Training Military Working Dogs - Steve Stoops Episode 86
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Training Military Working Dogs – Steve Stoops

Ever wonder what it takes to train a dog for serious combat, for police work, for the military or special forces? What does it take to be a top military canine? In this interview, I talk to one of the top experts in the world of military dog training, Steve Stoops.

Steve has trained dogs for countless police agencies, private contractors as well as government agencies that I can’t even tell you about. Having watched his techniques and trained with him, I can tell you that without a doubt, there’s nothing like this guy!

This chat delves deep into the psychology of training special dogs for special purposes, such as high-end military special ops, SWAT, and more. We talked over 3 days, so there’s another part to this podcast that is upcoming.

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15 Thoughts to “Training Military Working Dogs – Steve Stoops”

  1. Larry Krohn

    Hey I’m in bowling Green and I know Gene. Rest in peace Gene

  2. Jufeng Zhang

    Robert is such a good interviewer, more skilled and professional than the professionals.

  3. Ellie The Mali

    Thank you for these interviews. I get to appreciate the work and effort these trainers do for the public and the country. God bless the USA.

  4. Frank R

    Excellent interview! Looking forward to part 2.

  5. Bill Chesser

    Would you please talk about K9 PTSD? How often does it happen and how do you treat it?

  6. Esten Ray

    Awesome interview Robert! Thanks a million can’t find anything like this anywhere else!

  7. Liz Walke

    Great podcast!

  8. Shannon Davidson

    Love this focused, grounded dog trainer.
    Robert you are a great interviewer.

  9. Bobby Polfus

    My K9 instructors when I was in the Air Force, had worked listening posts in Vietnam.

  10. Blessing Mpingo

    You are doing a greet nob

  11. gtb

    Great video thank you.

  12. Daniel Nava

    Awesome interview.. thank you for sharing.

  13. Jeff Walrod

    Great chat! Loved hearing some of the history of military/police working dogs

  14. Del Hedrick

    Hey Robert, hope all is well. Jan, if you’re reading this I hope you’re doing great too. I love your channel and I’ve heard you mention getting this channel to 250k by the end of the year. Why don’t you collaborate on other peoples YouTube channels? Collaborating has been proven to be the fastest way to grow a channel. I just want more people to find you.


    Whoa, Stoops looks too serious, dude is a prankster and a good time!! 👍

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