Watch me struggle. You’ll love this.
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Watch me struggle. You’ll love this.

If you love watching me struggle, you’ll like this!


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237 Thoughts to “Watch me struggle. You’ll love this.”

  1. AdventureCampingAustralia

    what a teaser looking forward to the full length movie

  2. Tyler Simpkins

    Hi Zak. Can’t wait for this series. Your videos are very helpful. I noticed a clip of Chicago at 3:40. Next time you’re in Chicago, we would love for you to train our dog.

  3. Alisha L

    I love that you are training a Pibble!!! I know it probably is super time consuming but I really hope you continue to take them on, fostering super difficult ones, saving one life at a time!! 💕

  4. Virginia Brinkley

    This 4 min video gave me more chills in my entire 18 years of life! This video needs more attention!!

  5. Magnolia14

    YAY! Another series ☺️☺️

  6. Maddakia laura-pie

    I am so keen for this! Staffies/pibbles are the best dogs, y’all will see

  7. Street Kid

    Welcome to the breed Zack. I have 4 and 2 of them have very similar personalities to goerge their a hand full so i know what your goin through. Cant wait for this series. 💯

  8. kdoo

    I cannot wait for this series❤❤❤❤❤

  9. Michelle Richard

    I cried during this, can’t wait for this series ❤️

  10. Sapphiregriffin

    George is adorable

  11. Shanley Mello

    Yay, so glad to see that you are training another shelter dog. Very excited to watch this series.

  12. Elena Hennin


  13. Rakul

    Can’t wait to watch this series!

  14. Xina Powers

    The fact that you specified that George was “no relation” was priceless! lol I’ve been binge-watching your other series in preparation for my coming Maremma puppy. Thank you for the work you put into those and your books! <3 Looking forward to this new series, tear-jerking scenes and all!

  15. Kate

    I might own the dog that George was the work out for. She is a rescue that was dumped by our house in the earlier part of the Pandemic. Just from that clip George looks like the tame version of Luna. I’m looking forward to this series.

  16. R Phillips

    I can’t wait for this one! I love George already. He just looks super smart and eager to learn.
    You’re reality training has been the MOST helpful in allowing me to train the fosters I bring home to make them more adoptable. Thank you so much!

  17. Lindsay Martinez

    Can’t wait to see how you get through Let Go. My 4 month Golden Retriever REFUSES to let go. I always have to have a spare to throw haha

  18. Erin Goldsmith

    Oml! I can’t wait to watch! Lucy (10 mo old gsd rescue) and I enjoyed watching Moria! We are hoping to adopt/rescue a pit male sometime in the next year. Our sweet senior pit passed on last year- they are amazing pups … and YES, strong 😂. She was my easiest to trick train (easier than my 3 gsds)I trained her to be an ambassador for the breed- people loved interacting with her! We’ve got the popcorn ready and will take notes! Can’t wait!

  19. Carrie

    Aww. I know seeing pit bulls strengths and loyalty is going to change some minds about them. It’s amazing to me what all these big working breeds can accomplish!

  20. shatteredyoshi

    This series is going to be great!

  21. Andrea Zuniga

    Soon excited for this!!! I have. Pitt mix and I’m really looking forward to seeing George’s transformation. Also, HE’S SO CUTE!!!!😍💖💖

  22. EmeraldEyes3713

    Zak, I’m already crying.

  23. cinnamongirl622

    I’m absolutely here for this!!! (well…I’m here for every video,actually) 😊
    This was well done…like a movie trailer lol

  24. LOdance247

    This is us with our rescue pit bull Albus! He is just not getting let go. Your last reality helped us so much, can’t wait for this one!

  25. HeyitsmeChristine

    Whoa so many emotions in one video!! I’m so looking forward to the series

  26. Ashesftw

    Your attitude toward challenges is so inspiring to me. My dog Penny is a pitbull type dog and watching this clip of George and the transformation he goes through literally brought me to tears because he reminds me SO MUCH of Penny, and watching this makes me feel like anything is possible 🙌❤️ I cannot wait to watch this, and add even more of your methods to my arsenal. Penny and I need this 😅

  27. Sean Doe

    Let’s go with the ‘let go’! I need to see this. My dog’s favorite game is tug-of-war, but ‘let go’ kills any interest he has in the toy.

  28. TheKaurK

    Oh this is exactly what I need to look forward to haha! It sounds like an incredible series- will be watching every bit of it!

