Training this HUGE REACTIVE DOG to STOP BARKING at EVERY DOG he sees. Reality Dog Training
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Training this HUGE REACTIVE DOG to STOP BARKING at EVERY DOG he sees. Reality Dog Training

How I’m training this reactive dog in public…….

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87 Thoughts to “Training this HUGE REACTIVE DOG to STOP BARKING at EVERY DOG he sees. Reality Dog Training”

  1. Dracowolfie

    I know it’s probably a fair amount of extra organization work, but it would be great if your videos had chapters/sections! <3 (Mostly because I watch all your videos and hearing almost the same ad every time makes my brain sad)

    I understand it might not work for the whole episode with the "natural" flow of the series, but maybe just for the ad sections?

  2. Lisa DeHart

    Looking forward to see which puppy you chose. I probably would have chosen one with blue yes. Quite different, for me anyway.
    Looking forward to watching you train the new pup.

  3. jill

    Wow, it really is beautiful to see. I love your detail, and explanations. You make it look so easy. It does go to show you that this really has to do with OUR knowledge and training. I have seen or heard much of this, but it’s easy to forget. You are inspiring. And I love your calm attitude. I know every dog is different, but there is much to use here. I have a ball obsessed dog, so my challenges are slightly different, but I see things I can use. I especially love the reminder of how to teach spin, and shake 🥰. I honestly hate walking my dog. He pulls SO hard, the closer we get to home.. I’ve resorted to keeping him on the short short leash, and holding him next to me. There is no training method that works once we’re headed home. Unless I have a ball in my hand, and then he is a different kind of pain in the ass to walk. Which shows my ignorance, I know.

  4. Talia Scholefield

    Do you like the harness you are using in this video? I ordered the same one a few weeks ago and it should arrive anyday! In other vids with Chop you have used a different one so just curious.

  5. This Savvy Journey

    When was this filmed? The weather looks gorgeous in Alaska!

  6. Horse N Around

    I like the black puppy with the blue eyes.

  7. B. Zwicker

    I love the female black puppy with the white stripe on her chest and belly.think the paw has white spots too.she climbed the crate and looked fully awake,ready to go.such pretty eyes! Looks very smart which makes training easy at first but you could show us how to pick a puppy and what happens when getting a smart’s demanding in the long run…

  8. JDO

    Too early to be looking to replace Chop. He is not ready for typical adoption to people that say they will train but dont.

  9. As You Wish Dog Training

    I love the puppy playing with the basketball! Chop is doing so well! I can’t wait to see what else happens with our crazy Labbo Chop.

  10. Connie Eneix

    Good job Chop! And the puppies! Oh how could you choose just one – they are all adorable. Look forward to seeing that series. Thanks for sharing your wonderful adventure with Chop.

  11. SkyeTheGoberian

    Hi Zak, I love the videos, I’m my opinion I think you should get one of the husky/German shepherd looking puppies 😆😆🐶🐶

  12. Bec

    Just a quick question, I might be blind but I can’t see the info anywhere. What is the harness you are using with Chop in this video? Also, I have an Akita Rottie mix that’s coming up to 5 months now that gets super excited (think of trying to control a tornado that keeps jumping everywhere) when passing children or other dogs so I’ve been using your videos as motivation to keep trying to capture the fleeting moments of behaviour I want to see. I do socialize her when I get the chance with other calm dogs and people and slowly we are making progress. But because she is growing so fast we are going to need a new harness soon and I would like something lighter yet still strong for big dogs with the option for a front clip as well like I see on the one you are using. Thanks if you get to read and answer my Q. 🙂

  13. At Home Houston Border Collie Rescue

    Total BC move Inertia!! Here play with me i will distract you. What my Janie does

  14. doru0522

    Hello Zak, Bree. Love the videos you do and I learn a lot about how to tackle certain situation with my dog (a girl version of George from the precious series). Really loved that series. Keep up the good work. I have 2 questions:
    1. How important is for a puppy/young dog to interact with other dogs? And when/how is good to start?
    2. Any tips&tricks on how to stop a dog that is chewing everything he grabs? Shoes, pillows, bed, couch etc. Fyi toys are interesting until a certain point.
    Maybe you can do a video where you answer questions you get from people.
    Thank you and happy holidays.

  15. J2D2

    maybe getting him to walk around a farm with cows or horses could help him a little bit ?

  16. Carly

    Please pick a timid puppy. Everyone does aggressive or busy puppies. My puppy is shy to new people/’things and would love ideas

  17. Miss Hiker Pants

    Watching Chop makes me miss my reactive dog. He was wild, no training and picked up as a stray. He taught me so much about dogs body language. Can’t wait to see the puppies!

