What I Do When This Pit Bull Gets Too Rough With My Dog
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What I Do When This Pit Bull Gets Too Rough With My Dog [Reality Dog Training]

Training George the Pit Bull to not be so rough with my dog, Inertia. Plus more leash/heel training in public, more Frisbee training…

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139 Thoughts to “What I Do When This Pit Bull Gets Too Rough With My Dog [Reality Dog Training]”

  1. lahla13

    We love you Zak! (friendly reminder, Vax doesn’t mean you can’t get it…at all, much less likely, & if you do, not as severe) Because we care.

  2. Susanna Phillips

    What are the type of Frisbee’s he uses? I’ve been trying to find some like that, but all the ones I can find are either to big and heavy and aren’t easy to grab, or they are some weird one made for dogs that aren’t what I want. Send help!

  3. Julia Schreckengast

    Awww George and Inertia are such a cute little tag team! I hope he finds an amazing home if you aren’t able to keep him. I hope all the best comes with his new family!!! Love your content and can’t wait for the next video

  4. neria carmel

    I must know.
    How much Frisbee does Zak have, guess?

  5. Rachel Brennan

    I love this series so much, it has been my favourite by far!

  6. Eyona Choi

    I would love to see Zak work with a small breed dog because they have many more challenges, especially a terrier mix. They’re high prey drive, but they have small stomachs and attention spans that make them uniquely difficult to train. Especially potty training- it would be amazing to watch a transformation to prove that not all small dogs are snippy, whiny monsters 😁

  7. Paula C

    I really wish people would stop it with the comments about keeping George. Maybe he does and maybe he doesn’t, but there’s some real weird peer pressure happening here. Zak has a 2 dog rule for a reason. He and his wife are super busy and adding another dog might be too much to deal with as responsible people. It will be hard to let George go, but the point here is training a large rescue dog to be a better pet to someone.

  8. GlitterBeauties

    Yes thank you for this video! Currently trying to reach our new English lab puppy to be gentle w our 12 year old chihuahua! The chihuahua, Lola wants to play w her but she gets so rough w her and now she’s more skittish about wanting to engage w the lab 😭🥺 edit: that’s exactly what I do as well but the puppy is only 3 months old and doesn’t yet she’s playing rough 😐😭 n I also don’t think she knows her own size bc she walks over her all the time so I have to be constantly watching! I will say tho that now a month after having her, she had learned to do “down” 60% of the time to get at the chihuahuas level but then the issue is that she starts to paw at her to play and since she’s an English lab her paw is twice the size as the chihuahuas head n hurts her at times. I do think she’s learning but man it is has been challenging and very stressful! 😮‍💨😑😫

  9. Nick Savage

    Some rules are meant to be broken young man.

  10. Thomas

    George was a really physically strong and untrained dog, and Moira was reactive to everything around her, especially dogs. If you continue the series with a different dog I’d love to see how you handle a truly, truly aggressive dog with a bite history. One of the dogs that shelters tend to put down if they don’t get adopted, that truly test the limits of positive reinforcement. With your series so far everyone has an amazing introduction to training puppies, or untrained adult dogs who are harder to control than puppies. But treating bad experiences, true aggression and saving a dog from their past experiences dictating their entire future behaviour is something I couldn’t find on your channel yet.

    Mostly there’s just balanced trainers or traditional ones (with the most popular one being Milan probably) that tend to step in with these type of dogs, and I couldn’t find much documentation on positive reinforcement being used on these most extreme cases. That makes it seem like positive reinforcement is too slow and variable-based and too hard to manage for these dogs and that introducing corrections with prongs and slip leads is the only way to get these dogs back on track quickly, to then advance with positive reinforcement, because there are tons of videos of trainers applying some corrections and changing a dog’s entire attitude with it, to open them up for a change of behaviour.

    Having a series that’s dedicated towards a truly aggressive dog and showing change instead of just talking about it is missing in the modern dog training community, and needs entirely different approaches and information to handle every situation. I think it’d be an amazing addition to your channel.

