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What are the new features of Pet Technology?

In the past few years, pet technology has developed rapidly. Although some of these technologies may be considered stupid or unnecessary, the vast majority of these new products provide valuable services for dogs and dog owners.

The main categories of pet technology products are as follows:

  • Safety
  • interactive
  • Convenience
  • Video Surveillance
  • Health monitoring

Many exciting new products in dog technology fall into multiple categories, so we will focus on some of the most innovative and practical products that are currently on the market instead of listing them all.

Dog GPS tracking wearable device

In recent years, the market for GPS devices used to track dogs has continued to expand, and competition has brought further innovation. Despite the advancements in this technology, the market is still accurately determining consumer needs and the price they are willing to pay for it.

KYON smart collar

KYON smart collar is a full-featured product with a matching price tag. The collar includes a heat sensor to prevent heatstroke, a water sensor to prevent dog swimming, a 9-axis accelerometer to measure dog activity, and the ability to send ultrasound that only dogs can hear. In addition, it includes an altimeter and an LED display, which are programmed to let strangers know that your dog is lost, or let you know what the device thinks is happening in your dog’s brain.

This collar may seem too big, maybe it is, but given the many ways it can save your dog’s life, it is also an amazing product.

KYON is not yet on the market, but you can make a reservation here.

Link to AKC

LINK AKC is similar to KYON in many aspects but slightly reduced in functionality. The comparison method is as follows:

  • 3-axis accelerometer, compared to 9-axis KYON
  • Compared with KYON in 30 days, the battery life is 3 days
  • A patent-pending algorithm that can learn your dog’s more intense activities to measure daily exercise.
  • Provide activity level recommendations based on your dog’s age, breed or mixed breed, behavior, and size.
  • The temperature alarm lets you know if your dog is too hot or too cold.

One aspect that distinguishes LINK AKC from KYON is the “virtual scrapbook”, which shows a map of the places you have been and how far you have traveled. Calling it a “virtual scrapbook” may be a bit cumbersome, but it’s not bad.

Another function of LINK AKC is that it can be used as a training tool because the collar will make a unique sound when it is opened.

LINK’s technology is not as advanced as KYON and lacks an LED display that may not be usable. The price of LINK AKC may be higher at $99, but if you sign up for two years, the monthly service plan is $6.95 per month, the price of the annual plan is $7.95 per month, and if you pay monthly, the maximum is $9.95. Compared with the monthly cellular network fee advertised by KYON of $4.99, the value of LINK has suddenly disappeared in the long run.

Smart neckline bottom line:

For GPS-enabled smart trackers, collars are innovative, but in general, it is wiser to wait for more fulfilling products and services than to buy them early in the market.


The whistle is the first GPS tracking device for dogs, its working principle is more like a simple step tracker, rather than the same as LINK and KYON. Despite this, the retail price of “Blow the Whistle” is still $99 and has the same monthly subscription plan as LINK AKC.

Whistle 3 does not do anything that the other two smarter trackers cannot do, it needs a separate collar to fix it. What you get is that Whistle is the first to enter the market and should provide consistent updates in the future to give you peace of mind.

The whistle feels like an Apple product. It is stylish and easy to use, but it is more expensive than similar products without the same features.


Findster is your dog’s tracking and fitness device and does not require a monthly subscription. However, its reserve price is just in competition, at $150 on Amazon.

Findster has a more powerful social environment with badges, leaderboards, and stay connected with others who own the app.


FitBark, another smart tracking device, monitors the dog’s sleep quality, calories burned and includes overall health and behavior indicators to improve food and lodging.

In addition, the new FitBark 2 has the best battery life in six months.

FitBark 2 was built in cooperation with more than 45 veterinary schools and research institutions. FitBark claims that its overall health index guide can help you spot early signs of disease. With FitBark, you can also share its information with the veterinarian to help diagnose.

With the features provided by FitBark 2, you may want to get a higher price, but the retail price of FitBark 2 is only $70.

The bottom line of the dog tracker:

FitBark 2 is clearly the winner here. It is the cheapest, but it is still rich in features and does not require a monthly subscription fee.


In terms of pet technology, Petrics is one of the most innovative companies. Their goal is to design an ecosystem that you want your dog to participate in. Just as people tend to stick to its ecosystem in terms of personal technology, Petrics is designing multiple products that can all work together on its mobile app.

