We Thought We Found the Perfect Home… and Then THIS Happened. Reality Dog Training
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We Thought We Found the Perfect Home… and Then THIS Happened. Reality Dog Training

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160 Thoughts to “We Thought We Found the Perfect Home… and Then THIS Happened. Reality Dog Training”

  1. Hank Simon

    That was wonderful! As soon as Shuggy was no longer scared of Chop’s size, she was ready to play. Now, I’m interested in getting a big Rescue dog – a Lab or Golden. Any suggestions for where or how I can expose a rescue dog to a wide variety of dogs to play with, so he doesn’t intimidate other dogs, like Chop did at first?

  2. Amy Campbell

    oh I love these moments of just pure happiness!! I’m so glad you were able to train Mcfly and get him the perfect home. What a warm moving moment in his life. I can’t imagine how hard it is to say goodbye for you two though. Just think how many lives you are changing by the love of a dog.

  3. Saad Alkuwari

    Wow zak you did an amazing work with mcfly he is a gorgeous dog and deserves a better life. I am waiting the new series your big fan from Middle East GCC .. keep it up 👍🏻❤️

  4. Cassandra Trissler

    What episode did they say Chop/McFly’s breed results in? I must’ve missed it and can’t find it!

  5. Lisa DeHart

    Loved seeing Chop/McFly’s new home. So happy he found ppl that are encouraging his adventurous spirit. Good luck to them. 🐕‍🦺

  6. Roberta Preston

    omg…. you need to keep him… fpr their sakes❤❤❤❤❤

  7. Terri Davis

    Wow Chug and Chop both play with a high energy. I would walk them a lot before letting them rough play. Chug and Chop are going to be like two high strung boys. I bet there will be some broken flower pots etc inside the house. But they are both so cute and will do great together. Good luck to the parents.

  8. Marie Fraher

    Bravo! Both of you did so much to save Chop McFly. What a wonderful dog!

  9. Meredith

    Love the interaction with his new sister!

  10. ehhjeep

    So happy for Chop, sorry McFly. Wishing that dog a great life.

  11. Nancy Gilmour

    This made me so happy!!! This is literally the perfect home!!! I’ve learned so much from this series as my dog (8 months old) has a lot of trouble reacting when she’s not allowed to play with other dogs and this really helped me both learn how to handle it and also see that there was light at the end of the tunnel in terms of helping her get through it. Thank you

  12. lucy snowe

    Aw, “McFly”–I love it! He looks like he’s super happy in his new life, thanks to the transformation you gave him!

  13. Viking Dogmanship

    Im SO So happy! You couldnt have found a better home🙏❤ Good Work

  14. Xparty6985

    Was it ever said what his breed was? I’m not sure if I missed it! I absolutely loved this series and can’t wait for the next one! Good luck to Mcfly and his new family!!

  15. Maggie

    You should have worn Chop out completely, then walked the two dogs together, getting closer to each other.. until side by side.. never let them off lead together when they first meet!…

  16. Rose Lewis

    How lucky is chop finding such a perfect family. The bike riding looks like so much fun! McFly is a hilarious name for such a big dog.

  17. DrGunit

    I think the reason why Chop did that to the other dog was because he wanted to correct the overly excited behaviour. Thats my guess , what do you guys think the reason was that Chop did that?

  18. mya25

    I LOVE CHOP this makes me so sad and happy at the same time

  19. Willem Taurus

    not impressed by the yelping. i am surprised that this meeting did not take place in a more neutral environment instead of chop’s home. and that it was not preceded by a few minutes of parallel walking. but then, who am i to judge 🙂 great transformation for chop. seems like he’s gonna have a great life.

  20. D. L

    I love how quickly Chuggi forgot about the incident and was ready to play again.

  21. brain soup

    i learned a lot in terms of leash walking; Chop walked extremely similar to how my dog Bingo walks. Bingo is looking to become more Inertia’s size, but he is a crazy puller and he’s crazy muscular. watching you teach a dog with a similar personality to my dog has really helped me give Bingo a even more fair chance at learning how to walk with me

  22. mya25

    keep chop he’s so sweet
    update I just watched the whole video chop seems so happy with sarah steven and their dog I’m going to miss seeing him but seems like a wonderful home

  23. Carol Burnes

    You teach us so much by showing honestly your greats and the not so great moments. You are a superb trainer with a wealth of knowledge and I am so grateful that you share it so freely.

  24. arlene petek

    Looks like he found the perfect family & you did a great job preparing him. Tears of joy! Way to go!

