What I would have done differently now that my dog is 1 year old

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What I would have done differently now that my dog is 1 year old

My dog is one year old now! Would I do anything differently?
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201 Thoughts to “What I would have done differently now that my dog is 1 year old”

  1. Aurnee Rahman

    All of you, humans and dogs, are so adorable. I learn so much and derive great joy from you!

  2. Linda Merrill

    Inertia barking set my pup off and then he and I were saying the same thing to our dogs. Mine is still barking…

  3. Nazanin Heydarian

    Zak, what other dog treats have you tried???

  4. Stephanie Forget

    All the way from Montreal thank you so much for your awesome videos! you’re helping us so much ! All the Best to y’all <3

  5. Nym Net

    My 6-mth-old female staffy x kelpie is a born social-ite – unlike my recently deceased Weim who was a real snob hound. Yesterday, I arrived to the park to find it full of dogs (all ppl I know and see regularly, just not all at once) and I quickly applied the ‘wait’ before ‘play’ training tip for the first time in the wild, and it worked! I have a sprained wrist … so I was very happy – thank you!
    Happy Birthday, Inertia !

  6. ces sow

    Happy birthday inertia

  7. wyo russ

    I love the mix of dog training and vloging with your family.

  8. Guadalupe Knippen

    Wonderful advise. Your dogs are beautiful.

  9. Rosa bella

    Happy birthday, Inertia!! Great video! Love them all. And your books!! ❤️❤️

  10. Ian Glenn

    If you’d had a few lessons from Kikopup a year ago you might have learned how to train your dog much better than you have.

  11. Sakana Kaizen

    With our previous dog, we never had any problems with extreme chewing. With our most recent puppy, he’s going through one of the worst teething that I have ever experienced. It makes me wish there were a lot more options for dealing with teething. For example, puppy versions of Anbesol. (For example, I have only found 1 or 2 puppy teething gels on Amazon.) *welps*

  12. قناة الابداع


  13. قناة الابداع

    Great video

  14. Teagan

    Does anyone else feel that there’s a dog bias between Zak and Bree?😂

  15. Teagan

    Is Indie an Australian Shepherd?

  16. Lävênder

    My cat pepper turned 1 this month too!

  17. WisconsinBound

    Good video. Amazing to know that she is already year old. Happy Birthday Inertia. What plans do you have going forward for the series?

  18. Windy Cat

    I’m getting a puppy next week and I love LOVE your videos! I watched loads of your videos and it has helped me feel more prepared! We’re getting a great pyrenees and I’m excited! Shes a big girl [even bigger than her boy littermates!] And she has some cute colored ears with a patch on her eye. Wish me luck! This will be a adventure !!!

  19. Alexander Ball

    Thank you so much, because of you I am finally getting a dog, my dream has come true. I cannot thank you enough.

  20. ghost-budYT Chronic kack

    You are the best to keep trying

  21. peter parker

    i know its out of nowhere, but the whole family has gorgeous eyes…..<3
    i may you always stay safe and happy like this
    Happy Birthday inertia <3

  22. Connor McPhail

    Hey Zak,

    You mentioned this series is more of the ‘movie’ version of your books.

    Are you considering consolidating it all perhaps with some more commentary and selling that as one package? I would definitely buy that.

  23. Hussain Khan

    Hi Zak, whenever I go outside to train my 7-month-old Labrador puppy she always gets excited and in the excitement she barley listens to me while I’m training her. It probably because she loves me the most in my household and I interact with her a lot. Are there methods to make dog chill and I could properly train her? Also with her excitement she never gets her nails cut I also need help in that.
    Btw thank you for your helpful videos.

  24. Kriselda Flibbypoe

    Oh my gosh! Inertia is so grown up! 😍 🥰

  25. a_h_o_h_a__

    Hey Zak I am moving into a compound and it’s kinda big but not too big and I really want a dog which breed do I choose?

  26. Tyler

    Did he just say his dog loves dogs when just a few months ago there was an issue with another dog??? Shes scared of other dogs.

