Training My Own Dog: An Honest Look at Where We are Now.
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Training My Own Dog: An Honest Look at Where We are Now.

See where Inertia is now with her training! So much happens in this video!

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200 Thoughts to “Training My Own Dog: An Honest Look at Where We are Now.”

  1. Carmel O'Driscoll

    Wow! 3m subscribers..congrats 🍾 Great video, Alaska looks a stunning place ❤️

  2. Edgar Calderon

    Give us a frisbee update !!!!!!!

  3. anm115

    I was born and raised in Alaska so I thought I’d share a few things that might make things a little easier on you!

    1. Practice driving on ice and purposely (but safely!) losing control in a large empty parking lot. Trooper friend of the family recommended it and works amazing to gain those important skills in regaining control on slick roads.

    2. Bears usually start waking up March-ish. So, right now you’ll be just fine from them.

    3. The other people are right on mama moose being super dangerous. If you see one moose immediately look around to make sure there’s no young nearby. But usually if you give them space you’ll be ok.

    4. When on ice, if you don’t have crampons, practice the shuffle. Pretend you have ice skates on and shuffle around till your off the slick part and it will help.

    5. Check out Flattop for hiking when the snow melts. I think you guys will love it! It’s a very popular hiking spot so there’s lots of people and not a lot of big game that comes around that trail. And it’s gorgeous!! Local secret: when you drive up Upper Huffman to get there you’ll notice a part where the road dips down. If you turn around your car there so it’s pointing back towards the city, put it in neutral and be patient for about 30 to 45 seconds your car will be pulled up and over the hill. Some people say it’s an optical illusion, others say magnetics. Either way, it’s cool!

    Love your videos!

  4. Edgar Calderon

    I remember when I first started watching the series it was the best good vibes zak love your content ❤️👍

  5. Bill Ashby

    I’m getting a Pomsky puppy around the 7th of March she was born just over a week ago. I’ve heard Pomskies can be quite stubborn and difficult to train do you have any specific training methods for the more stubborn breeds, Pomskies, Huskys, Shiba Inu etc?


    Please heart big fan

  7. Teddie & Mocha

    Maybe you could do everything she knows vid? Or tricks that are most important or came in handy? Lastly how about a pointless but cool tricks vid!?

  8. BENNETasThePro Gaming

    Hi Zak👋

  9. Margaret Kuhn-Conroy

    A few tips on teaching your dog not to rip up paper when you leave house for a half hour!

  10. AshFuzzyDucky

    I love inertia so much. ❤
    What breed was that pulled him on the tube?

  11. Sarah Martinez

    14:41 those moose are so huge it’s almost unbelievable. my eyes see it but my brain refuses to compute

  12. Ethan Playz Games

    You are a great dog trainer

  13. Stacey M

    Hey Zak – bears hibernate in the winter! 🙂

  14. crystal francis

    Welcome to Alaska! My husband and I were surprised to see you in our neck of the woods. I told him, he’s at beluga point! (In the intro) Yeah, stay clear of moose, especially a mama and a baby. Also, you usually don’t have to carry bear spray in the winter but do whatever makes you feel safer. if you live on hillside you’ll see a lot of wildlife. You’ll love it in the summertime too.

  15. Sue Keane

    Love the house Zak congrats

  16. Ash

    Bear… spray…? You wha? Love, an English person 😆

  17. Emelie B

    Thank you so much Zak and Bri (and Inertia of course), you guys are so fun to watch and seem like such awesome people. Can’t wait to get to use all your training tips when we get our new puppy!

  18. Victoria Amerine

    Love your videos! 💖 You all do a great job! I’m excited to soon train my Airedale puppy!!

  19. Sam E

    does anyone know how big inertia is?

  20. Tiffany C.

    This is so very cool. Congrats on the house. And Inertia is such a beautiful dog!

  21. Jennifer Joyce

    Congrats on your beautiful new place and sharing it with us. ❤️🐶

    Bree, where did you get all that great looking furniture? It’s stunning. Best of luck in your new place. 🍀

  22. Milica Zoric

    Zak! We are in Anchorage as well! Please, meet my doggy Lena, we need you! 😁

  23. AydenS5

    Congratulations on 3mill 😀

  24. nynne aimée rosenkilde

    A video with a dog that gets very excited about other dogs and pull and lunges and what to about it!