  29. RA_Cosplay Woo

    He’s so cuuuutteeee aaaahhh!!!! 😍

  30. Cactus Bee Crafts

    But why did this make me cry?

  31. Kri W

    this was phenomenally edited and had me tearing up!!!

  32. Holly Chuter

    I can’t wait!!! I have a “stubborn” fear reactive large breed puppy. This series will help us!

  33. Scott Reacher

    This will be a good one.

  34. Tong Ly

    Zak your the best dog trainer ever you inspired me to get a dog!

  35. jenn88tw

    Thank you so much for including introducing your dogs. Adult dog and adult dog interaction.

  36. Jaysha

    Hearing Inertia wine made me sad 🙁

  37. Amy Baldwin

    I don’t blame you, Zac. Less than a minute in, and I wanted to bring George home. ❤️

  38. Alli

    oh my gosh, during moira’s series (which i loved) i found myself wishing zack could train a dog more like mine and im already seeing a lot of similaries with george (fear response to strangers, stopping and staring at dogs etc) im really looking forward to seeing how you work on these in real time! and i must admit, im slightly hoping you keep him <3

  39. Samuel Miller

    Moira was definitely the workout for George!

  40. Eliana del Carmen Hernao Hernandez

    Did I hear right? Are u adopting George?

  41. Just Leafy

    Aww this series is going to be amazing!
    It’s great seeing you train a bully breed, this gives lots more dogs some hope 😀

  42. jeffkoons001

    SUCH A GOOD TRAILER. I like how it turns into a love story near the end.

  43. Yvonne Fonseca

    You did awesome job with George

  44. Aly Sally

    so exited for this series!!!

  45. Eliana del Carmen Hernao Hernandez

    Lol, the georges, I love your vids zak!!!! Just to let u know 🙂

  46. Connie Eneix

    Looking forward to this series!

  47. Shawn

    Zak, I rescued my little buddy, Tank, 6 months ago from our local shelter (where I was volunteering looking for a dog). He’s a pit bull mix that looks a lot like George. Similar size, too. He was 50 lbs when I got him. He’s 57 lbs now and he’s about 15 months old. Super strong… he has a Kong frisbee that he loves to tug. Tickle his ear and he lets go.

  48. Tesla Nick

    It’s always the hard cases that give you the biggest pay off.

  49. Tasha Clark

    I just cried and cheered watching this. I have a very sweet dog that people in my life have told me to abandon….and I needed this. Bc I know my dog is worth my efforts.

  50. Katie Alex

    Have been waiting for it so excited

  51. Heather Venkat

    Thank you for rescuing a pittie! I got chills watching this video. Can’t wait to see the journey you two go through!

  52. MochaRulez

    Love that you’re doing this Zak! I love Reality Dog training! This series looks great!

  53. Fay Flemister

    And you thought you had your hands full with Moira haha

  54. judy Gieselberg

    My dog is the female version of George!!! I have NEVER seen a dog (mine) so intense on a ball. She would rather have a ball than food. I am so hopeful now that I have seen George.

  55. Karla Santoro

    This was such a great intro–now I will not miss one episode. Okay-so I wouldn’t miss one anyway. 🙂 I’m worried that it’s already made my cry though. Why don’t you keep him? You have room. 😉

  56. musiclover23wvu

    Zak! Are you serious, ive never cried watching your videos before but I currently have tears going down my face!
    I can not wait for this series to premiere!! George is so handsome! I have a pitty mix, he is getting pretty good at frisbee, I’ll have to start the double catch game with him!

    Anyways, your video, without even seeing more than this I can tell george is so lucky you found him! And I love seeing your dogs put him into his place, especially Indie!

  57. Lotem Nativ


  58. Oh Deer - Sabrina

    This video made me stop to think about fostering. I’m studying to be a dog trainer too and it’s be a great wat to add some experience to my work while helping out the dogs that need it.

    The animal shelter I used to work at had some amazing dogs but I could see perfectly why they wouldn’t get adopted because no matter how friendly they are, it’s really hard to convince someone to get a big dog that tears stuff apart or barks like crazy.

  59. SipOfShandy

    This gives me hope with my 3month old puppy who I just adopted over a week ago. Then again, you are a professional

  60. Madeleine BLP

    Wow! Can’t wait 🙏

  61. Apache Chase Roadrunner

    Zac thank you for giving George a chance to prove himself to you . I wish as a follower of yours that I could give a million likes because that’s no joke training a dog . It’s hard work and a lot of dedication thank you for teaching us your dog.