  27. Cooper Dog

    My Border Collie, his name is Cooper, is going on 11 years old. He has been slowing down a bit, compared to how he was when he was younger. But he is still a wild man and it never gets easier. He is smart, stubborn, determined. Loves learning about new things but gets frightened by loud noises. He is from a rescue and was “returned” when I found him online. I wouldn’t change anything about him. Inertia is a gorgeous dog and so smart. I have learned so much from your videos. Thank you!

  28. JeeK

    He looks like Palermo from la Casa de Papel😂

  29. Joice Mou

    I love your vids, I learned so much even if I dont even own a dog, one day I will!!! and I m goign to thank you for teaching me so so much abotu them!

  30. Irene Bixquert Vicente

    Hi Zak! What I liked the most about the video was that Indie and Inertia did not try to steal each other’s food. How did you do that? I have 2 puppy siblings (one male and one female) and the male always wants to eat the female’s ration and he becomes aggressive.

  31. Hot Sauce animations

    I might get a shiba inu in 2 weeks

  32. Rachel Shields

    she is such a well behaved dog, i have loved seeing her grow up, she is such a beautiful dog

  33. MJ SPAZ

    I’m getting a cockapoo soon any advice

  34. Soraia ljubtschenko Motta

    I really like this series.
    It gave momentum for you channel, that was repiting the same concepts with different dogs. After Inertia get great with basic manners where it will go? To trick training and dog sports? Maybe working with a foster dog with some history to contrats with inertia’s puppy learning?

  35. Snicker Snee

    Why you keep saying new SHES A YEAR OLD

  36. james la salle

    my new puppy won’t take treat’s is this because she is young

  37. Mara_B

    Hi is it normal for my 2 months old yorkie puppy to follow my hand and not my commands?

  38. Jason Woods

    Hey do you have any advice or tips on raising a pair of sibling pups, how training or bonding might be affected?

  39. Jonna Lynn Vijungco

    I love your contents!

  40. Chloe Lim

    I can’t believe that Inertia’s 1 already!! I love watching your videos even though I don’t have a dog lol

  41. Tarun Shivakumar

    This is such a coincidence. The day Intertia is 1 year old that is the same day I’m getting by new puppy lol

  42. Lexi Rodriguez

    You have done an awesome job with Inertia Zak! I have really enjoyed watching her grow up and thrive under your instructions and care. 😄
    Happy birthday Inertia!

  43. ES Harris

    I think you put something in the cupcakes that you didn’t show. It knocked the dogs out :-). Great channel. Love the somersault trick, by the way. Keep it up. HB Inertia.

  44. Manaal Asim

    This video is too cute! Im a first time pup owner and your videos have helped me since day 1!!

  45. Aarhisreshtha Mahanta

    Happy Birthday Inertia ❤️

  46. basteis

    if anyone here has read both of Zak’s books – which one would you say might be more useful when adopting an adult dog from a shelter?

  47. Noah & Atlas

    Made an effort to use clear and consistent duration and terminal markers so she isn’t as confused and unsure all the time? 🧐

  48. Jackysutarrodetierra

    About the question of what would yo do differently… One of the things I would do if I were you (and I could go to the past) is do more settles around other dogs. I remember you did that in the puppy classes but I don’t remember you doing it on other contexts. Maybe you did outside the series, I don’t know, but I think that could have helped.

  49. Noname_42L7

    how to fuck did that peanut butter last that long WTF

  50. Jacques-Laurent Tiktin

    This channel has been so amazing. I have a 15 week old male Keeshond as of two weeks but I see a lot of the same personality in inertia that Yoko has. Its been so helpful

  51. Amanda Huggens

    I got my new puppy yesterday and she already knows the sit command. Thank you

  52. Sarah Martinez

    “Dogs don’t outgrow behavior” (paraphrasing this quote!) So true. My 9 month border collie is STILL horrible about play biting.

  53. Crina Tudor

    I got a border collie
    He’s 6 months old and he has bitting problems, not that but buy still
    He also has chewing prombles, those are worst, way worse
    He nearly stoped bitting but idk how to stop him from chewing

  54. Sahana Karthik

    I’m getting my second pup in a few weeks and this really helped with what reminding me the things I had forgotten about having a puppy.

  55. The slender ninja

    I’m getting a little shih tzu !!

