What an ACTUAL, REALISTIC Day of Training Looks Like With My Dog.
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What an ACTUAL, REALISTIC Day of Training Looks Like With My Dog.

Let’s switch gears and see if my dog can handle a more difficult training environment. This video is sponsored by NomNom! Get 50% off a 2 week trial at

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100 Thoughts to “What an ACTUAL, REALISTIC Day of Training Looks Like With My Dog.”

  1. Lillie Fiori

    Such a good girl!!!

  2. DeeniiCat

    Thank you so much Zak for these videos! I have adopted a miniature poodle at eight weeks, he is now 15 weeks and he knows how to sit, stay, down rollover, stand and up,…..OF COURSE Not perfectly, and mostly in the house. We live in Indiana so there’s a lot of snow right now. Anyway, using your technique, training has been so enjoyable, and so much fun. He has learned so quickly. Please keep the videos coming!

  3. ꧁Ari2211꧂

    Every time I see Inertia it puts a smile on my face ♡

  4. R3N On Keys

    zak: eats it without hesistation and likes it
    normal Youtubers: ;-;

  5. Killin Winnin

    She’s so well trained

  6. zanyzana66

    Wow, this is a fabulous ad for New Orleans. I now want to visit! How are the COVID rates there? I bet it’s a long time until international travel is on the regular person’s agenda.

  7. Chelsea

    Thank you Zak! I regularly re-watch Inertia’s early puppy videos; and to see what patience, consistency and love can do for a dog is just wonderful. Gives me so much confidence that I’ll be able to build a very rewarding, respectful, loving bond with my own puppy (who arrives next week!!).

  8. Noah Casa

    Can you do a video of how you desensitize inertia on the plane to Alaska.

  9. Omar El-Zeki

    I am calling my puppy inertia too 🙂
    I love this little angel 🥺

  10. Rich ard

    Still can’t walk on a lead, still reacts to dogs and people (sorry umbrellas).
    Absolute nonsense.

  11. Simon Jakobsen

    Just recieved my Labradoodle yesterday. Your videos have been on my tv non-stop for the last two weeks, @Zak George.

    You’re really an inspirational dog trainer and communicator.

    All the best from Denmark!

  12. HoneyFlower Bee

    Never clicked faster

  13. Jeff P.

    Have you tried any herding training with Inertia yet? She looks like she would be great at that!

  14. kibrika

    The tricks between the Frisbee throws make her (and by extension, her handler) look so bad-ass, especially when compared to puppy Kona.

  15. Amelia Tarbill

    My mother forces me to shock my dog. And she doesn’t want to do shock her. But I never ever wanted to to it.

  16. Sophie Fitch

    Zak if you like this u will make my day. I love your training methods

  17. Asher Iyer

    The intro is still the same 🤣 Inertia isn’t so new right now

  18. Mega Minecrafters

    who is here before sir pinguino (it an inside joke)

  19. Ignacio Quintana

    i have been here from day one with Inertia, the progress that has happened is truly inspiring. thank you so much Zak, i truly appreciate it that you help dog owners, fulfill their goals by having their dream dog. thanks again.

  20. Jaycee C

    She’s beautiful. She’s a Border Can’t Collie?

  21. Ava D2375

    How did you train her to stand? Also do you have any advice on how to train my dog? He’s a nine year old chiwawa/jack russell mix. Hes a rescue from an abuse case and gets scared when I try to reach him things. He may be older but Id love him to be well trained. He’s already trained with sit, lay down, run, walk, and heel but if you have any advice I would love to hear it. Thank you for your time 🙂

  22. Alice Koval

    Please do more videos with inertia 🙏❤️

  23. JJDC

    Zac I have a question? Do Border colloiess lose concentration easily?

  24. Creative Diamond Dogs

    Love the new intro and Inertia’s frisbee.

  25. Alice Koval

    Inertia! Yay!

  26. Lotem Nativ

    Great video! Can you please share your experience traveling/flying with your dog? How did you prepare her for it and how was she?

