What Happens When a Cane Corso Bites You?


What Happens When a Cane Corso Bites You?


Cane Corso is mostly known for his strength, mass and characteristic appearance. Originating from Italy, specifically the descendants of the Molossoid dogs of Ancient Rome, these big boys can reach a weight up to 110 pounds and grow up to 28 inches. Their main physical characteristics are the distinct muscle structure and bite force which when compared to other mastiffs, who have a 500 psi bite force, this Italian beast reaches up to 700 psi.

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22 Thoughts to “What Happens When a Cane Corso Bites You?”

  1. dc60

    and the Kangal said…hold my beer.

  2. riberadelplata

    kill em all

  3. Omar Opqhe

    thank you 🍁

  4. C7 Miller

    It is very important to teach it to sick nuts

  5. Mythral

    Just for research purposes of dog fighting for a school document, can a presa beat a corso/can a corso beat a presa? I’m writing an essay on dogfighing and which of the two were stronger, ik the corso has a higher bite force but can the presa beat the corso/corso beat presa?

  6. jake harakaly

    Wish he’d correct his weight statistic. many corsos reach a healthy weight of 140-160 lbs

  7. Micheal KNIGHT

    this is the worst video I’ve ever seen. such BS

  8. Micheal KNIGHT

    this video is completely false. my female is 130lbs and her father was 165lbs

  9. Micheal KNIGHT


  10. Salifya NGAMBI

    Ways to make a stray dog become more friendly to you and what happens when you feed a stray dog

  11. Salifya NGAMBI

    Ways to avoid and prevent a dog attack

  12. Nibbler Nibbler

    Ps. A dog is a weapon.

  13. Nibbler Nibbler

    Make sure the dog knows a threat from family.

  14. Nibbler Nibbler

    I don’t want anyone near my house. Of course my dogs gonna have s dog door to come out whenever he feels like it. The fence is secure. Don’t come near my fence 🤷🏾‍♂️. Don’t Provoke my dog. I shot the last guy that poisoned my dog.

  15. APack

    They can’t do anything when you have a Pitbull by your side

  16. Laurie O

    My neighbor has one he leaves in yard. I’ve reported it a few times so now they let him inside. He isn’t socialized w dogs or people. It took a few months but he is comfortable w me and no longer barks or growls at me. If he ever excapes I can help him w out getting attacked. We r buds now.

  17. Little Bit

    Comparison Of Pitbull And German Shepherd Please 🙏🙏🙏

  18. Bonsai UK____ ジェイミー

    They are very friendly dog’s in the right hands 👋🏼👋🏼

  19. Bonsai UK____ ジェイミー

    It must hurt 😞

  20. تحدي و ليس صراع

    Dogs can defeat cheetah

  21. Truly Express

    Nice video
    Love from India

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