  56. Ace of Hogan

    Happy Birthday Inertia !
    You have amazing “Pawrents” (Parents) 🙂 <3
    Hope she had a good birthday, from the looks of it ...She sure did have a party !
    And Bree did an amazing job with the "pupcakes" !
    The pups seemed to love them 🙂 <3 !

  57. Diana A

    Happy Birthday, Inertia. I have enjoyed watching you grow and look forward to your next year! This series has been wonderful, and I have picked things to work on with my now 3 and a half year old Golden Retriever is which have been very helpful. When he was young, he was the worst puppy biter EVER, and it lasted so long. So I’m looking forward to seeing the video on how long it took Inertia to get over this. In our cases, the scares started healing around 10 months!

  58. toonalun

    But I need the puppy biting video now!!!! Hahaha thanks for the great videos!

  59. D

    Where are your other dogs

  60. Michelle h

    My dog did a full 360 when he turned two. So I would say 2 years when they are fully come into their own.

  61. Sophia Hsieh

    Happy birthday Inertia! Pebbles (Boaradore) and I have been watching from the beginning. Intertia is so cute and love her hugs. We can’t wait to see her in her next year<3

  62. Denali _

    Aww indy and inertia sleeping while zak talks about puppy biting 🐶 good furbabys

  63. Sam_Hemala

    I have puppy 2,5 months and he can sit. Border Collies are soo smart

  64. Akvile Zvaliauskaite

    I can’t wait for the puppy biting video, I got a new puppy 2 weeks ago, she’s nearing 10 weeks and wooooow her biting is off the charts, my girl does not hold back 😂 I need all the advice I can get!!!

  65. Devyn Leighton

    Hey zak! I’m planning on getting a Bichon Frise as a first dog soon, and your videos have helped me so much, thank you for what you do. ❤️

  66. lvoerewq

    Hey Zak, You won’t believe this coincident. I got my puppy the same time as you got your dog which was also when I started watching you. So our puppies are basically classmates :).

  67. Aurora

    I dont own a dog. I watch because Inertia is so cute! I hope I get a dog some day


    I’m getting a standard poodle tomorrow and your tips and videos are going to be very beneficial to training him

  69. Bonnie C

    Brianna, thanks for the cupcake idea. I like to bake, and want to be able to make healthy treats for Fergus, and his doggie friends.

  70. Dhruv Bhatt

    Looks like Zak started cooking classes on his channel.

  71. Jennifer Corbett

    Thank you we have had our puppy home a week now . He already has sit and down down pat. But sometimes when a training session doesn’t go well I feel discouraged but your video help ! My puppy play biting is bad. I am glad I have your videos so I know this is him being mean or dominant like I thought with past dogs. !I binge watched your videos in the weeks leading up to getting Owen . And I watch like three or four a day still.

  72. Michele Hall

    Literally, my favorite part of this video is watching two extremely accomplished adults show the world how little they both know about baking 🤣 That whisk conversation was fantastic.

  73. Its_SliXX

    I have got a dog finally after spending hours watching your videos!!

  74. stormy

    Happy birthday Inertia! Zak- wondering if you would be able to do a vid talking about “fear periods” in puppies and young adult dogs and your experiences with that with Inertia. I’ve raised many dogs and just now have started finding out about these developmental periods that they go through.

  75. 10,000 subs With no video’s

    Is this a dog cooking show lol

  76. Miarije

    Hard to believe she’s already a year old! I’m loving this series and using it to prepare myself for when I get a dog (maybe.. hopefully.. possibly.. in like 5-10 years or so) … can’t start preparing too early, right?

  77. Anne MacLeod

    She is a real beauty. My Border Collie, Ted, is in love!

  78. Bonnie C

    Happy Birthday, Inertia! We are still working on puppy biting at 8 mos, but getting better. 2 steps forward and 1 step back. It feels like we’re not making progress, then Fergus shows me something cool that I didn’t know. It’s all good. 😁🐶❤

  79. Bruh Moment

    Wait it’s her birthday😂 omg it’s the same day as my dogs birthday

  80. Matthew C

    A dog can do a somersault and I cant

  81. Rainbow Cat25

    inertia is so cute I really want a dog do you know how I can persuade my mom to get me a dog
    Happy birthday inertia
    I have a cat and I want a border collie are they good at getting along with cats and how high energy are they

  82. King Skod C.D

    Zak is speaking continuously and inertia is like shut up I am trying to sleep here

  83. TheLauraVuitton

    Awwww she loved it! Great job! You’re now a newly minted pup Betty Crocker 🌸 Happy birthday Ini!

