Turning SHELTER DOGS Into LIFE SAVING Search & Rescue Dogs (SAR)
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Turning SHELTER DOGS Into LIFE SAVING Search & Rescue Dogs (SAR)

In this week’s podcast, I got to sit down with Denise and Mandy from the Search Dog Foundation.

The foundation was founded by Wilma Melville and is considered the finest training facility for SAR dogs anywhere. They train rescue dogs to become rescuers. Many throw-away shelter dogs are now saving lives through the skills they were taught at the Search Dog Foundation.

In this chat we talk about SAR – search and rescue dogs, human detection as well as cadaver detection dogs. What it takes to train them, their selection process, and placing them in the proper hands. This was an amazing chat and I think you’re gonna love it.

These dogs are deployed across the country and across the world to do some of the most amazing work you can ever imagine.

Please consider supporting their work:

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21 Thoughts to “Turning SHELTER DOGS Into LIFE SAVING Search & Rescue Dogs (SAR)”

  1. Laura's Life Dog Training & Dog Vlogs

    Amazingly interesting Ladies and Robert. Thank you all : )

  2. Walid A

    Great podcast! I watched a show on HBO called The Investigation that’s based on a true story and they used cadaver dogs to detect human remains in the ocean! It blew my mind away.

  3. Cheree Heppe

    What specifically did you mean by even

  4. Rook

    Hi Robert. As Joe Rogan always says to his guests… “Just move the mic a fist away from your mouth”. Your voice is perfect, the guests are too low. 😉

  5. SpicySmithers

    Every time you talk to Janet I honestly DIE, you’re too cute

  6. Karina

    I’m surprised you don’t hear of more small “nose dogs” for some of this work in rubble/dangerous building areas, like Rat Terriers or Beagles.

  7. Kyle

    Please have these two back on,

  8. Karina

    That short video made me cry. I’m sure this podcast was planned well in advance, it’s a strange coincidence this is so timely with the current Miami Condo disaster, 4 dead, 159 people missing at this point. Apparently fires have started in the rubble and there’s a lot of smoke. I pray the dogs that are at the scene RIGHT NOW stay safe, and miraculously find some survivors even though the situation seems so grim. What a WONDERFUL organization to support! Thanks so much for your efforts, ladies.😥❤❤

  9. sharman collins

    BRILLIANT..Thank you for the most amazing Podcast

  10. Painted Pony

    I had 1 search and rescue GSD dog. He worked recovery in a California wild fire in 1987. Although he saved/found 2 children, I was not prepared for the 2nd and 3rd degree burns on his body. I could never do search and rescue again. That’s why I got seriously into tracking and Schutzhund as a sport. PROPS to you for being consistent and compassionate. I could not do what you have mastered.

  11. Me & Django

    Your podcasts keep getting better, mad respect.

  12. margaret cole

    My cousin used corgis for searching years ago when Mexico city had the earthquake. They were light enough to not fall through debris. She said they got depressed when they couldn’t find any more living people.

  13. Catherine Abramson

    I can’t finish your interview now but I will!

  14. Catherine Abramson

    How LUCKY you are!! My dog came from a shelter. She was part Airedale and part muskrat. My neighbor was a retired police officer. I told him my new pup was “always on her nose.” She was completely scent driven. He suggested I train her for search, not just search but cadaver. I was initially shocked, but coming from a medical family, I was fascinated.
    We trained by going to seminars and by starting out with formal AKC tracking though never competed. We gravited to water recovery and that was her strength. Living a mile from a large lake, we started to get call outs. There was no team, no backup, just the cops, divers, and me. There were many difficulties, a lot of them political. Certainly no financial reward, only satisfaction of keeping the divers safe by pinpointing locations in very dark, deep, and dangerous waters. My dog loved the search. There was no special reward for her either but she was the most empathic dog I’ve ever known. And, it was enough for her…and the cops always had food.
    It seems like a million years ago and there is no replacing her. Thanks for the memories.

  15. Doozie Gray

    That short film made me cry. Happy cry of course.

  16. Jamie Waterman

    Loved this!!!!

  17. Andrew Todd

    Such an interesting interview, thank you Robert (and Janet).

  18. Donald Dj

    Mr.Robert, Another Blessed video. Anything you are selling I am buying……

  19. Jannell Meagher

    Some of our pups from Southeastern Guide Dogs have gone onto become fabulous Search and Rescue and even B and A. They have purpose.

  20. Loretta Powell

    Wow, impressive

  21. jane De back

    Finally some SAR like tf i care if my Dutchy bites 😂 this is the stuff legends are made of😍 more SAR content plz Robert

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