  11. DreamofaHive

    Is it wrong of me to hope for a foster fail with George? You may be the only trainer to enable George to reach his true Frisby potential ?

  12. Nicie’s Niche Fitness 4 Life

    Why no have 3 dogs ? He is perfect for you guys …….

  13. Kitty Growl

    Such cute doggos

  14. lisa durham

    I like your training videos and hope you find a fantastic home for this bright little man. I find it sad to see the adverts for dog toys which seem to be disposable almost or why would you need more than a very few for a dogs whole life, please think about the environmental impact of all the plastic crap… which will all end up in landfill or worse … the oceans …other than that all the very best to you, you are doing a great job!

  15. Juliana Blewett

    Can I send my dog to you for training? She’s 6, acts like she’s 6 months, barks crazy, destroys toys, rocking chairs and recently did $6.5K damage to my car, gets rough with my 9 year old dog, yells at my 9 year old dog to play. She’s super smart but kinda dumb because she doesn’t learn from positive reinforcement, but does by watching her sister. She looks exactly like George, but red.🐮💢🐮🐶

  16. Lisa Toole

    please adopt George, i would love to see his frisbee future 🙂

  17. Yunshi Zhao

    If Zak adopts George, George will become George George haha

  18. Kathy B

    I just love this series and Zak’s training style. He celebrates every accomplishment, no matter how small.

  19. Kye Singh

    Love this series your doing amazing with George keep it up 👍🏼

  20. Jennifer Corbett

    Love your channel and your videos. As a pitbull lover and long-time defender of the breed thank you so much for featuring these amazing dogs. The only thing that might be me nitpicking is to please be careful with how you use pitbull in the title. We have had to fight so hard against the public negatively lots of people might see the title and nothing else. A better title might have been “How to train a dog not to play rough with my dog” Again please know I think what you are doing is amazing and I feel like these videos are game-changers when it comes to the dog world. This is just a little tip from someone who been in the pittie world for 20 years.

  21. moyse001

    Looks like my staff after a year of training ahah

  22. Isabela Port

    I’m watching this video with my dog. Everytime you say “YES” my dog look at me waiting for her treat 😂

  23. kwade1120

    I’m sure he’s already found the perfect forever home but I totally want George!!

  24. Sapphiregriffin

    why not teach inertia how to be the camerawoman

  25. Allicia Luck

    Do you ever teach dogs to swim in the body of water behind your house?

  26. Simone Somekh

    I love your videos! I just wish we saw also some cuddle time with George. He’s so sweet and smart!!!

  27. Creative Diamond Dogs

    Love seeing that frisbee progression.

  28. Virginia Church

    Another note: is yes a terminal marker? How does George know when to stop heeling? Release cue? I train heel with a release cue to make it as clear as possible. Same with sit. Is it sit stay or is the stay implied since you are using a release cue? Good luck! 👍

  29. Revilo Reptiles & More

    and I thought that my dog was smart omg he is a genius

  30. Virginia Church

    He might be getting confused between ‘lets go’ and ‘let go’.

  31. Bhavana Shah

    Love the way you said “our dogs are not machines.” Yes, they aren’t machines. Sometimes people forget that the dog has a personality of its own. They aren’t misbehaving but actually paying attention to the environment around them. I really like how George pulls. After Moira and George, I think Zak is getting ready for a malamute next 🤣🤣🤣

  32. Bayarea Grl4ever

    I have a four dog rule. It’s not easy, they are all consuming. My Australian Shepherd/German Shepherd mix is the one who plays too rough. I really enjoy this new series, Zak, adopting an untrained dog, possibly abused/neglected dog, from the shelter and working with it/showing it love and a good life.

  33. Chloe Comstock

    what kind of frisbees do you use?

  34. Andrea Bojorquez

    Thank you for showing George to the world because he is such an amazing ambassador for pit bulls 💕. He’s soooo smart it’s so cool to watch his training!

