Training This BIG, STRONG Dog to to STOP BARKING at Other Dogs and Relax! Reality Dog Trraining

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Training This BIG, STRONG Dog to to STOP BARKING at Other Dogs and Relax! Reality Dog Trraining

How I’m training Chop to relax and stop barking at other dogs. Thanks BARK for sponsoring this video! Get a FREE BarkBox, Super Chewer Box or BOTH when you sign up for a multi-month plan at my special links: BARKBOX: SUPER CHEWER:

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52 Thoughts to “Training This BIG, STRONG Dog to to STOP BARKING at Other Dogs and Relax! Reality Dog Trraining”

  1. Patricia H

    Saw ya carrying a gallon of water, so I want to share. Depending on your dog’s size, get two plastic containers. Fill one with water & cut the other one, saving the lower 1/3. Use that 1/3 as a dish. Slip it under the water bottle & carry together.

  2. C. Cooper

    Love Chop! Can’t wait to see his forever home.

  3. BeautifulBookWyrm

    Yay! New Chop video!!!!

  4. iammike

    Oh boy, Chop really wants to pee on that same table a lot. lol Guess he’s saying “this is mine”.

  5. iammike

    I’m having my own struggles with a reactive dog. I adopted him a couple of months ago. He’s 2 years old and I am guessing a Lab/Redbone Coonhound mix but the DNA test is in the mail to find out for sure. With other people he can react moderately to heavy…but with other dogs it’s always 100%. Glad to have this series at the same time to help give me ideas.

  6. Ash

    I’d love to know what sofa you have. I’m currently furnishing a new place and need a leather sofa. Yours looks perfect!

  7. asielb

    The reaction to other dogs is what I’m really interested in learning. I have a mini chiweenie that has a Napoleon complex.

  8. Jenna Lopez

    My pitbull puppy reminds me of chop and I really could use the help even if it is just the help of the video from Zak

  9. Baylee S

    I have a dog which I thought was a Black GSD when I rescued him at 5 weeks old from a lousy backyard breeder, but I’m having my doubts anyways at a whopping 70 lbs for a 6 month old pup yet you can still see muscle and rib you have no clue how seeing you handling bigger dogs is beyond helpful.

  10. BoundlessEyes

    09:40 Ha! True-est reality of dog training right there.

    Owner: today was a really good training day, Chop’s made SO much progress!
    Chop: I wonder if this couch is edible

  11. Caleb Littler

    I really loved the new editing style! I’m sure you’ve heard a million suggestions, but I think it would be great for you to bring a deaf dog on for a series. My parents have a deaf pitbull, and my first dog is my Deaf Boxer. I think a lot of people refrain from getting special needs dogs, and that you could really help get rid of their stigma!

  12. Here This

    I am already waiting for the training , when Chop learnes not to get too excited , when other dogs walk by . 😉

  13. Amir F

    Would letting him meet many random dogs at the park right before your exercise help quench his desire to approach random on leash dogs?

    btw I am amazed by how Inertia listens so well

  14. Carmel O'Driscoll

    I was delighted when your notification came though, it was a nice surprise 😊 Great video 👍

  15. Kel J

    As I’ve thought from the start ~ Chop is either a lost or runaway sled dog (thus the pulling instinct). I hope you took time to visit a racing kennel. 90% of the dogs there look and have been bred with the same hound bloodlines as his. It’s not just malamutes or huskies any longer. And don’t fool yourselves… they will NEVER be happy as house pets.

  16. Miss Hiker Pants

    Awww Chop makes me giggle. I had a wild dog. He had that same look of wanting to learn. He was the best!

  17. Marie Fraher

    Chop, you are soooo cute!

  18. Karen Condon

    My Rin tin tin is so much like Chop being an outdoor dog

  19. Vicki Zeimen

    Loved you before but now that I saw you kiss Chop on the butt, I love you even more. We have a 10 month old Brittany who is super smart. Chop reminds me a lot of our dog. The ONLY time she is settled down is when she’s sleeping or really interested in chewing. She’s a heavy chewer but has never ruined any furniture etc. She gets lots of exercise. It’s exhausting though trying to keep track of what she’s doing ALL THE TIME in the house when we just want to chill. Her worst behavior is stealing things for our attention, dish towels, socks, shoes etc.

