WHAT HAVE I DONE?! First Day of Training with This COMPLETELY UNTRAINED DOG. [Reality Dog Training]

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WHAT HAVE I DONE?! First Day of Training with This COMPLETELY UNTRAINED DOG. [Reality Dog Training]

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82 Thoughts to “WHAT HAVE I DONE?! First Day of Training with This COMPLETELY UNTRAINED DOG. [Reality Dog Training]”

  1. Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution

    Watch a playlist with ALL of Chop’s episodes (updated whenever we post!) HERE:

  2. Leana Bilotta

    I feel like you should have a “guess Chops breeds” before his Embark test :).

  3. Kim Dahlquist

    Chop sure seems to be a happy learner… I ❤ seeing his tail wagging during your training sessions. He’s already doing awesome in a short amount of time! Great job so far… 😊

  4. Daz_PlayzRBLX

    Love the videos

  5. Cath Unsworth

    Fascinating to see a dog learning sit from a zero start. It’s rare, as owners, we see that, given most breeders, shelters and fosters will have at least taught sit (if nothing else). But spending time with very nervous former street dogs, like many of my clients, these are the starting points for them. It’s all about building a bond. Helping them to learn we are predictable, not scary.

  6. Connie Davis

    I love this series and love that you all are reaching out & giving these animals a chance. We have a rescue & have reaped the benefits of being able to train him. Without training he was a complete basket case-high anxiety, aggression, etc. Thank you for what you do & for sharing your knowledge with us.

  7. BarćaMaster

    I love watching these videos they bring such joy to me. Keep up the good work! 😊

  8. Elizabeth Olson

    I love it when Zak kisses his dogs on camera.

  9. c Ricahrd

    I have a pit/husky 9 month old I rescued at 8 weeks. I was told that harnesses aren’t good to use on husky’s because of their pulling. ?

  10. Carrie Pagliaro

    Good idea to let him look around. People in Alaska *wants* their dog to scope out the outdoors. That is a very good trait in an Alaskan dog.

  11. Jillian Baker

    He’s beautiful and very smart!!

  12. Deering Keedz

    So excited for his videos !!

  13. Cathrin O

    Such helpful training advice!

  14. Laura Legends

    Loving this series already! CHOP CHOP!

  15. mcatronw

    Zak your training series are always so fun to watch. I find myself smiling nearly the whole time. It’s amazing watching this wild boy bond with you so quickly with the right communication from you! I’m so proud of you and Chop!

  16. Geoffrey

    Idk I’m gonna take a guess: Alaskan Malamute/German shepherd and possibly Leonberger or some other mastiffy breed… Newfie, st Bernard or something possibly idk

  17. Animater 265

    I think he’s catching up more faster than George

  18. Kath Rogers

    I’ve been checking on and off a lot of the day, due to our time difference most of my day has been your day 6! Nice to see Chop picking up the basics quickly, his reactivity is going to be a big problem and I’m interested to see how you work on that. My dog is great with other dogs but takes a dislike to some men, particularly in work wear (prev home I believe) he is the worst type with no warning just straight in for the Collie nip, not sure how to get him out of it, not sure I ever will 🙁 It’s midnight here now so off to bed enjoy your day with the gorgeous Chop!

  19. Ingeborg Anne Rakvåg

    “Just a hunch”. I like these breaks into narration mode, or whatever else I should call it 😀

  20. Amy Witkowski

    I admire that you are doing these series of reality dog training.

  21. Charlie Twigg

    Chop is a devoted tail wagger (I assume his wagging is a positive). He is also very civil at taking treats.

  22. L. Lewis

    When I was teaching ‘sit’ to both my Pomeranians, each of them also would back up instead of sitting. 🙄🐾

  23. Zelina

    I can’t stop starring at all the lose fur, especially on Chop’s back legs. I want to brush him so badly and remove all that undercoat

  24. JustCallMe Amber

    So excited for you

  25. Flipz

    I have trouble with leash walking do you have any tips please and love your videos.

  26. Suzanne D

    Chop is such a good natured rascal like Tramp from LADY AND THE TRAMP. Every new dog you train is more interesting than the last. Please do a series of updates on these dog characters in the future. Top notch entertainment and learn so much at the same time. Perfect!

  27. cinnamongirl622

    YAY!!! A new episode about Chop! I’ve been looking for this since Saturday morning. 😁👍

  28. Dejoski

    i feel like doing all of these steps with my dog who i thought was well trained 😀

  29. BerkeleyC

    I understand the need to keep people wanting to come back to your videos and how including cliff hangers does that! However, I’m sure the vast majority of your viewers are true dog lovers so including Chop jumping over the railing with no mention of if he is ok is frustrating. Totally understand if telling that part of his story is appropriate later in the series but either put out a blanket statement that he’s ok or don’t have that part in the trailer. Love the series format but I find myself nervous to watch the next episodes in case the situation does not work out well.

  30. Anthony B

    cinematic mode looks great

  31. Karsten Topp

    He’s a clever dog. Clever in the sense of being street smart.

  32. Greta VanderMey

    Chops mouth is foaming the whole time. I love it. 😆 He must love his treats. 🐺❤️🦴🐾🐕

  33. Jen Grant

    Wait for the “full moon” to happen. Street dogs bring a different element to training and to care for them. Being from Alaska, I assume he has some (more than normal) wolf… now wait for that “full moon”! Lol 😆 can’t wait! ❤

  34. Lynsey Avalone

    So much tease 😋

  35. Jessica S, NAPLES FL

    Chops unrestrained behavior offends me as much as an unrestrained young child running through a department store dressing room or the same child acting out in a ”
    family” restaurant. Surely training has to be adapted to each individual dog client as all are different, but when this “type” of dog is trained, he requires a special type of owner with a personality that can fit with his temperament. I think “Chop” would do best working in law enforcement where he’s most likely to find active work that interests him as well as a partner that enjoys controlling and directing his behavior. Let’s see if I guessed this right in a few weeks, knowing little to NOTHING about dogs. {{I once rescued a cat from the local Humane Society. I named her “CHOP-CHOP”. She didn’t like children.}}

  36. Danielle Esplin

    How long are you going to drag this out about the dog jumping off the balcony?? Is he okay??