  27. True Skil1z

    Here before 1million ticket here👉

  28. Skylar

    Do u know the long lead u have we’re do u get it and what’s it called

  29. Angie M.

    She’s looking good Zach! Do you ever volunteer your time with local shelters or rescues? Running a shelter, I can tell you that just a little training with a shelter dog can go a long way in helping them get adopted!

  30. Sophie Nightingale

    I’ve got myself into a little bit of a rut. I’ve taught my 3 month old frenchie to ‘leave it’ through his faze of chewing a part of my carpet. I think he’s realised that if he goes over to chew it and then listens to the ‘leave it’ command he gets rewarded so now he’s chewing because he knows he’ll get the reward. Any advice?

  31. Sophia S.

    Question: when should you spay or neuter your dog?

  32. The Gaming Nature

    Every time I see inertia with a Frisbee it reminds me of when she was a puppy and you got the video of her carrying the yellow Frisbee that was twice her size.

    So cute

  33. Leah Gilbert

    Zak: eats dog food like with zero hesitation
    Me: 😳

  34. curious wiki

    Literally no one –
    Zak – Eats dog food from NomNom

  35. Beth Daley

    Watching your vids and reading your book. Our puppy comes home next week! Thank you for your positive light, knowledge, and authenticity.


    So the Moral to The Story is:
    Have alot of Doggie Treats Everywhere we go…lol

  37. Hawks Floyd

    How do you travel with the Dog?

  38. DMTGodd is a beast

    great video! my puppy however has really bad separation He is now 10 weeks old. Can you make a new vid on it soon? Even if one of us is with him once the other leaves he cries and its hard to break him from it.

  39. Abhi Moka

    What is your dog breed


    Fantastic tips these will come in handy for my training.🤩😀👍

  41. Navjot Singh


  42. La Lou

    So good to see a dog that is EXACTLY like mine. They could be twins. Whenever someone says I’m just not training good enough, because their dog had it all figured out after a month of training and mine is at two years old still distracted by all the stimuli (obviously because that is what he was breed to do), I just show them your videos 🙈

  43. BigJonny13

    That does not look like America at all

  44. Brooks Equine

    Is this guy for real ?
    The Border Collie is smarter than this guy is .
    Basic obedience training is # 1 .
    Too wordy , too lax . My Border Collie that I’ve had for 3 years ( he was FERAL for 7 years ) would blow them both away .
    This guy …. chatter box .

    I’m unscribing …

  45. Shadi hakroush

    When i saw your training at first (when enertia was still a puppy ) I didn’t think it would have results but it really did ! So wow

  46. Karla Santoro

    How do you get her to drop the leash so fast and leave it? My 6 month old, now and then, goes ballistic over leash grabbing. I hold his collar and drop the leash, and he stops pulling, but he’ll grab it again when we walk off. Ideas?

  47. Rachel Jones

    My dog will not listen to me when we’re outside. I don’t exist to her! I need her to be this way! 😔 she is big and strong and she has aggravated my shoulder injury just by pulling me on our walk. 😔

  48. Regal Gaming

    I wish Inertia could be my dog. she is so smart

  49. Vivaan Modi

    Zak I better get a hug from inertia in next video Just saying

  50. Shepherd Neville

    Hey Zak, how old is Inertia? very well behaved

  51. Alexia

    I was subbed before your series with Inertia came out (sorry if I spelled her name wrong)

  52. Trump Never ending

    Thank you my dog is 1 year now best dog ever smart as a wip. Have you to thank.💯you are the 💣

  53. CinnamonToastStx

    Very awesome vid man

  54. Elizabeth Galan

    Please do a video on loose leash walking! My dog is a huge puller!

  55. NoodleDoodle096

    Thank you so much for all these tips! Helped me and my dog!

  56. Emily The Disney girl

    What’s the best treats for dogs? My dog seems to get bad gas, with the store packaged food.

  57. Alex Rae - Personal Finance

    I’ve still got 2+ years on the waitlist for my puppy but I’ve been binging all your puppy videos training videos – SO helpful! I’m especially looking forward to doing agility training.