  25. Flora Beverley

    Did we ever find out what breeds he is? Would love to know!

  26. Lynn Duerst

    Patience & love will prevail. Time & repetition will transform any dog. They are all worth saving no matter what behavior you’re trying to correct. Most of the time it’s our feelings & actions that hinder proper training, not the dog. It’s always that dog you feel you can’t train you learn the most from. He’ll never learn. I can’t teach him anything. This dog is impossible. UUUggghhh. They push you to figure out what works, making you a better trainer. Never stop learning new things!

  27. TheFSA15

    George, we all know about the tragic passing of your other dog (can’t believe im blanking on the name i mean no disrespect), are you going to get a new puppy and do a similar series to the one you did with Inertia?

  28. Katarzyna Czubaszek

    omg I’m so happy for McFly <3 tho i'm gonna miss his big cute face

  29. MochaRulez

    I’m sad that this series is over, but so happy that Chop/McFly found such a good home. The dog meeting may have started rocky, but I’m glad you let them try again. They seem like good friends. Chop/McFly sure did come a long way in short amount of time and you did a great job with him. I can’t wait to see what kind of series you do next!

  30. Willow Maremma

    Two males is a BIG no no! Or is chicky a girl? Generally best to home him with a desexed female opposites always,
    I used to always have two desexed bitches never again, if I ever got willow a friend it’d be a male.
    Zac go have a look at willow you would love her 🙂 she had a very hard start to life and working hard with her she’s getting there have delt with alot of behavior issues etc but she’s turning into a beauty.

  31. JP 1242

    Yay!! So wonderful to see McFly so so happy. Thank you for all you do.

  32. YodaGoodVibes

    Watching the Chop series truly reminded me about the importance of patience. It’s ok to fail and start again tomorrow but to not give up with stubborn dogs💜

  33. Connie Eneix

    Tears of joy for him. You have given him a life he would have never known. Great series!

  34. arthur penlington

    Thank you, fantastic series. I work with dogs that have issues and it takes commitment, patience and owners that need to understand that 2 sessions is not going to ‘fix” their dog. Many trainers/behaviourist, where I live, use aversive techniques that stop the behaviour but don’t get to the underlining cause of the problem or help the emotional state of the dog – in fact I’ve seen them make it worse! these ‘trainers’ always try to dismiss my methods (positive reinforcement, functional rewarding, understanding learning theory) and make me feel like I am rubbish 🙃 but hey – the dogs love me .

  35. Wendy P

    One of the biggest takeaways from your series such as this is to keep faith and not give up. You and the work you do literally changed his life – from a miserable confined environment to one where he is thriving, loved and nurtured. You can’t ask for a better outcome.

  36. Dawn Mitchell

    So glad you included some updates about how he is doing in his new home!
    Do you provide any follow up training for the new owners, so that they know what kind of obedience he understands?

  37. Chris A

    Anytime your in Idaho. I know my Aussie doodle Niko would love to meet you!

  38. AleLove7

    Hello, I’m Been Watching 👀 Your Amazing video’s cause we are getting A New member to our family 👪 very soon & I find your videos to be very helpful. I’m even letting people know about so they can learn from you. I’ m New York So is Very different environment for our new dog.I have A YouTube Channel as well so you probably will see our new dog. My kids can’t wait they have a 📅 marking 🏡 coming day. Very excited. Thanks for teaching us.

  39. Sonny J

    I am so happy for Chop!

  40. shiverme timbers

    This particular dog helped me so much just because he is so similar to my current dog. Thanks So much Chop!

  41. Mark Knister

    Hope all goes well with the new family.

  42. iloveaginganddying

    this series was awesome for learning about dog’s body language during play! You really set McFly up for success and he looks like he is having a great life! Hard to believe where he was at the beginning of the series, a wild dog in an outside dog house to the home he is in now <3

  43. Yasmin The Spiritual Coach

    Chop really has taught me that an older street dog can be trained and all dogs really do deserve a home ❤
    What a transformation ✨

  44. Patricia Fletcher

    Glad tht chops adopted
    Can’t wait to see the next dog

  45. eris smith

    Awwww, I’m going to miss Chop! So glad he’s found such a fabulous home and a new life as McFly 🙂

  46. J Sanford

    I’m crying knowing this is the last video with Chop. I don’t know how you do it – letting him go after bonding with him. I remember watching the videos and wondering if he would ever make a connection with you. I think when you knelt beside him when other dogs were around, and he calmed down – that was when I knew he had connected with you. I’m glad he has a great home. You prepared him for that wonderful life.