  18. sue zaple

    I believe Chop is becoming the dog he should be , He listens to you well you can see he is processing in his mind what your asking, He will be an awesome boy for a responsible owner soon. The puppie series shall be nice to see as well. However i do have a reactive dog myself who is two.

  19. Kristi McLenaghan

    Love watch Chops improvement. I try to incorporate the training with my puppy. Mostly we are doing well, but I do not have the luxury of spending 24/7 training, so it is a little slow going. Any time we do have though, I do try to continue training. There are a few hicups with her still wanting to jump up to the counter, and she gets rage zoomies if she is really bored. But we know why, we still need to train.

  20. Richie Duprey

    Hi Zak,

    I’ve been training my 1.5 year old GSD, Mac, following most of your steps with some good improvement. I think he’s like Chop, where it is over-excitement that causes him to react, rather than aggression or serious anxieties.

    The one thing I have been not doing, though, is playing fetch! I am buying into theory that fetch increases adrenaline spikes and leads to cortisol, like many other folks.. I’d been playing fetch with Mac LOTS every day as he’s a working line dog – as well as bringing him on long walks away from people with dogs, due to his reactivity.

    I have seen a major reduction in Mac’s behaviour in the week and a half that we have stopped playing fetch. We play tug of war instead and do scent work in the yard. On our walk yesterday, another dog was within threshold, and whilst he did react, it was not nearly as bad as what it had been previously. I lured him the other way with his favourite training treat – cheese – and he calmed down a lot quicker than he normally would also.

    I definitely feel like there’s something in that. Going to try some positive association tomorrow (rewarding with cheese when he sees dogs in the distance in the park) and see how much further we can progress.

    Thanks for all the help with every other aspect, though! It’s trial and error with every dog. Mac is my first dog with reactivity and I’m determined to help him no matter how long it takes.

  21. Angelina Szikora

    The pure black puppy with the white stripe down the chest is really cute 🙂

  22. Creative Diamond Dogs

    My collie is getting Pupford’s snuffle mat and rabbit training treat combo for Christmas. First time for me ordering from Pupford but I believed I’ll like their stuff quite well.

  23. sky

    How about training a dog to ring a bell by the door when he needs to go outside to potty!

  24. Richard Cope

    Zak, I am loathe to make a criticism because I love your videos by and large, but lately I seem to be noticing a trend with your videos that seems like “click bait”, forgive me if this is the wrong term. You have these little snippets in almost every episode with Chop where you will make some comment like “At that moment I considered giving up dog training all together, or “All my training up to that point with him was meaningless.” It just does not seem genuine, considering that I am sure over all these years you have encountered dogs that have been as challenging or more then Chop, Moira comes to mind with the reactivity. It is one thing to express that you are frustrated or confused but to make these grand statements just seems like kind of a cheap way to get people to watch and your videos are already so good on their own that I don’t think you need to resort to this to get people to watch. Along these same lines I am noticing that the image often posted on YouTube for that weeks episode does not match what you show. We got maybe 10 seconds of puppy footage under a headline “Which Puppy Should We Choose?” I think most people would expect a bit more focus on the puppies if you are going to ask the question. Second, last week you showed an image where it looked like Chop and Inertia were fighting under the caption “Did He Go Too Far?” Again, I think most people were expecting that there was some kind of fight between them that you had to break up or something when all it was was the two of them playing happily together.

  25. Mr. Mailly

    Which puppy?
    All of them.

  26. nikki lund

    Would love to see a rottweiler, they are so kind hearted but with a bad reputation. Would love for you to share how lovely they really are.

  27. Eline S

    Sigh.. a puppy. That sucks

  28. Sally Malloy

    That puppy with the deep deep blue eyes was striking!!! Can you do 2-3 puppies at the same time?! That’s be different, help people with multiple dogs, and help out several pups on their way to find good homes! ❤️

  29. Lucinda Darby

    Love it!! Learning so much and love chop. Zak and Bree you do duch a great job. I agree about rescue dogs. Ours is an absolute joy and his behaviour is improving month on month. He is beginning to trust us now. Cant thank you enough 🙌❤

  30. 0Amelia0

    My boyfriend and I don’t have a dog but we want one in the future and I love watching your videos too lern what things you have to think off that aren’t obvious. I think we won’t take a rescue at first but hopefully later on. I had bad experiences with the rescue my father had. He would drag me through the woods as a child chasing some bird and was scared of ever dog and humans.

  31. Christy Allred

    I’m learning so much with your videos! I’ve got an older border collie who’s ten and am getting a new puppy next month. My border collie is so anxious around other dogs at first. She usually gets over it and will accept them. But with some dogs she’s a stress eater and shows food possession. She isn’t aggressive. She’ll just eat more than she should and has recently scarfed and barfed. We can’t count in the house without her barking and going for her toy and growling. Not in an aggressive way just an a playful way? Anyway. I’ll keep watching hoping I can learn some thing to help Bella.

