Training Your DOG at HOME in Your Backyard

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Training Your DOG at HOME in Your Backyard

Can you train your dog at home? Should you train your dog at home? These are two questions that are often misunderstood. Of COURSE you should train your dog at home. In fact all training should begin at home. In this video lesson I give you a glimpse of some of my training with Duane our Labrador retriever. Just some really fun things you can do in a small space and the advantages of training your dog in your own backyard.

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14 Thoughts to “Training Your DOG at HOME in Your Backyard”

  1. Rico4you

    Training never stops results in Awesome Happy Dogs! Great 👍 Video

  2. ayadal

    What a nice Labrador!!

  3. c1gar

    What to do if your lab doesn’t like toys? It’s so frustrating.

  4. Michal Wintz

    I did most of my training on my floor as my pup Cookie is only 12 inches at the shoulder. We play outside though.

  5. Tim Bourrie

    My GSD is having a hard time understanding “stand”, so I was glad to see the last part of the video to know how to focus on the stand command differently. Thank you again for all of the videos!!

  6. kavita deva

    Robert it’s evident that this dog is Already trained at heel etc.
    I was a dog trainer before I became disabled. Right now I am training my second service dog and for the life of me I cannot get him to heel. I can use treats, he’s not motivated by toys or balls in any way and finally I just had to get them on a gentle leader so he would stop pulling. Also my energy is not up there at all. I’m dealing with a big deficit as I cannot really get involved step by step by step by step it would kill me. I just get frustrated when any dog trainer on YouTube brings out a dog that knows the drill and you don’t see much of any problematic issues. So then I’m left with not knowing what to do with this little miniature schnauzer mix I have who is stubborn and extremely playful. it’s extremely hard I just have never had a dog that I can’t get to heel. I wish you would show more problems in these short videos you do. Thank you very much.

  7. Wheels 2

    Thanks Robert I am working on this my dog now, the only difference is that I’m doing it from my wheelchair. The one issue I have is getting him into the correct heel position, his butt tends to be at an angle away from me. I made a shaping box to see if this will help get him get into a better start position. Eddie wheels 😬🧑🏻‍🦽👍from Nj.

  8. Taoteh11

    Thank you. I can do it at my attic.

  9. LittleNinjai

    Duan-o-mater! Such a good boy.

  10. Marty W

    My yellow lab looks just like yours. Mine might be a tad smaller. Of course yours is much better trained but mine does a decent job. I live on a golf course so I do more off leash walking than on leash. But he loves to retrieve and swim. Will sit and stay on demand but not nearly as tight as yours. My fault of course.

  11. Cannis Khan

    You mentioned the backyard being small…. I not even have a backyard…. Different standards 😂😂

  12. Eve-0 Designs

    I’m grateful for your help ❤️🇿🇼

  13. Reza Yap

    Can u show your first day of untrained dog.
    Your showing trained dog alredy

  14. earth eclipse

    you can also do this in your living room with treats or if you don’t mind playing in the house, tug is good because it keeps dog close so less damage to tv etc or throwing ball down the hall.

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