Training Dogs with Difficult Behaviors - Dog Destroys Furniture, Lunging & Jumping at People

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Training Dogs with Difficult Behaviors – Dog Destroys Furniture, Lunging & Jumping at People

Difficult dog training issues such as eating your couch and jumping up on people and a German Shepherd who lunges at people are all covered in this video. It’s a podcast QA video that addresses dogs with difficult behaviors. These often don’t relate to every day dog training such as SIT and DOWN, but they are issues that need to be fixed for these dogs to stay in their homes. Some are rescue dogs, some are purebred dogs.

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19 Thoughts to “Training Dogs with Difficult Behaviors – Dog Destroys Furniture, Lunging & Jumping at People”

  1. Robert Cabral

    Check my online dog training lessons at:

  2. Top Gun Dog Training

    Great video. I give this same advice to clients as well, and it’s great to show them another trainers perspective.

  3. Ben Odell

    Your a great teacher thank you Ben

  4. Hutchens

    Robert, in reference to the second question about barking at people/dogs, what would you do for a 6mo old puppy? We’ve had him since 7 weeks and he’s been pretty well socialized, but he still barks at people. When he’s calm, I sometimes let him approach people and he’s fine with them and really enjoys meeting them. The hair on the back of his neck is raised when he’s barking, but im not sure if its actual aggression. Can you help me with some tips to deal with that if you have time to make a quick comment? Is it actual aggression that may be a problem later, and should I be correcting it at 6 months? Thanks!

  5. steel talon

    Robert, 11 month old malinios/dutch shepherd mix. Progress in discipline and commands very clear great from me -except dog growls at wife one minute allows her pet the dog the next minute. Any ideas?

  6. Maria Ivanova

    Hi Robert. I really like your method of working with dogs and your attitude towards dogs and people. I am desperate and thinkin about my situation a lot. Please tell me if I’m doing the right thing with my dog ​​or not? I live in Bali (in short: not a paradise for dogs – more than 600 thousand stray dogs, dogs are sick, dogs are used for meat in some parts of the island. 99% of dogs that have owners are off leash, 99.9% of dogs are not trained). I have a dog too. He is 13 months old, intact male. He has been with me since birth, I have been training him since 1.5 months. He is always on a leash in public places. In safe places I let him free with a long drag line. (there is no 100% recall yet. I have already ordered e-color and will work on a perfect recall). He sometimes shows aggression towards male dogs, especially if he is on a leash, and the other dog is not. I train hard on the “leave it” command. And he does better every day. But often unfamiliar male dogs come very close, wanting to fight. Then I use a water spray. In extreme cases, electro shocker. Many people react negatively to me. They say that a dog should be free, that local dogs have freedom in their blood. And that my dog’s aggression is my fault. And that fighting is part of a dog’s life. I have doubts whether I am doing the right thing in trying to apply the Western approach to the dog to the Bali dog in such conditions? Is it fair to my dog ​​not to let him fight? Keeping him on a leash when almost all the dogs around are free? I will clarify that I, of course, allow him to communicate with many dogs, but not all. Robert, would you continue the already chosen method of dog training in my place? Or would you change something according to the environment? I know you don’t like long questions. I would be very grateful if you could just write “keep doing” or “change the approach”. Thank you in advance.

  7. Laura's Life Dog Training & Dog Vlogs

    Thank you Robert : )

  8. b S

    Seperation anxiety

  9. khan Diaries

    I want protection dog training can u give me the tips

  10. Theodore Hyatt

    If you set the dog up for failure he is going to fail

  11. Zhippidy Doodah

    Dog jumping up, how I solved it for me. We adopted a 2yr old Rottweiler last May. He must have been encouraged to jump up, paws to shoulders, when his prior families (2) came home. I don’t want any dog to jump up on people, especially this big guy. I stopped him from jumping on me by not looking at him when I let him out of the crate, holding my bag partly in front of me so he can’t get a clear path up, and basically ignoring him until I’ve put the bag down and made him sit.

  12. xray606

    I would love to stop one issue my whip has… Licking other dog’s pee. He does it constantly. It’s basically all he wants to do while he’s outside. Since we’re in the city there’s a million pee stains, and all he wants to do is go around taste testing them all. It’s incredibly annoying. I’ve tried everything and he just refuses to stop. If anybody has any ideas, I’m all ears.

  13. P Petkov

    Great advice Robert. Keep it up. Learned a lot from your methods

  14. Gardenrabbit356

    I’m early in my dog training career but luckily through following the right trainers learned that teaching a dog a nice down, recall, send away, etc, will do little to nothing to stop dogs from doing brutish/annoying things. Sometimes owners don’t want to hear it but I see most of these dumb behaviors get fixed just with better habits and more control at home

  15. The Desi Dog-Father

    Why don’t you talk about corrections Robert? The 1st case, I think can be solved with few corrections. What do you think?

  16. Donay Fullwood

    My issue is he continues to lick us, excessively
    What to do?

  17. Jason Mejia

    My dog wants to play, she barks in my face and nips at me until I get up and tries to have me play catch me if you can. Im getting frustrated. How can I switch her off of that behavior?


    Love from india sir

  19. Ayush Kaushik

    Hi Robert, watch your videos in India. Here we dont have crate system for pups or dogs. How to make pup understand his limit without crate training?

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