  47. Jessica ferreira

    Crying at the end so happy for Mcfly. Cant wait for your next video I think you got a puppy for Inertia to play and grow up with.

  48. Lillypad3183

    So so happy for Chop, now Mcfly 1😭😭😭

  49. Creative Diamond Dogs

    Moving quadpod phone camera stand at 0:10! 😂😂😂
    Looking forward to the next puppy series and whatever comes after that. Would love to see more Inertia content.

  50. Tensa

    I learned that I’m really really awful at training dogs because my 15 month old dog still doesn’t listen to me at all outside 🙁

  51. Isabelle Panza

    I love seeing the update pictures and video at the end! Looks like McFly found the perfect home.

  52. Wil Scott

    Such a wonderful dog. Truthfully, you really should have kept him since he really brought Inertia to her fullest and most comfortable. She completely loved Chop. So sorry to see him go to another home. 🙁

  53. wwaxwork

    I would just like to state for the record that Chuggy is so freaking cute.

  54. Rachel Crossen

    I really learned from watching Zac get frustrated and have to dig deep with patients and sometimes step backward with the progress because that is where most of us are frequently. We don’t instinctively have all the answers like a trainer.

  55. Lily, Sarai, jane

    I am so happy for you both on how well you’ve trained chop. I have seen such a transformation from all 3 of you. Stay well and safe.

  56. Maja Ambroziak

    Brill you always can do great training

  57. Linda S

    McFly!!! I love that 🤣 He looks so happy in his new life and you were the catalyst! Beautiful work, great series. I love this journey!

  58. trainergirl

    If I were looking for another dog, then Chop would probably get on famously with my young boy. I’ve got an adolescent giant breed boy. He reacts like Chop when another dog tells him off. He will turn away, and do pretty much what Chop does and try to de-escalate the situation. Sometimes, he will do a play bow and then kind of dance away. I will take that from a giant breed any day over them responding in kind. My boy is still growing and should be around 150 pounds when mature. He’s not fixed either. So that sort of behaviour from him is marvellous and one that I hope stays with him. I know other young males of his breed who are unfixed but will respond in kind. My older dog of the same breed has always done this too so again, I’ve not had to deal with a situation escalating because another dog has found mine to be too clumsy and intimidating. My previous female giant girl was different but we did not have her from a puppy. She didn’t like being told off and would respond in kind usually which was not an ideal situation. But then again, it didn’t happen very often because she was far more careful and less clumsy!

  59. Steve B

    Zac, this series with Chop has been brilliant, I don’t know how you can part with the dogs after you invest so much of yourself in them. I loved at the end that Chop had been renamed McFly. We have 2 Samoyeds, one 5, the other a year later this week. We are big Back to The Future fans as well, our pup is called Marty McFluff….

  60. al ex

    Nice to see a happy ending. I had the opposite happen to me recently. We adopted a reactive dog with guarding tendencies. She got along famously with our current dog in their first interaction that we pulled the trigger immediately and took her home. After a nightmare week, (bites to me and my girlfriend that drew blood, putting my current rescue pup, who suffers from severe anxiety, in the ER to get stitches) we had to give her back. Unfortunately the agency didn’t allow slow introductions like you provided and had we had that we could have made the transition easier/caught the red flags from the start/walked away from the entire thing and avoided the trauma to both dogs.

  61. Wendy Chu

    Doggie altercations are scary! And I can relate so much to what Bree said, that’s it’s the thing that you remember the most that day. I am always so grateful to encounter dog owners who are confident, calm, and understanding when kerfuffles happen, and I learn from that and try to be that to others too. I’m so glad this couple didn’t get discouraged and still decided to go for it!

  62. Anne McNamara

    I’ve learned that patience leads to incredible rewards for both dog and human. I have LOVED this series!

  63. Glenda Suchi

    I love the whole series. What I learned was the perseverance pays self at the end!

    What I would love to see is you teaching ways that a visually impaired person can train a fear driven and reactive American pitbull. Thank you for all you do to teach us how to love our pets.

  64. Arnold Lueders

    What I’ve learned from the chop series is that you are an amazing teacher. You are overly patient. As a grown man it brought me to tears when chop was reintroduced to the new dog and they got along well. What a wonderful sense of accomplishment The both of you must have. I still think you should have kept him lol.

  65. Invictus Horror

    if i had known will start following on IG

  66. Cindy S

    Looks like Chop/McFly found a perfect home. Can’t wait to see what you have for us next!