  35. Mike Frost

    I’m just glad I’m not the only person who uses ALLL the equipment when I’m walking one of my males!! Someone told me a couple weeks ago that I look like im walking a serial killer down the road when I go by with my male 😂 whatever it takes for guaranteed safety 🤷

  36. India Hill

    I think bow is becoming George’s signature trick! Every episode he seems to offer that trick and it is so adorable, but also I cannot believe how fast he is learning loads of other commands too.

  37. Patrick Walsh

    George is so amazing at frisbee! 6 days and he’s already nailing it! Can’t even imagine how fluid he’s looking now! 🤎🤍

  38. Orpa Taveras

    Keep him!! He’d be a perfect staple on the channel to show people that other breeds, not just the stereotypical “smart” breeds like border collies, can reach the level of training of your other dogs❤️❤️❤️

  39. roxie frox

    I’m starting to realize that my own dog’s personality is like a combination of Inertia, Kona, Moira and George 😂


    Inertia kind of reminds me of the live action cat in the hat

  41. Hailey Welman

    I want to see more inertia!

  42. surprise me

    Oh how AMAZING to see George learning the frisbee trick! I can’t believe it has only been 6 days-WOW! He is so stinking smart and you both are truly dedicated to seeing him become better and better each passing day.All I can say is this is a wonderful series to see George go from being in a kenne to learning how to enjoy life! KUDOS to yu both!

  43. Christine Galasso

    I have a pit bull. She is almost 5 years old. She doesn’t really play with toys. Any ideas?


    NOLA REPRESENT ZAK!!!!! 🥰🥰🥰💚💛💜💛💚💜

  45. Jacqui Hesher

    George is handsome 🐶

  46. Kkuan

    What kind of leash do you use for George?

  47. Milkshak3Band

    I really really hope his new owner is going keep up the frisbee training he is such a talent could see him in competitions in the future 🥰🐕

  48. Gracie Allen

    On Google pit bulls are first in most likely to bite their owners, but I can’t imagine George biting anyone except in self defense. I’ve see quite a few videos on pit bulls any they seem to be frequently in abusive situations.

  49. Karla Santoro

    I love how George lets go. Tucker won’t do it without a treat.

  50. Shawn

    One thing about pit bulls, and the reason people use them for fighting, is that they will do whatever you want them to in order to make you happy… even if it means hurting themselves. They are such lovable, loyal dogs and it kills me that horrible people use them for sport.

  51. Emmeli Ewnert

    What is you schedule like? How many hours per day do you exercise George?

  52. L Anne

    Walking and filming 2 dogs!👍🏻💕🐶😊 Another great, informative video! Thanks, Zac!

  53. bahri hamza

    hi i have a question my dog not intrested to food or toy when he see a dog he is get so angry and want to bite i do every thing dos it ok to use the hard whay like shoking or other methode? sorry for my bad english 😘

  54. Meg Wynn

    Wow, hard to believe he’s made this kind of progress in only 6 days!! What a special dog 🙂

  55. Samantha Vuktilaj

    Are you using a 10ft lead? where did you buy it?

  56. LynnMarieC1111

    My dog Rocky heard this training and gave me the boxer sad eyes. Guess what we are doing today😂

  57. Iva Floyd

    I find that my dog gets very excited after a rain. As a human, I know it smells different. I can only imagine what it’s like for dogs who have a higher sense of smell!

  58. Maya Foster

    Don’t break your rule esp with a pit. Ended in heartbreak for us. 😔

  59. Winter

    I noticed that when Inertia and George play with each other, George seems to always chase Inertia and never the other way around. Is that okay? I’m asking because my Husky-mix does the same thing and I always wonder if that’s ‘normal’ play or bullying or what. Love the series btw!

  60. Samantha Hu

    I could watch that short clip of George air-pawing Inertia over and over! So adorableeee.

  61. D Lythgoe

    It’s so refreshing you got a pitbull Zak ,,,, massive respect 👏🙌👌 . Love your videos mate

  62. rajat deshpande

    What a transformation !!!!! just in day 6.

    I was thinking how you manage spending time with George and inertia both and I got the answer at the end.

