Trying to Train My Dog to be Good Around Other Dogs and My Cat!

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Trying to Train My Dog to be Good Around Other Dogs and My Cat!

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59 Thoughts to “Trying to Train My Dog to be Good Around Other Dogs and My Cat!”

  1. Jaret Donald Patterson

    When he said “YES!” I felt that.

  2. Marco D'Ippolito

    Use a choke chain to train her she needs abit of pressure around the neck yo learn

  3. oliver warmflash

    I’m enjoying this new series so much • Thanks for making it •

  4. Kokonut

    Interesting, we began introducing our 2-3 month Aussie to other puppies, and he was very aggressive with the first puppy. She reacted negatively to him and he learned to hold back a little. With the other dogs he still nips a lot and has a lot of “defensive biting” which gets worse as they get more excited w/ eachother (even when the other dog overpowers him he still tries to get over them and bites them) so it’s hard to teach him that it’s not okay to be so rough with other dogs.

  5. Lou-anne Wegrzyniak

    Hey zak! You talk a lot about how inertia takes hints really well, but what about a dog who can’t seem to take a hint at all? My roommates dog is a very smart pup (too smart for his own good) but he seems to be very lacking in social cues. He bothers my own dog a lot and won’t take any hints to back off (he does it to humans too)

  6. Bemizaha Z

    Your videos are great and awesome

  7. Crystal Landavazo

    Awww! Indy and Inertia are playing so well together, now! How fun! It looks like she’s getting a little more interested in that frisbee, as well! What good girls you have! Thanks for another fun video! God bless and hugs to you, Bree and all the fur babies!☺️❤️

  8. Luigi Dunavi

    You are the best, I will be getting a new dog and I have been looking for a good dog trainer on YouTube for so long but you are the best it helps with everything I want to know about dog training!

  9. JT Brooks

    I think both critics and fans should keep in mind that Zak is one trainer with a specific approach–as well as a slightly different lifestyle than the average pet owner, service dog handler, or even dog sport trainer… we viewers are always free to reject some of his advice without throwing out the pot; of course, if you are truly ethically opposed, and you think Zak is abusing his dog, then the most damage you can do is to report his videos and refuse to watch them, not throw shade in his comments section.
    The only abuse I see here is Indie’s face at being praised and filmed while peeing… not at all dignified for a mature lady ; )

  10. Mamie McKie

    Ooo the next episode is going to be good!

  11. Elentarien

    Kind of makes me feel better to see you having to work so hard too. lol I’m a ‘trainer in training’ and my own dog is. . .so much of a challenge. Unhhh. (I mean, she’s literally had me in tears so many times since she came. sigh)

    She is now three years old and we just got a new kitten. We already have one older cat and she’s great with him (little thoughtless at times. . .stepping on his tail by accident, etc…but all in all, really good) but the new kitten…you’d think it was a new beast entirely. She gets SO excited that I can barely control her (she’s 80lbs, smaller in size, but built like a little tank!), and by the time I get her to calm down, the kitten has disappeared. It’s making the over-all ‘introduction’ and getting them used to each other SO darned HARD (not to mention stressful). We also have some trouble with this ‘explosive’ excitement with other (strange dogs) DESPITE all the calm-training we do.

    Some dogs just seem way more challenging than others.

    Inertia is adorable. She looks like such a happy pup.

  12. Michael Morrow

    You have a beautiful house. Why is the back yard split in half? It seems like you have a tall fence around the property, and then a shorter one splitting the back in half. Why is that?

  13. OceanPaws 04

    “Ok so far it’s a bit of a disaster”
    My life like

  14. The Canine Chef

    Love Frisbee with my collie. She’s beginning to be able to catch it.

  15. oldgamerchick

    I was wondering if you have done a video for us old folks. I haven’t seen all your videos yet been taking my time watching you and Inertia. She sure is a pretty young lady. Love yas Ms Michal

  16. oldgamerchick

    Your puppy Inertia is doing very well. My puppy Chicky has been getting some free bits of time outside. Because my 65 year old hips and legs often give me a lot of trouble; when I toss a ball it sometimes goes further than her leash allows I drop my end and tell her to get her toy. Only once did I have to go get her. She was distracted by a bug. 😆 she still gets too excited by my landlord and his wife who is also my caregiver. She is mama number 2. We disagree on training. She thinks puppies should be allowed to be free range puppies. And train them when they are older. I tell her by then it’s too late. Since my little girl is part Border Collie and part Australia Kelpie I am really glad your pup is Border Collie. Because of my age my friends were worried about keeping up with her. As I mentioned I can sit and toss the ball from my chair. So any Senior Citizens get a dog you love because they don’t care if your standing or sitting. They just want to play.
    The majority of Chicks toys are balls of all types hard soft. Her favorite types are sqeekers that bounce good. She loves to jump for them. Sorry for such a long post. Love your videos.
    Ms Michal 🙃☕💖

  17. Mike Doe

    Inertia is adorable but Indy (Indie?) is soooooooo gorgeous!!! ❤️

  18. Sammy’s Life

    Thank you so much for the tips!
    I want to let y’all know that I make videos about my puppy! Come check it out!