  67. Mischa Bloor

    This was so moving to watch! I’m crying my eyes out. You have done such an amazing work with McFly. What a beautiful dog. And what amazing trainers and foster family he has had! You guys are amazing!

  68. Delores Prahl


  69. Brooke Reeves

    This was an incredible series i love yiur videos thay are amazing

  70. Kathy Grams

    I am tearful through this entire episode, especially at the end. I am extremely happy for Chop/McFly. You have again given a dog a wonderful life. Thank you.

  71. AL Reed

    I’m crying! That was such a great series. I so appreciate alllllllll that you shared so everyone can look out well for all dogs. Job well done. This was a great series

  72. Colleen

    Omg I cry after each dog finds a home! George and now Chop/McFly. You’re doing such a wonderful thing withers dogs! I’m loving the series

  73. Julu jay

    this series has showed me that positive reinforcement works!! and with some patience, a dog will learn to listen to you! thanks!

  74. kevin thomas

    For your next series can you show us how you use your positive techniques on a dog with people/dog aggression. Some people aren’t lucky enough to get an easy dog like Chop. Dogs with aggression are the ones who get put down and truly need homes. I’m ready for some reality dog training

  75. Mary Moore

    I’ve loved this series. I am so happy and proud of Chop/McFly. BRB gotta go cry forever.

  76. ozpaws

    well with leaky eyes, I have to say, I never thought it was going to happen but you proved me wrong. Thanks for all of your hard work.

  77. Benjamin Provost

    Oh zac that’s not your fault my man that’s just dogs being dogs. You handled it perfectly

  78. lisa durham

    His heart is all Labrador, so pleased for him and you!

  79. K9mutt Training

    Love love love. Great home for McFly.

  80. Ryan Moody and Lola the pug

    I cant believe this is your last video with chop (now Mcfly) what a beautiful boy he is I cant wait for you next series your brilliant zak keep it up

  81. L Rogers

    Love those pictures of him and his family!

  82. Daniela Miller

    What a amazing ending to this series. That just put a huge smile on my face. ❤️

  83. Luciana Coutinho

    I’m crying and that’s because your outstanding work. You’ re fantástic! Congrats from Brazil

  84. Beth Kroa

    A great dog got a chance, and he got a great family with his favorite things – dog friends and outdoor activity!

  85. Kei Kitano

    Awesome series! Thank you so much for sharing. please continue with rescues. I have a dog from Romania. She was very scared and wild. Through your videos and those of various colleagues who work positively with dogs, I was able to get to know and train my dog better. She became brave, social and simply my best friend.

  86. Russ

    Chop isn’t even my dog, and I’m sad to see him go.

  87. Dwayne Barbee

    And that is why dogs need to know what no means. It’s commendable to always want to be positive, but in pack interactions they aren’t always positive, the leader of the pack has to lead and sometimes that requires teaching boundaries. You have some good methods but your ideas that the humans need to be the alpha in a dogs mind is flawed and will only work with dogs that are less than dominant.

  88. RebelBart67

    Awesome ending!!!

  89. Georgina Baeza

    I adopted a dog in July from our local shelter, and it’s been a lot of work. So watching this pup go from Chop to McFly, well, it’s like watching Wonder become my lovey MJ. I am SO happy that you do this. Dogs like them deserve a shot at a real life where they will be loved for the rest of their time on this earth.

  90. Lilly Ess

    This series reinforced that though positive dog training takes time and patience, it is possible. I’m so happy for Mcfly/Chop.

  91. Am3thyst91

    The Perfect family for Chop, I mean, McFly 🥰 Thank you to the family who adopted him and thank you for all you’ve been doing giving a better chance in life to so many dogs!! I LOVE this series!! So excited to meet the next pupper ❤️

  92. patralink

    Wow Chop has found a wonderful home. You two are to be commended for all you do for dogs. I am amazed at how Chop has settled into his new life. Great series. I never miss an episode.

  93. Antje Bracke

    I wish Barkbox would ship worldwide 🙏

  94. S L

    I’m going to miss seeing Chop playing with Inertia, *so* much. They were adorable together. Hoping it’s just as sweet with Shuggy+McFly!

  95. Michelle rice

    Looks like the fraggle rock dog

  96. Mallatobuck TheCanine

    God bless you two. From Korea,

  97. Mila 1228

    4.2k views and 432 likes?!!

  98. Darlene Bergantzel

    This was a great series. I learned that my dog still has hope to learn to be less reactive to other dogs and walk on leash more politely.

