Train Your PUPPY to STAY

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Train Your PUPPY to STAY

The STAY command is often the most confusing for people to teach and therefore the hardest thing for the puppy to learn. This lesson can be applied to puppies or dogs exactly the same. In this lesson I teach it to Siggy the Belgian Malinois Puppy.

Teaching STAY is a simple matter of getting the dog to understand “when” he will be released and to WAIT for that moment. It’s at that moment that the dog will be rewarded. We don’t reward when the puppy self releases, we simple mark it with a NO and reset the game. I don’t believe in adding harsh corrections, since the dog doesn’t understand what it is we want at this point. A dog should only be corrected for an infraction of what he knows is wrong.

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12 Thoughts to “Train Your PUPPY to STAY”

  1. Robert Cabral

    Stop by my member only page and see the full versions of all of my lessons:

  2. Laura's Life Dog Training & Dog Vlogs

    The full lesson on your web site showing the positions is great. Such a joy to work with enthusiastic pups. Thank you 🙂

  3. frank heady

    Do you have any videos on the flea pill and your thoughts?Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.

  4. Rico4you

    GREAT lesson …end on success. Pd Robert with Big guns 💪

  5. Murad Kablan

    Hi Robert, It is hard to hear you speaking in the video and at the same time speaking/commenting over the video. Maybe just do a subtitle when commenting/speaking over the video. Thanks for the video.

  6. Darshan jawanjal

    Please make video on sit preety….

  7. John Doe

    I use your training for my malamute puppy and it’s been great

  8. Camilla Hunt

    I have a 6 mos female GSD. She has a good stay when she can see me, but as soon as I step out if the room she will follow immediately. I am struggling with this. Am I expecting to much from her at this age? Anyone have any ideas?

  9. Ashley Litebrite

    Excellent videos. Thank you Robert.

  10. ElainesDomain

    I love this guy. He provides us with basic information to help us train our dogs on a free site. If you need more info he has it for you at a cheap cost.
    Don’t let your dog become a pound puppy. The end up on death row.

  11. Mark Stasiak

    Thanks for doing these videos. I have a 4 1/2 month pit and He’s doing better than expected thanks to your videos.

  12. karimulla shaik

    Hi bro ….how ru…which dog is the best guarding purpose DDR GERMANSHEPHERD,BELGIAN MELINOIS PLEASE REPLY…..IAM KARIMULLA FROM INDIA

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