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Walking: Three things to take a dog for a walk

Like young children, most dogs have a lot of excess energy to burn. When left alone, an energetic dog can become a destructive dog. Before you get angry with Fido chewing your favorite shoes or the legs of your new sofa, consider the feeling of confining it indoors all day.

A tired dog is usually a well-behaved dog. If your dog digs, chews on tree bark or suffers from separation anxiety, please take them for a long walk before going to work in the morning to relieve their anxiety and bad behaviors when they get home. If you don’t have time to go for a walk once or twice a day during your busy schedule, consider hiring a dog walker you can trust. Click this link to go to and you will receive a $30 first purchase discount!

2. Escape from the belt to burn energy faster. One of the best ways to tire a dog is to let them run off the leash. If you don’t know you can take your dog to walk your dog safely, please read on. Just enter your location and this super interesting website can help you find the best local dog breeding place. If your dog likes to play, finding a nice long and steep hill is a good way to fatigue your dog quickly. Throw the ball to the bottom of the hill, let your dog run down to retrieve it, and then climb back to the hill to return it to you. In just a few steps, your puppy will pant! Climbing a mountain requires endurance, so be sure to increase the dog’s strength and climb one mountain at a time. Swimming is also a good exercise for your dog. Swimming on the joints is easy and a super way to eliminate arthritis (or non-arthritis!) pups.

3. Mental work is tiring. If you can’t perform leash traction, ask them to use their brains to try to enrich the dog’s leash traction structure. Put some delicious snacks in your pocket and let your dog sit at every intersection and crosswalk. If you want to increase the difficulty, add the command “fix”. If your dog doesn’t know how to “cure”, ask the following method: When walking, grab the dog’s attention by holding the snack between your fingers and lifting it to the nose. Place the snack on your finger, and then have your dog follow it, and let them do a half-circle exercise next to the leg. Now, your dog is standing facing you with the snacks facing up, and their noses will follow, guiding them into the seat. Now, let you feast your eyes, make eye contact with your dog, and then say “good healing”, “sit down!” Feed the dog immediately after eye contact. When you are ready to continue walking, say “Okay!” and move on. Teaching a dog to “dog heal” is a good way to keep the brain and body working properly while walking.

No matter which activity you choose to add to your dog’s daily activities, it is a win-win. Exercising the brain or body will help your dog maintain good behavior habits and keep you and your dog happy and healthy.

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