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We should talk

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50 Thoughts to “We should talk”

  1. The Gardden Channel

    Can you do a winter puppy series, preferably where it’s cold?

  2. Dori Grubbs

    Yay! Can’t wait for the small dog series!

  3. Bethany Treston

    Id love to see you train a dog with bad anxiety.

  4. laura 2Bens

    Enjoyed both new videos today!

  5. Lauralee Wheeler

    I would love to see a video on ideas for when you can’t go outside. How to handle boredom and get exercise especially.

  6. Jason Healy

    This is probably the only person I believe when they say I’m not here for super chats and don’t give money. And I’m usually a skeptic but after watching how genuine you are with training, I believe.

  7. chuckey cheese

    please do resource guarding!!!!!

  8. Trish Salzl

    Very annoying that i keep getting charged every month for a pup box. Please stop charging me.

  9. Vinh Hiển Vlog

    Cảm ơn bạn đã chia sẻ like 👉🔔

  10. Karen Martley

    Zak and Bree you are both so awesome… thank you for being you xx

  11. Sare Fish

    Love love you work x

  12. Veronica Kriebel Drelling

    I am not sure if you have ever trained a dog that was taken from his Mom at birth. If you have how do you help them?

  13. theScoobylife

    Hi Zak! I recommend your 30 day perfect pup on my blog! You should definitely do a 2 dog rescue training. Ella and Luna are Mom and pup who were rescued from a very bad situation. Boy oh boy training through all the fear aggression was really hard! We’re still working on a few things!

  14. Cindy Sabourin


  15. Lisa Chapman

    How can I get more information on 30 day perfect pup? Thank you!;

  16. Joy Freeman

    Hi Zak, I have a Basset Hound puppy. I would love to see leash training with a hound. Their nose pulls them everywhere. I can get his attention, but once he’s got a scent it’s hard.

  17. Ellies Inspiration

    Thanks for all the great tips 👍👍👍

  18. Sapphiregriffin

    awh! I missed it!

  19. Suzanne D

    Can you recommend sustainable and waste free dog food and dog products. Trying to go green even with the dog stuff.

  20. lynda polys

    I just started watching I have a staffy mix that is so prey driven and I swear has canine adhd. If she gets out of the yard even with an ecollar on she won’t come when called. I’m taking her to agility classes which she loves but again the distraction factor it interferes. Do you have any suggestions? She’s been trained by 4 different people in 2 states and coming when called and losing her mind when people come to the door have never been mastered. Thoughts?

  21. Amy Guest

    How about training in winter in Alaska? Being from Colorado, you need to be creative. Work around due to weather and less daylight. I like your Alaska series. We live a more rural life. Not as much access to the big city. It has its own challenges. Thank you.

  22. Lisa Dixon

    I would love to see a series on separation anxiety. Your tips and techniques are wonderful. Thanks for this great channel

  23. Susan Trail

    I missed the live stream, but would you consider working with a Mexican Street Dog? Similar to a Village Dog I imagine. I adopted one in March who was recued from the land fill in Mexico. She is doing well, but has become super (over) protective of the house.

  24. Linda S

    A live chat, what a nice surprise! I’d love to see Bree train a dog. 🤞😊

  25. Amy Guest

    How about episodes beginning to end training a dog for service, service dog like for a veteran.

  26. Jan Hankins

    I missed this! I didn’t know you were going live. How did I not know that? I’d have loved to watch this truly live. As a first-time owner of two small dogs (always had Great Danes and Irish Wolfhounds in the past and as we got older, it got more and more difficult to help them when they got older and had difficulty walking, so when our last Wolfhound died, we got two small dogs–one is 10 1/2 pounds, the other is 8 1/2 pounds–what a difference between them and a Great Dane or Irish Wolfhound), I’m hoping you will do a small dog series.

  27. Here This

    🙁 Have seen it too late ……

  28. Angela Haines

    Iv learnt so much from you, that has helped me and my cockerpoo puppy so much!!
    She is gorg,loving,intelligent and beautiful !!
    She totes trusts me…… but
    The only thing I can’t master with her is the cutting nails thing!!
    Thank you for your help my friend!!😁👍🏻💯

  29. Lisa DeHart

    I would love to see Bree train a dog. 👍🏼 She calls her self a layman, so to speak. So seeing her overcome difficulties would be so relatable. Yes pls!

  30. Cute Japanese Cats Channel

    Dogs really do convey a lot of feelings to us. You may think that you can easily identify each of their tails, voices, and gestures, but there are many points to watch such as the movement of their ears, the opening of their eyes, and the upturning of their hair. In order to understand a dog’s feelings, it is important to know its personality well, and to observe its behavior and the way it moves its body.🐕🐕🐶🐶😻🐱

  31. N. Yazgic

    Greetings from Switzerland! Love your videos 🙂

  32. Soz Kurdi

    Hi Zak!
    About a month ago a stray dog entered my yard and we decided to keep her, the vet saw her and estimated that she is about a year and a half old.
    I was able to teach her (Sit) but I am having a hard time teaching her other basics.
    Do you have any advice for me?