  84. Erica Fields

    If I weren’t as old as I am and this idiot virus weren’t wrecking havoc, I’d be getting a pup next year and following you with training 100%. I have an elder Great Dane and watching you has made evident all of my mistakes. I could have done better. I had an Akita, a collie, and a Golden Retriever in my lifetime, so I thought I knew everything. Now I know You’re never too old to learn new tricks. Inertia is amazing thanks to you and your wife. By the way, I make chicken liver treats and pumpkin with peanut butter biscuits from scratch for my GD and mixed breed little dog. Needless to say, I’m the most popular gal in the house. All the best Zak. Stay safe.

  85. Cara Carlson

    Excitement around other dogs is by far the hardest part for my dog. He turns 2 at the end of this month! Happy Birthday Inertia!!

  86. Tiffany Wairiumu Kariuki

    happy birthday, Inertia. May you see many years in your life

  87. ZxN ClipZyFN

    Could you do a video on if indie can still do all her tricks

  88. Jennie Gust

    Happy birthday Inerta

  89. Lily Boat

    I had my dog practically the same time as you and my pups birthday was last week and you’ve helped me from the start! He’s still a lil devil though 😂 happy birthday Inertia!

  90. Elizabeth Getahun

    Happy birthday inertia! Zac please like this comment because I have watched the dog training experience from day one!

  91. Sashka Aleksandrova

    I really enjoyed watching the serie as I always look to get something from each dog trainer’s stile, however the biggest mistake Zak has done is not correcting properly his dogs. You can see Ineartia needs more guidance and corrections when barking. Of course, Zak is correcting her sometimes even though he does not call it “corrections”. However those corrections are not delivers well. I would LOVE to see him getting an aggressive dog over a year old and showing the same process with so called positive only methods as I have yet to see something like this. However good job on the tricks, Zak. 🙂

  92. Thehopps 36

    I just got a new puppy and I would be thrilled if my dog was anything like yours (minus the barking: ).

  93. Yuvaraj gembali

    Once a monk said fooling people is easier than convincing them that they are being fooled.

  94. Caden Selvereo

    Happy birthday inertia
    I got a lab husky mixed and ur videos have helped a lot

  95. Verde -

    Wow Indie is as old as I am that’s crazy

  96. Chandler Jenkins

    Just got a Husky from the shelter a little over a week ago, your videos and books have been a godsend

  97. B

    Zak has the best growth mindset attitude towards both people and dogs

  98. maryse raphenon

    I remember watching this series a year ago thinking she was already smart as a new puppy, here she is now way smarter than any dogs I’ve ever met! Great work Zach 🙂 I’m sure you’ve inspired a whole lot of people.


    i have a puppy that i found on the streets like 5 or 6 months ago, she was very sweet and calm, she let anyone pet her. but a couple days after i found her i brought her to my friends house. there were like 6 people. she was calm and let anyone hold her. i was kinda mad bcs i saw that she was uncomfortable being held. i told my friends to let her relax but my friend refused, my friend said “im an expert at dogs relax”, even though she doesnt have a dog herself. the next morning when i woke up to play with mu dog, she became wild, she would bite anyone that touched her, she’d run nonstop and bark all the time. This happened within a night. im scared that she had like a trauma of being held and thats why she tries to stay asay from us even though i love her. what can i do to calm her down and gain the connection i used to have with her? please help me, i really missed the old her. ty

  100. Hitesh Thakker

    Happy Birthday 🎂🎈 Inertia

  101. mimi

    You should more of the blog like videos!

  102. Neechan91

    Thanks to your videos from you and Inertia I was learning and preparing for our puppy (Australian shepherd). We have her now a few days and she is doing already so well. Your videos keeping me motivated and giving me more confidence in my Training with her. Thank you 🙂 and Happy Birthday Inertia 😀

  103. Shmoovin

    Thanks for the update, appreciate it Zak!

