What Happens When Humans Get Animal Instincts?


What Happens When Humans Get Animal Instincts?


Have you ever been in a situation where everything looked convincing and good but a voice within you told you that something isn’t right? … If you listened to that voice then chances are that in 90% of the cases you turned out to be right. As you know, this is called instinct and is found deeply inside us. Starting from the instinct that tells us to feel fear when a danger is presented and up to the instinct that tells us to speak to someone in order to become a part of a society, this thing shapes us and shapes the angle from which we want to see the world. Just as in humans, instincts are everything for animals too. But animals, besides to the instinct to feed themselves, to be safe and to reproduce, also have much more advanced instincts which help them to predict many things such as a natural disaster, death and other events.
So what if humans in a way or another get animal instincts? Would we become more advanced? Or become wilder? And can we get to the point of killing more ruthlessly?

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8 Thoughts to “What Happens When Humans Get Animal Instincts?”

  1. John Milton

    Humans are evolved versions of chimpanzees

  2. Dukolli


  3. Peter Kerr

    First, when do you think humans lost their animal instincts? Are you saying humans were never animals and are not now?

  4. Truly Express

    Nice video

  5. rishav

    Top 5 dog can defeat a lion

  6. Salifya NGAMBI

    Dog breeds that can defeat a 🐅

  7. تحدي و ليس صراع

    Dogs can defeat a couger

  8. Little Bit

    Please Do A Comparison Of German Shepherd And Pitbull Please 🙏

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