Treat Training Dogs - Positive Only Training Issues - Robert Cabral ask me anything

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Treat Training Dogs – Positive Only Training Issues – Robert Cabral ask me anything

Treat training dogs can be a very good way to set some basics and lure and shape behaviors, but often times dogs require a little more structure than just feeding them treats in hopes that they will perform behaviors.

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Dog training is a balanced form of communication in order to get a desired behavior.

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14 Thoughts to “Treat Training Dogs – Positive Only Training Issues – Robert Cabral ask me anything”

  1. Shady Gaming

    whenever i hear someone is feeding their dog a vegan diet i wanna grab them kidnap them and feed them raw grain diet and see how it feels.

  2. Paige Gamer

    Great tip on the crate to calm a high energy dog. Not to reduce the energy level, but to teach manners in the house. My GS pup was put in the crate and released repeatedly until she got the idea that running around the house like a lunatic and harassing the older dog was just going to get her crated. It took about 5 days of repeated effort focusing only on that. Plus twice a day long walks and the standard training. Heavy brain exercise making the dog work at something they need to think about also gets them tired. This was a wonderful discovery on those freezing below zero days when walking was out of the question.

  3. Jannell Meagher

    You really get questions that are quite eyebrow raising. Hence the amount of videos you put out. Thank you!

  4. bruce peterson

    Right how do you train a 10month male lab who’s not toy driven?
    Iv starved him for 2 days to try and get him food driven but nope didn’t work either.

    Any idea?

  5. Dan Faller

    Dogtor spock is more like it !

  6. E Gagnon

    Good luck teaching a Beagle the Recall command!!… And as for the barking, good luck with your neighbours, I hope you he doesn’t live in an appartement!… LOL!… I would go as far as saying forcing a Beagle to be quiet is cruel…
    Once again, wrong choice of breed if you are not experienced and prepared to put a LOT of work!…
    Beagles are cute Indeed, but they are NOT pets… They are working dogs… Hunters that work in pack… They don’t do well alone for long periods of time… They will distroy your house and putting them in a cage for long periods of time is plain cruel…

  7. Amy Estrada

    Did I hear correctly? Someone is feeding a carnivore a vegan diet? Surely she meant SHE is the vegan?

  8. Viking Dogmanship

    I Have no patience with theese people buying dogs they can’t train and acting surprised when it’s a high energy dog. When will people stop buying dogs because they think they look cool or have seen in a movie! Again a reason why there are so many dogs in shelters. IT AIN’T COOL! Go hiking and spend time in nature bond with your dog. Stop nagging your dogs to death

  9. N7Mith

    Hi Robert, I have a question for you. What’s your stance on dog-on-dog corrections? I come from a school of thought (and I’m learning that a lot of that school is wrong) where they say “dogs will correct each other, and they’ll have to learn to read the cues that other dogs send out.” They let the dogs correct each other, and only step in if it becomes an actual fight.
    Now, I feel that that’s too late, but I do see the value in dogs knowing these signs and backing off when these are shown. I also don’t want to correct my dog for showing these signs, because she’s got the right to let another dog know that she doesn’t like what they’re doing (as long as it’s within reason)
    So the question is, at what point do we step in and would you correct a dog for warning other dogs?

  10. Graham Rowland

    The baby in a cot is a great comparison to a crate

  11. lil mee

    I agree with Robert, DON’T feed dogs a vegan diet. I’ve seen vegan dogs deteriorate before my eyes. It’s not healthy. Not even for humans.

  12. Critical Thinker 313


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