  37. Abberistired

    I have a question :’)
    what do you do for a dog who doesn’t seem motivated by anything food, affection, play etc?

  38. melissa janik

    Why did you introduce a phrase “here” “leave it” for those behaviors but you didn’t introduce a phrase for sit?

  39. Sheetal Chandane

    Zak, Do you feel embraced when your unable to control a dog. And a fan come over and watch that situation. because you’re a dog trainer and people think you’re the best. And do you think it can create an controversy. Just a question. (BTW love your videos big fan from India)

  40. s

    put a prong collar….no more pulling

  41. Tesla Nick

    If I have to shape any behaviours in little tiny steps as you had to do with the “sit”, I use a clicker. It just works better for me when I need to be really precise. Often I end up just capturing things like “sit”, “down” and “speak” as they happen.
    I’m looking forward to following this series as I’m getting more and more clients with street rescues.

  42. christi✨

    Already you can see this dog is so smart, and has so much potential. I’m so proud already! 😁

  43. Here This

    Is it just me who’s dogs try to access the treat bag as they want to ? 😁

  44. Myself

    I feel reborn because of this video !

  45. Dimmoth .

    i really cant wait a week to see the next video love this series

  46. dumditor

    Man my dog after she smells some doodoo she be tryin to usain bolt me and run but i dont know wah

  47. Christine Alix

    Chop is an amazing dog I love his.intelligence, such a good boy to catch on to these good dog basis so.quickly. I.frequently.walk my psychotic.1yo. pitbull.with.a.package of chicken breast as.her.meal for training..She’s doing great not.pulling heal leave it and when hungry enough it helps with leash aggression. I.appreciate the love Zac is giving to this enormous wild.dog. I hope the.very best for his training and his new home. Inertia is such a.trooper. God bless that sweet girl.

  48. Jessica S, NAPLES FL

    “Chop” appears to be the type of dog that gets many trainers to talk about becoming the Alpha dog of Chop’s pack in order to get such an aggressive Alpha dog to respect them as a trainer.

  49. Here This

    😄 It seems You have watched the 30 days of puppy training course with Z. George ! 😃 It works with adult dogs , too . 😉 Very good example how useful this training methode is for many different ages and behaviours .

  50. Lauren 123

    I checked YouTube 1000000 times today, waiting for this video. I NEEDED a chop update, I’m not disappointed 😍

  51. paranora

    A dog’s learning is like a flickering light bulb that suddenly stays on when they understand. You gotta love them and love to teach them 🥰 The understanding part is never the problem. It’s always the communication and bonding part. And that part is ours. Good people have good dogs.

  52. Karen Condon

    Our Rinny aka Rin tin tin is overly shy with others at the park or beach settings

  53. TopcatWarrior

    It’s great to see he’s fine after his great balcony leap! One of my dogs, now 7 yrs old., was completely untrained when I got her from a rescue. Her first two years of her life were spent on a chain in a concrete yard with minimal human interaction. It was a rough go for the first few months to build trust and to understand what I expected from her. She bid now one of the best dogs I have ever had. Chop is going to amaze us too.💕

  54. Charlene Latimer

    Beautiful dog, beautiful countryside.

  55. Janknitz1

    I keep having nightmares about that scene where Chop jumps over the balcony railing. Please at least tell us if he is OK!

  56. Karen Condon


  57. curious wiki

    Chop looks like a gentle giant and an intimidating wolf at the same time 👀 after watching the reality dog training series, giant dogs are my new obsession :/

  58. Chris.M

    My dog in the same boat stray outdoor dog who needed to adjust to following commands and interacting well with other dogs

  59. ~ Avery ~

    This is by far my favorite series you’ve ever made, and it’s only the 2nd episode!!!

  60. Jennifer Corbett

    I have been checking none stop since I got home from church this morning lol This is my weekly show cant miss it lol

  61. Alisha L

    Always so excited to see you upload!! Love this series so much.

  62. Katarzyna Czubaszek

    I saved my dog Burek from a chain life when he was about 8yo. A lot of Chops ups and downs remind me of our story. His life is going to be great from now on <3 Chop is a champ and Zak is a saint 🙂

  63. Senjaau

    This is something ive been waiting! Amazing

  64. Hana Dushi

    Your amazing

  65. Karis Bumgardner

    Lets Goooooo! Your the best!

  66. Sonya Morrison

    I love you and your videos and Chop is so handsome

  67. Katarzyna Czubaszek

    woah i’m so early! i’m never this early!

  68. Kaili Sullens

    3rd comment :))))

  69. Tatiana :/

    I want those dna results😠😭😭😭

  70. GAMETRIO 46

    Please do a video on how to take care of pregnant dogs my dog is an Eskimo and she’s really small but pregnant and please shout me out thank you

  71. FireMoon

    I love your videos!

  72. Minsku ja ponit

    Well i am very early here. Cant wait to see this episode!

  73. Tatiana :/

    I can’t explain how long I feel like Iv been waiting for this

  74. Hattie Andres I guess

    W o w

  75. Dobbie Smith

    Love this series!!

  76. Jasmine Collier

    I’m a huge fan

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