What do you like or dislike about this dog training series? #DogTraining

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What do you like or dislike about this dog training series? #DogTraining

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33 Thoughts to “What do you like or dislike about this dog training series? #DogTraining”

  1. Peter French

    i like your ads 🙂

  2. rylan black

    I know that this is your income, but the product plugs are really off putting. It feels like you are promoting things that pay, rather than actual valuable products you use everyday. I love the series, but lately I’ve been watching less because it feels like the shopping channel.

  3. miss_hannah_24

    Hey Zak + Bree, I’m loving this new series with Veronica (but I also loved the one with Inertia too).

    My favorite part is the realistic yet optimistic perspective you choose to have when facing the challenges of Veronicas unique combo of characteristics.

    Also, I loved seeing how you invite Inertia to be a teaching aid with Veronica. It’s wonderful to see how far Inertia has come in her training.

    Please show more of Veronica interacting with other pets 🐾🐾 I’m interested is learning about how I can better react and teach (not just separate) in situations where other people’s pets (dogs) aren’t the best behaved and it triggers my dog. In other words, I’d like to see how you teach Veronica to be sensitive like Inertia and not react to misbehavior.

    This channel is a gift. Huge THANK YOU for producing this amazing content and living by example for what be accomplished with patience and love.

  4. d taylor

    I am really enjoying this current series tremendously! Seeing you address spontaneous situations as they occur is so helpful. Seeing that you have to continuously teach Veronica to stop barking makes you both more human, in a good way! Seeing how much constant reinforcement and rewarding is needed to train a pup really drives that concept home. Being able to vicariously travel the US is really fun, too! This series has so much to offer. Hope you have safe travels as you journey onward.

  5. Paige Graham

    I like the videos, but I wish the titles were a bit more direct. They seem a bit click-baity and I don’t always know what concepts you’ll be teaching. I’m raising a puppy right now (yay!) and love your videos, but don’t particularly want to watch a video of the training concept doesn’t really apply to my puppy’s needs at the moment.

  6. Ania Kawa

    Love your videos, been here for like 4 years so quite a long time i would say ☺️. Found this account when my border collie was small, crazy, devil puppy. You really helped us to bring him up properly. But now, he is an adult and don’t have any behavioral problems. So maybe you could do some series for more advanced dog owners 😁. Like some dog tricks tutorials or maybe an introduction to dogs sports ☺️. That would be nice 💗

  7. Bele Bele

    Grooming! When you take Inertia or Veronica to see the groomer give us a grooming 101 class or dog grooming for dummies 🙂
    Love your show. You all are awesome!

  8. Hugh Manson Warner

    i would like to see you use a balanced training for the dog. Positive reinforcement for obedience and for behaviour you can use aversive tools. you can use a prong or a gentle leader on a dog and you can fix the dog`s behaviour in 1-3 sessions.

  9. L is me

    I love how your real. Putting an adventure in just adds more bonus

  10. Susan Q

    I’d like you to teach us about dealing with the after effects of Covid isolation and lockdown. My pup was one year old, happy, curious and outgoing. Then came two years of isolation and it changed how he interacts with the world. The vet says start training all over again from scratch but I’m not seeing much change. Separation anxiety is an issue, as is nervous submission with people and panicky fear of large dogs. It breaks my heart so see him struggle. Any tips on how to work with dogs that are going through this would help.

  11. Belle

    The series you have had on your channel have gone above and beyond what I could have hoped. My 6 mo GSD is doing wonderfully in his development because I was able to study your channel a year before I got him and I learned how to create structure. I can’t express enough how much your channel has helped me— thank you.

    I would love to see how to introduce dogs to swimming!!

  12. Anonymous Account

    I feel like you’ve covered most basic dog training topics. At this point, we rather just see vlog-style videos following your adventures on the road.

  13. Razorgirl

    I’d like your clips to only have one topic per clip. Rather than a video containing several topics in one vid (and the title only mentioning one of them).

  14. ena12345678910

    Work on recall with hound dogs, grown untrained hound dogs

  15. Ranya Tariq

    Hey Zak I have got a problem and I need your help the thing is I have a one year old big dog he is not trained at all he barks at everyone when he is on a walk he doesn’t know any tricks and when I set him free in my backyard he starts running like crazy he always tries to escape his harness doesn’t listen to me I need your help Zack please

  16. Willow Draws

    Hello! Do you have any tips for bringing your Labrador on a paddle board?

  17. Pugz Popz

    I’m always excited for a new series which features dogs that are trained for day 1. Looking forward to a more focused training on veronica just like the inertia series. I love that you guys are doing what you guys love to do but “on the road” life is not for me and I feel like it’s a travel vlog more than one on one focused training on veronica. Love the channel.

  18. K S

    Great for you for doing a trip like this. Interesting to watch it unfold. Hope it all goes well. I’ve Always loved the weekly longer vids, so missing those slightly. For me, not so keen on shorts.

  19. Allicrocogator

    I just got into your channel because I’m NOT a dog person but I think if I understand dog training, having a dog will be super gratifying. Can you talk more about what kind of expectations a ‘non-dog-person’ should have when they are first thinking about getting a dog?

  20. Jennifer

    I like that you have been switching up your format. In the past you have repeated the same training messages over and over which, no offense, can get a little stale for viewing if I am not actively training a dog. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy you, Bree and your content and think you do an amazing job, but once I have seen all your training tips over and over it takes a change of format to get me excited to watch another video on the same subject you have already covered a few times. I also like that you are instructing Bree on dog training and correcting her mistakes. It gives me a better, more nuanced, idea of what I do wrong and what to do instead.

  21. EmilyH.

    I’m liking it!

  22. natapy

    I need advice for how to train when you feel like you’ve fallen behind with your puppy (7 mos.)–she’s a bit clingy and anxious because (road construction outside of home as a puppy, loose neighborhood dogs while on walks, etc.). I just want her to be able to come when called, but she gets so distracted and scared outside.

  23. Tormund G

    I honestly love the new videos compared to the other ones. I like that you guys adopted a small breed dog that is very barky so I’m very interested how you guys train her. I also like the fact that she’s your own dog so it’s gonna be interesting to see day to day training. Veronica is a great name btw, loving the fluffy ears❤😘

  24. Scott

    Abit naive, great , please stop by my house. I live in Italy. But I want to choose my own adventure. ( Let me know your passion project!)

  25. lucia

    How to help a dog adjust to a new baby!

  26. sleepyfoxy

    I’ve been watching your videos on and off for a long while and ive always loved how real you make dog training. you show the reality of dog training, how things dont always go as planned but also how to overcome those issues actively!

    I’m very thankful for how you break down each step so its easier to understand what you’re doing and why its important.

    keep being awesome guys!

  27. Timo van Blooijs

    Loving the series Zak! You’ve gotten me to fully invest my life into training my 11 week old Australien Labradoodle and after 1 week it’s already incredible what she’s learned! Feedback for the series: Keep doing what you’re doing. When I watch your video’s, the things I’m looking for is how you deal with certain situations with your dog(s). Like letting them sniff and at the same time stop them from eating every leaf and flower they see. Thanks and keep it up you both! <3

  28. Lyla Carrasco

    I’m so happy! I’ve trained my dog so well thanks to you!

  29. skylar_edits

    hey i want to get a puppy but I’m going to be at school most of the time, and someone will be home all day but I’m scared the puppy will get attached to the person at home instead of me, what should I do?

  30. skylar_edits

    early and second in a minute lol

  31. Lyla Carrasco

    Omg I’m first

  32. Lyla Carrasco

    Hii I’m first!

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