  25. Jessica Austriaco

    Did you fly with Inertia to Alaska? Can you please do a video on how to train a dog to be comfortable in an airport and on a plane?

  26. Darby Corley

    I have a 4 month old corgi and this video made me so pumped to teach him tricks! He’s got the basics down – sit, down, come, and stay – but I hope to teach him some really fun ones too in the future! Your videos have been a lot of help with training since I got him. Much love from the Shuswap <3

  27. bequietfaryal

    Is their dog Indy with them in Alaska?

  28. EdSpaghett

    also its winter all the bears are hybernating

  29. Emily Moores

    This video was great! I think you should teach Inertia to jump into your arms, I’m teaching my 4 year old sheltie to do it, and it’s such a cool trick! Thanks for all the help Zak 😁

  30. Kelli L

    I live in the city in Alaska and one of my biggest problems is my tiny dog wanting to chase and bark at moose.
    It’s great to see another dog trained around them, I’ll have to give it a try.

    It’s fun to see the Alaska videos too, I’ve never seen anyone throw themselves on a snow bank haha.

    I have some moose tips for you! Normally if you leave them alone they’ll leave you alone. It was abnormal when that moose charged that man. I suspect those people probably did something to spook the moose. They’re pretty skittish.

    You usually can pass them if you walk by quietly and quickly. So if you have a barking dog you of course want to immediately turn around and walk away. Otherwise as long as you’re not too close. I’d say at least 10 feet of space to walk by quickly and quietly and you’ll be okay. Some people make the mistake of hanging out to watch the moose while standing way too close which kinda looks like what the guy in the road was doing.
    Also you NEVER want to try to scare a moose away or aggravate it in anyway. That’s like the number one thing you don’t do.

    I’ve never seen anyone carry bear spray in the winter. I think you’re safe on roads without it until spring. Although it’s great to see newcomers take precautions

    It’s unfortunately not uncommon for tourists to come to Alaska and get themselves in trouble. Usually it’s getting lost in the vast wilderness of Alaska and not making it back.

    Most Alaskans myself included never go off trail. Unless you have the right skills and navigation equipment. Most people do not. At least not in the city.

  31. EdSpaghett

    Hey I saw you at best buy here in alaska

  32. runningrock124

    nom nom

    ……nom nom

  33. Central asian shepherd Alabai

    So nice to see our puppy Chingiz pulling sled

  34. June Ryan

    I have encountered a moose while in a vehicle, I gave him plenty of room. It was also mating season, so I was extra careful.

  35. Fortnite Player 532

    17:04 was impressive

  36. TootToot BleetBleet

    I love how focused she is on you

  37. Cath Unsworth

    Wow that was an impressive stay.

  38. rylie roehm

    I hope to shake your hand one day to thank you for guiding me and my puppy in the right direction.

  39. Spaghet

    I hope my six month old border collie turns out to be even half as good a dog as Inertia. She’s a challenge right now and it’s definitely discouraging sometimes.

  40. Eli Blank

    How did you teach limp?

  41. Yeoman

    Buy a gun, Alaska ain’t no joke

  42. Margaret Fleming

    I have a deaf son and am amazed at how our dog picked up and responds to sign language commands only and not just verbal ones.

  43. kibrika

    Zac: “So many of you have been asking about Inertia and what we’re working on today…”
    Showing fork in dog food.
    Me: “To use a fork?”

  44. Keirra Karshner

    Haven’t watched your channel in a while. Didn’t you have 2 dogs?

  45. Cardiogirl

    Looks like a mild winter

  46. Cardiogirl

    Thought it was Alaska fabulous

  47. CashinClean

    I don’t even own a dog but I love watching these videos. If I ever get a dog, I’ll have an idea of what to do

  48. Cardiogirl

    Where are you Alaska the scenery is so beautiful

  49. Henggao Cai

    How often do you take your dog outside now?

  50. MissTanyaESB

    I watch these vids religiously. I have a dog who is very leash reactive and dog reactive and while we are working on desensitation and training, there is not a lot of videos or help on managing a situation when the dog has crossed the fresh hold and is reacting in the red zone. Specifically if in a situation that you can turn around and get enough space. Everyone says, if you can’t get enough distance, then you may have to just manage the situation and move on… But what are some management techniques????

  51. Kaitlin MacKenzie

    Wow, fantastic job! Inertia was able to slide to a stop before the stairs when you threw the toy and told her to stay! That was a great example of how well trained and responsive she is to you. Totally awesome!!