  32. rose ready

    the little blue eyed puppy caught my eye

  33. Maja Ambroziak

    I need this tip thanks

  34. Beautiful Paper Crafts


  35. Thomas

    Curiosity-based reactivity is so nice to deal with when compared to fear- or aggression-based reactivity
    You don’t have to counter-condition so much, you just have to introduce a strong redirection procedure with either toys, treats or engagement
    Nice episode

  36. Phoebe Zhang

    I think maybe training 2 of the puppies at the same time might be nice?


    Another amazing session 😁😁

  38. Deblee Two

    I vote for a rottie pup!

  39. Amandine D

    I think you should do a small dog breed next

  40. Gracie Cormack

    All the puppies are so cute! You should definitely get the little black one with lighter eyebrows and legs

  41. Aymen Duckett

    my guy , how much would it be to get Chop to come to Arizona

  42. Toby Havaneese

    Question for you. If you have a small dog that is reactive is it ok to pick up your dog or should you leave your dog on the ground to deal with the situation. My dog just loves everyone and all dogs and just wants to play.

  43. Bhavana Shah

    Lots of love to Inertia and Chop…Happy Holidays folks 💕

  44. amanda duarte

    The schnauzer looking one but honestly what ever puppy you choose is going to be great

  45. Yovi Gomez

    Wow he comes so far after each lesson. I love seeing him think. He’s so smart. And those puppies were a wonderful surprise. They are all so cute 🥰. I loved the wolf like black puppies with intense eyes. So beautiful 😍

  46. Sholene Ramdass

    How did you get Chop to be so toy motivated? My 5 month pup is VERY food motivated but I really want to start using toys in our training too! 🐶

  47. Lilli M.

    i like the black one with the blue eyes at 19:40 He’s even looking right at the camera! 🙂

  48. knerke

    many of us hoped for a series on small ADULT reactive dogs.

  49. Fika

    I’m a lil confused as to why he always calls this dog massive or anything of the latter, Chop looks like an average medium dog. Giant would be a long the lines of an Aksaray Malaklisi or Tibetan Mastiff.

  50. Lorelai Charpentier

    Great video, Zak. Chop seems to be letting your training sink in, finally. He is doing so well.

  51. la mujer mechuda

    Echoing the disappointment others have expressed… Really hoped you were going to show a small, adult, reactive dog next!

  52. Marie Fraher

    I could never give up Chop!

  53. Randi Johnson

    Now that we know he’s got lots of lab, the leaning makes a lot of sense. I feel like every lab I’ve known is a strong leaner. 😂

  54. Becky Griffey

    I like the idea of all 20 puppies! Seriously though, have you considered getting 2? I would love to see how you train 2 puppies together and I think it would be super helpful for many of us who have adopted 2 at the same time! I got 2 huskies when they were 6 weeks old -this was 31/2 years ago and I really struggled with training both together -and honestly, I still do. They learned at different rates and required different motivators sometimes. Teaching them to walk/heel together is still a work in progress. Also, I love your reality series, very helpful! Are you up to the challenge of 2 puppies????

  55. Alva Eliasson

    I would love to see you train a super nervous/fearful dog, especially one that is not interested in treats or toys.

  56. carol dahlquist

    I thought there have been some videos you’ve posted recently with a puppy in them. So I am thinking you adopt a tan colored short haired puppy, since that is what I’ve seen in them. 😉

  57. Here This

    So Chop is already potty trained , he told You that he needed to get out . Great progress for a dog , that was used to have a potty break whenever he was feeling like needing it . 😀

  58. Kelly Macias

    This is the video i’ve been needing. I go outside and my dog park at everything that isn’t a person

  59. BeefyBidoof

    I’ve been using all of your content (videos, books, pupford, etc) to train my 4 month old puppy over the last two months I’ve had her- I don’t know why, but even though I’ve followed all of the steps to a T, I’m struggling immensely with her. She is a “mega mutt” rescue whose breed can’t even be identified by the vet, about 20lbs, severely reactive and WILL NOT listen if she can’t actively see a treat in my hand. Sometimes even that isn’t enough, even if I have something incredibly high value. She’s taken a 6 week obedience course with minimal progress, playgroups are a nightmare, and any time I consult trainers they seem dumbfounded because the time spent on training and tactics used are all “correct” in theory. I wish there was some way we could get your help. 😭

  60. Jeremy

    Guys, I think the next series can only be…. adopting and training 20 puppies at once… how can you choose.