    Manage to do video record the with 2 dogs is just awesome 👍. Hats off to your efforts Zak. Need to learn many things from you.

  63. Jude Vicious 333 Hannah Lopez

    This series is so close to my heart. George continues to remind me of my dog that passed away. George looks like he chews on his paws, he doesn’t like the feeling of grass on his paws, he finds loopholes when it comes to lure training, he startles easy if he’s distracted even the way he slept. My dog was just like that.

  64. Himanshu Yadav

    Hi, I have a 4 year old doberman he behaves very nicely outside house but once he is at home he became very reactive , aggressive and arrogant, he will bite if touched, there is no one in my family he has not bitten, can you help

  65. Maiza *

    if you look at the first video and on episode 6 his has a strong muscular build and on episode 1 he had a weaker look I love it

  66. Charlie Twigg

    This is a statement of the obvious. Successful dog training is hard work. Your must be attentive, analytical, creative and energetic. Zak is very impressive and I’m glad Pit Bull George entered his orbit.

  67. Lydia Johnson

    I’m a little disappointed because my dog is more intense than George. I would like to see training with a dog that is truly impulsive and is a bull in a China shop. My dog gave my finger a puncture wound playing tug the other day. He keeps trying to bite higher up on the toy until he can take it over. He plays fir keeps, but is starting to show some improvement with let go and drop it. But, he still fights hard to keep the toy at first. That’s how I got bitten. When I hold a toy that Ro wants, he lunges up to take it away from me. I turn away with the toy, and tell him to sit and wait. He’s showing some improvement there as well, but he can barely contain himself. When he’s this intense, he has a crazed look in his eye that tells me his mind has a hard time settling down. I got this dog three months ago when he was just turning two years old. I am his fourth family. He jumps over privacy fences to get out. We live on a sailboat, so that’s not an issue. His jumping benefits his boat life. I love this dog, and don’t want him to ever he surrendered again. So, I need help.

  68. Alexander Spectre

    Great episode, Zak & George! Can you explain dog body language – like the rapid licking at 25:25?

  69. Abhay Nirman

    what is the ideal time to start training like this? my lab is around 5 months, and i want to start soon but i don’t know if it is too early.

  70. curious wiki

    The frisbee game is getting strong 💪

  71. Patrick O'Connell

    I’m on the George should become George George train. You guys are building such a special bond, and he and inertia seem to be getting along great. I respect and understand the 2 dog rule, but if there was every a case to break it, I think this is it.

  72. Iliana Lyra

    Can you show us how to pick the right frisbee and how to properly throw it?
    I am training my dog and i think I don’t know how to throw them properly 😂


    George is such a lucky boy to have been taken out of the shelter by Zak. A fabulous series so far ! 😊

  74. Joanna Marling

    I watch your videos to help train my crazy husky puppy. Thank you so much for your hard work

  75. Sussan Fordham

    I taught my greyhound to leave things like that too, if I don’t give it to him he knows that he can’t have it, I’m currently teaching him to shake paws, and he’s doing well for an ex racer


    My pitbull is so careful and almost timid when it comes to other dogs. It’s usually the small dogs that are aggressive to him and him backing away. His name is Ajax he’s a sweetheart even though he looks like a killer and you can see him at the picture on the left and our channel.

  77. Kaitlyn Knapp

    How much money do you think zak used on dog treats 🤔😂

  78. pamikaela eduvas



    That’s really good work!!!! It gives me a little hope for my potty mix. She’s a handful, but I’m not giving up. Just gonna take more patience to get her on the same page.

  80. Lydia 1

    My dog is a rough player and she’s pretty good at toning down her wrestling to the other dogs play style. When she finds another dog who is receptive to this and they show good communication through taking turns on being submissive/dominant And stopping when another dog signals that it’s too much is it ok to let them play rough? It does involve tumbling and biting but they both enjoy it.

  81. ProjectLifeWithRed

    I finally subbed to bark box super chewer because my Doberman demolishes his toys with little effort and it can get expensive :’)

  82. Emma S

    What kind of frisbees does zak use?

