What I do every day with my dog! #dogtrainer #dogtraining #shorts #dogtrainingtips #puppytraining

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What I do every day with my dog! #dogtrainer #dogtraining #shorts #dogtrainingtips #puppytraining

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19 Thoughts to “What I do every day with my dog! #dogtrainer #dogtraining #shorts #dogtrainingtips #puppytraining”

  1. Stay Tooned

    I’m looking for ways to exercise my elderly dog with arthritis. What is too much.

  2. Jackson A

    My dog loves it when I throw in some tricks, she will actually get bored if I don’t.

  3. beaverFAN16

    Burn off puppy zoomies!😂

  4. Marcia Lewandowski

    Definitely frisbee! Any suggestions on the best frisbee for their teeth. Our dog bites them hard and they crack quickly. I worry about when they catch the harder ones might hurt their mouth.

  5. Amy Shaw

    Sometimes I fill up a milk jug with treats then cut a couple of small holes on the bottom and hang it from a tree. My dog has to jump up and work to get them out. He loves this game

  6. Nicholas & Luna

    So nice and sweet👍🥰

  7. Andrea Capaldo

    Def alot of impulse control exercises. “Take it” , “let go”, “wait” and SIT PRETTTYYY!!!

  8. Mia Timlin

    I’m always working on Brody’s fetch jumping skills! There’s a disc dog club about an hour away I would like to try with him some day!
    Fetch also includes stay with distance and distraction and other obedience skills. It’s a necessary for my high drive working line border collie!

    I love your channel and how unique your content is. It’s inspired me to seek out further education into dogs and become a dog trainer as well!

  9. Here This

    Very good . 👍Becoming a bit lazy and not always have a few moments to repeat the basics results often in dogs , that start to ignore what the parents say .

  10. lucyjasminepickle

    Nice to see a shot of your disc. I wondered what you were using.

  11. pokyousui

    my dog does the frog legs as well it’s so cute

  12. Jan Hankins

    Daily activities with my dogs: a walk, grooming (including tooth brushing), training, and (most important) cuddles. Daily activities without me: playing with each other, playing with one of our cats, chasing rabbits that we have no hope of catching, barking, naps. I seldom ask questions of Zak, but here’s one. I am trying to teach my guys to play Frizbee. Neither is interested in the Frizbee at all. I put it on the floor with a treat in it and they’ll get the treat. Put the Frizbee away from them tell them to “get it” and sometimes they’ll go put their nose on it. That’s as far as we’ve gotten. How do I get the interested in chasing the Frizbee? Don’t have natural retrievers (a poodle mix and a little Havanese that had a lot of health issues when we adopted him, but he’s all better now after several surgeries, physical therapy, etc.).

  13. Simona Ortale

    Hey George! What advice can you give to Canadian with long freezing winters? I still want my dog to exercise and keep her happy

  14. THC Two High Chicks

    Ever think about teaching inertia how to bikejor? Or even just run alongside; although in my experience even when they just run alongside they will want to run fast enough to pull you and it turns into bikejoring anyhow 😄 my mini doxies are obsessed with going on bike rides and every time they see the bike they start screaming like little kids told they’re about to go to Disneyland.

  15. Lakinther

    I did not subscribe to this channel to be spammed by random “shorts” clips. I will still continue watching the series, but until the situation changes, im unsubscribing.

  16. Animallover4life DogLover100

    Both of my dogs are getting old (Maltese mix is 8, and Australian shepherd is 14) but I try to give them brain games like kongs and stuff)

  17. love nature Evans family

    Wow, my dog like inertia but he’s so difficult. I want to control his guarding .

  18. Grace's pet care channel

    Aww I love Inertia, she’s such a clever girl. She’s so good at frisbee now, I remember when you where in the early stages of teaching her frisbee! You’re a great trainer 💗

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