  62. KuaTxob vh

    cant wait for your next dog training

  63. Michelangelo Hernandez

    What a teaser!

  64. Perplexed

    George is the workout for English Mastiff

  65. Danielle Palao

    I almost cried watching this video! I felt for you not wanting to give him up! I want to love him!

  66. Brad Farr

    Hello Zak,

    I need help! I’ve got an 8 month old Red Fox Lab. Up until he was about 5 months, he was running and sliding all over the vinyl floors in my house. We would play fetch and approaching the cabinets and walls, he’d stop running and slide to get the ball.

    At 5 months he got excited for feeding, jumped to high, and came down wrong on the floor. Vet said he was fine, but while he was sprained he would slip a lot on the floor, going to his claws. Now, he’s to scared to walk the floors.

    I’ve tried everything I can think of to help him with his confidence…trails off treats, getting down on the floor with him, love, encouragement, and time. I’ve have even covered most of my floors in rugs and runners, but he is to scared to cross the gaps. I have to physically pull him and his legs out of the kennel in the morning because he won’t come out (being a big guy with a herniated disc in my back, that isn’t easy).

    Rex is technically my first dog, but we never had this issue with our dog, while growing up. Is this common? Will he grow out of it? I would really appreciate any help you could give me. I really want my dog back…

    Thank you,


  67. Aldrin Palacio


  68. Jennifer Bellini

    Looking forward to seeing this!

  69. galex03

    Really excited to watch this series, I have a pitbull that’s very similar to George. She’s very reactive with other dogs (in an excited way) and she’s so strong it’s hard to hold her. I can’t wait to see your techniques for better socialisation.

  70. Alaina Sherwood

    Okay, for real though? This preview legit got me tearing up 😢 Pitties have such a bad rap, not only in the states but all over the world. So looking forward to this series!

  71. Foxy Escapes

    I have exactly the same problem with my puppy she love to play catch but won’t let go of any of her toys.

  72. kryxena

    This series looks so, so good! I’m excited!

  73. retrol3um

    I’m unreasonably excited for this series!

    I started watching your videos FIVE years ago when I adopted an adult rescue dog who had been returned twice before. Your videos at the time didn’t cover the intense prey drive, reactive fear and severe separation anxiety she had, but they were still the most helpful and affirming videos I could find. Building that understanding and communication has TOTALLY been the key… including me understanding HER needs and limits. George looks like a mix between some of my current dog’s issues with my childhood dog’s strength and exuberance. I’m totally preparing myself to have ALL of the vicarious feels!

  74. tamikanadjene

    I can’t wait to watch this series!!

  75. JavieraReads

    I AM SO EXCITED. We recently adopted our pit mix in February and he has a lot of the same behaviors that our dog has.. especially the strength!

  76. Karina

    I’m “trolling” you, Zak, lol. This is exactly what my stinker German Shepherd looked like during adolescence. Listen, dude–I’m NOT a fan of “positive only” training, because my boy got MORE reactive–but I AM ENJOYING seeing you work with higher drive dogs!! I DO think we all can learn from this!! Thanks!

  77. Julia B

    This is such a catching trailer to the new series, the cutting job is on point and the whole introduction of George within those 4 minutes is just amazing! I even had tears in my eyes at some point, and I am so sad that this isn’t already the 1st episode – I’m very excited to watch George’s journey ✨🥺

  78. Mitch Ogaard

    I’m so excited to watch this series that I might have a potty training accident in my own house.

  79. Eric Crenshaw

    *smh* zak george cant train a dog to let go.

  80. Widdah Kayy

    Lol I hope he doesn’t give him up

  81. Jessica Kohek

    When he catches that second frisbee… Chills!!

  82. roxie frox

    Purely positive isn’t my favorite, but geez. That dog is amazing, i can already tell!

  83. Mary stickles

    When???????????? Soooo pumped for this series!!

  84. logoUK

    honestly looking forward to this so much! I love that you are adopting dogs and helping them out and i hope to one day be to the same level as you with my dog training skill!

  85. Hooda Jamil

    Wow! cannot wait to watch this series!

  86. Fanni trainedstars

    This looks like a really wonderful transformation, we only need love, patience, positive reinforcement training, lots of delicious treats, toys and to enjoy our journey with our beloved dogs on my opinion.

  87. kenkoolhimes

    Great trailer!