  52. Gorilla Grip

    can a human eat nom nom because that lowkey looks yummy😭💀

  53. Creative Diamond Dogs

    3 million subs the dream. I can certainly see how so many like what you do. 😀🐕

  54. Mother In The North - R.M. Methven

    No way! We live in Alaska, been watching your videos for a bit in preparation for getting a puppy.

  55. Pam's Dog Academy

    It is so beautiful there! Congratulations on your new place!

  56. Morgan Haynes

    Did you guys continue to work on “tell me a secret?” After Bri introduced it?!

  57. Cece Diamant

    16:07 Interia’s like how d’you know that??🤣🤣🤣

  58. Noah Casa

    Where’s indy?

  59. m cordelia

    Since Inertia is smart, I wonder how many vocabularies she will master if you train her to speak with the AAC buttons and interested to see how to train her to be able to operate them.

  60. Cece Diamant

    I don’t have a dog yet, but when i do (in 3 years) imma be the best doggy mama thanks to you George! Keep up the good work!!❤️

  61. Patrick Thomsen

    LOL… the dog-sled look like fun. I am sitting in a wheelchair and my family and i have often said that we need a dog that can pull my in the chair if i run out of power 😛 , sadly we only have a small dog, but maybe if we get 10 ?? hehe

  62. PurpleFlameXZ

    Can u pls do a video on phasing our the treats for leash walking

  63. Despina 3333

    love the house but I love inertia even more !

  64. Vivaan Modi

    Zak we wanted a hug from inertia

  65. Bruno & Lee

    Zak you should teach us how to train a sleddog!

  66. jenmontzingo

    Another great video! The moose scares me as my cousin died in Alaska from a moose stepping over the guardrail on a freeway and directly onto their car, crushing it. Be so careful! 😬 I’m sure you are!!

  67. Kassie 2010

    My dog he is 11 weeks but he is so scared of cars so maybe could you teach how to get your dog used to cars or somthing

  68. Patricia Fletcher

    How did you introduce her to snow and her climbing up the latter

  69. Michelle Park

    Do you have any suggestions for helping your puppy bond with other family members? Currently my puppy is attached to me and likes my husband. I’d like her to bond closer to him. He feeds and trains her more now and it’s helped but do you have more tips?

  70. Dinamathi R

    Have inertia learn to climb that ladder?🤔🤔🤔

  71. Mary

    What??? What a surprise!! I have a new puppy and found your channel hoping for some training tips in this weird social distancing time. Gosh, to find out you have bought a summer home in my town!! I love the tips on wild life, it’s a real thing!!! I have some weird requests. My puppy is going to have to learn to ride behind snow machine and small air plane. I would love some tips on that.

  72. David Ramirez

    Also congrats at 3 million subs

  73. Zoia Panteleeva

    That’s amazing! Inertia is so well trained!

  74. Ken Lang

    Just got Zak’s Dog Training Revolution book since me and my fiance are getting a corgi puppy next month and watching Inertia’s growth has given us more confidence to train our own puppy.

  75. StitchBallistic

    so i have two jack Russell terriers and one keeps growling and showing his teeth when he is next to food in the same room as my other dog. My other dog does not like that and she hides behind the sofa all the time. i dont know why she does that is think she just wants to cool down but. i dont know or why my dog does it but i think he may be resource guarding or not but i feel bad for her. they both bark if someone walks past the window and at my neighbours dog and everyone in the house starts screaming SHUT UP! and at night when we let them out to do what they need to do-do they bark and its like 12pm so its super late and we got complaints from the neighbour across the street. they are old so i dont know how im supposed to fix this but i was hoping to get some tips from you. 🙂

  76. ShadowWolf89

    Zak!!! You hit 3mil! Congratulations keep up the amazing work!

  77. Rummy Sandhu

    Thank u for making videos it helps to train my dog a lot

  78. Diane Ribchester

    Inertia is beautiful and I love her energy! You’ve done a great job. I only hope our 8 week old Lab takes to the training you have provided for us. I’m in info overload but feel very confident and anxious to get started! Thanks so much from Oshawa, Ontario
    That moose….close call😖

  79. Kim Reese

    How excited for your family new adventure. Thanks for all you do. Katy my 8 month old maltipoo and I have learned so much from you.