  19. SlicksGaming

    This is horrible training. Anyone looking for effective training tips watch videos of people who do board and trains. Also, her “living space” is way too big. Just the crate is fine for her “living space.”

  20. amyy.parry

    when crate training my puppy, is it okay to have a dog bed in the crate or should i leave it out?

  21. Courtney

    We are getting our border collie puppy next weekend and this series has been so helpful. We will be rewatching it as she grows for training reminders. 🙂

  22. Leaf Lover96

    We trained our Aussie on pee pads when she was a puppy. We still keep one down on the floor in case of emergencies. She will use at night if she has a messy poop. Makes it much easier to clean up.


    Excellent advice as always 😊😊

  24. Pomeranian dog Macana

    My dog always plays

  25. Living Able

    I have been on that puppy pad site for 30 minutes and can’t find the actual sizes. I see the cups part but not the inches. Can you tell me the dimensions of the biggest? I want some but I need to know how big they are and it’s not easily found on the website

  26. Keeping Up With Corey

    Just got a 8 week old golden retriever….definitely helpful seeing an untrained puppy like mine being trained. I’m so glad I found your channel the series is great!

  27. Ben Johnson

    I have an 11 week old border collie and you have helped me sooo much! Use his tips! they work!!

  28. federik80 80


  29. Chelc Apple Ballescas

    i love this video. this helps me and my 2 dogs❤ want to watch more videos! ❤ GREAT JOB SIR ZAK!😄👍

  30. shreyansh srivastava

    Sir I have an Indian spitz dog
    He only listens to commands when I’ve got something to eat for him else he doesn’t follows them…. Please help..
    Thank you

  31. Vinay Kavitha

    Sir my dog playing only 5 minutes after he sleeping long time 😭😭😭.

  32. potato sack wierdo

    What breed is Inertia?

  33. D Alex

    My sheprador will NOT leave the cat alone. Or pretty much anything that moves really. So frustrating.

  34. Rebekah's Zoo

    Anyone have tips to potty training a puppy????🐶

  35. Scott Braconnier

    Zak needs to try disc golf!

  36. minski226

    I absolutely love this show! I have loved dogs my whole life but never had my own. When I was a teen I had my friends and their families bring their dogs to me if they were out of town for a week or two 😄 After I finnish my degree and have a more stabile lifestyle I really want to own a dog of my own

  37. Karan Singh rajput

    You are doing a great job (not actual job) but a great work

  38. Electric Cookie

    Can you do a video on your puppy behaving around a Christmas tree and presents? If you could it would be very helpful.

  39. Rebecca

    Inertia is almost as big as Indy!!!

  40. Yenii Animations

    Eyy, my mom and me want to adopt a 3 year old female staffy from a shelter!
    She is scared of being abandoned.
    Is there a way i proof to her that it’s gonna be okay?

  41. Natalie Wainwright

    Indie is sooo cute 🥰

  42. Victor K

    Positive only training is mental abuse for a dog because they don’t know what right from wrong all they get is just treat treat treat and your dog still uses potty pads? My dog had 2 accidents then he was done

  43. Banana Birb

    I got a Border Collie pup a few weeks ago and he’s learned so much already, your videos have helped me and my dog, Apollo, so much!

  44. Morgan Myres

    We bring our corgi pup home in 5 weeks!! Your series and books have been super helpful!!
    We also just subscribed to Bark Box! Can’t wait for this new journey.
    Thanks Zak!

  45. Deepak Singh

    She’s a cute angel 😍

  46. Bine Midré

    My Heart melts everytime he kisses a dog

  47. Nera Živko

    She is so so cute

  48. Andrija Božić

    Look how big she has gotten!!!! :p

  49. Sandra Fish

    Love your videos Zak! Getting a puppy tomorrow (Goldendoodle), so I’ve been following inertia’s series for advice!

  50. andre andre

    “Indie is to cool for intertia” doggy burn

  51. TheSwidie

    Yay!!! My favorite series!!😍😍

  52. Mirei Root

    I just got a 6 month old Border Collie/Shiba Inu rescue, and this series has been super helpful with potty training and chewing, which are his biggest issues. Keep doing what your doing!

  53. Dakota&Blessing ServiceTeam

    You are an actor and apparently cannot train dogs as something like this could be taught in one day. You have no skills

  54. 2 dogs 1 ferret 1 cat

    i love your videos zak

  55. PastelAngelTheOtter

    OMG HELLO IM A HUGE FAN I LOVE UR VIDEOS!!!!!!! I’m a bit of a weirdo cuz I don’t have a dog and I’ve watched all ur vids LOL ur the best YouTuber Zak 🤪🤪🤪🤩🤩🤩🤪☺️😛🙂🙂🧐😜😉😋😂😋😝🙂

  56. Slimez world

    And just to make it public… ‘mann I wanted to say first’

    At least I liked first

  57. Corey Rattner

    omg first comment! Ive never been this early for anything in my entire life hahaha. good work, zak!

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