  88. Cherie Sindall

    I appreciate your authenticity, raw honesty, perseverence, sense of humour and willingness to show the naked truth live for all to see. Watching you wrestle with George is hilariously funny, exhausting for you I know, but this is reality with some dogs! I have rescued over 100+ dogs and still counting. Some are so traumatised it takes ‘forever’ to reach them through their panic/fear/flight/aggression behaviour which is the result of extreme trauma.

    Rehoming??? Ummmmmm???? 21 remain with me personally. as my forever family. They are wonderful with me, but not with anyone else.

    My family is preciously unique, all shapes sizes breeds and personalities.

    Its ok to keep George if you do 🙂
    In my experience Some fall apart and cant be transferred to new homes. Most folks cant handle them at all. I dont blame them!

    Thankyou for all you do..
    If you ever come to s africa please come find my fur family and me..My furkids will love you..We are on a farm with more than enough space for the ‘problem’ rescues here. We always have room for one more over traumatised new family member 🙂

    We would love to be in contact with you both if its posdible. Well done…. hugs to George and again …..thank you both for all you do.

    My canine family and Cherie (S Africa)

  89. The Original Pickle Tickler

    just tell me this, did you decide to keep George!

  90. big bois

    this is making me tear up, i rly think i’m going to enjoy this series and fall in love with this new dog!

  91. Barbara P

    Can’t wait for the series to come out 🙂

  92. Mr. baguette

    Don’t you fucking let George go Zack

  93. Emily Spear

    Oh I can’t wait to watch this 😍

  94. Heather Clark

    Really looking forward to this series! I’m also curious how to handle dogs that are problematic in ways other than high energy, like “tiny dog syndrome” or low energy, stubborn dogs

  95. Marjaneh Marjani

    Love your channel and can’t wait to see you training George.😘

  96. The Grammar Jedi

    I learned so much from your Moira series, this looks even better! I am so curious about Let Go, it’s the hardest thing to teach my dog by far!

  97. Les Fibres Fantastiques

    Omg! I will looove this serie! I love pitbull so much!

  98. Norra PeBenito

    Aww George! I can’t wait to watch this series.

  99. Winter

    I’m so excited!!! 😊

  100. Raising Possibilities

    So excited to see this series!!!!!!


    Hi Zack your amazing person you give hem a hope, this dog is very amazing, I love the way you train your dog.. Have a great day keep safe every one…

  102. Dog Details TV

    That double disc catch! Wow! This is going to be a fun, but also emotional series for sure. This trailer for it just about made me cry. Can’t wait!

  103. Guldehen Dural

    Zak your videos have been a source of remedy and motivation for not letting go of my dog’s training.. thanks so much …it is really worth watching every minute of the videos.

  104. Manson Chambers

    Cant wait, our pitbull Odin is 80lbs of solid muscle, and he pulls like no ones business. Ill be watching and learning from you, thank you.

  105. Cath Unsworth

    I am so excited to see this series. I’m a dog walker and a lot of my clients are rescues with a variety of issues that other walkers are not prepared to take on. I loved the Moira series, but George is really speaking to my heart. Good for you, helping a dog outside your comfort zone. I know I’ll learn a lot from watching.

  106. Emily O'Connor

    Dangit. I always end up crying at these intro videos. Can’t wait for the new series!

  107. Tyler's Burden

    Hey zak I’m a big fan of your videos they have helped me tremendously.. if you can I can use some puppy guidance .. I recently got a little German Shepard puppy he is 9 weeks old and I’m having a hard time on teaching him his name .. Ive had him for five days now My gf whistles and he seams to respond to that more often .. I’ve watched your videos on YouTube and have tried to apply everything you do.. should I get my gf to stop whistling ? Or call his name when she whistles ? I know your supposed to wait for eye contact as you said in a previous video .. additionally he is really mouthy every time we play and he tries to bite I put a toy in his mouth but he has seamed to become disinterested in his normal toys which have various textures .. if ya can get back to me I’d really appreciate it your great at what you do

  108. Vickie Wilfong

    Zach you have me crying. George is a lucky dog . I cant wait to follow you and this series

  109. Avatar Azul

    I so need this rn! My doggo have many similar problems. I’m already in love with George!

  110. The One

    I can’t wait to watch this!

  111. Trish Josephine


  112. Stacey Duffy

    I’m not crying, you are!!!!