Smart pet bed

Petrics claims to have developed the world’s first smart pet bed, which has a built-in scale, climate control function, and can manage your dog’s health and comfort.

With washable and replaceable bedspreads, this bed can do many things. However, it will not be available until the middle of next year. Pricing is also not available.

Pediatric activity tracker

Like the smart pet bed, Petrics’ activity tracker is once again impressive. With a battery life of more than four months, it beats competitors in this category. It can be completely immersed in water and is very suitable for dogs who like water.

Pediatric Health and Nutrition Application

Owners can use the app to view advanced nutrition plans, which are tailored specifically for their dogs based on information collected from Petric’s products. It also provides food suggestions, medication reminders, and allows you to set review appointments directly from the app.

Although you can’t buy smart trackers or smart beds yet, you can download the app for free and create a profile for your dog to get free nutritional advice. If you already own the app, you can also link it to tracking devices of other brands.

Video surveillance of dogs

It only makes sense that there are multiple video surveillance devices for dogs on the market. Who doesn’t miss their dog when they are away and doesn’t want to check in and say hello?

At least some of these devices are equipped with the ultimate trump card, snack dispenser.


Furbo has both a camera and an integrated snack transmitter, which you can control via your phone.

Furbo also has an alarm system that can recognize when your dog or person is moving and can take photos of the dog when you are away.

Alexa integration also allows you to easily use Furbo at home. If you don’t have snacks, it’s fun for training and convenient for you.

You can buy Furbo on Amazon for $135.

Pet cube

PetCube is Furbo’s main competitor in the dog camera market. They offer two products, one with a snack dispenser.

PetCube has the same functions as Furbo, but the problem is that its current price is too high. The original retail price of Furbo was US$250, but the current price is US$135, which is cheaper than PetCube No The snack dispenser is priced at $149 on Amazon. If you want a snack dispenser, it will cost you $179 on Amazon, which is a drop from the original retail price of $250.

The bottom line of the dog camera:

Both products have undergone strict scrutiny and have the same functions. The comparison between Furbo and PetCube should be attributed to personal preference of equipment style.

Technology toys for dogs

The dispute between Furbo and PetCube can be resolved by one of the following two products, which combines a camera and a ball.

PlayDate Pet Camera Smart Ball

Similar to previous video equipment, PlayDate has two-way audio but also has remote control capabilities. Therefore, whenever you want to check in the dog, you can play the game remotely. Not surprisingly, reservations for this device are sold out, but you can submit your email to be notified when PlayDate is out of stock.


PupPod is Kong Wobbler’s “PupPod technology inside”. This technology uses sounds coordinated with the swing ball to design the game. The ball is connected to an app on your phone for you to play with you, providing hospitality when prompted, and as the dog gets smarter, the game becomes more and more difficult.

PupPod can also be paired with a single snack dispenser that can be used with Wobbler and does not require your participation.


Some dogs like to play, some dogs like to play. Sometimes, a dog who is infinitely content with seeking love can be annoying. Enter to get toys automatically.

iFetch is the most popular product and has won multiple awards. iFetch has three different sizes: iFetch Mini, the original iFetch, and iFetch Too are suitable for large dogs.

Dog skills let you go, eh…?

You can see DogSpot operated by Dog in this YouTube video.

It is designed to walk on the sidewalk outside the store, let a person walk the dogs, and then park them in the dog house when you enter the store. This sounds like a great idea. Your dog starts to participate in activities that he would not normally participate in, but you are doing some errands while walking the dog.

DogSpot is air-conditioned and has 100% fresh air, and you can see the dog’s real-time feed from the phone app.

This is an innovative and useful concept that should provide a more convenient life for dog owners in cities that have adopted it so far.

Although this new technology did stop me for a while, it was a step in the right direction and could give dogs and their owners more time.

The bottom line of pet technology

We live in a fast-paced world, and the speed of the new technologies it produces is beyond even the world’s largest nerd. For dog owners who want the best, this is both exciting and overwhelming.

Are certain new technologies a bit ridiculous? Yes, maybe, but after filtering out the excess, what is left is a variety of innovative products that will help dogs live longer and happier lives. I think no matter how much innovation we apply to our lives, we will support it.


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