TUG - The Secret to a Happy Obedient Dog - Avoid Common Mistakes
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TUG – The Secret to a Happy Obedient Dog – Avoid Common Mistakes

You’ve never played tug unless you’ve played tug with a Belgian Malinois. In this video, Goofy takes on Harold in a game of tug. Harold is learning the game of tug to play with Rio his Alano Español. He came for a lesson and I brought Goofy out to help him understand the game better.

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What does it take to play tug? To get a dog to understand tug? You can make or break the game with your dog if you don’t know some basic points. In this video, I break it down into some very simple steps. You’ll see as Goofy and I coach Harold along the journey of proper tug play with the world’s greatest tugger, the Belgian Mal.

Remember, not every dog will tug. For example our dog Jimi the black Labrador Retriever will not tug under any conditions. Don’t make the mistake of trying to make a dog into something he’s not. Be happy with the dog you have.

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23 Thoughts to “TUG – The Secret to a Happy Obedient Dog – Avoid Common Mistakes”

  1. Tarek Abed

    Need a high quality tug than can be bought online, any recommendations please?


    I’m happy because I’ve been doing this with my malinios long before I ever saw this video! And its ALL true. She always wants the game to keep going and I pretent to struggle. When she rips it out of my hand she does a victory lap, whipping the toy around, and comes right back to me for more lol.

  3. Sean Molloy

    oops! i was doing that wrong.

  4. Chris White

    hey robert my wife and i have a germshort haird pointer german Sheperd and belgian malinois mix we got her from the shelter and she is a fantastic dog! but finding out she has belgian malinois in her. we have sit, and crate down good. but the older she gets the wilder she gets we love her and are wondering what to do next to keep her controlled and make her life easier and more fulfilling. your tips have helped us with how well trained she is now we just need help on where to go thanks for your time

  5. Frøken Norge

    Thanks for this second part about tug! My dog loves to play fetch with his tugtoy, but the game of tug isn’t really THERE. I tried your method this morning and i have to admit it only made me flustered and my poor dogo confused. I rewatched your video and tried again, and BAM! game of tug got a lot more interesting for both of is! Thanks you!

  6. ziggzagg Zip

    Great tutorial video. Keep up the great work and thank you for all you do.

  7. Grace F

    Excellent video. Our GS girl loves tug.

  8. RM Camping, Trails & Adventures

    When I got my German Shepherd 3 years ago, she wasn’t interested in tug. I had to introduce it to her little bt little. Now she loves it.
    I have to admit though, Goofy is a serious “tugger”.

  9. Morgan F

    love the handler’s energy! he’s doing great with this!

  10. ReboundSpirit

    Plot Twist: This video was Goofy’s idea

  11. Thyer Syed

    If Goofy wins, doesn’t he starts to think he’s alpha?

  12. Milena Taylor

    Oh wow. Now that was different. Teaching a human with a perfectly trained dog. What a fantastic idea.

  13. Denis Stritar

    How is this toy called?

  14. L y n n e A n n


  15. arun sharma

    suprab sir

  16. Charity Blackwell

    This is excellent…I have an excellent example of why your exercise is so important. Especially when very tired I have handed my boys something that is really not good for them, typically when very tired and highly distracted. Perhaps instead of a toy a really expensive phone or mistaking a medicine for candy.

    If you were to ever toss something while distracted or offer something and need to change your mind very quickly…your dog would be safe because you’ve literally conditioned him to realize you can quickly change your mind.

    Another good example is if you were going to allow him to cross a street…but suddenly a vehicle came and something was obstructing your vision prior.

    This type of conditioning is great for family dogs because real life can throw curve balls where you’ve made a handler mistake ( most often us family pet handlers rather than professional trainers…but it can happen to anybody) and you need to quickly recover from it

    I had my previous dog trained this well but I might not train this one so advanced but it’s definitely a huge safety bonus. 🙂

  17. Bartek Kondrat

    Sir Robert.
    as usual, you know what I mean….
    Great work.
    Best regards.

  18. Linda Reda

    I do this with my shepherd but she often tries to grab the handles instead of the center. How do I stop that?

  19. Mel L.

    Excellent demo.


    Would really like know your views on rough housing with a dog?

  21. no name

    Great addition to first tug video.

  22. Adrian Richards

    As always well put across information Robert 🇬🇧

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