We need to talk... This will NOT be easy. Reality Dog Training Episode 3
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We need to talk… This will NOT be easy. Reality Dog Training Episode 3

Training Moira the German Shepherd has its challenges! But this is reality.

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209 Thoughts to “We need to talk… This will NOT be easy. Reality Dog Training Episode 3”

  1. Juliana Lee

    Love your channel. Mmm… background music is very distracting. Something more calm perhaps next time?

  2. Paula C

    I had to pause your video and cry for a second because I had a rough day with my pups today similar to what you went through with Moira. It is so frustrating and overwhelming sometimes. I have a 7 month old beagle and a 2.5 year old rescue that is a beagle/boxer mix (I’ve had that one for a few months). The over threshold behavior happens every time I take them outside. Every single time. They can sniff out wildlife, other dogs, people, and food for miles away and there’s just no controlling a beagle and his nose. My 7 month old beagle pulls just as hard as big ole Moira, I promise. He’s strong and determined. That’s what they are bred for, after all. I’ve gotten to the point I can almost manage it, but no amount of training will prevent it. These are some wack dogs, but I love them.

  3. Patrick Nielsen

    When is the next episode I just love the series and can’t wait for the next episode 😍

  4. june song

    And Moira is soooo cute, my dream dog.

  5. june song

    This is the best series yet. Super interesting and helpful!

  6. Meredith

    My 6 YO border collie loves my drone, she even know the case it is kept in. If I open it up she immediately starts to give it the collie-eye and as soon as she hears it turn on, she starts to circle it. My 1 YO male didn’t give it second look until he saw here get so excited. I don’t think she would ever be able to ignore it.

  7. Kylie Youngblood

    I know you touched base on the demand barking but would love even more in-depth. My puppy is a demand barker and it’s so hard not to get frustrated and we live in an apartment… hard to find full training videos on it.

  8. Emily Raney

    I went for a walk in my community today, and my neighbors knew I was dog training from your videos just by walking past me! We talked about how much we love this new series. I’ve got a 6.5 month old pomsky, and I’d swear he’s part wolf with how stubborn he is even after 4 hours of training a day including hand feeding his meals and keeping him on leash all the time. It’s nice to see a dog who’s also stubborn. We moved to a slip lead because our puppy was just not reacting to leash corrections in a harness. Our trainer friend recommended a prong collar, but we figured it would be a good intermediate step since prong collars seem painful and are banned in like 3 countries. I can’t wait to see how you train out leash pulling with a strong dog only using a harness. We’re feeling pretty overwhelmed with leash training after months of positive enforcement only training with the harness and moving to the slip lead. So happy to see the evolution of your channel! The strong shelter dog is definitely an untapped training source on YouTube; you’ve struck some serious gold! The shelter dogs of New Orleans are lucky to have you!

  9. Jayden Kufahl

    When is the next video coming out

  10. Jayden Kufahl

    I am teaching my golden retriever puppy to play Frisbee you should teach Moira

  11. P Randall

    Moira is such a beautiful and smart dog. I am glad she is getting a 2nd chance and training to make her a good dog companion for someone. Time and effort well spent.

  12. spiritkisses

    I adopted a puppy last June that has ended up being a very difficult pup to handle! He’s very reactive to a lot of things like Moira is, struggles a lot with impulse control, and has a very high prey drive. I see so many similarities between them; these videos have been so helpful and insightful. I really related to when you said that every time you feel like you take a few steps forward, you and Moira seem to end up taking a big step back. I was recently really discouraged in my training with my dog, but this has given me a lot of hope and motivation to keep working with him. I’m looking forward to the other videos in this series, thank you Zak for taking on Moira in order to help her fit into a home, but also for providing access to such helpful content.

  13. Brandie Knaggs

    Wow! This is exactly the stuff I’ve been wanting/needing to see! The powerful lunging at exciting things, the crazy jumping to get things she wants… I’ve always wondered how best to address those issues. I’m SO excited to watch your training and her progress in the coming episodes! 😃

  14. Lee-Ann V

    I’ll say it again, Moira is the female version of our 1 year old Golden Eddie. I’ve spent so much money getting one on one training training with Eddie and we are still have the same problems Moira is having. I’m encouraged to see the progress she is having and can’t wait what else we will learn to help Eddie.
    I think Moira would make an awesome police dog, shes so smart 😍

  15. Tina Bean

    We do “sit and wait” before meals. It is invaluable. It means that everyone can safely feed.