  20. JemiQui77

    The more I think about it the more I feel like you kept Chop.

  21. John Dye

    I hope you guys keep him. Inertia seems to be really happy with him.

  22. ~ Avery ~

    I needed this video for my 4-year-old dog, Moxie. She doesn’t like socializing with new people, new dogs, or even going to new places, so she barks at everything. My 5-month-old dog, Baxter, is the complete opposite, though! Thanks Zak!

  23. Anona Crow

    Genuine question; Why do you have Chomp on a harness, if harnesses are meant for pulling? Why not a collar that sits high on the neck, a martingale, or a Herm Sprenger prong collar?

    Besides that, thanks for the upload! 🐾

  24. Robin Sigmon

    How many times a day do you train in a day and for how long is each training session?

  25. Katherine Jimenez

    Love this series!

  26. Alison Tabernor

    He is a lovely dog and I’m sure you will get him trained well Zac 🙂

  27. Janne van Capelle

    oooh i love killing eve hehe i hope chop had a good time watching that with you guys 😀

  28. Gail Everett

    A proper game of fetch is where the dog gives it into your hand! Inertia still has a little way to go. But at least she’s enthusiastic and should be easy to teach that last step.

  29. Bhavana Shah

    I simply cannot wait for Chop’s DNA results. This series is sooooo good ❤️

  30. Sheetal Chandane

    This so amazing how chop is building bond with you.❤❤ (I think ) He might think that this is his new family.

  31. Pranshi Raj

    I absolutely love this series! I love how you’re showing every detail that goes into training a dog, which not many trainers show!
    As an owner of a lab myself, I have a question. I have been training my dog the ‘leave it’ command. I just started it today and it went pretty well. I put treats on his paw and he wouldn’t even look at them until I command him again. But the problem itself lies there. He will listen to me as long as he knows I have treats with me. The moment he sees I no longer have them, he’s back to his energetic form! And the strange thing is that whenever he’s super excited, he would grab any random slipper in the house and run wildly with that in its mouth. And I dare you to leave your slipper with him for 5 minutes, and it’ll be torn off to bits in seconds. I almost had a breakdown today begging him to leave the footwears in the house alone, but he would merely ignore me. Everyone is upset with his behavior and I can’t let this continue 🙁 So, if you got any tips regarding this, I’ll be really glad you helped me out. 🙏

  32. Fish Family

    It would be awesome if your next dog in this series was a small dog. Some people think just because a dog is small it is easier to train, but it’s not. Please choose a small dog. Almost all training videos on YouTube are big dogs.

  33. Lorelai Charpentier

    Great video…. yet again

  34. Sussan Fordham

    You going to do a DNA test on Chop, it would be interesting to see what mix of pup he is

  35. Marit Husby

    Can you please make a video and/or series at some point, about working with desensitizing your dog to FIREWORKS in the weeks leading up to New Year’s Eve?
    PS. Thank you for everything you have taught me so far!

  36. TheLeonard185

    Nothing but love , thank yuh.

  37. Katarzyna Czubaszek

    Great ep! I wonder if Chop is a strong sniffer and pulls along the trail of another dog. I mean – I know he pulls, but is it different with a fresh dog smell or other animal smell? 😀

  38. DeAnna Epler

    chop = severe dog ADHD 😆

  39. SilentChipmunk

    Do you have any tips for dogs that react out of fear towards other dogs? My dog likes to play with small dogs, but he’s terrified of big dogs.

  40. howdyshell123

    Wow! This is the earliest I’ve ever been! I’m so excited to see what Chop gets up to in this one.

  41. Jane Curl

    Thats my little pup Zoey pullimg me all arround the neighnorhood! 🤔😩😊

  42. applehead_mjinnocent

    I’m so excited to watch this video! ❤😆

  43. Yasir Jamal

    You are truly the best. And such a good communication

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  45. Jakov juric

    U should really make an online group if not already

  46. ♥︎BaileyTheDutch♥︎


  47. No

    “Congrats to everyone who is early and who found this comment”!

  48. YairTheBuilder

    First again

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