  80. warheit13

    That stay with the slide was amazing.

  81. Hell’s Guitar

    Nice ol

  82. ANJ Think

    Zak thank you. You have helped me teach my dog to not be as aggressive as he was a long time ago.

  83. shirley arizaga

    You should build her stairs to her room 😍🤣

  84. Ishmeet Singh

    3 mil 🎊🎊

  85. Kim W

    Love that you will be doing Alaska videos, as this is where I live, and really gives me actual training I can use on our walks that relate to us. Heel and switch, how you react with Inertia to dogs barking, loose dogs, leash tension and why, awesome video!!
    And you crack me up with your slip and dive, and that Bri doesn’t allow you to drive. Love you guys!!!!!


    Inertia is such a smart and well-behaved dog. By the way was that an Alabai pulling you while you were on the sled?

  87. Terzelchen

    You can really see, how hard it was for Zak not to do any handsignals 😀 good job! 😉

  88. Sammerpanther

    Zak gets so much hate on TikTok and I’m glad he lowkey addressed a lot of the stuff being said about inertia (that I’ve seen). His methods has helped me have a beautiful relationship with my dog!

  89. Francesca LaMontagne

    How are your hands not cold?

  90. The Gaming Nature

    Congratulations on 3 million 🥳

  91. Adam Balboa

    Great video! Love seeing the Inertia series!

  92. Elizabeth Koechl

    I love Zack George it helped train my boxer lab doazer who is 6 month’s old

  93. Monika Panek

    Where is indy?

  94. Preslee Lajes

    Zak watching your videos are what helped me the most to help train my Airedale Terrier “Piper”. Thank you 😊

  95. Mariah

    I’m getting my first puppy next month and I’m so glad that I found your channel! I’m very confident that I’ll be able to train him well because of your channel 😊🐩

  96. flower bud

    That’s so cool that you went to alaska!!

  97. Brandon Chamberlin

    Zac a challenge to your training. How would you convince your dog to come back to you over some kind of stimulus? Do you believe in introducing offleash at under 6 months or wait till order when u are competing with the teenage years?

  98. Get Fit with Gina J

    Zak, it looks like the harness that you use for inertia hangs towards the side vs the back. What kind of harness is is?

  99. Re Re

    I am unable to get my dog Archie to do anything he is only 6 months and we try these vids a lot

  100. Joel Pageau

    I’ve bought a Border Collie, she’s not born yet! But I’ve been getting ready with your help. You and Inertia have been training me and getting me ready! Can’t wait to try it with my own little bundle of joy! Thank you very much for your videos, Zak.

  101. Qaz Wsx

    Wow, when she froze instantly, it was amazing.

  102. Sophie Fitch

    Could u make a video on which chews you use? It’s really confusing because some people say e.g. bones are good and some people disagree cause dogs can break their teeth. I have a teething puppy and it would be nice to have an opinion.

  103. vaibhav k

    Yay , our good girl inertia is back.

  104. EmpKing

    Congrats for 3mil subs Zak, you deserve it! 🙂

  105. Fed Rover

    Inertia has some amazing brakes! Very fun video. Welcome to Alaska, friends.

  106. JuanSebasFAMV

    Gonna be honest. That food from NomNom looks so good, I kinda wanna eat it myself.

  107. Emily The Disney girl

    When should the dog wears shoes? Do you live in Alaska now?

  108. Lyndsay Beech

    Question: Does Inertia listen to your wife as well as she listens to you? My bf and I have trained our dog, but no matter what he will always be the alpha because I’m just not that stern kind of person. Is it realistic to expect a dog to behave the same to both, or will there only ever be 1 “master?”

  109. Saumya Nigam

    OMG!!!! Inertia after such a long time! I just love her.
    Zak, you lost your “star” status way back to Inertia ❤️❤️

  110. Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution

    Thank you so much for congrats on 3 million subscribers! Kona and “New Puppy Survival Guide” will be back Sunday!

  111. Constance Barrett

    Inertia is doing great.

  112. bunnyfuzzybunny-Roblox

    😄thanks for all your tips

  113. Jessica Resor

    Inertia is so good! And congrats on the new summer home. It’s beautiful.

  114. Larry ONeill

    Zak, some suggestions for your time in Alaska. You both should purchase crampons to avoid a spill on the icy roads. Here in Canada, every year people fall on the ice and break bones or worse. A trip to the hospital would ruin your stay.