  16. Christian Gaming

    Zak: Look how hard it is

    *slams it om table*

  17. Tina Bean

    Squeaky burrito is soooo squeaky! They love squeaks.

  18. kavita deva

    Hi Zak. I have a favor to ask because I want to learn as much as possible so when I get my new dog that I will be training as my service dog I want to start using your methods more. Can you please show the German Shepherd doing things incorrectly more often. Because she’s such an easy and eager dog she seems to pick up on everything pretty quickly. I would like to see like jumping on people. You just kept moving away from her and moving away from her and I don’t know if that’s how you solve the problem of jumping on people. Anyways I just was wanting to say if you could show some more behaviors from the dog that are not what you’re asking for, so that I can see and everyone else can see what to do when your dog is not obeying what you’re asking it to do. Thank you so much. I cannot tell you how much I love watching this series. I’ll probably have to find a trainer in Los Angeles who can help me with the new service dog. By any chance do you know of any trainers in the Los Angeles area that have trained service dogs before? Thank you so much. have a great evening day whenever you read this I hope that all is well.

  19. Gerry Widnell

    My Max is nearly 5. We have together since he was 8 months old. Every day we train (tug, fetch, recall, sit, stay, down). Really good interaction between us. However, when he sees another dog or even his own reflection. He responds exactly like Moira. It is very hard work!!!
    Please keep up with this training video. I’m finding it brilliant. Thank you

  20. your nans boyfriend

    This really shows Zaks great personality and experience

  21. Samantha Hanna

    When you first did the Inertia series I was so excited, our dogs were just a few weeks off in age but my dog is much more like this pup <3 Thank you so much for doing this for some many reasons, helping her have a better future, and me with my dog as well <3 Wishing you and Bri the best <3

  22. Marina

    I LOVED this episode! Can’t wait to see you training her in public.

  23. Ken Nguyen

    I watch Cobra Kai aswell

  24. BKLife

    How do you stop puppy from eating cat litter?

  25. Tina Bean

    Lol 😂 @“weedwacker in the sky”

  26. Randy Nunes

    I am so appreciative of this series. It shows us how to work with our dogs in the real world. The book is good, but this series is outstanding, thank you.

  27. SA Martin

    This series has been a big help. I have a border collie, German Shepherd, blue heeler mix who has a lot of energy. He is 2 1/2 years old and trained in the basics but struggles with jumping on new people and come when called. I’m looking forward to see how you work through these. Also, Super chewer is an amazing box!!!

  28. Nina Hendrickson

    Finally taught my pup how to shake thanks to this video! I was doing it wrong the whole time.

  29. Denny Caesy

    My dog is a Boy German Shepherd with blue eyes. He is exactly like her, with same issues and more. With other dogs he scream, jump and lose his mind. I just want him to be happy during walks, but right now is impossible for him and for me..I just can’t wait the video where you’ll address this problem. Thank you so much for everything you are doing for this wonderful dog!

  30. Thomas Wade

    Recently rehomed a 1 year old border collie with some of the same issues as Moria. He has improved a lot in the week we have had him. Watching this series has been helpful as well as previous vids. Thank you.

  31. phaltoots

    Barkbox is life!! Gemma loves getting mail…thinks MY boxes hold the same, looks back at me “what gives!!” *walks of mumbling* “this is unacceptable”😤🐾🐾🤣🤣

  32. Andrew V

    This is literally my rescue just a whole lot more biting. Like a lot more biting


    Super !! I am so loving this. Amazing work!! 😁😁

  34. humphnor

    great job Brie

  35. Christine Alix

    It looks like a.day with.our NAZmanian princess

  36. Mandy Nuttall

    Moira is so beautiful! As an owner of an energetic German Shepherd myself I can learn so much from this series, thank you Zak!♥️

  37. zizinnnn

    my rescue dog is like half a Moira. food motivated and smart, to my luck. what I don’t get is why she is reactive to some dogs and loves or ignores other dogs. i reinforce her attention to me but sometimes over the threshold moments happen

  38. Michael Birmingham

    Intently watching Zack and Bree transform Morah. Loving it!
    Unable to comprehend how many dogs lives you two will save with this series. ✌🏻

  39. Ashley Moore

    My dog loved her burrito too

  40. Tranism

    After watching this … I’m thinking my schnauzer isn’t that problematic after all. haha.

