posted “10 minutes ago” 😀

  120. Cr7xKing Gaming

    Waiting for this

  121. Maja Ambroziak

    These episodes help with training my dog. I teaching him how to roll over. He rolled over once and never after that but we are working on it. He’s perfect on walks

  122. Nicole on EQ

    You’re doing good work, keep it up! 👏🏽

  123. Brian Baker

    I’ve been waiting for a new episode forever yay

  124. supersnailboy

    I am worried are you reading comments anymore

  125. IP_ PINJE

    I want to get a German shep but my parents don’t let me I thought it was easy but after this video I realised y my parents don’t let me

  126. Dogs Are Pawsome

    My favorite new show!! ❤️

  127. o [ NIGHT ] o

    My mom says i can geta dog soon and with your help i can the reaility and the how to train small dogs helped alot because im gettinga maltese 😀

  128. Tia Murphy

    What kind of harness do you use on her?

  129. Connie Pereira

    I love these kind of episodes with Moira! Live her so much. Also God bless this guy for training this Dog so that others won’t have difficultes

  130. Myth

    I love your series and today (Easter) I got a bird thank you for your info

  131. Cedrick Martirez

    I have a cross breed dog dachshund X pom and she won’t stop biting our feet. Any idea how to stop that? 😭 I like your content it helps furparents so much

  132. Dharma Rico

    Love the series,thanks for providing these lessons

  133. Tamer Teoman

    Yay dog training!

  134. Cøco Bean

    YESSSSS I’ve been waiting for a new episode!

  135. Cami gaming 547

    I was just watching your episode 4

  136. Albineroz 1005

    You are the best

  137. Navjot Singh


  138. The Gaming Nature

    This is reality

  139. Sophia S.

    Moira seems like an amazing dog! (Well, when she isn’t having an outburst and isn’t interacting with the world too inappropriately)
    Also, your videos have helped me so, so much and I have finally convinced my parents to get me a dog!

  140. Stayc Girls It’s Going Down


  141. TheBlazingOptimist

    Under 100 views club! ✊🏻

  142. Devina Plays

    heyy first

  143. Ace

    Let’s go new episode. 30 mins of boredom removed from my life! I’ve got a new Irish terrier arriving in 6 days I’m excited and nervous for the new challenge of raising a puppy

  144. Captain Scruff


  145. Rahul Ramdass

    im new and im now second

  146. Sunshine Dog Training


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