  33. Rando stuff

    Okay I gotta admit I am kinda mad that 2day I decided to sleep in

  34. Maya Coppermayr

    I love your videos! I am a new viewer and a newish dog owner and would love to see some tips on training with high prey driven dogs! You have such great methodes!

  35. Elizabeth Ellis

    I’d love to see a series on small reactive dogs.
    Also resource guarding with another dog. My 1 yr old Havapoo sometimes won’t allow my 10: yr old Smooth Collie into the house, near me, etc. I’ve had a lot of success teaching “wait” when I give each of them a treat or food, other commands and reinforcement of “good things happen when _____”, is helpful, but I also see it progressing. Trying to stay positive vs corrective is challenging when the little (younger, smaller) one growls at the big (mellow, sweet, lovely, older) one.

  36. Lena Dieters11

    Would love to get a video/series on separation anxiety. You touched on it with Kona, but it would be great to see it more in depth. Many pups suffer more from it past covid.

  37. Landibear

    I logged on way too late. I have a terrible problem with two of my dogs. A few years ago I got a chihuahua and he managed to get one of my females pregnant. I rescued him when he was just a few weeks old and just as I was about to get them both spayed and neutered, the accident happened. I gave the pups away very carefully and one of the babies I gave away and one of the pups (a female who looks just like her daddy) I gave to a friend who I thought would look after her. About a year ago I found out that the friend (who had moved away since) left her with her parents years ago already. I wish you could see the photos of how terrible she looked! The mother contacted me and said they need to move and asked if I could take care of her until they get somewhere else to live. When I saw the condition she was in, I told her that I was not going to take care of her until…I was going to take her back for good. She had patches of hair missing and it looked like she was never bathed. She also looked like she spent most of her life outside and as though she had to fight for food because every time I feed her, she will growl at you until you are not near (even though she is terribly attached to me) and if you pretend to take her food away, she quickly grasps it away. The first bath I gave her, her true color, which is her dads almost caramel color, came through. I bathed her in anti-septic shampoo and the hair almost immediately started growing back. Though there is an age difference between her dad and herself (he has started to go grey in his face and is a bit smaller than her and she is not grey yet), they look so alike now that her coat is healthy again, that it is almost impossible for us to tell them apart. The problem I have is that they both have the same temperament. I have other small dogs too and because they all grew up together, they do not fight at all. However, the two of them especially fight almost non stop. There is usually a constant growling between the two of them and often it comes to the two of them fighting and neither one backing down. Shouting at them, as much as I hate it, does not help at all. Separating them does not seem to be a solution either. She has yet to be spayed but seeing as he is neutered already and has the same attitude against her (which he does not have with the other dogs), is that a solution or is there more I can do? I do not let them live in the yard at all. They are house pets and get walked but even that I have to do separately. PLEASE HELP! I am literally at my wits end. Even as I was typing this they were growling most of the time…

  38. The Other Toni

    Thank you for answering my questions! Was a fun live!!

  39. I.am.no. RobinsonCrusoe

    You and Bree are quite enjoyable to watch, but more than that, y’all are producing valuable content for training our doggies. Thank you so much!

  40. Pumpkin Panda

    About the prong collars thing. They are even illegal in my country. And my opinion is, if I can train my cat to sit, shake hands, play fetch, stand, come when called etc without any punishment I am sure other people can train their dogs without punishment too, considering cats are way more stubborn. All it takes is figuring out how to engage the animal and what rewards to give and a lot patience

  41. Tina Nieves

    Why do you no longer go live on YouTube?

  42. Duke's Pit Bull Tales

    Sorry I missed this, always love your videos .

  43. Lee Hunter

    Hi Zak! Do you have any tips about how to set a dog up for success and reduce stress when moving house? Or how to capitalize on a move to get a reset in training around separation anxiety?

  44. peaceful journey


  45. Timothy Costelloe

    Thanks from New Zealand

  46. Sierra Newnum

    Thank you so much for answering all my questions and taking time out or your im sure otherwise very busy day! I really enjoyed chatting with you and Bree! *cough* “Surprise Your Wife with Dog” Series needs to happen. *cough* 😂❤ Thanks again so much and I VERY MUCH SO look forward to your future uploads!!! 😊

  47. Lucinda Darby


  48. Cathy Van Horn

    Hearing fine

  49. applehead_mjinnocent

    It was fun!

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