  41. Chirayu Jadhav

    Hey zak I was just curious about how do they react on their last day with you?

  42. dumplings1997

    Hi Zak! The engagement and viewership of this series has been insane and your recent grown as a Youtuber is well deserved! It’s not that your previous training series weren’t helpful— they were and I learned a lot about dog training from watching— but with this series, I finally see myself in your video. I hope this isn’t taken the wrong way but, seeing a professional run into the same obstacles I do as a new dog owner is very reassuring as a new dog owner. I can’t wait to see how Moira has evolved in the time you two have had together!

  43. Adam

    Best dog trainer and dog YouTuber!

  44. Chirayu Jadhav

    I don’t have a dog but still I’m watching you for like 5 years. Now you can make your thoughts about him.

  45. Sommer Castor

    I will take her as is…in Hawaii!

  46. aly

    Wow how crazy. Just tried grabbing a stick from my 8week’s mouth bc he ingests them & he got loose of his leash and started running. Luckily we were just running around my house and he didn’t go near the street, but he was screaming like I was murdering him. This is by far the most frustrating day I’ve had with him all week. Sigh.

  47. AngelClasico

    i need this series because i have a husky and elkhoud mix puppy and he has a lot of things that i don’t know how to fix like he stops and sits every 5 minutes when we go on a walk, nonstop play biting that with his new teeth can actually leave scars and the jumping on furniture and biting every thing on the floor issue but other than that he is perfect and i love him very much it just get a little frustrating sometimes so im trying to duplicate everything i see on this series with him and hope i can fix his issues because it already took a lot of convincing to get my parents to allow me to get a dog so it wont take much for them to say i gotta leave him

  48. Rose S

    So happy to see this series!! We’re struggling with a reactive/frustrated greeter 7mo old GSD – such smart dogs but very highly strung so I’m really intrigued to see how Moira does with overcoming her reactivity. We’re about to engage with a behaviourist but will also be taking hints from this series for sure 😊

  49. keegansmom2008

    So I adopted a 10m shepard/lab mix. I can so relate to all of this.

  50. Eli

    Any tips or insight on dogs who’s goal with toys is to gut them as fast as possible? I’ve met dogs who are super into soft toys but when given them just take them apart. I would like to use them as a reward but they don’t last more the a few minutes ( this also goes for harder toys or rubber toys) what do you do when the dog’s goal is to shred everything?

  51. LadyPisces

    Great video! I love how you brought her own action that she likes to use her paws and turned it into shake. It definitely showed me new ways to be able to teach that. 🙂

    Her fetch is also looking amazing! whoever gets to adopt her is going to be so lucky! She is such a smart dog and catches on to anything so fast with good training! 🙂

  52. Matthew Garno

    I am loving all of the stuff that Zak covers. I just got a puppy that is half black lab half boxer and has a ton of energy. I would love to know more about the specific drone that zak and Bree used, as I would like to capture footage of my puppy playing and walking and doing other activities also

  53. Ann-Elin Synnes

    Great series! I recognize so much of this behaviour in my own dog. He is a husky, malamute, german shepherd mix (a tamaskan), and is now 9 months old and weighs over 40 kg. Needless to say, he is strong as a bull. He is also super energetic, but as with Moira, he is a quick learner. He is doing really good when we’re alone, but as soon as another dog comes around he goes into crazy-mode. 🤦‍♀️ It’s slowly getting better, but we still have a way to go. Hopefully, I will pick up some more tricks from this series, it has been really helpful so far! 🙏

  54. Jack Attack Audits

    Awesome video! Reminds me of our German Shepard, Leo. Same exact behaviors we are working on. Very helpful! Thanks!

  55. Grotimnos

    I think is this the series everyone had in mind for training difficult dogs before it becomes a bigger problem. Great job Zak, keep it up! Proud of you!

  56. Belinda Domingo

    Looking forward to seeing Moira’s progress! My dog goes crazy when he sees another dog so need some new ways of getting her to listen to me during those times

  57. virid3scent

    I don’t have a dog yet, but I’m hoping to get one soon. Your series has given me so much confidence, I’ll make sure to watch them all when i do get my puppy 😁

  58. Marissa Christen

    Hi Zak and Bree! Loving watching this series; your series with Kona completely prepared me for my own puppy who we got back in February. Quick question for you, what kind of frisbee’s do you use and where can I buy some? My puppy loves the frisbee but the rim on the one I own is a bit too thick for her to really grab it right

  59. Sans Culotte

    People who get energetic dogs need to see this show! Not only does it give you a good idea of what happens if you don’t begin training early but it also shows people that it is never too late to start training.

