Unusual dog names for the new puppy in your life

You will get a new puppy – congratulations! Now for the fun task of finding the perfect name for your new best friend. But you don’t want anything obvious – your dog is as unique as you are. To help, we did the research and put together some of the best unusual dog names. Here is a list of unique dog names that you wish you had made up:

Male unusual dog names

1. Brooklyn

Is your dog’s personality cool, tough, and apologetic? Brooklyn could be the unusual dog name you’re looking for. It goes great with a dog that matches the mood of this famous New York neighborhood, but it can also be a really smart nickname for a puppy that is just the opposite, a cute and innocent fur lump. However you choose to play the name game, Brooklyn is a great name with a nice sound and you don’t mind saying it over and over, even if your Brooklyn puppy gives you a certain attitude.

2. Brian

This is as unusual as dog names can be. No dog looks like a Brian and that’s exactly the point. Just tell your friends to meet Brian, and the last thing they expect is a four-legged, wagging tail walking through the door. It is also an excellent tribute to the extremely intelligent dog in Family Guy – Brian Griffin. If you’re a fan of his dry humor, this is the unusual dog name you’re looking for.

3. Truffle

Rare, precious and much sought after, the precious truffles can inspire you to find the perfect, unique dog name. If you say it out loud a few times, it really makes sense as a puppy name. Try it!

Female unusual dog names

4. Fifi

What a great name for a distinguished, elegant dog that exudes a noble mood. It is one of the loveliest names out there and fits perfectly with a small or medium-sized puppy with a certain personality. Fifi is definitely the one to think about if you prefer the cute unusual dog names.

Woman cuddling dog on sofa

5. Ruby

This unusual dog name is inspired by a famous gem and will give your esteemed dog one of the most refined names. Look at your dog and you will immediately know if it is a ruby.

6. Vespers

Vesper is an elegant and classic name that you may have heard for the first time in the James Bond film Casino Royale. For all puppy owners who love a good meaning behind their dog’s name, this could be the right one. Vesper means “evening star” in Latin and is particularly suitable for giving an additional aura of mystery and sophistication to a dark puppy. It also sounds great when you say it out loud.

Famous unusual dog names

7. Einstein

Yes, we all think our dog friends are smart and downright brilliant. The way they understand what we say, and sometimes even how we feel, can easily exceed some of the capabilities of our human colleagues. If that fits your new furball, your dog’s unusual name should be Einstein.

8. Churchill

If you have a serious, handsome puppy in your hands, you should take a risk for Churchill. To try it out, call your dog by saying “Churchill” several times. If you draw their attention, this is likely to be the winner.

9. Pollock

Jackson Pollock is a famous American painter who is known for creating his art by pouring and spraying paint on his horizontal canvas. If you’ve just brought your new puppy home and are the first to find a mud pool, dive right in, and then splash your flawless carpets and furniture with enthusiasm, you don’t need to look for that unique dog name anymore.

Nice unusual dog names

10th arrow

Is your new dog friend a dog on a mission that always pursues its goal, even when fences or people are in the way? What better dog name than Arrow? In a nutshell, your dog will know who you are crying for in no time. It may not always stop an enthusiastic dog from pursuing its goal, but this unique dog name will definitely match its dedication to getting what they are looking for.

11. Happy

Does your tail-waving companion need a name that matches the good mood he brings into the room? Why don’t you go straight to the feeling you had when you held her in your arms for the first time? Happy is one of the cutest monikers a pet can have – we say that’s a winner.

12. Salty

Some dogs are easily excited about the smallest things. There is a perfect pet nickname for these dogs. If your new dog is picky and shows a show whenever things don’t go well, Salty is the unusual dog name.


Your new dog will definitely be your new beast. It’s exactly what dogs are for, isn’t it? So why not say the obvious? Beast is small, cute, and tells the world that you are glad that you have found yourself.

Colorful unusual dog names

14. Coconut

Coconut is the perfect name for these white and fluffy dogs, but you can also turn it into an unusual dog name and also choose it for dark fur puppies. You can also shorten it to the sweet nickname “Coco” at any time if your dog deserves a stroke.

15. Ivory

Ivory may seem a strange idea at first, but eventually, you’re looking for unique dog names. Get inspired by the creamy white material found in art or jewelry and give your dog a name that deserves its good looks. Plus, you can always shorten it to Ivy if you want to show your affection with a cute expression of tenderness.

How to Find an Unusual Dog Name

Hopefully, by now, you have found many unusual ideas for dog names in our list. If you’re still stuck here are a few tips:

Get inspiration from anywhere

It could be your favorite color, a hobby that you love, or a vacation destination that fascinates you – a good unusual dog name can hide in public. Do not discount food only on principle. If chosen correctly, it could double as a pretty amazing dog name. Oreo, peanut, or pepper are definitely some of our favorites.

Meaning of the research name

Sometimes you just have to deal with the different meanings that a name can convey. You will find that Millie means “strength” in Old German or that Gideon means “mighty warrior” in Hebrew. There are many great name ideas once you get familiar with their hidden meanings.

Don’t be afraid of puns

Some of the best unusual dog names are unforgettable because they are funny. A puppy who likes to bark can definitely be a Bark Twain. And who can say that Sherlock Bones isn’t an amazing dog name for a puppy who loves to explore?

Ultimately, just keep your mind open and ask your puppy if in doubt. They either give you a happy tail freak or ignore you completely, but you’ll definitely know how they feel about their new name.

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