  99. Frank Ward

    Love that you guys showed the home visit. One of the most important tasks in a rehome. Next series, show some of your screening process. The most important task, in a rehome!

    Was a foster last yr had 6 dogs. The rescues screening process was intense, but very well put together. I screened for both sides of the house. Cat and dog.

    Can’t wait for the next series!

  100. Mark Wyse

    I think that everyone should take a look at Matt Welch’s latest YouTube video and compare to how things get handled in this video

  101. Katie Hanson

    I would LOVE to see a one or two episode mini series where you try to train a cat! Especially with all of the people who are training their cats to push buttons for what the cat wants. 😄
    PLUS, talk about a true test of positive only training; cats are NOT ones to put up with anything they don’t have motivation for!! 😂

  102. Kiersten Brouwer

    So happy for Chop/McFly and Shuggy! Amazing series! I do love those floppy ears as well. But really what I love about the dog and the series is how he was a bit possessive at the beginning, but truly was able to move past that and learn that he doesn’t need to guard anymore.

  103. Gøy med Hund

    Fantastic..Such a great job. I love how you have shared all the ups – and downs… I wish he lived in my country… i would deff. think about adopting him. <3 Happy to see it worked out.. VERY smart people .. not giving up. Inviting a new dog to HIS yard often make them way to confident.. But thank God it ended on a high note for them. Looking forward to see your next project. maybe try a Dutchie or something like that ? A VERY energetic dog ? Give Chop a kiss from me and my Cherokee - she thinks Chop is such an handsome guy <3

  104. Pamela Marsh

    Chop is a beautiful dog, so happy he found a good home. I learned that I just need to keep trying with my Shephard/great pyrenese mix 1 yr old. Be consistent and I need to excersize her more even though my health doesn’t always make that easy. She has potential to be a great dog and I hope I can do it like you did with chop (McFly) thank you so much for your videos..this last series helped me the most I think cuz my Honey has some of the same issues.❤

  105. Fish

    Any social medias for us to follow up on Mcflys story? 😭

  106. Gail Everett

    There seems to be a German Shepherd in Chop’s new home now? (I can’t call him McFly, loved the name Chop.)

  107. Chapati

    Please do a video of how to carry dogs up an escalator. In the UK 🇬🇧 we have to carry dogs up escalators to get to the tube. Thanks!!

  108. Carmel O'Driscoll

    Another great series 😊 Looking forward to more… no pressure 🙄

  109. Camron Cramer

    Would love to see you make a series training a fear/aggression reactive rescue using only positive reinforcement! A vast plethora of balanced trainers out their deem it to be not possible in some cases, would love to see you delve into detail on both the behavior and how force free training is possible with them!! I feel a lot of people could benefit from the encouragement and proof that they don’t need to use forced training tools to deal with so called “problem pups”, we recently have been dealing with and working on building up confidence for a fear reactive rescue pit. Would also love to see some pups with disabilities! Blind, deaf, tripod, etc.!
    Love your content!! You’ve been a huge influence on me to pursue a dog training/behaviorist career path! Keep up the amazing work :))

  110. Ellies Inspiration

    I love watching these pups get a second chance at have a good home. Your chop series has showed me some ways that maybe one day my dog can play with another dog with out being completely wild. Thanks for the series and I cant wait to see what puppy you chose.

  111. Ambi Cahira

    This is emotional in a good way. The fosters for my border collie/corgi only had him for 2 weeks but I could tell how attached especially the wife was since he was afraid of men and mostly attached to women. Seeing Chop at first I thought man he is WAY too big and now I think he is a wonderful type big! I’ve dreamt of a giant schnauzer for many years but I’ve felt chicken about it due to being insecure if I can even do a big dog when I’ve only had dogs beneath knee height but this series has allowed me to toy with the idea more seriously. I can kind of see more faith in my own capabilities and that’s pretty cool.

  112. noger boher

    Imagine needing treats for your dog to behave and/or learn how to behave… Really worrying and sketchy. This purely positive idiocy is toxic and is just confusing dogs as it conflicts with natural canine behavior and their cognition. People really need to be taught about the holistic/natural approach to dog training, because this purely positive idiocy is even worse than the punishment based training. And 7:21 – The only thing that could have been done better is by using holistic approach not the purely positive nonsense. Holistic approach really needs to become more recognized, it’s just too bad more animal biologists don’t have YouTube channels and don’t expose all these ridiculous and sketchy, ”famous dog trainers.”