  60. Tarek Mamoun

    I love your Chanel learning a lot from you

  61. haydeltae

    Wow I thought that would be much worse lmao that reaction was quiet compared to what my dog has done before😂

  62. Angela Vasiari

    I’m curious, I just adopted a shepherd mix puppy and he’s a handful. How do you manage to never say NO to the dogs? I love how positive you are but could you maybe speak about whether and how necessary corrections are in training? I’ve been watching another YouTube trainer as well and he uses quite a few corrections. I don’t know which approach to adopt. When the puppy bites I instinctively want to shout NO!

  63. Kylee

    I hope you see this… do you have a video about biting? My 9 month old husky will bite our ankles, hands, and legs when we walk. Also, she will get behind our legs when we sit on the couch. She will start pushing our legs away, bark, scratch, and bite. She’s an AMAZING dog..we just gotta work on a few things

  64. Bernadine O'Connor

    Finally, a dog like mine. I am ecstatic to see these videos. At home, Sully is an absolute gem, but out in public……ohhh noooo…..When my little sweetheart sees another dog, he completely loses it. There is no reasoning with him, there is only holding on for dear life and getting him out of the situation. It has become even worse after a terrible altercation with another reactive dog. And i’m 100% sure my apprehension at seeing dogs translates right to him and makes it worse. I will follow this case closely. Thank you, Zac. You are helping me to be a better dog owner.

  65. Millaz77 CJonsson

    I hope Moira becomes a foster fail. Or that she can stay longer. This is so common and your videos can really help owners and dogs from being given up on and even put to sleep.

  66. Mara Orengo

    I need these, more please ❤️❤️❤️

  67. Diane van Velzen

    You need a new painting of Inertia. This one she is still a puppy!

  68. Daphne de Waard

    Moira is so much like my german shepard! And yes, including the lunging at everything that moves…I am so looking foreward to seeing how to deal with that. And what is amazing, my dog recognizes Moira as a GS on tv and lays down to watch the videos!!!!

  69. supersnailboy

    1000th like

  70. supersnailboy

    Moira is great!!!!

  71. Monica Zapata

    Thanks so much, You are bringing me hope , I cannot way for next videos. my 10 months old GS is the same way, very reactive, even though I am doing my best by socializing him, taking him to the dog park, and teaching him hill and the basis, he still very reactive to other dogs and People who walk toward us. It is exhausting, but, not giving up , I love my 4 legs best friend so much. Thanks again for these videos. 🙏🏻.

  72. night songs

    What I would actually really like to see next is you training with an adult chihuahua. Like a cliche angry little chihuahua. I feel like, even tho people see them as beginner dogs (maybe because of their size), they’re quite hard to train.

  73. Holly Chuter

    Such a great series! You definitely have a gift! While watching this someone came to my house and rang my doorbell and my dog reacted the same way Moira did. I can’t wait to see how you work through her reactivity issues.

  74. Oblivia Rando

    0:51 REVEALED! 🤓❤️

  75. Josep Grotte

    Why isn’t Nora meeting Inertia and ur older dog? Couldn’t that be an opportunity to train her towards socialization with other dogs? Idk
    I got a puppy and I’m so glad I got to ur channel. She is 6 months old and we are making big progress, ur patience, experience and empathy for a puppys way of thinking has really helped me in so many situations. I would say without you I would not have the same connection and relation to my dog as I do. Thanks for this great content, keep on 🙂

  76. Alyssa Lawrence

    So thankful you show the real challenges of reactive and high energy dogs! It’s so amazing to be able to watch💚🙌

  77. nookie420 bobmarly

    From prince Edward Island canada should visit some time it’s beautiful!!

  78. The Dog's Way UK

    This is just terrible, dangerous, negligent content. Zak George is not a dog trainer.

  79. nookie420 bobmarly

    Thank you Zack! & Bree! Thank you thank you thank you! Great videos me and my wife Kristina are training a 9 week old colley with your guys help along the way,!!

  80. Sarah Bond

    I just found your YouTube channel a couple of weeks ago since we rescued a puppy. This is my first dog and I have learned so much! Thank you for this series.