  113. Ashley M

    I can’t wait! This looks amazing

  114. marialaina preciado

    I’m so excited for this! 😭 pitties need a chance ❤️

  115. X - RAY

    Yes, the best decision/way 2 continue after lovely and challenging Moira 🥰 George, I’m really looking forward 2 get 2 know U 🤗 Greetz from the German streetz in Hannover 🐾🐾

  116. Revolutionary Roblox Videos

    Aw george is such a good boy

  117. Revolutionary Roblox Videos

    Im so glad you decided to work with a pitbull

  118. Soraia ljubtschenko Motta

    The next level a dog agressive dog? Or a very shy one

  119. Jessica Resor

    Did Moira ever meet Inertia?

  120. Soraia ljubtschenko Motta

    Excited for this new one 😀

  121. Jodie

    So… I spent the first 2 minutes or so SUPER EXCITED that Zak and Bree are bringing a foster dog series to us and then the last two minutes totally in tears over how heartwarming and touching this relationship between the two Georges seems to be 🥰 !!!

    After Moira I was really hoping Zak might do a series like this and now here he and Bree are – going above and beyond to foster and train a shelter dog! Good on you guys. I can’t wait.

    Please upload more videos per week. Pleeeease!

    Love you both, you wonderful people you! 😊🤗👏

  122. Daryen Page

    I wish I could adopt him

  123. Helen Stephenson

    I can’t wait to watch this series, thanks Zak! 🐾👍

  124. Victoria Tracy

    Lol, better stock up on Super Chewer toys.

  125. Jessica Resor

    Inertia!!! 🥺

  126. Quinton thrailkill

    I have 3 dogs in total but 1 is always fighting my second 1Only 1 is allowed inside but the 1 that’s fighting is not and neither is the 1 she is fighting but She keeps fighting every time I go out there if I leave them alone I don’t hear anybody fight but as soon as I go out it’s not even an territorial thing it’s not even guarding or anything She is fighting and there has been no blood yet but It scares me every time it happens How do I stop this from occurring?

  127. Lauren Craig

    I am looking forward to this series, my dog and George have a lot in common.

  128. Jæk

    Looking forward to the let go training, i’ve been working with my sister’s dog and haven’t made any real progress so far

  129. brian

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 Zak what a video! Loved every second of it

  130. sammijo125

    Thanks for helping the shelter dogs. They deserve a chance to live in happy homes.

  131. Sara J.

    Just try playing tug of war with george and train him let go with that, my pittie learned it so fast by playing tug of war and now she let’s everything go immediately.
    My dog also pulled as hard as george, cuz they are so excited to see the world. But these dogs also learn so damn fast cuz they are so damn smart, but so misunderstood. Amstaffs and pitties are one of the best breeds ever, although they are the most misunderstood dogs out there. They are the most loving, smart and just amazing dogs ever, they learn fast cuz they love to learn and train with their human, I hope more people are gonna start seeing pitties and amstaffs in a different light

  132. Pannibal Lecter

    Dangit…. I do love this

  133. Rachelle Czeczko

    Love George, am so looking forward to these videos ,I hope you guys kept him,you look so happy together

  134. D Lythgoe

    Awesome 👌 would have preferred a presa canario like mine but a pitbull will test you . Absolutely love your stuff Zak

  135. Tanja

    Can we just enjoy for a sec that George if was adopted by them, he would be: George George 😂

  136. Olskeezy

    I can’t wait for this series! I love how you’re helping shelter dogs and giving them a chance, good luck with George!

  137. Kadin B

    I’m so excited! My dog was just like George when I first adopted her 2 years ago. It took a lot of work but she is the best dog I’ve ever had because of it. Can’t wait to see more!

  138. sew_wot_knot

    Ooh looking forward to this one, I have a staffy who at 6 months old is so reactive, I can’t get her to focus on me x


    Dog training can be extremely difficult but you showed that every dog is trainable. I would love to see you train a giant breed of dog like a Caucasian Shepherd.

  140. Right Is Right!

    Where are you located? I’m in Southern Louisiana.

  141. Bernie Cat

    What a good boy! Cutie too! I adopted a 5yr old rotticorso, who was at the shelter for 3 years. Love your vids.

  142. duke

    Omg I’m gonna cry this is too wholesome I love you guys

  143. Bhavana Shah

    Oh! I am so ready for this….crying as I watch ZaK thinking about giving up George 😢…this is going to be a tough one

  144. NemoXSky

    Why am I crying?😭 Please tell me you kept him! I can’t wait to watch this play out. I love watching how you learn to communicate with each dog on an individual level. It makes it so much easier for us to train our dogs by having such a variety of issues and personalities shown in your videos.