  83. Loretta Gravelle

    I forward these videos to friends with new dogs. They love them!

  84. Doug R

    “Let go” issue…. in my opinion… maybe he was trying to teach Zak and Bree to never let go of him. Sometimes people fall in love when they least expect it 🤷🏼‍♂️

  85. Mrs Geography

    I am loving the series, but the video titles can be a little misleading …
    I am struggling with my new puppy being bitty/nippy with his mum and was hoping this video would focus on this aspect for long than 60 seconds, so I can take the advice on board.
    Nevertheless this series is great and the additional advice is very helpful 😊

  86. C Brown

    Pibbles have the greatest potential out of most dogs but are the most misunderstood. They require a LOT of work and time, the sad part is that they are often adopted and born into situations where there is neither

  87. lil kimchi

    With every episode, you make it harder not to get my hopes up that you kept this guy! Loving this series

  88. Jessica S, NAPLES FL

    Does George know if he masters “MULTIPLES”, you’ll have a REALLY HARD TIME not keeping him?

  89. pamikaela eduvas

    everytime i think i couldn’t be prouder of george, zak posts another video that shows me otherwise

  90. Pruthvi Rokzz

    It’s so good to see how their excitement hit the roof working together. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  91. C Pete

    You, Bree and George have a special connection. It’s more than a soft spot in your hearts for him – you truly love George. Inertia enjoys him too. Seems he is the perfect addition to your family. Episode 4 you said you have a 2-dog rule; I don’t mean to be indelicate but your sweet furbaby Indy is 15 – you might not have her much longer. So if George is the perfect dog for your family, go ahead and adopt him. Best wishes. And thanks for another great training video.

  92. Elizabeth Cortes

    Can you please share the type of harness you are using with George?

  93. Marie Mac

    I found myself clapping for George when he was catching the Frisbees (not the first time). He doing great on his not pulling (for a pit) He so exciting to watch! Thanks Zac and Bree.

  94. Michelle Ferguson

    I loooove the George videos. He has so much hidden potential and reminds me a lot of my own rescue dog. I’d love to see a more detailed video of how you introduced him to Indy and Inertia. I’ve been thinking of fostering and it would be great to learn how to manage those interactions when you don’t know a dog’s complete personality

  95. Lowtide

    Love these videos so much keep on making them 👍🏼😃

  96. Zala Stolnik

    My dog is a boxer mix and i have a problem when he see’s a dog on the walk i cannot get his attention on me and pulls to the dog like crazy he is 10 months old and very strong please help me

  97. Jaycee C

    This has by far been my favorite series!
    You’ve done tremendous work with George, Zak!
    You’ve given him a second chance at life that most couldn’t or wouldn’t do.
    My American bullies are much more challenging like George but I have a 4yr old bullmastiff that I’ve been trick training and I would love to incorporate more as he’s so eager to learn and catches on within minutes! These are the tricks he knows so far and he can also read hand signals for them all aswell: sit, stay, down, up, paw, high paw, beg, sit pretty, roll over, hurt paw, tappy paws (looks like he’s dancing),army crawl, speak, whisper, he can say I love you, bow, hug, smile, spin, dive(in water), jimping through hoops and there’s a couple others I’m sure I’m forgetting but if you have any suggestions he’s always looking for somthing more challenging!

  98. Vincent Ellis

    What frisbee do you use with George?

  99. DOGMAN3161

    Hi Zack, your wife has the right idea, KEEP GEORGE, I would be extremely concerned about George’s ability too become overly stimulated with another person you know they would not continue with the individual time and training George seems to need and enjoy. I believe it would be in Georges’s best interest if you kept him. Keep up the good work.

  100. Marina

    One in a million. George is incredible!

  101. Dobbie Smith

    You guys seem so close to breaking the “ Two Dog Rule.” It would be so cool if a friend or neighbor adopted George so that you guys could see how he progresses down the road. I am really enjoying this series!