  81. Christian Malfara

    Hey Zak, loving the new series since I have a 10 month old Siberian Husky. I’ve used many of your videos to train him so he does well with overall obedience, but we have issues with pretty severe resource guarding of toys, food and sometimes people (only with other dogs), and aggression while wearing his harness. Would love some pointers on how to tackle these issues.

  82. Lucinda Darby

    Great series. Nice to see som aaahhaa no too. I have started getting a bit firmer with my dog on somethings and it’s working a treat. Really good to see this Zak although I do appreciate what you say in that it has to be mostly positive. I will post a video soon of my 3 year old rescue who we got in October 2020 and who worried me so much. All of his training is down to your videos mostly and we are still going and learning so thank you @zakgeorge 😁❤

  83. Molly Ferland

    Loving your series! So interested even though I don’t have a dog (yet 🤞)! Keep up the good work!

  84. Kim Reese

    Great series..thanks so much.

  85. Carly S

    I’m loving watching you work with Moira.

  86. Margaret Fleming

    My goodness she would be a fantastic fit as a police dog. High drive and loves a toy, match made in heaven.

  87. T M

    Hey, Rachel Fusaro had that same magic themed BarkBox on her channel

  88. rainbow river

    With the right training I can definitely see her being a great parkour dog!

  89. Kathi Hurlbert

    This is the real deal!!! Glued to this series so I can do the work on my Golden.

  90. Noah & Atlas

    I’m interested to see how you’re going to reduce the reactivity and keep her in a calmer state of mind around other dogs.

  91. Elliot Training&Tricks

    I can’t wait for more of this series this is Amazing! My dog has none of these problems (almost so far) but I am so still watching!

  92. Kristen Johnson

    This is SO good. Our girl is a 10-month-old Treeing Walker Coonhound who goes “over threshold” with a couple of triggers: when we’re in the car and stop at our destination, and when there’s another dog who remotely looks like it’s considering possibly maybe thinking about sort of playing. She’s manageable, but unbelievably loud, so it tends to upset people. The “look at me” has been really helpful in getting her to calm down and reset. Thank you for showing how you and Moira worked through it!

  93. Elliot Training&Tricks

    I got super chewer for my Goldendoodle and it’s amazing!

  94. noel nobi

    My kinda condition.
    I also have a female gsd of similar behaviour.
    Looking forward how you are training.

  95. Hermanis liepins

    Hi, Zak!
    I think that you should double check the dog’s bread. I have a East-European shepherd and Moira looks exactly the same. There’s a small difference between German and East-European shepherd but if you look up both breeds on internet you’ll be able to see.

  96. RMariem

    I loved loved the video! My 10 month old problem got a solution in 30 min of watching this video…zak you are one of my fav celebrity.

  97. Celeste Reece

    Hi zak I love the moria and kona series . I really do not no how you do these things. You are the best and I mean the best of the best dog trainer in the world . I love all of your videos. Thank you for helping each dog owner in the world .thank you zak.may the lord bless you 🙌🙌

  98. Saisha M

    Thank u so much for helping me I have dog like moira he is huge 🌸🌸🌸

  99. Kaden Johnson

    You helped me train my new puppy thx🥰🥰🥰

  100. Erin Goldsmith

    PS- Lucy (gsd 7 month Rescue) is working hard along with Moira. She has learned Let Go, watch me- make eye contact, crawl is in progress, and working on shake (trying to keep with with Moira here 😅). We have been acclimating to pups and working on reactivity by watching the neighborhood dogs go by from our porch…. and munching on chicken😂.

  101. Salma Nassif

    My dog is like that so i gave up on training her im using law of attraction techniques. My dog is half husky half swiss shepherd

  102. CinnamonToastStx

    These videos help a lot training my dog and showing the mistakes and things that happen in the real world help a lot.

  103. Mi Medicina

    how much does moira weigh?

  104. Jimmy Olson

    Best series on dog training. Amazingly entertaining and great instruction. Thanks so much for all you do for dogs.

  105. Sophie Lange

    Great video

  106. Noah & Atlas

    One thing I admire about your training is that you’re great at teaching play and fetch. My dog and I don’t play very well together. He’d do backflips for me if I have food to reinforce his behavior, and will fetch for his dinner, but a tennis ball or tug is not intuitively very exciting to him. I have a show line lab coming home in November/December, and I’m excited to build up tug and fetch skills as a puppy with the genetics to fuel his drive. I was pleased watching this play and fetch session with Moira.

