Using Treats to TRAIN YOUR DOG - Why Do It - Robert Cabral Dog Training

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Using Treats to TRAIN YOUR DOG – Why Do It – Robert Cabral Dog Training

Using Treats to TRAIN YOUR DOG – Why Do It? It’s a common question among many people, so I offer some advice on the topic. I like using rewards such as treats and toys to reward my dogs in training. I feel using rewards builds a positive relationship and I talk about it in this video.

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23 Thoughts to “Using Treats to TRAIN YOUR DOG – Why Do It – Robert Cabral Dog Training”

  1. American Standard Dog Training

    Why don’t use just train them telepathically or stick a USB up their butt and upload a training program 😂😂😂 Evil treat giver

  2. G_Boogie

    What about shock collars??


    Hi Robert love your videos on how to train dogs. My question is I have an 18 months old Dutch sherperd and I want to know if he is to young to mate him so I would like you to tell me please and thanks

  4. sally turkman

    And then you have people like me that support you all the way

  5. Beth Schell

    I took a course to become a dog trainer a few years ago. It was totally based on compulsion. I hated every minute of the “yank and crank” style of training. But I am not sold on “positive only” training either. A nice balance between a fair correction and food or toy training is wonderful. It works, its humane and it builds a good relationship with the dog- even (or especially) at the shelters! Thank you Robert for your calm and clear explanation…

  6. Cindy Cadena

    My dog is use to the crate but barks and crys when she can’t get out. I’m worried that leaving her in the crate when we leave is tramatizing her. She’s fine when we get back home. Any suggestions?

  7. ali renfro

    I’d use a beer if Ka-Bar responded to it. I lure him with treats at first, when he gets it he gets it, then just my voice and lots of praise follows and works. When he acts like a maggot- I let him know that too. ( almost forgot- the damn green squeaky ball is his ultimate reward)

  8. Rick Kube

    Wow….I didn’t think that many people were dipshits!…..when you get a new dog or pup you also get them to react and train much quicker!…..our border collie /aussi shepherd is very food driven!!!….. sure she does some of her TRICKS without treats now! But when she is done she goes to the cupboard and just stares and then looks at you tell you ask her what she wants! She woof and wags her tale….then gets her treats!…..also she gets to play for a reward!….

  9. Laurie Cloonan

    Your patience with critical humans is exemplary. Thanks!


    Very straightforward. Thanks. It is helping me a lot with my german shepard puppy.

  11. Phillip B

    The way I think about treat-rewarding for behavior is that it’s like using forms for wet concrete. Untrained dogs are like the wet concrete; treats are the forms. If I want a concrete pillar to hold up a deck, I have to put forms in place to “tell” the concrete what shape I want it to have for the purpose I need it to fulfill. I put the forms in place to direct the shape and then leave the forms in place long enough until the concrete can hold the shape on its own.

    I’m very new to dog training, but this has been the metaphor I’ve used to help with my own inner struggle of wanting my 6-month old puppy to just do a behavior because I know she knows the concept and I’ve asked her to repeat it. Thinking about the treats as forms has help me get over the concept of treats as bribery, which is how I was looking at them initially.

    Thanks for your videos! The “Ask me anything” videos have been really helpful for me.

  12. Quack Quark

    Dear shelters: Small treats are the most effective form of positive reinforcement for most dogs. It’s so strange that I had to write this.

  13. Mojo Magic

    Fifty-five years ago I trained my first BFF with love and fair corrections. It worked. My dogs were very well trained & behaved.
    Now, treats make it tastier for us both: Strider gets all the flavor and I get faster, more consistent results and more enjoyment watching Strider’s waggy tail.

  14. Shane Drury

    I have recently rehomed an 11 month old staffy x mastiff. Utilizing your methods are the best decision i have made.
    A dog that had no structure or boundaries is slowly being molded into the dog i knew was in there

  15. Perfect Weather

    Using treats is like turning the pages of a book, at just the right moment it ends.

  16. Margaret Baker

    Sometimes I think people really don’t think things through. It’s common sense with using a treat as a reward for correct behavior. I am sure people won’t go to work and give 100% of a day’s work for free. Same with a dog, give him something to work or learn for. First a treat, then a toy, and then you can do a whole routine and it’s playtime. Then you have a happy dog wanting to learn and a happy owner wanting to teach. Thanks for all your videos and podcast. I learn something new all the time.

  17. Mary O. Paddock

    I hate it when people speak in absolutes. 🙂

    There is a difference between being a vending machine and using it as a tool and fading it as you build the association.

    I’ve had dogs that preferred toys to treats and one that liked praise more than anything else. It’s whatever “gets the dog to good” (Quoting Dog Trainer–Sarah Wilson)

  18. Michelle T

    Very well said. Thank you for all the video’s

  19. Pomeranian dog Macana

    Thank you so much. I learn a lot from you

  20. Mr. C

    Thanks Robert. I so appreciate the way you explain your reasoning.

  21. Tesla Nick

    Would you do your job for no pay ? Why not pay the dog for a job well done ? I just don’t get the “because I said so” attitude.

  22. Doughlas Taylor

    Thank you For these videos…. all of them!

    I’ve got a Belgium Malinois last year, used your videos and people are impressed by her training. They ask me how, I do it…. I tell the Robert Cabral on YouTube. I never ever take credit for it….

  23. StatixEU

    using mostly you and victorias training methods has helped me massively with a stubborn 5yr old staffy that loves food and humans just as much but tries to check out sometimes xD

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