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WATCH: Dog duo set Guinness World Record for “most tricks by two dogs in one minute”

A California dog trainer and her Border Collies, Wish and Halo, set the Guinness World Record for the most tricks performed by two dogs in one minute.

Trainer Emily Larlham and her fur family | Image via Guinness World Records

Emily Larlham, a world-renowned dog trainer based in El Cajon, California, uses science-based progressive reinforcement and effective communication to train dogs without physical or psychological intimidation – and now she has proven how well these training methods work!

Together with her Border Collies, Wish and Halo, the trainer set the Guinness World Record for Most tricks are performed by two dogs in a minute with an impressive 28 tricks!


Wish also broke the record for the fastest 5-meter crawl of a dog, crossing the finish line in just 2.175 seconds!

When she’s not breaking world records with her own formidable pups, Larlham spends her time training other trainers, speaking at seminars and dog training conferences, and creating comprehensive, step-by-step training videos for followers of her popular YouTube channel, Dog Training by Kikopup.

Larlham simplifies dog training for pet parents by breaking it down into small, achievable steps that get dogs (and their people) on the road to success while building trust and deepening the human-dog bond.

We can’t wait to see what other amazing record talents show up in this trainer and her pup’s future!

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