  107. curious wiki

    This series is helping me strengthen the communication with my super energy dogs,the title “reality dog training” couldn’t mean any less 🙂

  108. Ayreth D.

    My mom is a retired police K9 trainer (she trained the dogs and their handlers) and her favorite thing to say about GSDs is they love barking to hear their heads rattle, lol.😆 QUESTION: where do do you get your biothane leads? I am trying to do frisbee training with our 9mos GSD mix in rainy, muddy Oregon so an easy to clean lead is a must! Thank you so much for this series and your other reality training series, they’ve been such a huge help to us! ❤️
    Edit: OMG we are struggling so much with over reacting to other dogs! I’m so grateful for your videos!

  109. Yuval Stark

    Just one question, how do I avoid my dog from getting cranky and aggressive pre food?

  110. Soratron

    hey zak, getting a puppy corgi next week and i love your vids!

  111. Ciara Celi

    “Thumbs up for Bree” I clicked the button soooo fast! I love her!

  112. Zoo Renard

    Rule number one in dog training: Never give up! ♥️

  113. Michael O

    What harness are you using? My Izzy (Shepherd Rott mix) does the same thing when she sees another dog. I like the grab handle.

  114. Ananda Swaroopini

    Exactly my caeser!

  115. melissa janik

    Excited to see more of training Moira to not be so excited/jumpy for meal time, that’s a thing my dog does along with howl/bark/bay for his food. He seems afraid of other dogs, but he does lunge to play with squirrels and birds and such like Miora did in today’s video with the dogs.

  116. Nick Haigh

    Really looking forward to how you train her not to lunge at other dogs. Thats the problem I have at the moment wirth mine.

  117. Certified Ben

    Moira has a lot of energy

  118. Bearded Bove

    Teaching the dog to give its paw to impress new owners instead of addressing the reactivity issues. Works with treats instead of the dogs meal which gets given totally free of any work. Please train & socialise the dog correctly. Seems your more interested in content for your channel & product placement than the future of this beautiful animal.

  119. Erin Goldsmith

    Great day today! I found I was clapping and cheering when Moira came back with the frisbee 😂. Zak, is there a special dog frisbee I should get for Lucy? I had a gsd in the past that got chaffed lips from a human frisbee. I have been hesitant about trying it again. But I would love to- or rather Lucy (gsd rescue pup) would love to! I looked on your links and did not see it listed.

  120. C S

    I was watching the video while my 18mo old labradoodle was sleeping. When Zak made the burrito squeek my pup jumped up and went searching for his burrito ( we have the same toy) When he found it he brought it back to me and I had to pause the video for a play session.

  121. Amalee Wilson


  122. Emmanuel Balani

    When I lure train my dog, he just aggressively starts biting my hand..

  123. Yasir Jamal

    Excellent video. Thank you my friend

  124. Itzel Daou Garcia

    Hopefully my puppy does not turn in to a “Moira”

  125. Mila B

    I so love these series, such an accessible way to learn how to be decent dog owners. Not to mention Zak and his LOLs : D You guys are excellent!

  126. RMariem

    Hi , Love from Kashmir!! Zak I didn’t even start watching it but …all these problems are with my 10 month old female gsd…i hope ! I become a good dog owner and restart! 16:22 ..17:16 .. Literally my dog :/

  127. Dragon X

    I am getting a labrador in 2 days and I have learnt a lot about training from your vids. Thanx😊

  128. Alexis Yvette

    I’m so glad you started this series. I have a pitbull puppy whose about her age and has similar issues. She’s pretty good on walks and is easily managed, but dog parks and getting her into doggie daycare without jumping up on people and pulling me are a challenge. And there are no professional dog trainers in our area. Seeing something this relatable gives me so much hope for my future with my Talulah Belle 💕

  129. Shiv

    i’m getting my cockapoo in a week and a half almost (April 9th) and I’ve watched the kona series and inertia series and I’m watching this one on the very very very very off chance that our dog is like moira

  130. Faith Frommyhart

    Ugh I have a German shepherd just like her but she’s 3!!! She’s already bitten a kid sticking his hand through my fence and the mother called city on me… oh so wonderful!!!

  131. Jessica Yao

    If only my mom lets me own a dog, I would want to adopt herr :((

  132. Brooks Equine

    Zak George , no one who has working dogs respects you .

    My Border Collie would put you to shame …

  133. rinny

    The best series ever!!

  134. WomernsLikesThat

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