  104. Leeyah

    I’m getting a puppy soon and your channel has prepared me for what to expect and how to train. Thank you 🙂

  105. Thomas A Camel

    My dog’s birthday is coming on July 16th


    Brilliant!! Thank you 😁

  107. FeraligatrMaster1

    Happy bday inertia! This comment is for when Zak taught you how to read 😛
    One day I want to get a border collie, as I grew up with them 🙂 these videos are fun to watch and helpful!

  108. GorillaGamingYT

    i have my own dog that i got a week ago his name is Bear and he is a merle collie aka collie

  109. jtb81100

    Happy Birthday Inertia! My dog Jaina turns 2 Wednesday. Found your channel when I found out I was getting her so I’ve been along for the Inertia series since the beginning.

  110. Kwadwo Ansah

    Zack George is like the best dog trainer,he can train a dog in just a second

  111. 10,000 subs With no video’s

    wow inertia is 1 year old :O

  112. Piano 57

    Hi I am so grateful for this series! Although I do not agree with absolutely all of your methods or views, I believe dog training is very personal. This series has certainly given me a lot to base my own training off of. Inertia is going to grow up to be such a well rounded adult dog and the bond you share must be so special. I have never remained so invested in one youtuber before but I look forward to each new episode. Keep up the amazing work!

  113. Ancel Benton-Huddleston

    zak george, would my 1 yr old gerberian shepsky still puppy bite?(she was a shelter dog)

  114. laura dufresne

    I absolutely love your channel Zak! Keep up the good content!

  115. luke muscat

    You are soo awsome woof woof

  116. Autumn Foox

    I’m getting a german shepherd puppy at the end of July! I’m 12 and have been begging for a dog my entire life, so I’m responsible for most of the training and these Videos have been so helpful, as they don’t make it look easier than it is.

  117. Snowtail

    “We haven’t teached her how to read *yet*.” -Zak George 2020-

  118. Leoni Pearson

    I’ve been here since the first episode 😁!! You have really helped me and finally after over a year of asking and researching I’m getting a Lurcher !!!Thanks Zak 🙏💗

  119. Pramod Dilshan

    I really enjoy your videos and learnt a lot about dog training..waiting to implement these techniques on my dog when i get a one once im graduated. Watching from srilanka 🇱🇰♥️

  120. Marisetty Shyamaj

    Your videos are very helpful sir

  121. Liv Vernazza

    Happy birthday inertia all the way from England ! I love watching all your videos I love training dogs keep it up Zak and inertia ( and indie)

  122. Dania Flores

    Ha I’m early

  123. Tatum Sian Veerasamy

    I’m getting a Yorkie in 2 months, it was born on Monday… Honestly I’m so stressed ans your channel is the only one I cant trust😁❤️

  124. Creative Diamond Dogs

    Clary my rough collie turned one year old last a week ago today and got a banana birthday cake. Looking forward to tomorrow.

  125. Ancel Benton-Huddleston

    Zak George, thank you so much for making videos they have helped me so much training my gerberian shepsky, keep making videos

  126. Catherine Brown

    I have a shichon puppy

  127. Wyatt Whitley

    I actually enjoy all of these videos. I don’t really have a puppy but I have two dogs. And I appreciate the fact that you do all this for free and from your own enjoyment.

  128. Veronika Dymchenko

    I love your dog so much, we are getting a dog soon and you thought me alot of things thank you 🙃

  129. Luna The Doodle

    Those cupcakes look yum!

  130. Relasati Chicazo

    Whos the DIK with the 1 dislike 🤔🏖

  131. brooksFeng

    What type of dog is inertia

  132. Jessica Arnobit

    Happy Birthday, Inertia! My pups and I have enjoyed watching your journey 🎉💕

  133. Lauren Mckay

    Thanks for all of the advice, Zak. You’re a lifesaver for me AND my pup Holly!

  134. Terry Knutson

    Good video

  135. Zia Parke

    i am getting a border collie !

  136. Ava Berthelot

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY INERTIA!!!!😘🥳. 👇🏼🐶🤩🥳😘

  137. Ermenc Lara

    I’m getting a puppy very soon!!!