    As for Inertia, perhaps you should buy some doggie boots to prevent damage to her paws when walking on the roads with gravel (especially if there is salt or a de-icing chemical).

    Lastly, moose are dangerous especially during rut. Their behaviour completely changes in September/October….be careful!

  115. Rohith Valluri

    Zak, I own a 8 month old golen retriver who I’ve been trying to traing for a while. Training her was super tough till a friend of mine suggested the channel to me (about two months ago) and things have been smooth after that. I love all the advice you give in your videos. Thank you for helping me out!!

  116. Nico Chicago

    How do I trained my dog with her anxiety, inside car rides?

  117. Benny and Zoe Gameros

    Oh ya and thanks Zak for the help on 30 day perfect pup benny is listening so much better now tysm and I love the emails every day it gives me something to read and kinda try to understand

  118. Krishn Vinay

    Zach how do I train my husky puppy he doesn’t listen to me he is 2 months old

  119. Lizette Pino

    Thank you so much for your tips. You make my life easier.

  120. Saisha the great M

    I wish my dog was like kona he is good trainer I wish I was like but he is such a good trainer awwww congratulation on 3 milll u need 100. Million but love u great trainer

  121. Jay Robin

    Can you make a new video of convincing ur parents to get a Border Collie

  122. JammyJuked


  123. Antje Bracke

    Love how you stimulate tolerance and patience towards the dog! And what a great adventure you are on in Alaska. Inertia is doing so good, amazing!

  124. KUTUP 95

    Inertia is great 🙂

  125. Neha Jai

    Zak can u help me train my dog. She is not listening to me. I watched most of ur videos. But then too she is not listening. Can u take a video of sit, lie down all the things like that once more please

  126. thajman

    Zak – I have a couple of 6 month old mini-aussies (bro-sis littermates) and have primarily used your videos and methods to train them. It is going better than I ever expected so a sincere thank you for that! The number of physical or electrical “corrections” required = 0.

  127. Banana ice cream

    you reached 3M!

  128. Launa Desimone

    I love shepradors

  129. Luke Casalaina

    i need help what do i do when my dog won’t get along with other dogs. as a puppy he was attacked by a boxer and now gets aggressive with other dogs. is there a way to fix this

  130. Mike W

    Still kinda clickbait but whatever, still like seeing Inertia

  131. Alice Koval

    We love Inertia! ❤️

  132. Brittany Sampson

    also, I’d like to teach my dog how to climb a ladder, so if you could make the video for that, I’d be grateful! thanks

  133. Keerti

    Latterly I don’t have a dog but I still love watching these

  134. Shepherd Neville

    Best vids ever on dog training!!! thanks zak

  135. CinnamonToastStx

    Very well behaved dog really cute

  136. Asher Iyer

    Victoria stillwell and Zak would make the perfect good cop bad cop dog trainers

  137. Benny and Zoe Gameros

    Aww I miss inertia

  138. Brittany Sampson

    Bri is really cute!!!! Love her energy and personality!!!

  139. Iván Sayago Galván

    Anyone with a Czechoslovakian wolfdog to tell his/her experiencie training one?

  140. blantant

    Hopefully you are packing a backup to bear spray

  141. James R

    Thanks for confirming that a Tesla has a torque of one dog, Zak!

  142. all rounder Prashant

    Man wear hand gloves 😮

  143. Ananya Mandadi

    it was great, hoping to get a video on potty training in apartments!

  144. Parth Malhotra

    U are very good dog trainer 😃 liked ur videos and tips 👍

  145. the noob guy

    lol you went from new orleands to alaska in like 2 days

  146. amouramarie

    Grats on the beautiful home! Inertia is getting along so well. Thanks for the update, and for all your help, always! 😀

  147. all rounder Prashant

    3 million subs ??? You are doing nice job 👍… Congratulations 🎉🎈👏

  148. Daymbler Zepeda

    Wheres kona?

  149. Lacey B

    Yay! Was so happy to see an update on inertia! Your summer home is beautiful zak, you guys stay safe out there and watch out for moose 😅!

  150. all rounder Prashant

    I got a new puppy right now She is 60 days old .I’m gonna start training tomorrow onwards. I can’t even sleep right now I’m Soo excited …😁🤪

  151. Aurora

    When she slid on the floor by the gate after you called stay, Inertia looked so cute! Zak, can you do an update video on Inertia’s agility training?