  102. latosa18

    Wow! My BC Zoe and mixed breed Lucy both like to play but ALWAYS play too rough

  103. M.B. I

    You have inspired me and taught we so much training techniches

  104. Sterling_Mustang

    Here’s what you do, shoot it. Pitbulls are dangerous and should be K.O.S

  105. Freddy Lalmuanawma

    From Mizoram we liked your channel

  106. Lanna Saenz

    What Frisbees do you use?

  107. Maja Ambroziak

    Love your videos. The video about how to ease the dog barking at everything helped my dog not to bark at a postman

  108. Štěpánka H.

    Your videos should be mandatory to watch for dog owners, I bet there would be far less pups in the shelter, if more people would follow your advices. Thank you for your hard work

  109. Lanna Saenz

    Best series yet! 😍😍

  110. Winger#Yemen calling for help

    Aren’t you suppose to heel on the left? Maybe I need to go to his first day of heel training? If you were heeling on the left your dominate hand holding the frisbee would be less of an issue, it would seem.

  111. Patatas

    I am a viewer and subscriber from the Philippines. Where I come from dogs like George are widely accepted by a lot of people that understand the breed, some of them are even seen as status symbols. But at the same time, they are also greatly feared by the general public for it’s reputation as an aggressive dog that “locks jaw.” The sad thing is that as a kid I was also taught that mentality by the people around me, that these types of dogs should be feared and avoided. Now that I understand the world better as an adult I now know that these dogs that I’ve grown to fear are such beautiful and loving creatures and that it actually just depends on how people handle them. I’d like to thank you Zak for opening the public’s eye on dogs like George, your work is greatly appreciated. I hope George finds his forever home where he’ll be happy and healthy for the rest of his days. I am loving this series so much! Never a dull moment with George. Keep up the good work!

  112. SniperCat7258

    I rly wanna pet dog soon

  113. Vishnu Subramaniam

    He is only yter I eat h even though I don’t hv a dog

  114. IcedLama

    Who else is waiting for a video called”The life of Zak George”

  115. seth hall

    Are you going to adopte George forever.☺

  116. Rosella DePass

    I’m actually jumping out of my chair watching George attempt to catch frisbees in sequence – what an amazing pup! (I’m also in tears!) 😭😭😭😭💖💖💖💖

  117. Ro

    Best series to date! Nice work George!

  118. Jaxs Strickland

    He adores yall please please 🙏keep him

  119. Surviving and Thriving

    I ordered the bark box for my boxer-great dane pup! Looking forward to it! She also plays too rough with my other dogs, so I appreciate the vid.

  120. Bradley Iscool

    I love goerg I wash I can keep him but am a child who loves goerg he is good cute and nice to dogs

  121. Dove Olivia

    You are the best dog trainer lm sure George is having a blast

  122. Dimitri Reyes Poet

    My notifications worked. So excited to see George. THIS has been our favorite SERIES to date!

  123. Patty Co

    I hope one day Bark box will ship worldwide

  124. supersnailboy

    Glad George and Inertia are good friends.

  125. supersnailboy

    The intros though in every series get better and better! 🙂👍

  126. Francheska Medina

    I just freaking love this series!

  127. supersnailboy

    8th 🙂

  128. Miarije

    At this point I really want to see Zak’s supply of treats and toys considering he gets a bark box like every other day

  129. Navjot Singh


  130. trounbyfire

    How u guys do with the last storm?

  131. Sunil Kulkarni

    3rd like

  132. Amal Jacob

    I love Pitbulls

  133. Senjaau

    George❤️ best series so far!

  134. Vexle87

    Is it ok to leave a energetic dog at home when you work?

  135. justė jankauskaitė

    I’m so fast today yay!♡

  136. Inaya Khan Marwat

    My mom said my sister was an ✨ *angel* 👼✨ but when I threw her off the roof she didn’t fly #dissapointed 😔

  137. Miarije

    When you randomly check youtube and see that Zak uploaded a video 1 second ago o.o

  138. Scott Rumenap

    First like 😎

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