  58. Mayti Jha

    Your video’s are amazing

  59. dogs rule

    Why are you not wearing a mask?😷

  60. Laughingman202

    Thank you. I am in the process of adopting a puppy soon and your videos have been such a big help preparing me for the day I bring them home.

  61. Lizmayra Garcia

    Do you have any advice on how to exercise a 1 year old golden retriever who is not interested in playing with any types of toys and only interested in food

  62. Aurora

    Inertia looks like she’s doing great and listens to you very well! I remember at the beginning of your series with Inertia, you got so many hate comments calling you a bad trainer and comparing you to another youtube dog trainer but it looks like your techniques work and it’s especially evident in your series with Kona. You’re doing a good job, Zak! Keep it up! I look forward to more of your videos 🙂

    edit: Typo

  63. Ella Tasch

    My dog being 1 month older than Inertia and still not as good as Inertia makes me even more determined to keep training!

  64. Red Fables

    Zak, why no mask!?!?!?!!?!?!

  65. ThatSushiDude

    Wait did Zak just eat ‘dog food’ lol

  66. Saeed Younes

    Hi Do you have any tips to how convince my parents to get me a dog and thank you.

  67. 009Jenna

    Hi Zak I just wanted to tell you that you have helped me so much with training my 5 month husky x, Skye (profile pic)! She is amazing with all sorts of cool tricks and she has just impressed me soooo much with her recall! But to be honest it was because of how you taught me how to train her and I’m very great full that I found this channel. Thanks x

  68. ThatSushiDude

    242 views lets go I’m early

  69. Tanushree Rajpura

    I love your videos🥰🥰🥰 I love your training videos I love seeing Inertia and Kona together🥰🥰🥰

  70. Mr.MasterMind396

    I just love Inertia Videos

  71. john ducie

    I love this channel

  72. Lizmayra Garcia

    You should do a daily routine with inertia

  73. paper2man

    I’m going to get me a puppy soon, you’ve kept me well informed and prepared for what’s coming. I can’t wait to start my own challenge 😊🧐

  74. Wagging Tails Dog Training

    I love Inertia SO much. She’s such a dream dog. ❤️

  75. Oh TeddyBear

    Hey I’m early!

  76. pluto

    i’m so. excited to get my dog tomorrow and these videos are so helpful!!!

  77. Star Sisters

    Thanks a lot, awesome video! Nice to Inertia again Best DOG trainer ever Congrats on 3.02 million I am also so excited for the next episode of KONA🐶

  78. Nooby

    Can somebody tell me what’s the best way to train a dog that only listens to me when he wants something like a toy and does not pay attention to me

  79. Noah Casa

    Thank you for all your help.

  80. I beat my meat harder than Chris browns wife

    You should try training working dogs

  81. Shenu Rajiv

    It’s like a breath of fresh air when the intro played BELONGS to inertia

  82. michelle tonny

    Love you Inertia ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  83. Puppy Love

    Woowww, a very much needed video. Thanks Zak ❤️

  84. Akash Alte

    Hey Zak I love your projects and Kona is superb.Love and Support from India

  85. zoku

    Great video as always! They are so helpful

  86. maya

    who came straight to the comments. Don’t lie

  87. dogs rule

    Read my name!


    Yay another video ! I am so excited to learn something new

  89. Wagging Tails Dog Training

    I love you so much Zak, I’m so inspired! Congrats on 3.02 MILLION!! I hope that this year you get to 5 mil!!! 🙂

  90. Sasha Gutin

    This is the earliest I’ve ever been! Love your videos Zak!

  91. Drake

    My dog gave birth to puppies today can you all please put some advise down below in the comments.

  92. Matthew Luque

    I’m first

  93. Emilija Krivane

    I like you very much! ❤️❤️❤️

  94. Kicks of Football


  95. KUTUP 95

    I just saw and came

  96. Wagging Tails Dog Training

    First! Woo Hoo!!!!! 🎉🥳

  97. 100KSub Without Any Videos Challenge

    Fun fact: everyone else including me who is commenting right now hasn’t even watched half the video yet de

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