  152. Godwin 7

    Thanks Zack I have a little golden retriever I have seen. Your videos to stop puppy biting and separation anxiety . Thanks I will train him!

  153. Uzi_ 97

    Aill zack like my comment

  154. Mermaid Slimes & More

    Zak George I’m a little late. I have read all of your books and watched the entire dog training experience playlist. My dog , Snoopy, is starting to bark at people and dogs. Even with all the socializing I’ve done. Please help I dont want him to be a mean dog. EDIT: what should i do?

  155. Marquesse D'Egrieves


  156. The Prism Knight

    Can we see how to teach a dog to go up a ladder? Sounds like a fun idea for a video. Thoguh it sounds dangerous!

  157. Anthony

    Living in the uk i cant get over just how stunning your new home and alaska is. Man what a beautiful part of the world

  158. Wagging Tails Dog Training

    Just wanted to say how much I love you Zak!! I have started my own yt channel now because I am so inspired by you. Also- CONGRATS FOR 3 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS!!!

  159. Navjot Singh

    Missed you guys 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  160. Laura Selby

    Can you talk sometime about traveling by air with Inertia?

  161. herobine girl roa

    hi i have a dog and he wont play fech

  162. Anna Rose

    Love it! Alaska is beautiful. Can you do a video about how to keep your dog from jumping up on the counter and stealing food? We have a golden retriever who is 4 years old and she never understands the consequence we give her – putting her in her crate. Help!!

  163. Anjaly Jomy

    My puppy is just 5 months old and she knows all the basic commands only because of you Zak. Love you Inertia and Kona

  164. elise Witwer

    3 million subscribers!? You go Zak 😁😎

  165. addie d

    the ice part was funny. i was walking with my dog on ice and she saw a rabbit and ran and i fell. 😭😂

  166. Top Kek

    Am i only one who doesn’t even have a dog?

  167. Siri Borra

    Your videos helped me so much when training my golden. She’s 6 months and she knows so much already. Couldn’t have done it with out you!

  168. Imogen Bishop

    Im so looking forward to getting my puppy 🐶!! I hope he’s good like anertia

  169. Launa Desimone

    Can you tell me how to train a sheprador?

  170. Ojas Acharya

    Keep going well done big fan from nepal 🇳🇵 lots of love

  171. Zoku on 30fps

    Love your videos!

  172. Clara Weidner

    Ihave a poodle pupper named Basil. We’ve had him for 3 months and he’s going to be 1 on February first! You’ve helped me train him so much, so thank you Zak! Inertia is so cute and smart!

  173. BlooperCat

    Hi! I have a new puppy and your videos are really helpful!!!

  174. Jenna Ridgway - Me And My Dog

    Zak I just wanted to say thank you so much! you have helped me to train my now almost 5 month puppy (profile pic) I know I still have a long way to go but so far it’s going amazing x

  175. Cami gaming 547

    Hi I adopted a dog but she’s not friendly with new people at the house she will growl at them and bark to

  176. seva joshi

    y’all are so lucky it’s snowy there!

  177. Jojo Ramez

    I am early i love your vids

  178. Slappy Beaver

    3M!!!! Bravo!

  179. Imogen Bishop

    Yay anertia!!

  180. Victor Echevarria

    He’s the reason why my puppy not eating random stuff. THANKS ZAK

  181. It’s Enny

    Hi Zach is that still inersha

  182. Chase Anderson

    Zak is the reason my dog is potty trained.

  183. Prema Chandran


  184. Iceey

    90% of people watching this dont own a dog

  185. kalapati suresh

    Hello sir

  186. 1Punch KillZone


    Make this a liked comment

  187. Slappy Beaver

    Who else just loves these tips? Great!

  188. Amira Hassanali

    Hi Zak! I love your videos! ❤️

  189. Hezekiah Anime

    hey i was the 1st

  190. I’m Legit Subbing To Everyone Who Subbs To Me

    “Who’s been a TRUE fan of “ZAK” FOR OVER A YEAR”😇”

    (ʀᴇᴀᴅ ᴍʏ ɴᴀᴍᴇ ʙᴛᴡ)💙

  191. 100KSub Without Any Videos Challenge

    Fun fact: everyone else including me who is commenting right now hasn’t even watched half the video yet ce

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