  145. Angela Schall


  146. Lynn Mcfatter

    Okay, you got me. I cried when they cried about George 🥺 something tells me Zak’s family is about to grow. I can’t wait to watch this series!😄 I hope to learn some awesome tricks for my boys! I have 1 frisbee pup & I would love to mold it more 😍

  147. Chris M

    The harder it is to train the dog, the more I’m impressed. I’m so happy for Zak. Keep it up!!

  148. Cheonjae Min

    I love George already! 🐶💙
    So excited for this new series! 🙌

  149. Sebastian Shammer

    I’m hyped

  150. Dax Chenier

    Thanks im not the only one with a stoburn dog’s

  151. ToniHunterOne

    So, did I miss it or are you going to keep George?

  152. Julez

    Omg I can’t wait to see this series 🙉 this’ll be so much fun and emotions, looks almost like a movie trailer.

  153. Samantha Vuktilaj

    so ready for this !!

  154. Cyclic M16

    Our Staffy has a HUGE food drive. We could teach her pretty much everything by using treats and love (mostly treats).

  155. JennaKateey

    A tad poetic that the goal was to train George “let go” but it’s hard to let him go! Looking forward to another great series! Keep up the awesome work guys!

  156. Lee Fruits

    I am looking forward to watching George develop from shelter to success! Really loved how you showed what it can take to turn a dog like Moira around in your last reality training series. 🙂

  157. Aquamarine

    OMG this reminds me of trying to train my current boxer. Lots of work, but endless 💕

  158. Ashley Val

    Love to see you helping dogs find homes that might have never had a chance. Can’t wait to see this series!

  159. cloud


  160. Brittany Wahls

    I cannot wait for this series! I was in tears by the end of this teaser, I can’t wait to see how George progresses, he looks like such a special dog.

  161. HB Real housewife

    Omg….I can’t wait for this new series. I love George already. Especially looking forward to sorting out the lead training with this amount of pulling. 🤞

  162. That Man

    George’s totally reliable training service!

  163. Megan

    I’ve fostered dogs for years, and every once in a while there’s one that is so hard to let go. But I’d have to stop fostering if I got another dog. It’s heart wrenching.

  164. Amanda Gallego

    I am so excited for this! Absolutely love these series! Lowkey got emotional 😭

  165. James B

    This looks amazing!

  166. phos

    How old is he? I’ve seen so many attacks from staffies on dogs and I’ve just seen one recently. Worries me so much seeing him with other dogs and inertia yelping. Could easily turn bad.

  167. maui luv

    Please tell me you foster “failed” and that you are adding George to your pack.

  168. Senna Pankopf

    George! This preview just made my day I’m so excited for his series 😊

  169. Makapakka

    early quad love you, gonna help me so much to train my future dog, have you trained malamutes before?

  170. Jurgita Bernatavičiūtė

    Omg!!! So looking forward to seeing this!!!
    Thank you 🙏❤

  171. Luis

    So excited for this series! Watched all the episodes with moira

  172. Carmel O'Driscoll

    Looking forward to this 😊

  173. Teresa E

    This IS my dog with ALL OF THE BALLS!

  174. Maja Ambroziak

    We were on a beach with Benji we put him off leash he actually listened to the recall thanks to your videos.his obedience is getting better too as well thank you Zak!

  175. dmndangel

    I am SO EXCITED for this series with a Bully breed dog. It’s like you said, they have a really hard time but at the end of the day, they’re really just dogs that need a lot of love, and maybe a lot of training!

  176. OoJoshioO

    Just want to say,i love your Videos and your easy sty…hmm your co..hmm I like your videos.

    Sry,i dont speak english and i dont want to use Google,because i must learn 😀

    The rest is (im so sry4 that) is in German,Sry.

    Hey Zack,ich liebe deine Videos und die Art wie du mit den Hunden umgehst,ich habe viel von dir lernen können,dafür wollt ich nur danke sagen 🙂

    Ich freue mich schon auf viele weitere Videos von Euch.

    Mfg aus Augsburg (bavaria)

    Ps: What Video is @3:37 bei dem du weinst? Das würde ich gerne sehen,da ich so etwas Menschlich finde.

    So,keep healthy/Also bleib gesund.

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