  61. Carolyn Vines

    The dog that came in at around frame 14:47 was just as interested in Chop. I was concerned about whether Chop could maintain his composure when it was obvious another dog wanted to meet him. He did great!!!!!! A spontaneous Woo Hoo slipped out of me! 😄

    I understand that looking into the camera helps you connect with your audience; and you certainly don’t need me telling you how to make videos. Bree is the expert, not me. I’ve never made a video, other than an animation for class. From this one viewer’s perspective, I’d just like to say that it’s okay for Bree to look at Zak when she’s talking to him. I enjoy seeing the interactions between the two of you. She could look back and forth between Zak and the camera. That way, Zak would feel like she’s really talking to him and we could still see Bree’s pretty face.

    Zak! 😆 “I know. He’s the same size as you.” 😆 “It seemed to me that Inertia was communicating to Chop that all is well. Leave the moose alone and play with me.”

    Puppies: Those blue eyes in frame 19:40!!! So pretty! Where the puppies are all lined up against the side of the crate…. I hope you chose the second one from the end. He looks like he needs the most TLC. He just looks to me like the most timid pup in the group. I’m looking forward to seeing who you picked and watching your new pup series. Chop is gorgeous, though; and he is blossoming into such a sweetie. His family will be so lucky to have him. 🥰

  62. Gabriela Brenes

    I’m in love with Chop’s “thinking face” 😍, you can really tell that he’s processing all the information and making his own decisions. Can you talk a little bit more about choosing a good harness for such big, reactive dogs? Thanks! Keep up the great work, you guys. Happy holidays!

  63. mallorie moreno

    Awwwww kinda bummed that you guys are getting another puppy. From the “sneak peaks” I thought it was just going to be training a small adult dog 😕

  64. Mar Conbhuide

    I need help on city streets with a reactive rescue foster dog (with PTSD) on narrow sidewalks when another dog comes out of nowhere around a corner or if i see them coming but i will get hit by a car if i try to avoid it. Im talkin in the city on city streets with a muzzled dog.

  65. beckylietzow

    18:49 the reddish puppy with the blue eyes on the left, omg!!! Please please get that one!!

  66. Hippie Bits

    Things would be so much easier if we could always be in a position to somewhat control what people sharing the same park are doing and gradually work up to things with their cooperation but that’s not the reality for most people unfortunately.

  67. Pranil Deshmukh

    This is exactly what I needed. I just adopted an year old dog and he does the same things Chop. The complete series is really helpful Zach. Keep up the good work 👏

  68. Jen Kirby

    You should see the enormous smile on my face when I am watching this video.

  69. Swatara Godwin

    I think you should bring all 20 puppies home and do group training, lol. I couldn’t pick just one, 🙂. Did Chop get a new home? He’s so cute, I just love his ears!

  70. Shibay Chakraborty

    Can u train my dog?come india impossible . another useless asking

  71. Ellies Inspiration

    Hey do you have tips about how to keep your husky or any dog from escaping your yard. Also love your videos 👍👍

  72. Ryan Moody and Lola the pug

    Absolutely brilliant video as always zak I love this series and cant wait for more like this I think you should chose the all black puppy keep up the awesome content

  73. Eliana del Carmen Hernao Hernandez

    19:55 The one on the left is sooo cute!!

  74. Jan Hankins

    You actually expect me to pick out one puppy from the 20? Me? I’d bring every single one of them home! Glad it’s not my decision. Chop is doing really, really well. Good man, Chop!

  75. S L

    Really enjoying these series. My heart sank a little when you said you’ll focus on a puppy next. Puppies get adopted so quick and there is so much material on YouTube for them – also on your channel. I feel you’ve done a lot of good with adults like George and Chop. Please do more of those, show people they are indeed big babies who become great family dogs 🙂

  76. supersnailboy

    Thanks for making me a top commenter 😀

  77. Lorelai Charpentier


  78. Aidan Joel Thomas

    Thank u sooo much for the video it helps sooo much

  79. kevin thomas

    a reactive dog with no aggression but just needs some guidance and structure. Please train a dog with actual issues, this isnt reality dog training

  80. No

    “Congrats to Everyone who is early and found this comment”!

  81. Ritzykitz

    Hey Zak! Love your videos. Would love to do some one on one with you about a reactive rescue I seem to have hit a plateau with, hopefully I can find a way to reach you if you’re not too busy for a 15 minute consult on the phone!

  82. krioe

    im quick today!!

  83. Enchanted Beauty Vibes

    Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory.
    Stay blessed
    Merry Christmas 🎄 to everyone

  84. Will Dietrich

    Love your videos Zak, my wife and I are getting our first dog in April and have been watching your series religiously to learn some techniques for when we finally get our dog! Thanks for everything you do and keep up the good work!

  85. Mar Conbhuide

    I have a reactive dog in the city! I hate it. Its awful! Must watch this.

  86. Nathan Hernandez


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