  138. Lucy Shahan

    we are getting a puppy soon and you are helping us so much 👍👍👍😊😊
    BTW its a border collie

  139. Thunder Bolt

    Where is the links

  140. krishna jadhav

    I dream of getting a dog and the reason I don’t have one is because my parents say we already have one

  141. Pepper Talks

    Measuring ingredients by weight will improve results.

  142. Layan 2006

    Hey i love your vids

  143. Bob Vance

    I’m getting a little Bichon in a couple weeks, these vids have been very helpful

  144. miseltoe1

    Indie is so cute xx

  145. Titisha Das

    love you Zak and inertia tooo i will pray to god that you wont ever be infected by covid 19 ❤💕💋

  146. Jarod Wilkins

    I love that his shoes are always fire!! 🔥🔥

  147. tiham tasfia gaming

    Did inertia get any bday gift like a tug toy or something 🤔🤔🤔

  148. Nova Reflex

    It’s been very helpful

  149. XxSpirit WolfiexX

    Help me with 11 dogs @~@ (one female, one male and 9 puppies! They are German shepherds)

  150. miseltoe1

    How has is Inertia already a year old!?!?

  151. Natalie Wainwright

    I hope the title isn’t clickbait again and you actually tell us what you would have done differently..

  152. Nova Reflex

    I got a puppy around 2 weeks ago and l have been following along for a while

  153. Kanchan Naik

    Happy Birthday Inertia 😍 We love you ❤️ You’ve grown up soo pretty 🤗🤗

  154. Lucy Cardwell

    I was literally watching a whole load of your videos today and wondering when a new one was coming out and wondering when Inertia would be celebrating her first birthday. I got that all at once!! Thank you so much Zak for helping me train my black lab puppy George! Keep up the good work!!!!!!

  155. Mihla Radebe

    I love your channel and I subscribe

  156. Vaishnavi Banakar


  157. Emerson Osborn

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    Hi zak I have a border collie called Luna and your videos have helped a lot thank you

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  163. CuddlyBubbles 69

    1:41 inertia knows it’s her birthday

  164. The Animal Pack

    Hi guys!!

  165. Oisin omg

    Just heart this plz

  166. SamStaySuperFly

    I just got a husky puppy and I got her to sit the day after I got her with the help of your videos! 💕

  167. 7D s

    Happy birthday inerstia

  168. Pixellia

    I still can’t believe how much older Inertia has gotten! She’s grown in to such a beautiful dog

  169. 7D s

    Zak if owner is very irrresponsable what to do , how i can train dog because no toys or treat are thiers except bones ?

  170. Stefano D

    Hey zak! Any tips or videos on Dogs barking a lot for attention? Thank you! (Happy birthday inertia!!!!)

  171. Grace McPeak

    Inertia is the cutest thing though 😍

  172. Elaina Bannister

    Awww I love your dog I have a yorkie boy (black and brown and grey) named Wellington. He’s so small to 😆 and 5

  173. CuddlyBubbles 69


  174. esake fikadu

    i love you and your videos thanks bro

  175. Adam Devine

    I love your videos and I am getting a dog soon so your very helpful thank you for all the help

  176. Rruuddiipp Ppookkhhrreell

    I love ur videos it is always usefull thank u so much and happy bday to inertia

  177. Ashley Parker

    awwwww so cute

  178. Nada Halawa

    I’m a huuuuge fan I love inertia and the amazing ways you train her! Happy birthday to inertia!!!!

  179. Rishiqa

    First! Yay I’m so exited yay I’m so happy I’m first for the second time I’m first um I’m actually third but ok

  180. Puzzles and More

    This is so cool because I am going to get a dog in a few days so now I am really binging this channel to help me, Thanks!

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    Omggggg shes already 1 year olddd??? Happy birthdayyy!!!!!!!!

  182. Angelina Dakar

    Earlyyyyyy 😙✌🏼

  183. jewel Nwanneka

    3rd to comment

  184. RRBcrafter Games

    Idea how bout u do a loyalty test with
    inertia test how loyal she is

  185. Lizbeth Olvera


  186. Justin Roman

    Hello I love you videos

  187. Emerson Osborn

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  190. im an ORANGE ꨄ

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  193. 10,000 subs With no video’s

    I’m so exited to get my two dogs

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    Second!, This is more like a blog and i like it!!

  196. Puzzles and More


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