  113. Eline Blixt

    Absolutely love all your content, and I absolutely need to know where you got Chop’s collar from? I need that for my GSD 😍

  114. Laura Breed

    I’m so happy for Chop (McFly) that he has his forever home! An active life is just what he needed and that’s what he’s got. I wish them a lifetime of happiness and adventure ❤️

  115. Holly Chuter

    This series was amazing!

  116. Rachel S

    How do you stop a Rottweiler puppy to stop eating dirt and ripping my grass and eating that as well

  117. Annika Aasav

    💝what a lovely happy ending💝

  118. Emily Fabyanic

    This was an INCREDIBLE series. You gave McFly a chance and prepared him for his best life. Absolutely loved watching his transformation. He’s such a cool dog 😎

  119. rik de blick

    I am far from a dog trainer, and learn a lot from you… but I would never introduce 2 dogs on one of the 2 dogs’ property… more on neutral ground… maybe that’s why they collided 😉

  120. Kate Medland

    Awesome series. I’ve learned so much. Q benefits from all you videos.
    McFly…. how perfect 🥰

  121. April Eckert

    I think he found the perfect home! Great job on helping him on his journey.

  122. Juanita Falin

    I have a dog that chews thru doors entire doors to our bedroom two now !a entire bathroom wall because he pushed the door closed in the bathroom…the bedroom doors because we closed them when we left him home. He thought we were in there? A half a room of carpet and padding. 10 months with us. Put him in his crate he keeps hitting his head on the top of the crate so 😔 sad. Frustrating but costing us as homeowners alot of money. Love him..he a big baby.. over 1 and half old about two years old pittbull terrier blue fawn

  123. JemiQui77

    Why do I always cry at the end of one of your series 😭 chop is an awesome dog! Drool and all💞 his new family is so lucky

    Omfg Mcfly 😭😭😭😭💞💞💞💞

  124. Nicole Brennan

    Yeah, McFly 🎉 Great movie, great dog, great life!! So happy for him and his new family. Looking forward to the next series 😉.

  125. Louella N

    So much love!! Wish Chop the very best!! And thanks Bree and Zak again.. look forward to seeing a follow up!!

  126. Ionut Kiss

    As I previously said. Chop is a dominant dog! PERIOD!!! You never tested him up close with other MALE DOGS! He will not be good unless the new owners really step up! I m curious on future updates on him. If any of course. When you were out with him and he was looking at other dogs that were 300 yards away all you did was DISTRACTION. Nothing more! Sorry to tell you but this is in no way shape or form reality dog training. What would happen if you had a Rottweiler or Boerboel????

  127. Dave Michaels

    that was wonderful to see the follow-ups from his new home.

  128. Amy Leigh

    I wish u could keep him

  129. Suzane

    I learned that patience is very valuable. Happy life to you McFly!

  130. sue zaple

    Aww sad that Chop went after the other dog right away, and scared it but the re intro was so much better happy about that. I wish Chop all the best with his new owners and the best dogs life full of adventure. he will be missed and has done so well .

  131. Carolyn Vines

    Ugh! You and your darn teasers! “We’ve got a lot to talk about.” Well, out with it. 😵 Still luvin’ ya anyway. 🤎🖤🤍🐕‍🦺🐶🐕🤍🖤🤎

  132. Jen Kirby

    I hope you showed them how he jumped the fence, to encourage them to raise their one.

  133. cbcdesign001

    Looks like you found the perfect home for him.

  134. Carrie Mtn

    I agree about the floppy ears. And Bree- of course you’re emotional- you have a heart for dogs!

  135. helpfulnhappy

    The more your dog can feel your love for them, the better they will do and learn. That’s what I’ve learned in training my dog.

  136. Karla Santoro

    Awesome home for McFly!

  137. Jan Hankins

    You found the perfect home for Chop! A match made in heaven. You couldn’t have done better by Chop (and I love his new name–McFly!). And I kind of admonished you at one time at the dog park for not being far enough away. Then I “watched” myself with our little guy (who is much like Chop when he sees another dog–he wants to go play in the worst way). I wasn’t getting far enough away (for him to not react). So I need to take my own advice!! So I learned that.

  138. Jessica S, NAPLES FL

    I’de make that fence much higher.

  139. I always get so emotional on the last day you have with these dogs! Does Inertia ever show signs of sadness or depression when they get adopted out, or look for them after they’re gone?


    What a wonderful placement! Love your forthcomingness, you two!

  141. Margaret Fleming

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